Last name: Graham

Although now widely associated with Scotland and Ireland, this distinguished surname is of Anglo-Saxon origins. It was a locational name originally from the town of Grantham in Lincolnshire, and as such recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as both Graham and Grandham. The translation is either the homestead (ham) on the gravel from the Olde English pre 7th century grand, meaning gravel, or perhaps the personal name "Granta" and hence Granta's homestead. Locational surnames usually developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. The surname Graham was taken to Scotland at the beginning of the 12th Century by the Norman baron William de Graham (see below), holder of the manor in Lincolnshire, from whom many if not all modern bearers are probably descended. James Graham, first marquis and fifth Earl of Montrose (1612 - 1650), fought on behalf of Charles 1st and became lieutenant- general to Charles 11 in 1648. This most notable surname has no less that forty-five entries in the "Dictionary of National Biography", and over forty coats of arms granted to families of the name. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Graham, which was dated 1127, in the Foundation Charter of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, during the reign of King David 1st of Scotland, 1124 - 1153.

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Bruce Graham
Hi y ' all ! I too am deeply engaged upon trying to trace my Ancestral Roots. To make it clear where I'm at; I have traced my 4 X Gr.Grand-dad as William Graham ,b.1740, Middlebie and his wife Jean Johnston, b.1747, also Middlebie and my 4 X Gr, Grandma. I have been " stuck " at 1740 for a LONG TIME ! I have done both Y-DNA and mt-DNA tests, and the results show I am of the Haplotype J1. I have obtained Records of Grahams , going back to pre-Lang Wul , and I am more than happy to communicate with any Graa\ham or descendant of a Graham , Grimes , Greame etc. For those who believe we all descend from a Norman Knight , who arrived with William the Conc.....I have to say " Sorry I disagree. For one thing the Normans were not J1 Haplotypes, Secondly there are HEAPS of Grahams , either living in The Border Country or who descend from there who are J1's. I believe we got that Gene type from Roman Legionaires, many of whom were Mercenarys , like Syrian Slingshotsmen etc. J1 originated in The Fertile Crescent , or which modern Syria is part. I have gathered up MASSES of info. about The Grahams, including the King James Lists of those sentto Holland in 1605 and whole Graham Families sent to Ireland in 1606. I am very happy to share all this info. ...just " Gi us a wee HOY; Look forward to hearing from you, Cheers the 'noo, Bruce Edwin Graham

Jael Graham
Wow! My great grandpa came from Scotland and has the Graham clan tartan and I really wanted to try and get a crystal clear image of my heritage so I clicked on this website to find out.

carol states
My great great grandmother was from Scotland and moved to Ireland and later her and some of her siblings moved to America her mothers name was Jane crozier and her husbands name was John graham my great great grandmothers husband died shortly after moving to Nebraska leaving her to raise 6 children and to take care of farming she dealt with Indians and taught school I am so proud of her I want to learn as much has I can about where she came from

Im a black male with the last name Graham. Probably gained it from a slave master.

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Kayla states
I am the daughter of Hugh Graham who died in 1982
My great- great-great grand father Jacob Graham was from Cumberland in England he migrated to St. James Jamaica as a slave master where he fathered six sons with an African woman surnamed BERNARD he died in Jamaica sometime around 1816 and 1820 two of his brothers were William and Joseph and a nephew by the name of John Graham. My great -great grand father was named after him. he had my great grand father Robert who fathered two sons Lionel and Edwin who is my grand father.
Edwin married a German woman named Maria Cashner -Somers the union produced three children Fredrick Hugh and Ethlyn . It would be so good if someone could give some more information on the family of Jacob Graham


My great grandmother was Elizabeth Graham from St Bartholomew and later moved to St Kitts (1800s) where she married Samuel Douglas. Looking for any family.

