Last name: Gill

Recorded as Gill, Gille and Gilles, this is a surname of several possible national origins and meanings. Firstly, it may be English and Scottish, and have originated as a nickname form of the personal name Giles, or perhaps more surprisingly, from William. The ultimate origin of Giles was the Greek word "aigidion", meaning kid or young goat, and as such it was a name brought into both England and Scotland by the Normans after the invasion of 1066 in the form of Gille. William, the favourite name of the Normans, has the elements of "wil", meaning desire, and "helm", a helmet or protector. Secondly the surname may derive from the Irish personal name "Gilla", cognate with the pre 7th century Old Norse word "gille", meaning a friend or servant. As such it has been claimed that this is the most likely source of the surname in northern English counties, with Ghille, Ghile, and Ghil appearing as names, there were no surnames at that date, in the Domesday Book of 1086 for Yorkshire whilst Gamel filius Gille, was noted in the Knights Templars register of Yorkshire in 1185. Thirdly when recorded in Ireland and Scotland, the surname can be a short form of the patronymics MacGille or MacGiolla, which translate as the "son of the follower". Finally the surname wherever found can be topographical from residence by a "gill". This was a ravine, deriving from the Old Norse word "gil", as in Michael del Gill of Cumberland in 1332. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ralph Gille. This was dated 1202, in register of the Assize Court of Lincolnshire, during the reign of King John of England, 1199 - 1216. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Where is it from?

David J Gill

- GILL surname is a English, Irish, Scottish or Scotch-Irish ...It is interchangeable (the same name) with McGILL or (MacGill, M'Gill?) - GILL surname is also an East Asian / Indian surname. Presumably the two cultural origins share no common origin. (?) It would seem the odds of an identical name having multiple origins is greater the shorter the name is. Fir instance, LEE has origins in the UK as well as China and Korea.

Gill H.

My first name is Gill, im special :D


I am a gill and I have a homework quistion which is (what does your last name mean?) I'm an indian


There is so many people in India have last name gill

Mark Brian G.(Gabato) Gill

sup! people with the surname Gill.. i am from philippines. Just to add why there are Gill people in our country; I believe it's because many indians (locally called: Bumbay) migrated to philippines and some of those indians have the surname gill..i believe the reason is that english people colonized india for some time...^__^ just shari' those Gill in the philippines... ^___^

Gabriel Richard Gill
I don't know for sure, where my surname comes.. My grandfather cames from the rocky mountains... And I thought could have manx origin, but i'm not so sure

Liam Gill
Hi i am currently working on my family tree, we are irish but i believe we came from Clydebank in Scotland if anyone can help let me know pleaze....

Keadumela Gill
There are so many other Gills in South Africa, though many are white, we are black but have our origin in the one Gill that came to South Africa during the Angloboer war from Scotland.

My great grandmother was a Gill and lived on the Caribbean island of Grenada. She was born in St. Vincent. There are also many Gills from Barbados. They are most likely English and Scottish and came as indentured servants from Scotland/England during Oliver Cromwell's rule in the late 1600s. White indentured Servants known as, Redlegs, were "Barbadoed" as a result of looking for a better life or escaping religious persecution but were treated just as badly as black slaves. Some family still lives there today. Many are interracial at this point but yes, there ARE whites born and raised in the West Indies as it was a British Colony.

Danny W.GILL
My Father, back in the 60's did some work in the West Indies (Caribbean) putting telecommunications in between the islands, he said on one of the Islands, there were a lot of GILL's according to their legend; there was a GILL in the British Army stationed there in the 17/1800's. We do get around it seems!

Roselyne Gill
Hello fellow Gills. My Gill family were originally from Devon, England and moved to Australia. That is about all I know of our history unfortunately.

William Gill
My early ancestor was a great swimmer. When he swam all the way across the English Channel a thousand years ago all who saw the feat said that surely he had to have gills. So they gave him the surname "Gill". And that is how it came to pass. At least that is what I tell people. Smile.

Danny W GILL
Sure it wasn't the Atlantic England to New England, LOL.

Akash Gill
It's surprising. I thought it was only Punjabi who had it as their surname. Happy to find out we are not alone...

Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill I know it ment water or culvert, however i traced it back to the isle of man, which could be from the irish settelers (back in the dat). Also from the scotishish Gilly a water balif or game keeper of a loch. And I've also heard of a gilly suit which is a suit a sniper wears as camoflage to blend into their surroundings. Ze

The other Gill
Hmm I went from making candy (using a gill and not knowing what it was) - gill (measure) - (gill) surname and to Norse/Greek/Hindu myths. It seems as if our surname has some form of commonality somewhere maybe as myths are and probably due to Aryans and Sanskrit. lol (I really don't know and am just reading way too many different things).

Richard Gill-McNair
The Gill Surname can be English, Irish, Sikh (North Indo-aryan Jatt Clan), Spanish, Portugese, and also Jewish. To Jer Bear, Europeans such as the greek, Danish, British were all in north India, the Punjab district, maybe not your village.

