Last name: Griffiths

This ancient Welsh surname derives from the Old Welsh personal name "Grippiud", which gradually developed into "Griffudd", and "Gruffudd", and the early standard form "Gruffydd". The normal pronunciation of the name in South Wales became "Griffidd", and those medieval scribes who were not Welsh generally wrote "Griffith", as being the closest phonetic spelling within their writing system. This form, Griffith, and Griffiths the patronymic came to be used almost universally, as forename and surname, throughout Wales. The first element of the name, "Griff", is of uncertain origin, but is thought to mean "strong grip", with "(i)udd" the second element meaning "chief, lord". The first recording of the surname in England occurs in 1524, when one Jone Gryffyth is listed in the Suffolk Subsidy Rolls. One Richard Griffiths was an early emigrant to the New World colonies, leaving London on the "Hopewell" in February 1634, bound for the Barbadoes. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of David Gryttyth, which was dated 1295, the Lordship of Oswestry, during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Danny Williams

My dads father is a griffiths from Wales but never met him as adopted at birth as his parents where both only 16 which was fround at in those days. We know his father was a vicar with 3 children & his name was David & lived in Wales. Love to find information out for my dad.

Cherie Griffiths

There are more Griffiths! I live in a small town in England which have three different familys with the last name Griffiths yet are not related....i love my name. Very proud to be a Griffiths

Valerie Griffiths

This is interesting, since my Great Grandfather (a Griffiths) was shipped off to Canada, from England, after his mother and father both died shortly after his younger brother's birth.

Dee Legg

Hi, my grandmother was Nora Winifred Griffiths (b: 9/7/1913), she had a brother Arthur Royston and a brother Edward. They came to Australia from Birkenhead UK with their mother Amy in about 1926, their father John Edward had passed away earlier. Amy's maiden name is Blackburn and she re-married once in Australia to Carl Forst. Does anyone know of this family please?

Patricia Griffiths

Can anyone tell me what the welsh Griffiths family motto is?

marshall griffiths

usque ad aras amicus

Jonathan Griffiths

Forgot to say. I was born in Football crazy, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Moved to Oregon for 7 years. Then Arlington, TX.

Jonathan Griffiths

My parents Fred and Aileen, have two really different sides. My mom was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her dad was a veternarean and a army soldier in World war 2. My moms dad (opa) was born in China; he moved to Indonesia to escape China in the second world war. When he arrived in Indonesia he became a Indonesian member, and fought as a Indonesian soldier for Indonesia's freedom during WW2. They settled in Jakarta; and Oma and opa gave birth to my mom. My mom grew up, met my dad through a college meeting, and met my dad. On my dads side, my great great grandmother Adele Hartl was born in western Russia. WW1 came along and my great grandma had to escape the bullsheviks; she fledded to Russia. She met my great great grandpa Emanuel and made a baby with him Silvia (my great Grandma). Emanuel turned out to be a spy for Romainia, he was assigned to have a banquet associated with Adolf Hitler it went well. By the time WW2 came along. My great grandparents were living in Romania. Hitler manipulated the continent of Europe into a communist continent. Romania was under bars of communist rules. My Great grandparents couldn't take it; so Adele and her sister went through the sours of Romania during the world war. Adeles sister was caught by policemen; taken back to her home in Romania. Adele succeeded in fleeing Romania, into Germany. Adele and her only daughter Silvia took a boat from Germany to the USA for a safer-non-communist-nation. They ended up in living in Los Angeles and Silvia and her (unknown) husband gave birth to My grandmother and her 3 siblings. My grandmother and her siblings grew a stressful childhood as there mom and dad died of cancer. Though my grandmother met a fine English gentleman at 18 years old named John Griffiths. They had 3 kids, one was my dad. He grew and had me.

Sam Griffiths

Hi, I'm half Welsh, half English and I too am very proud of my surname, interesting to hear all Griffiths' belong to one of three original families

James Stewart Griffiths

Hello. I'm from a long history of the Griffiths family, many years ago, there was 3 Griffiths family's, I know this from my grandfather and my great grandfather archives which shows the Griffiths legacy, we have a castle, we are lords, but we are not part of the royal family, but we are close to it. In wealth, land, and in the decendents from the Griffiths bloodline, in 2015 I'm arranging for as many Griffiths still alive to meet up in north wales so we can discuss our heritage, I'm from Wales, more accurately my family is from north wales the true heritage bloodline, splits down to 3 family's, that's why many of you may not know other griffiths's.

Tom Griffiths

Hey James , do you know of any way to find out which of the three blood lines you came from?