Blair Graham Mitchell

I come from a long long long line of James Graham (s) They were all James Blair Graham and I was told that Blair was also a family name that had been passed down for many generations. I need to get with my grandmother and find out when we came to the US. I will provide more information here as I gather it. Does anyone know much about the Blair name as well?

Victoria Graham

My last names graham (':

Michelle Hodgson

My grandfather was William Richard Graham born in Carlisle however, I am having great difficulty researching the family, one through lack of confirmation that I'm actually tracing the correct line of Graham's and two because each family seemed to name their sons and daughters the same as the next family of Grahams. I am unable to find a record of my grandfather William Richard Graham born 17.09.1908 (parents - Thomas Graham b1882 - Labourer Auction Mart and K(C)atherine Graham nee Jeffery b 1883) but believe they lived in South John Street along with a number of other Graham Families. My Grandfather was one of 11 (Annie, Maggie, George, Thomas, May, Rachel, William, Harold, Catherine and Robert, and one child that died according to 1911 census.) If you can help please email me at


I am trying to trace my "Graham" family tree. Most of the family came from Askrigg Yorkshire. Nana Alice Graham 1889 (Married name Webb) William T Graham 1864 William Graham 1819 John Graham 1791 - Elizabeth Thwaite 1791 John Graham 1760 - Jane Metcalfe 1764 Rev Jeffrey Graham 1733 - Alice Crookley 1736 I am at a stand still and would appreciate any information. My email address is d.

terry graham

Any Graham's in Australia with relatives from John Graham and Jane Graham (nee Stewart). Son Charles born in Fortitude Valley Queensland around 1870?

Sandra L. Holst

I am trying to find out for sure who John Graham born 1790 in New London, Ct. and married Sarah Beebe born 1798 also New London she died in 1891 in Fairmont, Mn. Married 8 May 1814, John died abt 30 Sept. 1854 in Sheboygan, Wi. I have different info on his parents and would like your infor on finding the right ones. My e-mail is

Natasha Preston

I'm looking for a David graham. Born in Carlisle 1961, married Jayne bell.

Donald.AM Graham. MA

The Grahams are one of the most aristocratic, and ancient of the Scottish clans. Indeed, they considered themselves to be a family, rather than, a Clan, as such. Th enigma however, Is that the majority of Grahams, appear to be haplotype ( dna ) R1b , which is Pictish/ Celtic DNA. Were they Norman / Flemish, as contemporary history suggests, their DNA, would be R1a. The Grahams, in the main, were a wealthy, landowning family, whose original role, were as bodyguards, to the King. They were a proud and martial Clan, who inflicted a resounding defeat, on the army of Oliver Cromwell, in the Pass of Aberfoyle.The only occasion, that Cromwell, was ever defeated. They were loved by the Highlanders, were Gaelic speakers, and counted as their allies, Clans Stewart, and Wallace. The Grahams , were characterised by their integrity, bravery, and loyalty. If YOU, are a Graham, then you have a great deal, to be proud of. NE OUBLIE.

Dorothy Coltrin
Recently I have been working on my Graham line. I was able to find a descendant of Arter Graham b. 1759 in NH and d. 1841 in OH to do y-chromosome DNA. He matches at 67 markers with a genetic distance of 2 to another descendant from Arter's brother: David Graham b. 1763 in NH. I am amazed that the 2nd person has oral history that is almost the same as my research. The parents for Arter and David are John Graham and Hannah Wallace. I would love to find John's parents. Any ideas? You can look at my tree where I have documented many of the actions of this family was they moved from NH to MA to western NY and finally into OH. The tree is called Heman Coltrin. Enter it by putting in David Graham and Susan White. Also can anyone tell me what J1Group Type 1 means? This is the haplogroup for my Graham family.