Vaughan Gill
Hi to all you Gill's out there. My understanding of many surnames is that they were occupation related. People didn't have surnames at all, they were known as John the Cobbler (of Dunsdee) or Frank the Carpenter (of Norwich) with the occupation becoming the surname. John Cobb, Frank Carpenter etc. Gill has two potential occupation names, Gill - the liquid measure and Gill - the fish gill. Perhaps the early Gills where pub owners or fishermen ?

john gill
The English had trade names like Smith, Cartwright, etc. The Norse men had place names like Woods, (Wood dweller) or Gill (Dweller by a Gill which is a ravine with a stream) In Yorkshire England you have 'Gaping Gill' 'Snay Gill' and lots of other Gills. My Grandfather was born in Yorkshire, so I think my surname must have something to do with that. Mind you the Vikings had some strange nicknames too. In a History book of Vikings called 'THE HAMMER AND THE CROSS' Written by ROBERT FERGUSON a King Harald Gille of Norway is mentioned on page 36. So that way of spelling it must definitely come from there.

Chris Gill
My father's descendants were from England. They lived by Ickering stream and took the name Ickeringill.... It was later shortened to Gill.

Chris Gill
My father's descendants were from England. They lived by Ickering stream and took the name Ickeringill.... It was later shortened to Gill.

Irvan gill
there is no clear description about its origin, and how come in india a whole gill tribe was formed

debbie helms
Hi, my late husband's great-grandmother's last name was Gill. There is a hereditary disease that is in that family, we were told once that it could have begun in middle east. Just wondering if there's a connection. Do you know of any family members{Gill} that have had such a disease? This disease is terminal and we have traced it back as far as the 1920's, to Rebecca Gill, Samuel Gill. Please let me hear from anyone who may recognize these names or this disease.....Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy.

Sonny Gill
My great grandfather's name was Samuel Gill. He would have been alive in the 1920's (he made moonshine for a living) he narrowly escaped the Revenue agents by catching a westbound ferry across the Mississippi River into Louisiana. In those days, I'm told the agents wouldn't pursue you across that river. He lived the rest of his life around Franklin and Tensas Parish and had a son named Clifton Samuel Gill who later had 7 sons of his own (my father and uncles). We originally came to America from Ireland during the Irish potato famine...there were 3 Irish brothers. They came through the port of New Orleans and settled around Brookhaven, Mississippi. They served the Confederate Army as cavalry troops during the Civil War, I heard 2 of them were captains. The eldest brother eventually settled in a place now known as Gillsburg, MS....where he was a very successful businessman. Not much is left of the place now, a famous rock band died there in unfortunate plane crash a few years ago. As far as the disease goes.....never heard of that. High blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks are a frequent thing...but I've heard nothing along the lines you mentioned.

lisa gill

Hi i am a GILL...I have traced my familee back to Collingham in Nottinghamshire,, My grandfather was George Henry Gill, who married May Middleton..My father was one of 10...including...Ray/Steven/Marlene/Winifred.... Any further help out there to find relatives please...Some of them moved to Australia / France.

John Gill
If you go on 'house of names .com you will see more plain details.

John Gill
Gill Is a Norman/Viking name. They invaded the north of Scotland. Gill is one of the first names written in the Scottish historical records and the name was written in tartan. The fought at the battle of Hastings and were given lands by the king in Yorkshire. Some moved to Ireland.

jer bear
im from the village of Gill in india. there were not irish or european settlers there.

I was going to point that out as well. Gill is also Punjabi.

russell gill
yes my family was there in the 1800 started the town for building of ships

Omar Saxby
Gill is my grandmothers maiden name. It is from the Vikings who invaded France

Frank P. Gill
Do you think that the Gill surname in Europe and the Gill surname in India would have a common Indo-European language root or do you think that the two identical surnames developed from separate origins?

Chris Gill
The English were there originally.... They colonized India.... It's history.

Well It could also have to do with the fact that Alexander the Greats Army rebelled in India , so some probably stayed.

the Mighty Gill
well my friend it was during alexander invasion.

maggie tuxford
my mums' maiden name was gill and i have loads of relations called gill and they all seem to have originated from the wath-upon-dearne area in south yorkshire, uncle went so far back with the family tree (i don't how far) but the findings were that there was irish, scottish and french blood along our maybe it is an accumulation of first the vikings or normans.

John Watson
Gill is also an Indian (Sikh) surname.

there is a lot of people frpm donagal ireland with the surname Gill

My surname is Gill. My family is from Eastern Europe (Ukraine). They did *not* change it when they came to North America, it was spelled 'Gill' but in Cryllic (the Russian/Ukrainian Alphabet). I have no relatives in England, Scotland, Norway or India. On my mothers side, I may have distant relatives from Holland, but that's not where my surname is from.

Gabriel Richard Gill..
It's a norse lastname... probably the RUs people brought it to eastern europe... You probably have relatives in Sweden or norway... it's a rus/norse lastname

I am looking for a Donald Gill or Donovan Gill from South Africa

Nardeep Singh Gill
for my friends who want to know how Punjabis' Sikh got GILL surname
Here is a video link