Last name: Gilbert

Recorded as Gilbert and the patronymic Gilbertson, this is an English surname, but one recorded throughout the British Isles. It is of Norman-French and even earlier pre 7th century Germanic origins. It derives from the personal name variously spelt as Gislebert, Guilbert or Gilebert. However spelt it is a compound with the elements "gisil", meaning a noble youth, and "berht", bright or famous. It is first recorded in England in the famous Domesday Book of 1086 and in the Latinized form of Gislebertus, and appears as a surname in the early 13th century (see below). The given name as Gilbert was very popular in medieval England, partly owing to the fame of St. Gilbert of Sempringham, (1086 - 1189), and the founder of the only native English monastic order. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving church registers of the diocese of Greater London include Anna Gylberte, who was christened on June 20th 1548, at St. Michael's Cornhill, and Anne, the daughter of Harry Gilbert, who was christened on December 21st 1558, at St. Matthew's, Friday Street, also in the city of London. Henry Gilbert, aged 38, was a "famine" emigrant who sailed from London aboard the ship "Northumberland", bound for New York on April 9th 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Willelmus Gilberti. This was dated 1202, in the Curia Regis rolls of the county of Wiltshire, during the reign of King John of England, 1199 - 1216. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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tracey mckendrick

Hello Gilberts! funny reading this ..just by chance I did a search and found this site . I was actually reasearching my name which is mckendrick...but my mother is a Gilbert... and a funny story she would always tell us that we were related to Robert the Bruce...nobody beleived her...but maybe it is true after all lol.

tracey mckendrick

very intersting

Miguel Gilbert

Hello there! I'm from north of México, my family has been here since 1860's . Not sure where they arrived from! Some people think we are from England or Ireland we are related with two other families from the british isles, the Crosswaite and the Ames. Any ideas of our origin are welcome!! Greetings to all you Gilberts! P.S. Sorry about my english, my spanish it's much, much better!!

Kevin Gilbert
My Gilbert line comes from PA in America and before that Hoffenheim, Germany. I believe I can connect them to the Gilberts in France, but not sure yet. I believe they were in Alsace or Lorraine france before Hoffenheim. Please contact me if you have information and we can trade. :)

Ronald-Stéphane Gilbert
There are many Francophone Gilberts in Québec province, the majority of whom emigrated in the 1600s, as a result of an initiative of Cardinal Richelieu's. My branch of the family, however, orginated in the ancient province Maine sur Loire, and, now, somewhat ironically, resides in the U.S. state of Maine, having left Quebec. I myself currently live in Ohio. There are Gilberts everywhere, and, of many nationalities and ethnicities. Interestingly, even the English Gilberst have three fleur de lis (a symbol ol of the French nation) in their coat of arms. This is because they went to England with Willian the Conqueror, who was, of course, a Norman.

Vicky Gilbert Liddell

my family name, Gilbert, also came from the Quebec to Maine route. From old censis records it appears my grandfather was orphand along with syblings. As they ended up in an orphanage I have hit a dead end. The orphanage is now closed. Any ideas?

Greig Gilbert
Hi, My Gilbert family i believe came from around the loch Lomond area, it was part of the Buchanan Clan that helped Robert the Bruce in the War of Independence! We get about don't we?

Maegan Gilbert
I was a Buchanan and my ancestors came from loch Lomond, and I married a Gilbert. I guess Buchanans and Gilberts like to stick together. Lol.

Bubba Ray Gilbert
Im from africa and we are the best gilbert tribe out there.

Richard Jilbert
A varient of Gilbert is Jilbert, Jilbart, Jelbert, Jelbart. The french pronunciation of Gil-bert would be Jil-bert. The Jilbert name comes from Cornwall, UK

Greg Gilbert
Hello - my name is Greg Gilbert and am from Ontario Canada. My grandfather was Thomas Leighton Gilbert and grew up in the farmlands to the East of London Ontario. There are many Gilberts there still. Very much enjoy reading all these posts. All the best from Canada!

Jack Gilbert

Hello Greg. My family is in Michigan, my great great grandfather James Gilbert lived in London Ontario. He left several siblings there. I don't know their names. James was the son of John (called short John) and was from Nova Scotia. Gilbert Mountain in NS was named for him or his dad, also John. John senior was from Wicklow County Ireland. We are probably cousins, so cheers buddy....

Kyle Eugene Gilbert
There is also a line of Gilberts (mine) that are traced back to William the Conquerer who captured Normandy, France. Hence where the French Gilberts come from. Even later than that we are traced to Germanic and Norse tribes and raiders.

