Last name: Gee

This very interesting surname is English. Most frequently recorded in the North of England, it is nevertheless of uncertain origin, and there may be several sources from which it has developed. The first possibility is that it is of locational origns from a place called Gee Cross, a prosperous village near Stockport, in the county of Cheshire. This seems very likely, as it is in that area that the original recordings are to be found. The second possibility is that it derives from pre 10th century Old French "Geai" meaning the Jay bird, and would thus have been given as a nickname name to someone who was "a bright chatterbox". Early church registers recordings include examples such as: Thomas Gee, who was christened on June 9th 1560 at the church of St. Gregory by St. Pauls, in the city of London, Margarett Gee, the daughter of Edward Gee, who was christened at Gawsworth, Cheshire on May 26th 1568, and Sara Gee, who was christened on January 11th 1572 at St. Martins, Ludgate, also in the city of London. Mary Gee, aged 20 years, was an emigrant to the new United States of America. She sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship "Shenandoah" bound for New York, on March 27th 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Dicon Gee. This was dated 1494, in the register of the parish of Stockport, during the reign of King Henry V11, Henry Tudor, 1485 - 1509.

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Claudia Gee

I live in Australia but I got the last name Gee from my dad's side who come from England and Ireland, most of them live in Yorkshire

Simon Gee

From Nottingham originally, father and grandfather Thomas Gee..father 89, grandfather in Grenadier Guards in WW1 lost a leg at the Somme. Have a good family history but would like to find more relatives especially in USA as love your country

Stephen Gee

As Gee's we certainly tend to keep to traditional Gee christian names ! my father is Michael his father was Thomas and his father William Gee .. I now have 2 sons Thomas & William !! .. We are all / were from the Nottingham area Steve Gee

elsie costanzo

My mother talked about a Grandma Gee who was Dutch. I don't see any Dutch/Netherlands heritage talked about in this forum. Any info anyone? Thanks.

Michael Gee
I forgot to add that my Father's (William Stanley Gee) Mother was Susan Mulligan from either County Wexford or Waterford in Eire . I have no other information on her

Michael Gee
I am Michael Gee (63) with a Brother Tony Gee (56).
Our Father was William Stanley Gee born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and his Father was a Scot who we never met as he died when I was 11 years old when we were away with the British Army.
My Mother originates from the Catchpole's in Lowestoft Suffolk

Searching for parents of Patrick Henry Gee who was born Abt 1825 (place unk) and died 1939. He lived in Gippsland area in Victoria Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Mcvriw
My Gran was a Gee; about ten years ago I got into the LDS, genealogical archives in Salt Lake City, via the internet, and mined vast amounts of data on my own particular line, from time of Sir William Gee, former High Sheriff of Hull and twice Mayor of the same city, during the reign of Henry VIII. I was able to trace a direct line from William, through his son to the American colonies in the 1640's, and as far into the present as my Gran's father, born in 1860. I would recommend that any serious about their history look into the LDS archives.

Michael Gee
I'm from south Wales as are most of my family. The family tree is now going to Ireland and to Manchester. I've only got back as far as 1821 but searching is addictive.

Ruth Reves
Michael, my father is from Cardiff. I have been researching the Gee family for about 20 years. His father, my grandfather is from Ireland. Ringville, near Dungarvan, County Waterford. I would love to see if you have made any progress and if we may be related.

Lydia Gee
It's so arkward when people spell it G

Lydia Gee
I'm from Birmingham and my last name is Gee.

Hilary Morgan
My Gran was a Gee and her family(the Gee's) date back to the mid 1700's in Chester

My Grandfather. Philip Gee from York. Family traced back to Birmingham

I'm a Gee from leicestershire

I am also from Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland.

Paul Gee
Hi my name is Paul Gee and live in Widnes

Rodney Gee

We could be related I am from widnes my dad was Harold Gee his dad was Thomas lived in farnworth

jerry gee jr

Im a gee from oklahoma, grandson of lloyd gee

Jeanne Wright

My grandfather was Julius Harvey Gee, from East Texas. He had 2 sons, Lloyd and Elroy Gee, both are deceased. I have/ had ? cousins named Jerry and Stacey. It would be ironic if your grandfather was my uncle.

christopher gee
i am christopher gee,myself and my family are from liverpool, i dont have any idea as to where my family originate.

Travis Gee
I am a Gee too! I have heard French, Scottish and English origin. Which is it?

Michael Gee
Hello, most of the explanations I've heard are that it's a corruption of the Norman French 'Guy' which is pronounced Gee. It seems that it got to England in 1066, then on to Wales & then to Ireland where it became McGee (son of Gee). It then came back to the UK as both McGee & Gee. That seems to be the majority opinion.

Roland Gee
One of the few Chinese Gee's out there. My great-Grandfather had his surname misunderstood by an immigration official in Canada and was changed (or given, I am not sure) from Chu to Gee.

Susan Gee Heino
I wish there was a way to follow the name based on pronunciation. My family has always pronounced it with a soft G (like the letter itself), but I have met others who pronounce it with the hard G (as if from the French word "guy"). As far as I can tell, my branch of the family emigrated from England to the US in early 1800s. I have also met a Chinese Gee and some Liberian Gee's, where I am told the name means "leopard".

