Last name: Gibson

This notable surname is one of the patronymic forms of the popular medieval pet-name "Gib", itself a short form of the personal name "Gilbert", which was introduced into England by followers of William the Conqueror after the Norman Invasion of 1066. The Norman name was originally found as "Gislebert" or "Gillebert", and is composed of the Germanic elements "Gisil", meaning "hostage" or "noble youth", and "berht", meaning "bright" or "famous". Gilbert became a very popular given name in England during the Middle Ages, and generated a great number and variety of variant forms, such as: Gibson, Gibbs and Gipps, all meaning "son of Gib". Gibson is found most frequently in the northern counties of England, and in Scotland. Recordings from English Church Registers include: the marriage of Jana Gibson and Robitus Edwardes on February 7th 1551, at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London; the christening of Alice Gibson on May 10th 1574, at St. Paul's, Bedford, Bedfordshire; and the marriage of Edward Gibson and Alice Person on May 3rd 1581, also at St. Paul's. An early recorded namebearer to settle in the New World Colonies was Joseph Gibson, aged 20 yrs., who embarked from the Port of London on the "Globe" in August 1635, bound for Virginia. The Coat of Arms most associated with the family is a blue shield, three storks rising proper, the Crest being out of a gold ducal coronet, a lion's gamb proper grasping a red club spiked gold. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Gibsone, which was dated 1311, in the "Records of the Borough of Nottinghamshire", during the reign of King Edward 11, known as "Edward of Caernafon", 1307 - 1327. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Joshua Gibson
I'm related to the Gibson family from Logansport Indiana. My dad was the youngest of 8(?) boys and 1 girl from Sarah Gibson and ______ Gibson

Justin Gibson
I really wish I could learn more about my surname history but every time I look into it I can't get any farther than my grandfather James Rayford Gibson and his brother Sam. I know my Grandfather's mother was from a Choctaw tribe in Mississippi, and everyone tells me we came from Ireland but with no backstory.

Destiny Sims
I dont know anything but great grandfathers name and his daughters name which is my grandmother her name is Elizabeth Barnett but that is her married name her maiden name is Elizabeth Gibson so if anyone could help me find out some things that would be wonderful because i am doing a family history project in my history class

Angelia Gibson Bishop
My grandparents are from canton, North Carolina,I would like to know more about my ancestors.....we are supposed to be of Irish and Native American backgrounds out of Oklahoma....if anyone knows where I could start I would appreciate it

danielle gibson
I would want to know more please

Eunice Gibson

I want to know about my ancestors and my grandfather,grew grandfather, and great grandmother and all of the family.

Sandra Gibson

My Aunt and cousin did our Family Genealogy for the Gibson side. My Name is Sandra Gibson and they traced the Gibson name back to the King and Queen of Scotland in the 1600's. My Dad and his Family ended up in Colorado and then moved to Oregon where I was born.

Stephen Gibson

My great grandparents married in Irvine Scotland and moved to Northern Ireland in late 1800s, it's a shame they didn't head further West, to Canada or US.

Jeff Gibson
If you trace your family to Little Britain PA. You are from my clan. If you want top quality info on the Gibson family GOOGLE Thomas Gibson. Tons of info. I am tracing my self back to Alexander Gibsone Lord Durie. of Scotland. I live in Bellingham WA.

Toni Glosenger
Hi, I am the Great Granddaughter of David D. Gibson. He was from Sandusky Ohio. I have traced our geneology back to Scotland. Is anybody here from this line as well?

Stephen Gibson
I am from from Blidworth in Nottinghamshire and the first recorded spelling of the namended was in Nottinghamshire I wondered if I have Scottish roots also and would I be part of the Gibson clan in Scotland

Madana Thompson Singleton
My grandmother the late Amanda L Gibson-Briggs father name was Sim Gibson of Gibson, NC. His wife name was Alice Gandy-Gibson. My grandmother siblings was Henry, Clyde, Frank(lin), Walter, Matilda, Lula, Bernice. The family moved to Hamlet, NC. This is all I know.

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