Nikki Griffiths

Yes please, I'm in Australia and there are heaps of Griffiths's here as well

Winston Esmail Griffiths

I was born in Jamaica my Father name was John Griffiths he was born in Manchester he have 2 Brother one live in Hanover and the other one live in St Thomas, one name Uberts the other i just cant remember, He used to say his Grandfather, was from Wales,I visit there a few time because am living in London at the moment, From what i understand all the Griffiths in Jamaica r family one of my Uncle did a search ,and the Griffiths r from wales ,

Emily Griffiths

That is soooo interesting, like. Boom.

Elizabeth Griffith

One thing I know is that Griffiths are very proud of their name. I am too. My great grandfather John Griffith was born in Barbados along with two other brothers one of which went to Australia. I would love to discover my family ancestry back to Wales...not an easy task.

Just dropped by to say hello. I own Gruffydd Studios here in Virginia which is a gallery of military miniatures.

I would like to find out more!! My dads side of the family is from wales :)

Hi there I live in the Midlands England and my surname was Griffiths before I married.

Marjory griffiths
I would like to know of the griffiths in England

Ed Griffith
I live in US. I would like to learn the Welsh language, but I'm having a difficult time finding an instructer in my area.

Candice Griffiths
Wow lol this is interesting :)

Karla Griffiths
Isn't it ? It so cool to see how many Griffiths's there are all over :)

Karla Griffiths
Hi I'm from canada- and loved reading all of these. I'm interested in looking in to my family back ground but not sure where to look. Any ideas ? I know they came from Wales. And that about all! :)

Jan Kuntz
my fathers birth name was Donald Keith Griffiths London Canada any relatives want to claim us?

Xarifa Cooper
My mother's maiden name was Griffiths and I have traced the family back to 1797 at Abergwesin mid Wales. The family tradition is that they were descended from Llewellyn ap Gruffydd on the wrong side of the blanket.

Summer Griffiths
my father was born in England, but I believe his family was originally from Wales. Growing up in a small new england town in the US, my surname was totally unique - its awesome to see that there are so many other Griffiths descendants out there :D

Belle Griffiths
Woah it's creepy with how true that is. Never knew where the name Griffiths came from, but now I do :)

Creepy? lol, that's a word supposed to be used in the negative.

Franchesca Marie Griffiths
I had no idea there were so many other Griffiths's <3 My mother's maiden name is O'Neil, and I'm so proud to be Irish and Welsh.

Craig Griffiths
Scottish born and bred like my dad. My grandfather and great grandfather came from Rothesay in Scotland and my great great grandfather from Swansea, Wales. I can trace my family back to Griffith in Swansea to the 1700s

Mariah Griffiths
I live in Australia NSW, we have a long line of Griffiths relatives from Ireland. We call ourselves the Griffos :)

Amy Woestman (nee Griffiths)
I was born Amy Griffiths. My father's family is from Idaho, and I would love to learn about my heritage on the Griffiths side. I know I am of Welsh and English/Norman descent (Warren surname). I was wondering if anyone knew about what Celtic tribe we Griffiths' are associated with? My research suggests the Ordovices, but it is possibly the Cornovii as well, since Gruffydd (Gruffudd) is middle Welsh.

Sharon Griffiths
I am Sharon Griffiths and my fathers family live in anglesey North wales.

Louise Griffiths
I'm irish :)

Jesse Griffith
What's good fam! I live in Ohio, and I'm the singer in my band! I dream to perhaps move back to the homelands someday with my brother. We're definitely visiting regardless!

Thomas griffiths
I just decided to do this but I know it's a welsh name and also I'm related to the royal family but they turned it down so that's why the queen and her family are German. It is weird but I couldn't be posh if I tried

alex griffith
hi i am a griffith too. i think its really cool that we are all griffiths pretty cool how many griffiths that there is.

Megan Griffith
I wish I could visit Wales one day. Have been watching "History of Wales" on tv with Huw. My brother wants to learn Welsh but it looks very difficult. And The problem I can't find any Clubs where people speak it. I have only found French and German ones.

Hi,just visited the site for first time,your comment re learning welsh,if you can learn french you can learn welsh,good luck,, try to find welsh goernment sites for help.


I was born in England but my father Robert Griffiths (sadly deceased) was from Newfoundland in Canada Where along with his own family; there are many still living there Mainly around St Johns .,

Daniel Griffith
Hello my Griffith family We have traced our history and it does go back to King David through the line of Nathan son of David. Didn't know you had Jewish blood going back to Judah. :-)

Rivka Golan

What!!!???!!! Do tell! How did you find this out? Is this true for most Griffiths? What are your sources?

Rivka Golan

My grandmother was Goldie Griffith of Oley, Pennsylvania.

Ian Griffiths
Chief Ian Griffiths of Barry

Megan Griffith
I'm in Australia! My dad side has tracked their side a fair few generations back to England. Wish we could track it further and further back. I wish I could speak Welsh. Are we all related to some sort of chief or something?

