Last name: Gutierrez

This is a well recorded and popular surname in Spain. It is one of a group which were originally Germanic, and in this respect it could be said to date back to the 5th century a.d. At this time the Roman Empire who held Spain, was in a state of collapse, and into this vacuum came the German tribes known as the Goths, Huns and Vizigoths. This surname in Spain owes its origins to the Vizigoths. It derives from an ancient personal name 'Gunthair', the later German Gunther, and meaning 'Battle-sword'. Such names redolent of war, glory and control were very popular in this period of history known as 'The Dark Ages'. Later in most Christian countries they were later swamped by the religious revival names of the 12th century, which were of biblical origin. Of these the most famous are the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In about the 8th century the Vizigoths returned to Germany, however they left behind some of Spains most popular names and later surnames, of which this is a prime example. Early recordings taken from surviving registers include Diego de Valdiva Gutierrez of Campanario, Badajos, in 1520, and Fernandez Gutierrez christened at Villacid de Campos, Valladolid, on October 4th 1623.

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Oscar Gutierrez
I like this page it bring me full circle on my family genealogy ... Now I need to plan a trip to Spain ... trace back my roots.

I had no idea my last name was so cool or had so much meaning behind it

Jim Gutierrez
The Gutierrez has nothing to do with Gunther. The Goths were left Gotland about the time of or before the birth of Messiah. The name simply means "Sons of Gotland". Gut ( from Got ) tierra (land) ez (son of). The refered themselves as Gotari, or Gutari, meaning the same thing.

antonio gutierrez
does that mean we are german worriors??

Angelo Gutierrez
@ Madeline Gutierrez, I was review the comments on this thread and I am glad to see other people with the Guiterrez last name and proud of it like I am. I joined your club on LinkedIn The Guild Guiterrez... I look forward in Networking with my other fellow Guiterrez's LOL!...

David Gutierrez

It's so cool that there's a lot of Gutierrezs' here, i feel like I have a connection with you guys

jorge jesus gutierrez

Happy New Year to all my Gutierrez Family......

joe frank

Maybe that explains why all 5 of my brothers and myself were in the Marines (4) one in the USAF 32 years and the other in the Corp of Engineers.

christian gutierrez

so does that mean we all part Spanish or german

La Verne Vilhelm Gutierrez
Wow! A French,Scandinavian,Goth,Spanish Basque. ~Scandinavian mother & a Spanish basque father.

Jose Gutierrez
Hello Fam!

Christian Gutierrez
I've been doing some research on this lately. Glad I came across this. I've heard several different things. Someone told me that there was an Armenian background and that the "Gutierrez" used to be the guards on the castle towers. ( in the quick online search I just did, nothing has come up ) some one else told me that the surname ending in "iz" or "ez" means "son of" which I found. He told me that I was Son of Goter. That sounded German to me and sure enough I'm seeing that in my research. I started asking who is Goter and found out, in German, Götter means gods. In particular I believe it's the gods of the Greek pantheon. looking forward to learning more. Hello to all my "primos" 😀

jeffrey gutierrez
from the philippines! but lineage is from spansih since we were once a spanish colony

Salome Gutierrez
Jajaja hola primos 😆 aw our last name has such a nice origin

David Pedro Gutierrez
Holla Los primos y familia.... All the way from London vivo en Gutierrez 🇪🇸


Randy Flores Gutierrez
Just wanna know about my origin.,I am from Philippines

Salvador Gutierrez
Hola Familia !!! We are tooo many .. Gutierrez all the way.. Love you fam

Jose A. Ortega Gutierrez
What does this mean about my personal family tree is the European blood form my mom or dad's side?!

Jose Manuel Gutierrez
Hey fam.

tony gutierrez
hi cousins

Gabriel Gutierrez
So, in my 39 years I've only met six Gutierrez, all in the military. I've never met my father's side of the family or that number would be higher. I've been told that it's a common name but not in my experiences. I did meet a Filipino woman in Qatar that told me it's a very common name in the Philippines. Kinda cool. I will saw from what information that I've come across about the lineage of our name, it's very well traveled.

Do any of u know if u have any realitives in iowa with last name gutierrez

what?? guiterrez? was germanic? i came here to find out guiterrez were came from because they are most horrible attitude customers. racism should still be exist.

Andrea Gutierez
The name's a typo on my Dad's birth certificate. I'm from Belize and trying to trace the family back to Spain. Sadly I can't get past Mexico.

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