Last name: Graham

Although now widely associated with Scotland and Ireland, this distinguished surname is of Anglo-Saxon origins. It was a locational name originally from the town of Grantham in Lincolnshire, and as such recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as both Graham and Grandham. The translation is either the homestead (ham) on the gravel from the Olde English pre 7th century grand, meaning gravel, or perhaps the personal name "Granta" and hence Granta's homestead. Locational surnames usually developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. The surname Graham was taken to Scotland at the beginning of the 12th Century by the Norman baron William de Graham (see below), holder of the manor in Lincolnshire, from whom many if not all modern bearers are probably descended. James Graham, first marquis and fifth Earl of Montrose (1612 - 1650), fought on behalf of Charles 1st and became lieutenant- general to Charles 11 in 1648. This most notable surname has no less that forty-five entries in the "Dictionary of National Biography", and over forty coats of arms granted to families of the name. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Graham, which was dated 1127, in the Foundation Charter of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, during the reign of King David 1st of Scotland, 1124 - 1153.

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Donald.AM Graham. MA

The Grahams are one of the most aristocratic, and ancient of the Scottish clans. Indeed, they considered themselves to be a family, rather than, a Clan, as such. Th enigma however, Is that the majority of Grahams, appear to be haplotype ( dna ) R1b , which is Pictish/ Celtic DNA. Were they Norman / Flemish, as contemporary history suggests, their DNA, would be R1a. The Grahams, in the main, were a wealthy, landowning family, whose original role, were as bodyguards, to the King. They were a proud and martial Clan, who inflicted a resounding defeat, on the army of Oliver Cromwell, in the Pass of Aberfoyle.The only occasion, that Cromwell, was ever defeated. They were loved by the Highlanders, were Gaelic speakers, and counted as their allies, Clans Stewart, and Wallace. The Grahams , were characterised by their integrity, bravery, and loyalty. If YOU, are a Graham, then you have a great deal, to be proud of. NE OUBLIE.

Natasha Preston

I'm looking for a David graham. Born in Carlisle 1961, married Jayne bell.

Sandra L. Holst

I am trying to find out for sure who John Graham born 1790 in New London, Ct. and married Sarah Beebe born 1798 also New London she died in 1891 in Fairmont, Mn. Married 8 May 1814, John died abt 30 Sept. 1854 in Sheboygan, Wi. I have different info on his parents and would like your infor on finding the right ones. My e-mail is

terry graham

Any Graham's in Australia with relatives from John Graham and Jane Graham (nee Stewart). Son Charles born in Fortitude Valley Queensland around 1870?


I am trying to trace my "Graham" family tree. Most of the family came from Askrigg Yorkshire. Nana Alice Graham 1889 (Married name Webb) William T Graham 1864 William Graham 1819 John Graham 1791 - Elizabeth Thwaite 1791 John Graham 1760 - Jane Metcalfe 1764 Rev Jeffrey Graham 1733 - Alice Crookley 1736 I am at a stand still and would appreciate any information. My email address is d.

Michelle Hodgson

My grandfather was William Richard Graham born in Carlisle however, I am having great difficulty researching the family, one through lack of confirmation that I'm actually tracing the correct line of Graham's and two because each family seemed to name their sons and daughters the same as the next family of Grahams. I am unable to find a record of my grandfather William Richard Graham born 17.09.1908 (parents - Thomas Graham b1882 - Labourer Auction Mart and K(C)atherine Graham nee Jeffery b 1883) but believe they lived in South John Street along with a number of other Graham Families. My Grandfather was one of 11 (Annie, Maggie, George, Thomas, May, Rachel, William, Harold, Catherine and Robert, and one child that died according to 1911 census.) If you can help please email me at

Martin Graham

My grandfather is also called William Graham but I think he's a different william graham :P, he died in 2011, had 1 child and 1 adopted which was my mother, married my grandmother called barbara, i don't think he was born in 1908 because he was in his 70's when he died, he had 2 other brothers called brian and joseph and lived in Aspatria

martin graham

my name is martin graham too

Victoria Graham

My last names graham (':

Victoria graham

We share the same name I'm victoria graham too!

Blair Graham Mitchell

I come from a long long long line of James Graham (s) They were all James Blair Graham and I was told that Blair was also a family name that had been passed down for many generations. I need to get with my grandmother and find out when we came to the US. I will provide more information here as I gather it. Does anyone know much about the Blair name as well?

Donald Graham.

Blair is a sept clan, of the Clan Graham.


My great grandmother was Elizabeth Graham from St Bartholomew and later moved to St Kitts (1800s) where she married Samuel Douglas. Looking for any family.

