Last name: Green

Recorded in the spellings of Green and Greene, this is one of the most widespread of English, and sometimes Irish, surnames. It is usually of pre 7th century origins, and derives from the word "grene" meaning green. As such it may be topographical for a person resident by a village green or even a place called Green, or as a status name for a young man who played the part of the mystic and fertile "Green Man" sometimes known as "Jack in the Green", in the May Day fertility celebrations. In this context "green" was symbolic of youthful ardour, spring, and the re-growth of nature. Sometimes the surname can be of Irish origins, and a translation of the ancient Gaelic given name "Uaithne". As this also means "green," it probably has the same basic meaning and origin as the English form. Examples of the early recordings taken from authentic rolls, registers and charters of the Middle Ages, include Richard de la Grene of the county of Norfolk in the year 1200; William Grene in the Hundred Rolls of Yorkshire in 1230; Robert Othegreen, and Henry on the Green, both of Worcestershire, in 1274. Among the many distinguished namebearers listed in the "Dictionary of National Biography" are Charles Green (1785 - 1870), an early aeronaut, who made the first ascent with a hydrogen gas balloon in 1821. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey de Grene. This was dated 1188, in the "Pipe Rolls" of the county of Kent", during the reign of King Henry 11 of England. He was known as "The Builder of Churches". 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Dalton Boyer

ok so not only are there what they call green man faces on church walls but it all adds up from what the name also means or what lil is said about the name green so if your a green be shore to look up green man faces an see what pics you can find an who knows you just might find your self on a church wall bc i know i found my face 4 100 an the faces are or can mean alot of things an whos to say its not true so take what you want from it but i found my brothers face as well as my uncal john an many others from my famley but anys all it means is where all here an the time is now win you all need to up hold Gods name an any time is the right time to up hold your Gods name!!!!!!!!!!

Jan Anderson

My maiden name is Green and don't know much about my dad's side of the family and where my ancestor's came from. His name was Norman Spencer Green. And his dad's name was Louis. My dad was born is Lansing and that is all I know. My mother's side came from England and France, but would like to learn more about my dad's family.

Jason Robert Roscoe (Green)

My father possibly (John Green) was in the Army as an Air Traffic controller in Fort Campbell KY met my mother Andrea G. Riley (1979-1980). I have been searching for years since my mother told me as a teen.

Grace Greene
I'm black and is trying to find the origin of the "Green" and "Greene" family. My dad side of the family is black and my mom side is Puerto Rican. My dad side of the family is awfully weird because my fathers uncle had bright blue eyes and my fathers sister has hazily eyes

Jessica Green
My dad is 100% Irish, Donegal born and raised! My Mum was born in England to my Northern Irish grandmother. I was born in Northern Ireland and moved to the South when I was 4, I live in Northern Ireland now, I guess that makes me 3/4 irish? Anyway, greens from across the globe, you rock! :D

susan Green

I love in NZ after immigrating from county Antrium seaview drive i think our address was, My dads father was james Green who married elizabeth Weir, a big family.

Jo Green
Obviously the best last name ever =)


We are the greens Unite

Caelum Green
Hello my fellow Greens!

nikki greene
my great grandmother was a caucasian woman, and my great grandfather was a dark skinned Indian. It's been said that she was kicked off the plantation when she got pregnant. I am considerd african american. But my roots run deep, and i would love to know more about where i come from. My last name is my fathers side of the family.

My mother's maiden name is Green. Her father was named Israel Green, his father Soloman Green and his father Uriah Green. Prior records have not yet been located. The classic Jewish appearance is undeniable. Although the family has not been traced beyond their generations in southern Louisiana, there was found to be a large migration and settlement of Jewish people in that area of Louisiana. They are French speaking and loyally catholic. Wish I knew more about the mane and the origin of that branch of Greens.

My father's ancestry is Irish, Scotch-Irish and a little English...but mostly Irish. I would agree with the Irish link as genealogy has been done.

Well my last name is Green, i was told i have Irish and German descent in me, mom's side is scotch/irish and dad's german...but how can i have German if i have an English last name? My dad's side is German and Danish. I've used but i don't have all the info to build a tree ;( lol wish i knew

Aine Ni Nualláin

If you have any idea of where in Ireland the Green name came from you would check the National Archives of Ireland as the l901 and l911 census has come on line. GREEN is mostly a northern ireland name and there are a lot of them while GREENE is a Dublin name or Republic of Ireland name generally. Hope you have luck in finding out. I love ANCESTRY and looking for bygone relations. There is also a for Ireland . Good luck AN

Melanie Green
Too much Green in here! Ahah! My great-great-grandfather, Thomas John Green, was from Northern Ireland and moved in Canada during the Great Famine and participated in the construction of Jacques-Cartier bridge which is a famous bridge in Quebec. My mothertongue is french but my name still the best!

Jim green
Don't agree with the Irish connection. In Ireland people were called Glass and O'Halloran as opposed to Green. Not aware of many individuals with long Irish ancestry with name Green. Also not seen any green families who were big in slave trade. Quite possible individuals given this name as they were housed in Green building.

Liam Green
No Irish connection? My ancestors from the Ulster region originally had the last name Mac Giolla Ghlais, which means son of the green lad. This was changed to simply Green, presumably to fit in with the English settlers. There was once an anti-Irish sentiment. Also know some people with ancestry from the County Cork, whose last name was O' hUaithnigh, which is Gaelic for the color green.

Jessica Green
I find this amusing as my dad is 100% Irish, making me directly Irish.

Allen Green

My ancestry had a huge plantation in Virginia and on in Western Kentucky, I 've been to the old farm in Kentucky back in 2004, go to Library in Hopkinsville Kentucky and you will find a lot of info about the Greens, my family owned all that land in those states and there were 100 slaves that lived on the 2000 acre farm in Kentucky, they were paid a wage and never treated badly by the way, and most of them stayed, worked and lived there even after the Civil War had ended. There in that Hopkinsville Library I traced my personal family back to 1290 in the books they have and according to what I was told and read, most likely everyone with the Green sir name is from the same original family from when the name started no matter how it is spelled and of course the Black people with the Green name took on that name in replacement of there original African names when they were owned by Greens that had the large plantations like my personal family had in Virginia and Kentucky.

green is my family slave name. how were the english slave owers?

Ummmmmm, cause they brought their slaves with them to America. America is not the first place that slavery was thought up....., REALLY ... I MEAN REALLY.

Robb Green
My gggrandfather was a slave overseer, not owner, in Mecklenberg County, VA

w. odom
this is all very interesting. my maiden name is green and my father was african american. does anyone know anything about any greens in the georgia area?

Kayla Green
My last name Is GREEN TOO

Alan Green
I knew about the derivation of Green from a person living by the village green. Has anyone been able to trace the name Green from Aldershot in Hampshire, England?

Lorenza A. Green
I am African American with the last name of "Green." There are quite a few african americans in mississippi with the surname.

DJ Green
I kind of knew about the "village green" and "Uaithne" connections but never realised the the name went back so far - All good :)