Anne Griffiths Parker
I'm from South Wales and very proud of my Welsh heritiage- I don't think there has every been a King of Wales - just a prince as Wales is/was a principality. I like to think I am related to Llewellyn ap Gruffydd. (Mothers name Lewis, Fathers Griffiths) I have a very small piece of slate from his favourite castle near Snowdonia. Do read the books by Sharon Penman if you love Wales and want to read about Llewellyn - and his family and life. They are enthralling.

Ross Seidner
I'm looking for Sharon Griffiths from Northampton. I haven't heard from her in 30 years... Anyone know her?

Diane Griffiths
Diane Griffiths from Caernarfon, North Wales. Welsh is my first language and so it is for most of the population in my area. I for one am extremely proud to have such a beautiful Welsh surname and such a beautiful language

Gary Griffiths
Im In south Africa, My Father Lester Edward Griffiths was born in Rhodesia

Jade-Heather Griffiths
Im In Scotland ,And Im Very Proud Of My Last Name !! My Fathers Name Is Brian Griffiths From Somerset England And All His Family are from around there !! I May Only Be 15 But Im Very Interested In This Stuff !!!!!! Jade-Heather Griffiths
My name. Is Jaime Roebuck but my mom name is Joyce GRIFFITH AND we areBLACK stop saying people of color you racist people I'm proud of the GRIFFITH name but just remember that not all Royal people were good and just cause you maybe black , it doesn't mean you still may not be a descendant of a white griffith either way I'm proud of my family there good people ! Long live griffith people from Barbados !

Hello Jaime I am also a griffiths, my family are black and from Jamaica! I would love to trace it back any tips?

George Griffiths
I was born in Jamaica, and i am proud to be a part of the Griffiths family. I don't care if we are black or white. What we need to do is get along.I am not white,and weather we are descendants from king or from wales,we are Griffiths,and that's what I am most proud of.

wayne griffiths
proud to be a griffiths we come from ancient warriors and decendants from the first king of wales

shannon griffiths
well I live in England, most of my family live in wales, it's a lovely country.

Lesley Roberts
My great grandma was Ellen Griffiths from Pwllweli N Wales and the rest of my family is from that area .Does anybody know anything about that branch of the family. Im stuck in the middle of the 19th century trying to navigate all the Roberts , Griffiths and Davies records of which there are many. Celine- in regard to your statement- unfortunately I gues Welsh settlers here were caught up in the obscene business of slavery . There could however have been a marriage ( I have a friend of color who has an Irish grandfather ) You only know if you look back which is actually an eye opener. I live in CT, born in Wales, with family scattered all over the world.

charlotte griffiths
haha im from northampton shire, but my partner is welsh!! im extremely proud of my surname and shall be hithernating it once i get married!!

Ashley Webster
my grandpa and grandma are from west virginia, griffith is their last name, staying in michigan now. Clina and Norma Arbutus Griffith!

John Ashley
I'm looking for information on George Canon Griffith. The only information I have is he was from Wales, clergy, had a son named George Carridine whom got in trouble and fled to the US changing his last name to Ashley. The Ashley came from a rich farming family. Any help would be appreciated. John Ashley

karys griffiths
Well im a griffiths and i might just be a faar relative of yours! i dont live in wales but i am known for my family being welsh when my relatives moved to (here...somewhere around london erea not in...) where i am im not goin to tell you... anyway A FACT FOR ALL OF YOU>Griffiths my nan who is very welsh who when she moved here her mum (my great nan)worked in a ropery made a family tree and she said griffiths ment higher power and that my great relative was royal! and that griffiths ment great prince or leader or both anyway thats a little bit of history for you!!!!... x karys griffiths

John Ashley
by chance was a George Canon Griffith a distant relative. john

Melanie Griffiths
I'm from a large Griffiths family from Newfoundland, Canada!

Hi Melanie, I am a Griffith (now Harris) I ahve always been very proud of my Welsh heritage. My grandfathers Watkin Griffiths had relatives that emigrated to Canada in the late 19th early 20th Century, they where all farmers from the Snowdonia and Bala area, just wondering if there is any records of this in your family, we have many photos of them sent from Canada.

I am curious. Although there is pride demonstrated on this forum in regards to the welsh line and possible link to royalty, however how do account blacks with a Anglo-Saxon ancestry to be included in all of the aformention excitement. Please do remember that there are people of colour that are also decendents of this name. I happen to be on of them amongst many cousins. I am also requesting not only respect to my statement but acknowledgement since this part of history is part of human kind and world history. C

Sylvia Thomas
Hi, My mother was a Griffiths, have tracked back to very early 1800s but still not found the Welsh connection, although I am sure its there somewhere. So far I am up to 13 Thomas Griffiths. Some in Massachusetts. The earliest known birth place is Rotherhithe, Surrey.From there on they lived and worked in Deptford, Kent. They seem to have been Wheelwrights, Coppersmiths, Carpenters and Marine Engineers. How I would love to get back to Wales. But so far no luck. I live in Australia, grew up in Surrey. so far from home. Sylvia.