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Kayla states
I am the daughter of Hugh Graham who died in 1982
My great- great-great grand father Jacob Graham was from Cumberland in England he migrated to St. James Jamaica as a slave master where he fathered six sons with an African woman surnamed BERNARD he died in Jamaica sometime around 1816 and 1820 two of his brothers were William and Joseph and a nephew by the name of John Graham. My great -great grand father was named after him. he had my great grand father Robert who fathered two sons Lionel and Edwin who is my grand father.
Edwin married a German woman named Maria Cashner -Somers the union produced three children Fredrick Hugh and Ethlyn . It would be so good if someone could give some more information on the family of Jacob Graham

jado graham

Good morning Kayla: I was glad to read this post because I ran across the last name Bernard on my mothers papers. Her father was John Alcock of St. James, Jamaica. This person name was Beatriz Bernard. While doing your research did you run across the last name Alcock ? Alcock is my Grandfather who married a Matilda Graham. It would be nice to find some connection. Bye Jado

jado graham

Good Morning again Kayla: I found my Bernard family in Panama Central America. Maybe you might find your Jacob Graham there try the cencus of 1880-1910 . A lot of Graham were sent to Barbados & the Virgin Islands also. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye Jado

Im a black male with the last name Graham. Probably gained it from a slave master.

90% of Africian Americans surnames are because of that reason. one example of where this doesn't take place, Dikembe Mutombo.

Melinda Graham

I also have the last name Graham and had my dna analyzed by 23andme and found out even though I am mostly white decended from Scottish, I am also a small percentage of black, from every part of Africa.

carol states
My great great grandmother was from Scotland and moved to Ireland and later her and some of her siblings moved to America her mothers name was Jane crozier and her husbands name was John graham my great great grandmothers husband died shortly after moving to Nebraska leaving her to raise 6 children and to take care of farming she dealt with Indians and taught school I am so proud of her I want to learn as much has I can about where she came from

Edmund Smart

The grahams were border family,and mostly being bashed,by the English, and by the Scots.So had to take what they could get(stealing Cattle and so on)! The name Maharg is name ,just backwards. Found sometimes in Scotland!

Donald Graham. MA.

Nobody , bashed the Grahams. Try reading some history eg Patrick Graham at the battle of Dunbar. Oh, ever heard of Montrose, and Bonny Dundee , by the way?? The Clan Graham was the only armed force, ever to defeat Cromwells, so Smart Edmund.

ken graham

jane crozier married arthur graham (the first) in ireland and settled in fowlerville, mi. in livingston county. they cleared a farm on the south west corner of what is now smith rd (cemetary rd) and sargent rd. they were my great great great grand parents. there is extensive information avaliable even including the church they were married in, the date they left, and town they left from, even the name of the boat. I have one photo of them, and one of there log home. there is a graham crozier reunion in mason mi.

Jael Graham
Wow! My great grandpa came from Scotland and has the Graham clan tartan and I really wanted to try and get a crystal clear image of my heritage so I clicked on this website to find out.

Edmund Smart

Have been told by my brother,that the Grahams were Cattle thieves from the NORTH and always being bashed by the English and the Scots (border,Carlisle)So had nothing to loose! I think it has something to do with the name Mackenzie. Check out the name Maharg,and Rob Roy,& Earl Montrose

