Last name: Gutierrez

This is a well recorded and popular surname in Spain. It is one of a group which were originally Germanic, and in this respect it could be said to date back to the 5th century a.d. At this time the Roman Empire who held Spain, was in a state of collapse, and into this vacuum came the German tribes known as the Goths, Huns and Vizigoths. This surname in Spain owes its origins to the Vizigoths. It derives from an ancient personal name 'Gunthair', the later German Gunther, and meaning 'Battle-sword'. Such names redolent of war, glory and control were very popular in this period of history known as 'The Dark Ages'. Later in most Christian countries they were later swamped by the religious revival names of the 12th century, which were of biblical origin. Of these the most famous are the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In about the 8th century the Vizigoths returned to Germany, however they left behind some of Spains most popular names and later surnames, of which this is a prime example. Early recordings taken from surviving registers include Diego de Valdiva Gutierrez of Campanario, Badajos, in 1520, and Fernandez Gutierrez christened at Villacid de Campos, Valladolid, on October 4th 1623.

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christian gutierrez

so does that mean we all part Spanish or german

joe frank

Maybe that explains why all 5 of my brothers and myself were in the Marines (4) one in the USAF 32 years and the other in the Corp of Engineers.

jorge jesus gutierrez

Happy New Year to all my Gutierrez Family......

David Gutierrez

It's so cool that there's a lot of Gutierrezs' here, i feel like I have a connection with you guys

Angelo Gutierrez
@ Madeline Gutierrez, I was review the comments on this thread and I am glad to see other people with the Guiterrez last name and proud of it like I am. I joined your club on LinkedIn The Guild Guiterrez... I look forward in Networking with my other fellow Guiterrez's LOL!...

antonio gutierrez
does that mean we are german worriors??

Some were ,but not all, one man named Gutierrez was in the conquest of Mexico and Peru 1519,1530 AD , he was made a Spanish Knight. This would make him a Spanish Warrior probably of Germanic origin , but remember that the Spanish are mixed with many different people.

Jim Gutierrez
The Gutierrez has nothing to do with Gunther. The Goths were left Gotland about the time of or before the birth of Messiah. The name simply means "Sons of Gotland". Gut ( from Got ) tierra (land) ez (son of). The refered themselves as Gotari, or Gutari, meaning the same thing.

can also be used to mean God.

I had no idea my last name was so cool or had so much meaning behind it

Oscar Gutierrez
I like this page it bring me full circle on my family genealogy ... Now I need to plan a trip to Spain ... trace back my roots.

Oscar Gutierrez

I wonder how many more there are of us (Oscar Gutierrez) out there.

christian gutierrez

so we are all part Spanish or german

Jim Gutierrez
My understanding is that Gutierrez came for the original land of the Visigoths, Gotland or Gautland. The simplicity is that means son of Gautlant. Gut (Gaut), tierra (ez) son of. In Jardanes book about the Visigoths they refered to themselves as "Gutaris". The haplogroup for Scandinavians is I1a which makes up about 13-16% of Spains population. Look up Gutierrez at And no, not all Gutierrez's have scandinavian haplogroups, look in New Mexico DNA project. The haplogroups range from Basque, American Indian, Hebrew, Middle East. Its very colorful. Check it out.

Madeline Gutierrez
Wow! Jim that's just the kind of history & etmology I love! I'm starting a Linkedin Group called The Guild Gutierrez. This is a networking group based on the idea that many of the circles we travel in are near to being arbitrary. Why not return to the idea of clan and kinship? We're Gutierrez and We're Great! I hope Jim you - and our other Gutierrez' join us there! :) Now the question is what coat of arms? Is there a good old one? Or go with a modern one? Oh - and what about the comments that the name means "battle-sword" or "rules the castle"? What language did the Visagoths speak? @MadelineHere (on twitter)

Angelo Gutierrez
@ Madeline Gutierrez, I was review the comments on this thread and I am glad to see other people with the Guiterrez last name and proud of it like I am. I joined your club on LinkedIn The Guild Guiterrez... I look forward in Networking with my other fellow Guiterrez's LOL!...

David Gutierrez
Im proud to be. A Gutierrez our origins are something important I can feel it in my bones and blood but I've had dreams where I'm in a battle swinging a axe even my great great grandfather was dark skinned yet he had green/blue eyes must have been from Visigoth blood

Gut is an old Visigoth or Goth word for God. The (rez) at the end of the Gutier(rez ) is an old Egyptian word for there Sun God!

Hi sylvia I'm just curious how did u find out about ur family

A Gutierrez
So I gotta find out about my family tree

A Gutierrez
Thx. A lot. Do u have german ancestry

You'll have to go back to the year 1085AD that's about when the name first turns up in Spain.


Yes I do ,but I tie in around 390AD.

depends on your family tree but i think so

A Gutierrez
Can someone answer my question does this mean all gutierrez have some German blood in them

Jim Gutierrez
No, see Ysearch and look up by last name. Also consider getting your own DNA checked. There are several haplogroups listed, they range from, I1, 12, J1, J2 (semitic...Jewish or even Arab). R1b in spain usually Basque.

Alex Gutierrez
Does this mean all Gutierrez have German blood in them

You know how people fool around. Also some people took the visigoth names to decrease suspision in themselves.

Marimar Gutierrez
wow, that is pretty interesting never would've figured.

yea we do hahaha kool to know right nice to meet all of you

Michelle Gutierrez
It's so weird i have a German background also.

Xavier GTZ
my whole life I've been fascinated w/Germany and speed metal (bands like SLAYER). To find out battle sword and Germany are in my family history makes me say "no wonder".

sylvia estrada gutierrez
oh yeah we have german Euopean Royalty french i have done alot of Research once one of my Relatives from California found me its Crazy my great great grandfather originated from spain my grand father on fathers side is half spanish /German and no telling what his german side had in it as well Hello Family lThis is Sylvia Gutierrez Estrada

jasmine gutierrez
How funny my father has both of your last names. Where are you from? Please email me @

Israel gutierrez
I had no idea.

Tessa Gutierrez
Same - we are warriors ! This is a very interesting historical background :)

mario gutierrez
wow what a history! i am proud of my warrior background!

gabriel gutierrez
wow, i guess we all have this warrior blood of royalty, how cool

David Gutierrez
am new to this and also looking into my backround .... i have a very big Gutierrez family, my mother has 13 brothers and sisters ....and each of them have 3-6 kids .... so thats a lot of Gutierrez Warriors lol