Phillip Gilbert

We must be related, my line came from William the Conquerer as well. thats pretty cool stuff

Wow! So many Gilberts globally.. My Western Australian grandmother Sylvia Victoria was of the Gilbert line; with English, Scottish, Irish & I believe Welsh ancestry. She married Albert Harold FATHERS (since deceased 1948)& produced 7 children. 5 still live in Australia today.

Eugene Thomas Gilbert
Hi! Another Gilbert here. I am decended from Garvis Gilbert (1680-1739) who emmigrated from Yorkshire, England to Baltimore Maryland sometime before 1700. Quite happy to have found this page. Proud to be a Gilbert!

Judy Gilbert Randolph
My grandfather, Richard Gilbert, emigrated to Pennsylvania from St. Blazey in Cornwall, England in the late 1800's. He had a son named Charles. Are there any relatives left there?

Marc Gilbert
Hello I'm Marc Gilbert of Philadelphia Pa. My grandfather was William Gilbert who was born here around 1897. His parents were born in Russia. It would be great to find someone I was related to.

William Gilbert would be my great-grandfather. He was a policeman with the Philadelphia Police Dept...

tracey mckendrick

my great grandfather was william gilbert a Barber from Birmingham UK he had two shops.

Marjorie Fisher
My ggrandfather was Jeremiah Gilbert, born abt born 1832 in Lamerton, Devon England. His siblings were Thomas, William, John, Elizabeth, Richard, Josiah and Agnes Drake. On his father Thomas's marriage to Susan Tapson in 1823 he says he is not born in Lamerton so we are trying to find his birthplace, time abt 1790. Could be StokeClimsland, Cornwall and father, William and mother Ann Ellis, born and married in Lamerton.

jillian maxwell
We are trying to trace the family of Tom and Maria Gilbert. Tom would be over a 100 yrs old now.He was in the airforce and based in Ruislip.They had a daughter, Christine.

Michael Gilbert
My great grandfather Kyran Gilbert emigrated to the USA from County Cavan, Ireland via Birmingham, England in 1885. Can't find many Irish Gilberts.

William Gilbert
My father's name is Michael Gilbert. My great great great grandfather was William Gilbert and he lived in Roundwood, Co Wicklow Ireland. Cant really trace before then in Ireland, can you? My name is William Gilbert also from Co Wicklow My email is

Jack Gilbert

Hi William. My 4th great grandfather was John Gilbert of Wicklow. He was married to a Frances, but not with the last name Fife. I'm in Michigan....

Emma Gilbert
Hey im from Birmingham UK and is proud to be a Gilbert

Lindsey Gilbert
Hey, Lindsey Gilbert again. I'm wondering if there is any Gilbert's in illinois. I love all of u Gilbert's:)

Miguel Gilbert

Hello there! I'm from north of México, my family has been here since 1860's . Not sure where they arrived from! Some people think we are from England or Ireland we are related with two other families from the british isles, the Crosswaite and the Ames. Any ideas of our origin are welcome!! Greetings to all you Gilberts! P.S. Sorry about my english, my spanish it's much, much better!!

Lindsey Gilbert
Hi, I'm Lindsey Gilbert from illinois:) I'm really proud to be a Gilbert.

Daphne nee Gilbert
Anyone out there related to the Gilbert family from Suffolk England. I have traced back to the early 1700s.Villages of Sibton, Peasenhall, Knodishall, Aldringham. I am a proud member of the Gilbert family.

Heather Gilbert
Hey Daphne, My great grandfather was Robert L Gilbert Sr. Born in Lawrence, KS, his grandfather was Robert L Gilbet born Feb. 1 1835 in Sibton, Suffolk England. I've been trying to do some more research on where the line goes from there but have come to a dead end. I have no knowledge of his parents. I'd love to know more! Thanks in advance!

Erica Marie Gilbert
Gilbert here from PA : )

Clarissa nee Gilbert
Hi there my grandfather lived in Wiltshire and I have traced us Gilberts back to 1690 in fonthill Gifford Wiltshire I can't seem to get further ,would love to find out more.

diane mundell nee Gilbert
my maiden name was Gilbert (married name Mundell) and I believe my father's parents - Alfred and Maria were born in Fonthill Gifford in Wiltshire. Like you I cannot get any further but there is a register in Fonthill that I believe names some other Gilberts. If you want to go and find out please let me know what you discover.

michael Gilbert
Hi to all the Gilberts out there.

Paul Gilbert
Dos anyone know of a Thomas Gilbert born 1780 in Cleeve Prior Worcestershire married Elizbeth Coldicot date unknown Son William Gilbert born 1810. Many thanks

Nadine Gilbert
I am from Jamaica.I was told that my great,great grandfather was from England;he went to Jamaica in the late 1600 and started family there,I don't know his name onlt that of my great grandfather who was Simione Gilbert,he had 5 sons of which 2 came to England, they were Noel and Samuel;there were also 2 of my uncles that came to England one lived in London and the other in Wales sadly he passed away in the late 70's.I would also like to know more about my English connectionas there are only a few of us in Jamaica.