Lynne Fraser

Where did your brother get this information from Edmund? I have been researching the Graham name as it is what my surname should be (my great-grandfather changed our surname from Graham to Fraser) and nothing I have read has suggested this. In fact, quite the opposite. In John Stewart's book, The Grahams, he states that "Most Scottish Clans would be proud to have one great hero. The Grahams have three." He refers to Sir John de Graham, James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose and John Graham, 1st Viscount of Dundee. Stewart also wrote, "It is remarkable that the early Grahams were one and all exceedingly capable men. In an age when the reputation of many great public figures, alas, that of most of the Scottish nobility, were sullied by deeds of violence, and often deeds of blackest treachery, it is refreshing to find that the Grahams stand out as loyal and true to the causes they espoused. Their story is not one of rapid rise to power through royal favor, or even at the expense of their peers, but rather a gradual steady rise based on their undoubted ability and worthiness which seems to have endured from one generation to another.". There is also no suggestion that I have read that suggests that the name Maharg has anything to do with the name Graham? The origin of the name detailed above is consitent with every other reliable source of information I have read so I am curious as to where your brother may have read this or found it out? The Grahams were being granted lands in Scotland right up to the 1700s. There is even remains of an 18th/19th century village under Central station in Glasgow (the Grant Arms pub on Argyle Street is an original building from that village) which was called Grahamston because it was built on land that belonged to John Graham the Second of Douglaston. If you can provide sources for your information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bruce Graham
Hi y ' all ! I too am deeply engaged upon trying to trace my Ancestral Roots. To make it clear where I'm at; I have traced my 4 X Gr.Grand-dad as William Graham ,b.1740, Middlebie and his wife Jean Johnston, b.1747, also Middlebie and my 4 X Gr, Grandma. I have been " stuck " at 1740 for a LONG TIME ! I have done both Y-DNA and mt-DNA tests, and the results show I am of the Haplotype J1. I have obtained Records of Grahams , going back to pre-Lang Wul , and I am more than happy to communicate with any Graa\ham or descendant of a Graham , Grimes , Greame etc. For those who believe we all descend from a Norman Knight , who arrived with William the Conc.....I have to say " Sorry I disagree. For one thing the Normans were not J1 Haplotypes, Secondly there are HEAPS of Grahams , either living in The Border Country or who descend from there who are J1's. I believe we got that Gene type from Roman Legionaires, many of whom were Mercenarys , like Syrian Slingshotsmen etc. J1 originated in The Fertile Crescent , or which modern Syria is part. I have gathered up MASSES of info. about The Grahams, including the King James Lists of those sentto Holland in 1605 and whole Graham Families sent to Ireland in 1606. I am very happy to share all this info. ...just " Gi us a wee HOY; Look forward to hearing from you, Cheers the 'noo, Bruce Edwin Graham

Vidal sepulveda
I would like to know if you can e mail me the phone number of a grait friend of mine while we were in shweinfurt ge The name is Wilford Graham from wilfor SC. vs ssg Usa ret

Hi, ive been trying for ages and jst going round in circles. where have you found all this information. well done : ) wot is a j1 , and haplotype.. lol, . if we from stirling, falkirk wot type would we be please .my grandad and his dad are both called William mgill Graham and ithink it goes further back generatiions , all called william Graham, My dad is James Graham. my brother a William mgill graham. my aunty got willamina as they didnt think they would have another child after her. my nana was Jessica Graham,( Jessie) her maiden name Kerr. they always lived in Dumbarton, my grandad grew up in Balloch, loch lomand his brothers were Edward (eddie) and John GRAHAM there might of been another brother too, not sure a sister called Catherine,eddie moved to, toronto in Canada, after ww2 and stayed there with his family till his you know . why some were we sent to ireland and holland. and which one i am please. and do you know if the Graham and Cambell clan war was really over a few chickens. I not too good at this and how would i find out if im a Graham of Montrose or Graham of Monteith. and whats the difference. And do you know what our motto really means.. I think it means not forget . who helps you and, do not forget... who wrongs you too. Am I right ? also who made it up. and who designed the crest.. any Information You could give me about, us Graham's would be of great help, I am very proud to be a Graham. We stand up for what believe is right and fought for the right to be .. Free Respect to you all : ) stay free keep happy, and remember our motto. Do not Forget. . xxxx Lorna Graham of west yorkshire.

Marj Ingram
Hi Bruce. You got farther than I have - I'm stuck on George Graham b 1766 in Dublin. Have been trying to find lists of clans that migrated to Ireland and then to Pennsylvania. If you any source for that information I'd really appreciate it.

Gary Richard Graham
"Ne Oublie" Brother

jJado Graham
Good Morning Bruce: I have found out that my Great Grandfather Family was from ( The Border country) and ended up on the island of Barbados and migrated to the Islands of St. Thomas the Virgin Islands. His name was James Graham. I don't have any other information regarding who his people are.. He still has family in the Virgin Islands. Bye

Beverly Lindsley
My 3x great grandmother was a Graham(e). I believe she was a Scottish Graham, but I have not been able to find her parents. She was born around 1813 in Connecticut. By the time she married my 3x great grandfather, Daniel Lindsley, she was living in Bloomfield, Essex County, New Jersey. She named my 2x great grandfather George Graham Lindsley. They also had a son named Wallace, which was not a name previously found on the Lindsley line. George Graham Lindsley was born in 1840 in Clermont County Ohio, which is where this Lindsley/Graham family settled. I would love to connect with anyone who descends from Grahams who immigrated sometime before 1813 in the New England area.