Lynn Edwards nee Griffiths
Hi Sylvia my father was Walter Griffiths his father was Albert Griffiths sadly passed the year and month I was born so never got to meet him. My grandmother was Ellen Griffiths nee Thomas also of welsh origin and I married an Edwards ironic but it ends there as mother in law was a tolliss which I believe is Italian well so she says. She's 87 this year and love and respect her enough not to believe her. Bless her. We could be distantly related you never know. Lynn

I am a Griffith from St. Lucy, Barbados researching how come so many Griffiths exist on this small island. Any insights would be most welcome. I am black by the way.

I wonder the same too! family hailing from Jamaica, England, Canada, I have been told there are many in Barbados.

Marc Griffiths
Hello all Griffs, i have just got hold of family tree info for my GGGGG Grandad, James Griffiths from bishopscastle - montgomeryshire born in 1791 i think - tree moves to stoke - staffs in 19 century, and we all brummies for a while now.

Andrew Griffiths
Proud Griffiths... Born of Robert and Frances (nee Davidson)many moons ago in Wanganui, New Zealand.... Grandson of Arthur. Waiting for many virile sons...

I was born in New Zealand to Scottish parents from Glasgow. I now live in New South Wales , Australia..!!

Mark Griffiths
I'm from the rhondda valleys S.Wales loads of Griffiths here even got Streets named Griffiths Street :)

X'D I live in England

Jacqui Griffiths
As a child I lived in Houston, Tx and we were the only Griffiths' in the Houston phone book. Now I live in a small village in Mid-Wales and the local church yard is full of Griffiths'. There's even someone with the same first and surname as me living around the corner! I finally feel like I belong! I've definately come home!

Mark Griffiths
I'm Mark Griffiths. My father and grandfather and great grandfather were William however, there's no sign of any welsh connection in the family tree. We are all north east England based!??

Tom Dickon Harry Griffiths
I am Tom Dickon HArry Griffiths (yes, I know)! London. Though the family is based in Hope, Derbyshire. ,

Hi Tom, I work for the TV show Room 101 - we're potentially featuring a newsclip about your name on the show. I was wondering if you might be interested in appearing on the show this evening (29/10/12). The studios are based in Shepherds Bush in London. Sorry for the late notice - if you're interested please let me know as soon as you can - my e-mail is Best wishes Tom Baker

David Eric Griffiths
My father is David Harvey Griffiths and his father was Harvey Griffiths. I would love to find a Coat of Arms and hang it on my wall! That does it! Off to I go.

Edward Kendall
You are only entitled to a coat of arms if you are descended in a direct male line from somebody who was granted a coat of arms (in the case of Wales this would be by the College of Arms in London). Many companies try to sell "family" coats of arms but this is bogus. If you wish to find out more about heraldic law I encourage you to go to and the website of the Heraldry Society.

Michael Griffiths
I live I'm the us I'n massachusetts, I'm wondering why when I look for the coat of arms for our name every web site has a different variation of it?

Jane Griffiths
I'm on Groote Eylandt....... but there's no place like home. My father was David Griffiths from Oswestry !!!

Will Griffiths
I am a Griffiths and my father was David Griffiths. I was born in Oswestry, and have lots of family still in the area. Be proud people!!

Tammy Griffith Brown
Tammy GRIFFITH Brown I am in West Virginia and I know that my great great grandfather, Ephrain Griffith was in WV also so I'm not sure when they came from Wales but I know that they did.

Mark Griffiths
everybody with this ancient surname should be extremely proud, its as old as the moutains it came from mark griffiths wales

Chris griffiths
My grand parents came from Oswestry

William Griffiths
From Oxford. Very Proud of my surname!

Emma Griffiths
I'm from Shrewsbury, Shropshire (not far from Oswestry) so I guess my ancesters didn't move far!

Jeffery Griffith
Greetings from Fontana, Ca. a long way from Swansea, Wales, birthplace of my grandfather, George.

Brad Griffiths
I'm in New Zealand!

kayleigh Griffiths
well i appear to have devaited from home a little

Sharon Griffiths
Well, I seem to be in the right place - South Wales!!

Indy Griffiths
im in Australia!!!!!

Craig Griffiths
I'm in Scotland but great grandfather from Rothesay, believe his father's father came from Swansea