Last name: Gee

This very interesting surname is English. Most frequently recorded in the North of England, it is nevertheless of uncertain origin, and there may be several sources from which it has developed. The first possibility is that it is of locational origns from a place called Gee Cross, a prosperous village near Stockport, in the county of Cheshire. This seems very likely, as it is in that area that the original recordings are to be found. The second possibility is that it derives from pre 10th century Old French "Geai" meaning the Jay bird, and would thus have been given as a nickname name to someone who was "a bright chatterbox". Early church registers recordings include examples such as: Thomas Gee, who was christened on June 9th 1560 at the church of St. Gregory by St. Pauls, in the city of London, Margarett Gee, the daughter of Edward Gee, who was christened at Gawsworth, Cheshire on May 26th 1568, and Sara Gee, who was christened on January 11th 1572 at St. Martins, Ludgate, also in the city of London. Mary Gee, aged 20 years, was an emigrant to the new United States of America. She sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship "Shenandoah" bound for New York, on March 27th 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Dicon Gee. This was dated 1494, in the register of the parish of Stockport, during the reign of King Henry V11, Henry Tudor, 1485 - 1509.

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Paul Gee
Hi my name is Paul Gee and live in Widnes

I'm a Gee from leicestershire

My Grandfather. Philip Gee from York. Family traced back to Birmingham

Hilary Morgan
My Gran was a Gee and her family(the Gee's) date back to the mid 1700's in Chester

Lydia Gee
I'm from Birmingham and my last name is Gee.

Lydia Gee
It's so arkward when people spell it G

Michael Gee
I'm from south Wales as are most of my family. The family tree is now going to Ireland and to Manchester. I've only got back as far as 1821 but searching is addictive.

Matt Mcvriw
My Gran was a Gee; about ten years ago I got into the LDS, genealogical archives in Salt Lake City, via the internet, and mined vast amounts of data on my own particular line, from time of Sir William Gee, former High Sheriff of Hull and twice Mayor of the same city, during the reign of Henry VIII. I was able to trace a direct line from William, through his son to the American colonies in the 1640's, and as far into the present as my Gran's father, born in 1860. I would recommend that any serious about their history look into the LDS archives.

Searching for parents of Patrick Henry Gee who was born Abt 1825 (place unk) and died 1939. He lived in Gippsland area in Victoria Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Gee
I am Michael Gee (63) with a Brother Tony Gee (56).
Our Father was William Stanley Gee born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and his Father was a Scot who we never met as he died when I was 11 years old when we were away with the British Army.
My Mother originates from the Catchpole's in Lowestoft Suffolk

Michael Gee
I forgot to add that my Father's (William Stanley Gee) Mother was Susan Mulligan from either County Wexford or Waterford in Eire . I have no other information on her

elsie costanzo

My mother talked about a Grandma Gee who was Dutch. I don't see any Dutch/Netherlands heritage talked about in this forum. Any info anyone? Thanks.

Stephen Gee

As Gee's we certainly tend to keep to traditional Gee christian names ! my father is Michael his father was Thomas and his father William Gee .. I now have 2 sons Thomas & William !! .. We are all / were from the Nottingham area Steve Gee

Simon Gee

From Nottingham originally, father and grandfather Thomas Gee..father 89, grandfather in Grenadier Guards in WW1 lost a leg at the Somme. Have a good family history but would like to find more relatives especially in USA as love your country

Claudia Gee

I live in Australia but I got the last name Gee from my dad's side who come from England and Ireland, most of them live in Yorkshire

Relona Gee
I've always been intrigued by my last name..As much as I know my Father Delona Gee is from Florence , South Carolina and so is his Dad William Gee. I would truly like to know more

c.gee of Oklahoma
g.daughter of Luther gee

James Gee
Listen you lot, the name 'Gee' is english, if you look into your family history, long enough, it comes from the north west of england. You can't move for them around here. And at the end of the day, the english went all over the world and made it.

Kaleb Gee
I am intrigued with my last name my great grandfather Harold Gee recently died this past fall and I've notaced ever since seeing my dad's side of the family they all look extremely British and ive talked to some and it seems like I am and they are extremely historical and I've wanted to see my tree but don't feel like paying 14 bucks if your wondering my dad's name is Kevin his fathers name is Roger

Kaleb Gee
And I also know I have a lot of family in Cannada and met them at his funeral I have no idea if that will help anyone

Peter Gee
What's on your mind? Given the surname's origin in the North West of England in Cheshire and Lancashire, about 900 years ago, it seems likely that the English name is of either Norwegian Viking or Norman French origin. The North West of England was settled heavily by Norse Vikings during the Viking age, and then by Norman French after the post-conquest Harrying Of The North.

Jeff Gee
Gee is a pretty cool last name eh?

Phill Gee
I'm from West Yorkshire and my Dad's mum and Dad grew up in Huddersfield. Joan and Albert Gee

William Gee
My English Gees hail from Great Shelford. But to confuse the origins, Gee is also an old Chinese Surname. Some of my oriental mates enjoy the duality.

hengry gee
gee im suprised that this exists

Hi all, my family is in California and i was told thag Gee came from Norse ancestory being that my Gee family are Norwegian. The English, Scottish, and Irish are on the other side :p

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