Tammy Graham
Hi everyone. My name is Tammy Graham and i'm hoping that some of you may be able to help me trace my Graham heritage. My grandfather was Leo L. Graham, son of Robert Patrick Graham, son of Robert Emmett Graham, (or so I've been told). My father, Richard, knew next to nothing about his father's family, although the two of them were quite close. I have learned that Robert Emmett left Ireland with his family in 1850, arriving in Rochester New York that same year, (the actual port of departure was in England, but they resided in Ireland until they left for America?), although I have not been able to confirm that. Apparently Robert Patrick was born 2 years later (1852) in Rochester. Robert Patrick married Katie McNutt, and they resided in Kansas until he died in 1902 or 03. I have also read postings by a 2nd or 3rd cousin that the family moved fro Scotland to Ireland a couple of generations before Robert Emmett's time, due to a member's marriage to an Irish Catholic woman. Again, I have no confirming records as to that fact. My father says he remembers his dad joking about a famous Scottish poet or writer named Robert Emmett Graham who he was directly related to somehow. We have been trying to track back farther than that, but with so little to go on it has been nearly impossible. I would really, really appreciate any and all assistance anyone can give. Thanks for your time, Tammy

Barbara Graham- Willson
Hi Jado that DNA testing sounds interesting, please let us know how you get would be great if we were's great to hear of another Bajan Graham :)

Heather Graham
I'm a bajan Graham. Trying to get more information on who came from where and how did they get to Barbados.

Jado Graham

Good Morning: Heather To reply to your question; I am going to refer you to read 2 books ," The Red Legs of Barbados" &" to Hell or to Barbados". They are good read. They should explain how to ancestors got to ceartain countries. My great ,great Grandfather was a James Graham born in Barbados who moved to St. thomas the Virgin Islands. Where my grandmother was born.It would be nice to compare notes. I hope this helps some.Bye Jado.

Jado Graham
Good Morning Grahams this is Jado my grandmother Matilda father was James and he was also born in Barbados maybe he was related to your family Barbara Graham-.Wilson. He ended up in the Virgin Islands as stated before maybe his parentage had to leave Scotland" one step ahead of the ax" ? The history of the Border Reivers is good read and the Red Legs of Barbados. Trying to find more information but one might need to travel or do D.N.A. testing. I will keep in touch. Bye for now. Jado

Claire Finney
I am trying to trace the origins of my G\grandmother Mary Finley GRAHAM. All I know is that her father was Charles GRAHAM and that she married my G/grandfather Peter MARSHALL in Goolwa South Australia on 3rd August 1881. My G/gramdmother and my grandmother both died before I was born and all I remember from my mother is that "granny's family left Scotland one step ahead of the ax". Peter and Mary had nine children (7 with issue) but the cousins that I have traced are no wiser than I.

Marissa J. Graham
i seriously LOVE seeing all the people with the last name Graham here!! i love my last name!! i wanna know more about my family!! :) it's hard thought because my Grandma Donald P Graham was adopted..BUT he his BIO father was ALSO a Graham as well as his adopted father...crazy huh?

April Harrison

My mother is Margaret Graham her father John Graham of Montrose. From the Clan Graham of Montrose/Claverhouse. My mother came over from Scotland in the early 60's when she was 18 to work as a governess where she met my father. After having 9 children, they divorced and she moved back home to Montrose where most of my family are to this day.

James Graham Chipman
My Grandmother's maiden name was Graham & we have traced it back to James Graham First Marquis & Fifth Earl of Montrose. :) Im named after him.

Hello.. I am Jado Graham's daughter. Could our James Graham be the same person?

nuala graham
my name is nuala graham i live in dublin ireland . My father also told me our name was Grimes and we came from Scotland. There are several Grahams (my cousins still living in Limerick) Ireland. I have been to Barbados many years ago and wondered what the Irish connection was.

James graham
Hi Nuala, I m a Graham/Grimes from Limerick looking to contact more of the clan, my crowd originally came from Coonagh/Meelick area and later Ballysimon/Killonan Limerick. Appreciate any info you might have?

Heather Graham
My dad did some research and there was a Shawna Graham from Scotland that was related. I have the clan colors and motto "ne oublie", or something like that. Billy Graham is involved somewhere along the way. Wish I had more but dad died before he could pass on all the information.

Judith Graham
My great grandfather came over on a ship from Ireland. I am not sure of his first name but it may be Alexander which was his son's name- my grandfather. My father was named James Edward Graham. My mother had a newspaper clipping of them coming over on the ship but I am not sure what happened to it. It is rumored that my grandfather Alexander Graham was born on the ship. My family has never referred to themselves of being from Scotland or England. It has always been Ireland. My father was a Christian Baptist preacher and he was relentless with his hatred for Catholics. The potato famine has always been what I thought was the reason for coming to America, but the dates of the famine seem a bit too early for my great - grandfather. My father was born in 1915. If you subtract 40 years from that for two generations you get 1875. The potato famine was from 1845 to 1852. I wish I knew more but I was born very late and families from both sides are dead.

robert ,g, graham
i am a graham my father comes from aberdeen his name was william shoreman graham, my grandfather was george graham his father was william graham, i to beleave we are not english or french we were with wallace,we are highlanders and we come from the old lost tribe of the pict's, there are to clan's of graham's one is the montrose the other is the cleverhouse, iam the second clan and i am proud of it.