Christoph Gilbert
I am of the french gilbert. Well i am from Romania but my adoptive father is of the french Gilberts of Burgindine, France

Ryan Gilbert
Very interesting. I was just looking into my family name myself. My grandfather was known as Wallace Gilbert and have quite an extended family. Currently in West Yorkshire which seems to tie in quite nicely with Jim Richard's research.

christoph gilbert
wallace gilbert is the name of my Great grand father, I am 15 though so i dont know if there is a connection

tina gilbert
tina gilbert from pennington, va. anyone know any gilberts in this area or know anything about the ancestory?

Helen Louise Gilbert
Hi I also have ancestors in Wiltshire!

Josh Gilbert
some of my relatives have traced back our family to Thomas Gilbert in the year 1276.

I just saw your GILBERT entry back to Thomas in 1276. Our GILBERTs trace back through a couple of Thomases to a Michael in Leeds in 1605. One of the Thomas sons immigrated to Maryland in 1678 at the age of two. His grandson was Jeremiah born in 1763 in Maryland. Are we related? A distant cousin doubts the lineage I inherited from another cousin. Can you help substantiate any lineage prior to Jeremiah?

One of the blurbs I read on the origin of surnames said GILBERT originated in Saxony. Another said GILBERT came to (Normandy) France with the Norsemen. The pronouncement has always been the guteral g, the sh sound

Jim Drake
Kindle is terrible - should probably go to my MAC. Anyway, was trying to correct sh to read zh when the Kindle bailed. Speculation might lead to deducing that we arrived in England from the North by one route or the other swinging an axe. My DNA confirms; western Europe, German, Scandanavian and British Tiles. My DRAKE side was all German (primarily Prussia) until my gggrandfather married a CALDWELL (might we speculate KALTWELL at some point?).

Anyway, would appreciate hearing from you.

Andrew gilbert
Hi there i,m andrew gilbert from birmingham england our family tree has been proffessionally researched and our family originally came over from france during the norman conquests, we also discovered strong family ties in wiltshire, i expect with the onset of the industrial revolution our family must have joined the exodus from rural england and headed for the emerging security of a city. I'm not sure if i'm related to any one on this page but we probably share a common acestory. All of our family are proud of heritage and surname, we aren also proud to be english for at least a millenia.

christoph gilbert
Andrew if your family is from Birgindine, France then we are in fact related. If You are then congrats because the Gilberts of Birgindine are my ancestors who happend to be royalty and now we are trying to inherit the riches and castle from france there is also a chance we or maybe just me if you are not in my family would be the rightful airs to the french royalty.

Jonathan Day

Hi Christoph, My mother was a Gilbert her family hail from Cornwall & France. On coat of arms was a double headed eagle & sometimes a single headed eagle. I believe thay something to do with Charlamain & Henry IV.

Michael Gilbert
Looking for Gilberts from Norwich and York England

Paul Gilbert
hi just saw this, I am James Paul Gilbert of York. son of Malcolm Anstead Gilbert, he had two Brothers, Desmond and Jeffrey

Kerry Gilbert
Yes loving all the Gilbert Pround to be a Gilbert!!!

lauren gilbert
My name is Lauren gilbert, i live in the england. My father is Mark Gilbert and my Granfather is David Gilbert. My great grandfather was called Thomas Gilbert and was from London.

jillian maxwell
hi Lauren, do you know the name of your great grandfather's wife.The family we are looking for are also Gilbert.Thomas's wife would have been called Maria and they had a daughter Christine.

Mary Gilbert,great-grandfather Robert Burton Gilbert, Grandfather Homer Gilbert from Mississippi, USA. My great-grandfather had four bothers Mack,Joe, Harvey and Virgal Gilbert. Can't find anything on them, if anyone knows about anything about my family email me at

I am Lauren Gilbert from Canada. I am 13 and just starting to research my ancestors. Dont know if they are from England,France or Germany,but it will be a fun and amazing discovery whatever I learn.

Elizabeth Patricia Gilbert
Elizabeth Patricia Gilbert From Australia and researching my ancestors.

Donna Gilbert

Hey my name is Donna Gilbert, My father Daniel Gilbert was born in Bunderberg Australia. He was put into an orphanage at a young age with I think two older brothers, (Bob?) I heard one brother was in and out of jail and the other a JP. I have no idea how to find any Gilbert relatives as my father and I are estranged. We live in NZ now.. my email

Patrick Gilbert
Am proud to be one of 3743 direct male decended living Gilberts. Thats just my family line.(those that are directly related and alive today)

Shaun Gilbert

Me Too