Diana Gee-Woods
I'm Diana Gee-Woods, I have traced my Gee's back to VA USA. I believe came over from Manchester England. His name was Charles Gee dob 1660, arrived in America in 1683 when he was 23 yrs old. Married to Hannah Drury dob 1660, also from England. Married in America. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Diana

mary kenz anderson
I am also a relative down from Elizabeth Gee, the daughter of Hannah Drury and Charles Gee. Elizabeth married William Heath and i have the lineage down from there to my father which is many generations. Love to find anything more about Elizabeth. I have read the will of William Heath and can only trace back to Charles' parents, I think John Gee and Mary Bruckle. Any additional info. would be appreciated. Thanks, Mary

kevin Gee
Well i thought it was chinese and im african american

R. Gee
I am also african american and my last name is Gee

Joyce Gee Dixon
Diana Gee-Woods: I think I can help you out. I too am a descendant of Charles and Hannah Gee. Their children are listed in his will and are named individually. I can only hope I have this right: James Gee (mar: Mary Walker). Charles Gee (mar. Bridget--no last name given). Henry Gee (I'll have to read a little more extensively to get his background). I am a descendant of Charles and Mary Walker Gee. Charles is the son of Charles and Hannah Gee.

Andy Gee
I live about twenty mins from Gee Cross. Ha

Madeline Phippen
My fathers line of Gees came from leicester originally in a place calledBlaby. Have traced them till they married into the Chafer family f Lincolnshire. Have always wanted to know why the family look so dark. My father,brother and my son all look as if they have arabic/northafrican ancestry. Any idea where it comes from. The femaale side although are mostly dark look more jewish. Any one got any ideas? Am related also to George William Chafer VC and Captain Robert Gee VC although can't find the link in the tree with Robert Gee. However he and my father look so alike ad supposedly is my fathers great great uncle.

my fathers line of gees come from leicster too and yes the girls are dark headed and have jewish noses quite italian looking my fathers uncle arthur had a clothing factory in frog island leicster thats a jewish

I am a Gee with Leicester roots and many of us have well tanned skin. For some reason my Dad thought that there was a jewish link, I have gone back many generations but can not find any jewish or not English roots. My great grand father was also in the clothing industry.

Charlotte Gee
Actually, many Gees went over to Barbados from Scotland during the slave trade, so the darker skin would be from the Barbados slaves who were given the family name! (I am a Gee too, but of the Scottish origin!)

Jonathan Gee
Hi Mark. I know a little. My family are the only ones that left England other than a great uncle who to came to Canada prior to or shortly after WWI. My father was the last child of 14 children! So the possibilities are great.

Jonathan Gee
My family of Gee's are from Bexley Heath, Kent. My father & mother came to Canada 1958. I am first generation Canadian but all of my relatives are still in England.

Mark Gee
Do you know your family tree Jonathan? I am related to the Gee's of Croyden, Bexley etc...

I'm a Croydon Gee! :)

Glenn Gee
My Gee's have been in the U.S. since at least the 1700's, but I have a gap in the records. Migration patterns would indicate we are descended from the Viriginia Gee's. In reading these entries I am struck by persons wondering about skin tone and hair color. I suggest everyone who can afford to do so to get your DNA checked and join the Gee project. I did mine through Family Tree DNA. It could go a long way in tracking our deep DNA roots.

Odies Gee III

My roots trace back to Virginia, my great, great grandpa Oscar Gee along with his brother Royal Gee migrated to Texas. I don't know much about them. But I have found out that Royal Gee was a Pearl Harbor survivor and worked for Ford.

Thomas gee
Im a gee, im literally the best gee going.. Nicknamed geeman

christopher gee
some of my mates call me geeman too

Christopher Gee
me as well. I live in New York

I have always been interested where Gee comes from. I was told it was possibly irish from McGee. However, it makes more sense what has been said he.

My brother-in-law also a Gee claims his family is from Ireland.

Jan Waddington
the Irish Gee family, Rathmylon. county Meath came to Tasmania as free settlers, they were farmers and race horse breeders. would like share any information as difficult to find Irish material. The family is still here in Tasmania. originally four brothers came out Thomas, John, William, Henry, Edward remained in Ireland.

Maureen Mealings[nee Gee]
i come from the line of Sir richard Gee and I am a 3rd generation New zealander.i only know that due to my cousins dedicated hard work tracing our family history in the UK

im a gee...

Norman Gee
There is a record dating from 1346 that two brothers named Gee, merchants of Leicester, gave money to King Edward III to fund his war in France. Maintaining the Cheshire connection there was a Sir Richard Gee who was mayor of Chester duting the reign of Henry VIII.

gregory gee
I am Greg Gee and African American. I just want to know where it came from. I do know from grand farthers stories of a William Gee that was famous from Virginia.

Deborah Campbell(nee Gee)
My fathers family are Gee's from Derbyshire.

My great great grandmother was Eliza Gee from Barnsley Yorkshire

Linda Gee
@ gregory >I to am also African American with stories of relatives in virginia in the early 1800's. I may be able to get more information if you agree.

Charlotte Gee
Hmm, I wonder if we're distantly related! My father's family are all Gees from Derbyshire too!

Alexandra Gee
I'm a Gee from Greater Manchester, UK. My lineage seems to stop in the 1920's as my grandfather's parents died/were unmarried, so I'm unsure as to where the Gee route lies. Any ideas?

Norm Gee
Alexandra, Have a look into the Billinge History website, (Village of Billinge near Wigan, Lancashire) it mentions many, and has photographs of, members of the Gee family's. My own family originated from there.

rodney Gee

Also from St Helens lot from there and worked at glassworks