My grandmother is a Graham by birth. They are said to be of Scottish descent, living in Trinidad in the Caribbean. The Graham history sounds awesome. I would love to learn more

Gloria Grahame
Other famous people with this spelling

jado graham
Looking for Ruth Graham of the virgin islands. Might have been a relative of Matilda Graham any help would be appreciated. thank you jado

jado graham
Good Morning: Did you'll forget the Graham persons that were sent to Barbados? They are the forgotten ones. Bye Jado

Alison Pentland
My DNA 56% Irish and 23% Great Britain. Matilda Graham has proved hard to locate. She was reportedly born in Ireland c 1790, married a Macleod and a Scott, but I am not sure in which order. A son was born in Scotland [reportedly Dumfries] c 1814. In 1820 the widow and son made their way to Prince Edward Island, Canada and she remarried Hector McKinnon. Records show the son as both John Scott Mcleod or John Mcleod Scott and I am descended from that line. Thanks.

Anthony Graham
Trying to find out information on my great grandfather Harrison Bronston Graham. He was supposed to be from the islands and settled in North Carolina.

Ben D Graham (western NY)
I have always been interested in family history and lineage. My father and grandfather Thomas Graham are the oldest relatives I know. I have no other knowledge of anyone before them. Where would you suggest is a good starting point?

Cynthia L Graham florida
I too would like to know where to start as i dont know much about my history. Is it suggested to start with dna test?

GRAHAM (!) Bruce
I simply cannot believe that anyone could possibly thin all us Grahams are descended from ONE ONLY William de Grahame ! Did yis no read about King Fergus ll of Scotland , marrying the daughter of Greme ? Greme later became Fergus's Commander of Troops....and like most subsequent Grahams , was pretty good at that calling ! Sure, William de Grahame existed, but I believe he was a descendant of Fergus's 1st Lieutenant. IF....his father sent him to Normandy for a " Good Education" (!) it is certain the name would have gained French "adjustments" GrahamE. Howevre, my recent contact with the Lincolnshire Family History Society's GRANTHAM Town 'contact' has shown that no-one in said Society ever heard of William de Grahame....they have NOTHING in their Society Records about that Knight ! Like the former Clan Graham Genealogist, now deceased John Kenneth Graham, I believe Grahams existed in Scotland before the Romans landed . Can't PROVE it though, nor can the other "School "who support the William de Grahame theory. Eventually Y-DNA will be the decider, as it was recently for the Armstrongs, proving they were of Pictish descent. Want to swap further Notes ? Just send one to me at :- ; Cheers the 'noo n'all, Bruce Graham

Me AGAIN ! Just a Follow-up. I just read the first 8# Posts below. I am more than willing to assist Family Tree Seekers , if there is any way I can. I am Retired ( or should I say just "Tired !") wife recently went to live in a Rest home saying that , I am not saying I have nothing to do , and all day to do it in (!), but I have been Researching GRAHAM History for 8# years; I exchange Notes almost weekly with a true EXPERT on the Subject , living in Scotland, and I have had dealings with a Professional Reseacher, whiom I would truly recommend. Like forward to hearing from Y'All ! Cheers etc. Bruce G.

Sean Graham
My grandad was called Thomas Graham, born I the 1930s in Salford England.. Any relatives out there ??

Robert Graham IV
I have been researching my Graham line and have hit a brick wall early in my research. I have been looking for a Benjamin Graham who married a Mary Buchert or Bucheich, I have seen the spelling both ways. They had three children, Joseph Charles Graham (Born - 21 June 1871 in New Orleans Louisiana) Louis Graham (Born 1873 - Died 1876) and Mary Graham (Born 1876) who married Paul Jules Gautier. My line goes through Joseph Charles Graham who married Emma Elizabeth Rogers. I have been unable to find any confirmed information on Benjamin or his wife Mary. I have had My dad and his brothers DNA tested along with myself through My dad comes back with 27% Great Britain and 15% Ireland My uncle came back with 5% Great Britain and 32% Ireland. Mine came back with 30% Great Britain and 7% Ireland. I am hoping someone here can help me close some gaps . Thanks

John James Cook
I si true that all true Graham females have very small breasts?

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