Laura Heighway
I am trying to trace my father's side of the family. He was George Henry Graham, born in Bay of Islands, Nfld. in 1894. I think I have traced his father (but not sure) George Wright Graham born in 1860 and married in 1888 in Bay of Islands. Cannot find any birth record for this Graham. He possibly emigrated from England, Ireland or Scotland but don't know where to start.

Lindsay Graham
I am a Graham on my father's side, family resides in N.B Canada. I would love to trace my roots but have no idea where to begin. There are so many of us, how wonderful to see everyone so proud of their lineage. Long live the Graham name!!!

Mary May
I have Graham ancestors from N.B. Canada, too! Peter Graham, born in Ireland in 1829. Not sure exactly when he arrived in NB, but I think it was around 1847. He was married to Mary McCullough and they had many children, one of which was Mary Ann, my great grandmother. They lived in Red Head, which was part of Saint John. I wish I knew what part of Ireland Peter Graham was from, but I suspect it was the North, probably Tyrone.

Barbara Graham-Willson
Hi Jado I am also a Graham with Red hair and my family originates from the caribbean (Barbados) I know some people from the caribbean worked in the panama canal construction, may get some links or clues there Good luck with the search

jado graham
Could any of these Graham Family members have lived in the Virgin Islands? My grandmother was a Matilda Graham born in St. Thomas in 1898, her father was a James Graham born in 1868, her mother was Maria Graham born in 1874( Maiden Name Hall). Matilda also had a brother name James born in 1900. Matilda ended up in Panama , Central America; where she lived, married and had my mother Florence.Matilda died before 1930 in Panama . I cannot find where James Sr. or Maria came from . I also noted a few comments about Red Hair I was born with Red Hair and was told by my mother that she was also born with red hair and it was inherited . Awaiting any help or comment. Bye.

Hello Grahams, glad there is so many of us . im tracing my graham roots but im useless or the records dont exist. my father was only seven when both his parents died they lived in lisburn NI . he was sent over to england and grew up here so cant tell me alot. His dad was David graham born 1914 died 1961 married to annie gillespie born 1914 died 1961 , the information i gave here is all i have thanks to the death certs, i cannot obtain birth certs until i can give exact birthdays. i know his father is william graham and annies father is a william to. if anyone on here thinks they may be able to help with my grahams please contact me ( William and david seem to be really common in ireland. i would also like to know more about the first grahams leaving scotland for ireland.

Chad MacGregor
The Graham/Greame name originates from Scotland. There may be Graham/Greame's living in Ireland and England, but those would have been from Scottish immigrants.

samantha Graham
i am proud to see all of this histories. i don't know anything about my family histories but all i know am a Graham. the Graham scatter allover Jamaica it would be amazing for all the Graham come together.

Pierce Graham
Thank you Stephen Graham. There is a story that Graham derives from Grimes, etc., and Grimsdyke, which I have visited, but it seems to lack credence among George Black and other formal historians. Would you please advise me of your sources for the link to pictish roots? Thanks.


Pierce Graham.
I strongly recommend you read Sir George MacDonald Fraser's book, The Border Rievers, history of all the border clans, Scots and English. Pierce Graham

Edward Graham
My Graham family I have traced back to Edward Graham b 1760 a "Husbandsman" living in Barrasford, Northumberland. Like a lot of people who have posted on here, the forename runs in the family right through, past me, to my eldest Son, Stephen Edward Graham and my Nephew, Matthew Edward Graham. Matthew is also a family name, I have it in my tree as far back as 1782, also Johna nd William came down several generations. My Graham family left the land and became miners, wandering round teh Northumberland/ Durham border before settling in Chopwell, Co.Durham. I am currently researching my family tree and also the Armstrong and Elliott families that several of my female ancestors married into. Edward Graham

Pierce Doyle Graham
Fascinating information. Can you provide me with more details of the study - location, institute, membership, full reports, etc. I am not a scientist, but an arts man with an interest in geneology, history, genetic patterns, etc. Would really appreciate whatever you can send me or refer me to. My Grahams came from Ayreshire and Morton Dumfries, the infamous border rievers, who, I understand, were located there after the 1437 murder of King Robert III by Patrick Graham.Thanks Pierce Graham; email:

Jeffrey Graham
There are very interesting genetic results in the Graham Surname Project of Family Tree DNA. Almost half of the participants are of the same ancestral genetic family who have a most recent common ancestor from about the time of William de Graeme/Graham. There is also a subgroup within this family that split off genetically at about the time the Menteith Grahams were granted a dukedom creating the 2 branches of Grahams, those of Montrose & those of Menteith. The other half of us who have the surname Graham who are participants in the project are in many small families unrelated to each other & unrelated to the previously mentioned genetic family. In fact, the rest of us are not even in the same haplogroup as them. Most though not all of us are subclades of the most common western European haplogroup R1b, as are most of the old Scottish families in general, whereas the large Graham family is in the J haplogroup if I remember right which is common in the Mideast.

Bruce Graham
Greetings Jeffrey. I have just put in my full " theory of Graham origins " as part of a reply to a " Post " a bit further up from this one. I'd appreciate your comments , if you have the time to read it. The key point , for me is :- my ancestors came from Middlebie in Dumfriesshire. A LOT of Grahams who came from ther , and still live there are J1 Haplotypes. J1 came from the Middle East with the Roman Legions , or even before. There are a lot of variations to our ogigines and I think quite likely that the truth / facts are completely lost in the Mists of Time ! It is fun trying though don't you thinkl ! ! Cheeres the ' noo, Bruce Graham

Connor James Graham
My dad's grandfather on his father's side was named James Graham. So my dad's dad gave his forename as his own and his middle name as James. Anthony James Graham. I in turn am named Connor James Graham. My dad's dad hails from Carlisle which is very close to the border with Scotland. My dad was born in Widnes and I in Crewe. I plan to give my child/ren the middle name of James. To continue the family tradition.

Pierce Graham
Rebecca, there are some errors in your comment., particularly about Grimes/Protestant and Graham?Catholic. Remember EVERYone in England/Scotland/Ireland was Catholic until Henry8 in 1520's. By 1600's Scots wee Catholic, Presbyterian(Calvinist), and Anglican; hence the Brit's civil War, the National Covenan of 1637, and the Solemn Covenant of 1643 which split Scots in civil war, some with Cromwell, some with Charles II in exile. Most Grahams, Montrose and Dundee later, were moderate presbyterians.Grahams (except the borderers) were loyal to the Stewarts, but not Catholic.Montrose has a magnificent aisle & window in St Giles cathedral, Ednbrgh, built by Charles II. The Grimes/Graham connection has been discredited soundly by Sir Geo Black and most genealogists.

Barbara Graham-Willson
Thank You for the link...I am having alot of trouble tracing my Bajan family history. My Great grandfather was a black Bajan and came to London As a young man.. or even still a boy. but this may be a theory where my Red hair came from because I am the only won in my family with it . I researched a little into the Irish descendeds(Red Legs) and it is a real shame the living conditions of some of them really makes you think. anyway thanks for the link.

This is just a five minute clip which might tell you how a Graham ended up in the Barbados as a slave, indentured servant or even a plantation owner although I think it the former because they were real trouble makers and some were probably rounded up and shipped out of the country. You can watch the whole video if you download the veoh player

Barbara Graham- Willson
I am a Graham and my family descend form maybe I am a red leg ...and I also have red hair! my grandfather immigrated to UK in the early 1900's from Barbados, but we have not been able to trace any of his family there, all we know is a place called Carrington Village. if anyone has any information that would be a great help.

Pierce Graham,
Interesting. The Irish Grahams were deported from the border lands by James I, as a troublesome clan of border rievers. They were distantly related to the then Earl of Montrose, James Graham who had been viceregent of Scotland during James's childhood. The original Graham was Arnulf, Seigneur de Hesdin, daughter Avalina de Hesdin, from Flanders, imported by WmI to settle the border lands south of Ednbrgh. His grandson became the first Steward (Stewart) of Scotland about 1127. 3 scallop shells indicate 3 clanchief visits to the shrine of Santiago (St James)de Compostella in Spain. See Sir Geo McD Fraser, Steel Bonnets (Border history, and Geo.F Black, Scots surnames. All Grahams started here. Pierce Graham (Dalmellington,Ayreshire roots,) 2nd gen Canadian

Patricia- I too am descent from Graham (Grimes)- I can trace my family back to my great great grandfather who was born in Canada English-1866- BUT I cannot go back any further- I know the family changed names somewhere because of religious choices- Grimes being Prodestant and Graham being Catholic- Also I know at least we all (4-5 generations)believe they are from Irish descent. ANY help in this area would be SOOO greatly appreciated! I have been searching for clues to this for many years! Thanks!

nuala graham
my name is nuala graham i live in ireland my father michael graham always told me our family name was Grimes. I dont know any more other than his family lived in Limerick which is in the south of Ireland. All my cousins still live there

Chad MacGregor
I'm sorry, but this description is totally innacurate. The surname Graham is Scottish, not English or Irish.

My family are Graham's from Carlisle England. William Graham was my Grandfather and my father is Stanley Graham born in 1927. We know live in Australia.

Bruce Graham
Gidday Dianne ! It so happens that my late father was Stanley George Graham, and my 4 x Gr.Grand-dad was William Graham, b.1740 in Middlebie. There was also a Stanley Graham in NZ, about the 1940's. He possibly had Mental Health probs, as when he thought neighbouring farmers were ripping off his livestock, he felled one with a Rifle ! When the Boys in Blue came after him , he took to the Bush. After several Police were also shot so was Stan . It generated a NZ made Film:- Bad Blood, which I thought was a bit " Off ! ". I have a HEAP of Graham History , going right back to the 1500's. If you'd like to correspond get me at :- Anyone else reading this note from me is also welcome to E.Mail me. A number of Members of The Clan Graham Society of North America were very keen to get the Info. I have, which includes Lists of Grahams kicked off their Lands in the early 1600's by King James, assisted by his " Favourite " ( ! ! ! ) of the time Lord Cumberland, who was after more arable farmland ! Cheers the ' noo, Bruce G. !

Hi Dianne I too am in Australia and my 4th grt grandmother was Elizabeth Graham. Her father was John Graham a London barrister I have been told. Could he have been related to your side ?

Dianne I forgot to mention that my Grahams were from Carlisle too! Does anyone know of this family? John Graham's daughter was Anne and also there was Elizabeth. Not sure of the mother/ wife with this family.

Patricia Perkins
descent from Richard Graham (Grimes) Randolph Co NC mid to late 1700's

my grandmother was a graham, ive so far traced her grahams back to ireland and i have seen the name change from graham to greaham to grehan which has got me to 1833 so far, he was john graham on mariage cert but in ireland changes to grehan , malachi was his son and john his son, both the latter came to england to spend their days, i came on this site to look for the origin of graham, interesting comments.

James Guy Graham
My name is James Graham (b. 1935 in Perkasie, PA). My father was John Graham (b. 1909 in Milton, PA, d. 1984). His father was Guy Graham (b. Thompsontown, PA circa 1875, d. 1940). My father's mother's surname was Longan, which is Irish. I don't have much info on my great grandfather Graham -he deserted his family at some point and little more about him is known today. The name Graham (Graeme) is both Scottish and Irish - the name is now quite common in Ireland. Grahams began settling in Ireland around the 16th centry.

I am a Graham, living in England... My father's side of the family(Grahams) almost all have red hair and blue eyes. I however have blonde hair and blue eyes. My Grandfather was Irish, but his family were supposed to have moved there from Scotland at some point. It is interesting to see how far the names goes back and where it has travelled.

Graham Forsythe
There might be another answer for this. It is a little known fact that Oliver Cromwell shipped thousands of Irish and Scottish to the Caribbean as Indentured servants and slaves. There is a group of people living in the Bahamas called the Red Legs and are the direct decendents of these white slaves yet they know little about their original roots. Most of them still live in poverty. Many of the white Irish and Scottish slaves were women and children. The women were forced to sleep with the Plantation owners and consequently the results of this would explain why some of the offspring might have red hair, blue or green eyes. It is also interesting to note that many of the white slaves and endentured servants where also sent to the east coast of the USA. If you are interested in finding out more about this all you have to do is Googe the words,, Red Legs of the Barbados...

Graham Forsythe
I meant to say in my original post that the Irish and Scottish endentured servants and slaves interbred with the black slaves which might help explain some of the anatomical features and surnames people have today. Another interesting book to read about this is 'To Hell or the Barbadoes'

sandra graham
iam a graham but iam A-American(black) all i know is my great grandfather was born in north carolina in the early 1900's and he was real dark with blue eyes, and dig in our past and there was one set of grahams who came to north carolina in 1400's. i dont know iam still digging. but i dont really know many people who of color with blue eyes and red hair. i told always had red hair always wondering why my hairs was not black. still trying to find answers.

I am a Graham of multi-racial descent. The tragic truth is that (as you know) some Scots settled in the deep south and in the Caribbean where their slaves were given the name of those who owned them. This was done partly to prevent running away - as soon as an A-American gave their last name it would be known who they belonged to. In my case, my ancestors belonged to a plantation in Guyana owned by a Scotsman named Graham. I dug far enough back to find our true family name and this can be done where old records still exist. Tough to do in America thanks to the Civil war destroying so much.

The Clan Graham society of North America has published an interesting history of the name Graham in a past edition of its newspaper. It is very scholarly research of the origin of name. It does not agree with earlier supposed research and myths. "de Graham" indicates Norman origin, and Gratham is explained in detail in the Clan Graham article. I do not agree with the theory of Anglo-Saxon for this name nor for the name of one of my other grandparents. The original line of Menteith Grahams became extinct and the Montrose inherited the claim. Yes, common names are James and John, but those names are not exclusive. My father was James, a son of Alexander, who was son of John, who was son of Alexander. Best regards, Margaret

Rob Graham
John Paul Graham's comment about the accuracy of the source of the name Graham is probably both true and wrong. The reason that it is wrong is that William the Conqueror sub-contracted the transporting of his troops across the Channel to the Flemish. The family who were granted the lands at Grantham were one of these and they just happen to have the family crest of 3 conch shells which is a Graham crest. The possibly right part of his comment is that there does seem to have been names which are seen to be similar to Graham in Scotland and my thinking is that they aligned themselves with "de Graham" as that would be the society thing to do then. As another Graham tale; because James Graham, 1st Marquis made so many enemies - first a Covenanter and then a Royalist, the name Graham became a pretty uncomfortable one to wear, so many just reversed it and became Maharg or Macharg.

Roger Graham
I think DNA tests have now proved the McHarg link to be false. I first heard that the border Grahams, banished by James Vi and I, filtered back using the name McHarg. But it would seem this is now been proved to be untrue.

Jordan Graham
It seems like "J" names go well with Graham's! Proud of my Scottish roots! -Jordan Graham-

Betty Graham
I found the last comment very interesting as my oldest son, tall, blue eyed, fairhair has lived in Sweden for many years and fits in very well with the Swedes, looks and language wise. As my Dad, s family , obviously not a Graham, but an Underwood, originally came from Colchester, an area presumably invaded by the vikings, my son appears to definitely carry the Scandinavian gene.

John Paul Graham
This is a rather inaccurate description of the name Graham. It's roots are far earlier than this, and the Clan Graham probably are descended from a Scottish Highland Chief referred to as Graeme in Roman texts. This goes back as far as the 8th Century, and well before the Doomsday book Others believe that the origins could well be a mixture of Celtic, Saxon, or even Norman origin, but trying to link the name with the the town of Grantham seems improbable. Although there is some debate, the strongest theories suggest that the Norman origin, from a people orginally from Scandinavia is the most probable.

Bruce Graham
Hi John Paul ! I too believe that all the Grahams DID NOT descend from the Norman Knight William de Graham. I am pretty sure that William de G. would have been one of many Scots who travelled in those days, particularly to France. To have bred the huge number of Grahams, he would have surley be written down in someone's Book of Records, as the World's leading Sire ! Like you , I believe we were in Scotalnd , when the Romans arrived in Britain.I can't see that Graham's Dyke , which appears on Maps was just put there for fun ! The Tribal leader ( Pictish I think ) Graeme or Gramas helped by his ribesmen , knocked a hole in the Antonine wall atthat point. I don't believe Roman Chroniclers would have reported these facts to their Bosses back in Rome if they wer'nt true ! Further to this, I have come across what I believ to be proff positive.:- My DNA puts me in the J1 Haplogroup, which originated some 20,000 years ago in the Middle East.....where The Romans recruited such warriors for their Legions as :- The Assyrian Archers' Battalion. When I look at the Map of Middlebie, where my 4 X Gr.Grand-dad was born, I see close North and South of that town " Remains of Roman Camps " and "Remains of Roman Fort ". The final point in my argument is this:- The J1 Haplotype DID NOT come from Normandy. Also it has been discovered that HEAPS of Graham menfolk, who live in, or descended from the Border Region are also J1 Haplotype, and that VERY FEW other Surnames have J1's in their ranks . Q.E.D. ! Look forward to hearing your comments, Cheers the ' noo, Bruce Graham !

Ian Stewart Flemming Graham
Well said JP, we Grahams were there at the very foundation of Scotland when the five kingdoms united under King Kenneth McAlpin.

HI There all you Grahams. My great grandfather and grandmother James and Isabella Graham came to NZ on the Ganges from County Armagh Ireland.