Last name: Hamer

Recorded as Hamer, Hammer, Hamor, and Hammor, this is a pre-medieval English surname. It has two possible origins. The first is locational from the village of Hamer, near Rochdale, in the county of Lancashire. The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th century word "hamor" meaning a rock or crag. Most name holders in the north of the country are from this origin. The second source is early German, Flemish or Dutch, being a metonymic occupational name for a maker of hammers, or perhaps a user of a hammer, and deriving from the word "hamar" meaning stone. This is clearly an example of a transferred meaning, as hammers have generally been made of metals since at least Roman times. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving rolls and registers include: John le Hammer in the pipe rolls of the county of Sussex in the year 1332, whilst John de Heymer is recorded in "Baines History of Lancashire" in 1461. Katerina Hamer married Thomas Anderson, at St. Andrew's Enfield, in the county of Middlesex, on July 22nd 1560, and Ralph, the son of Ralph Hamer, was christened at St. Nicholas Acons, in the city of London, on February 16th 1589. Edward and James Hamer, who were Irish famine emigrants, sailed from Liverpool to New York aboard the ship "Windsor-Castle" on June 9th 1847. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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carson hamer

i live in P.A.

carson hamer

im, 13 years old and my dad is Allen hamer or Pete is his nick name Betty hamer is my grama ,


I am looking for the children of Ian Hamer - musician/trumpeter. According to Wikipedia he originated from Liverpool in 1932. He sadly died in 2006 in Surrey. He had 3 children. Andrew and Tessa and Mary Ann. If anyone knows there whereabouts can they call me on 0151 734 0220 Thanks Michelle

Ronald Hamer
Lori, Arthur my Grandfather came from Wales, gassed in World War 1 and sent to recuperate inLiverpool he met my Grandmother and set off another branch of Hamer in what was then part of Lancashire. Have had trouble tracing his background, may have been Pontypridd or Caldecott. He had a brother named Jack who lived in Pontyr . Be good to know more, Good Luck !!

Iori Hamer
My Hamer line comes from Llandinam in Montgomeryshire and would welcome any contact with other Hamer families as I am doing a one-name study with the Guild of One-Name Studies. I am also awaiting the results of a DNA test. As there are 2 distinct clusters of the name, I am interested to see if there is any link between the Lancashire Hamers and the Welsh Hamers, or whether in fact the name has come about in 2 different ways.

John Hamer

My Great Great Grandfather was born in Llandinam then moved to Merthyr Tydfil in about 1860 ish done a fair bit of research gone back to 1600;s.

sandra taylor

My great grandmother was harriet hamer born in llandinam about 1869

Peter Stephens

My great grandmother was born in Oswestry but her father came from Llanidloes. Her siblings eventually came to Rochdale and Bolton in Lancashire

I´m a Hamer in Germany. Born in Burnley, Lancashire, England. My Father´s name was James and he had a brother named Thomas. Burnley is also not far from Rochdale. We were six children, three of which have sadly passed. My father had a cousin named Sam Hamer also from Burnley, and my Uncle Thomas had two children also.

sam hamer
im a hamer from burnley living in Shropshire my fathers name was also sam my brother was ian and sister Maureen who are both sadley deceased

Hi, did your sister have a daughter called Christina?

Lisa hamer
Sam its lisa your niece please get intoach

Im looking for my father I lost touch with when I was a baby. His name is Ian Hamer who lived in Curlewis NSW. If anyone knows him or he is out there please get in touch on

Graham Hamer

My Grand Father Charles Hamer had two brothers called Thomas and James.

Karen Hamer (US)
I thought this might be interesting for some ...

Jennifer Hamer
I'm a Hamer in Missouri. My dad grew up in Chicago though. My family just recently started to trace our family tree but not having great luck doing so.

Chris H
Jenifer Hamer, My great grandmother's maiden name was Hamer. She was from Coshocton County Ohio. I know a brother or two of hers moved to Chicago sometime near the turn of the last century. One of the brothers was named Noah.

Karen Hamer
My name is Karen Hamer. My great Aunt Mary was from Bolton, Lancashire and traced our family tree back to the 1600's in the 1960's. She came to visit my family (my father was Kenneth Hamer) with Sister Ethel Rachel the oldest, Brothers John and Herb with my father being the youngest. I live in Victoria, B.C. Canada. One of our great grandmothers was of Spanish descent. My Grandfather's name was John who married Lily Scott.

Karen Hamer (US)
We are going to have some confusion here ... there are two of us.

Kimberley Hamer
Karen, how werid. I'm from Bolton, Lancashire now living in New Zealand and my dad is also called Kenneth Hamer (he's 63 now I think) and his dad was Alan hamer who is sadly deceased.

John Riley
Hi all. My Hamer grandmother's family were all from the area around Clun and Bishop's Castle in Shropshire. The first of that family in my direct line to come to the state's (I live in Pennsylvania) was the one we call John II who came to PA to work in his Uncle's mill. The Uncle's name was Whiston. I know many of our Hamer relatives still live in England and possibly Wales. There are also many of us here in the states today.

Paul Hamer
I'm in Florida but originally from West Yorkshire. What I can gather is that the name originates from Lancashire (I hate to admit it being a proud Yorkshireman) as there is a village of Hamer near Rochdale. Also the origin appears early in 9th century and means Rock or Crag. Apparently a Percy and Raphe Hamer came over to the US in 1626. Also there is a Fort Hamer here in Florida. The most interesting Hamer fact I have found is that 'Big Frank Hamer' was a Texas Ranger who was responsible for the capture & killing of the famous Bonnie and Clyde.

Adam Wilson
I started doing some research the other night on the my Great Grandmothers family (Hamer). I made it back to Jabez Hamer and Ann Wrenshaw who got married in 1740 in Rochdale. Jabez(Jabuz) carried for the next few generations and ended up in Newton. The Jabez lived from 1800-1881 and married Ellen Crossley in 1823. As far as I can tell he lived in Rochdale, Blackstone Edge, and Newton. The majority of my research has shown that his kids eventually began hopping the pond around 1857 and ended up in Ohio. If anyone out there can trace back to any of these names that would be great to here from someone.

karen barber
My grandad was called Harold hamer and my mum, an only child, Audrey. They lived in Rochdale, sadly both passed away before I was ten (my mum 1979 and grandad 1985??) I would love to know more about my mums roots.

Steven Harmer
Hi, I 19m a Harmer who lives in the South East of England in the county of Surrey. My Father, Brian Harmer, is not too interested in the family history (I grew up with Irish family values thanks to my mother 19s rather extensive family from Carlow in Ireland). We know my father has a brother in New Zealand (whom I have met on one occasion), and a sister on the south coast of England (whom I have met), other than that I know nothing. I had heard that there are a lot of Harmer 19s in Texas (a place my partner and I love the look of) and if anyone out there is willing to invite a possible distant relative to visit, please feel free.

hi is your dad from london originally ?

hi is your dads mother from london and is she called irene

Derrick Richardson
My great great grandmother, Siller Hargrove, married Will Hamer in Mississippi in 1897. I have been trying to go beyond and find more on my ancestors because I want to know. They have been dealing with me spirtiually given me clues. And so far I have discovered that the name is Scandinavian, but I also discovered that it originates from the tribe HAMER OR HAMAR PEOPLE of Ethiopia. I also concluded that these people must have traveled by ship discovering what is known as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. If not then during slavery must have been transported to that part of the country, but I really believe my first thought to be correct.

Steven Harmer
Hi Derrick, The name originates from Norfolk in England, from around the 7th century. Reaching national fame after the battle of Hastings in 1066 (For their involvement they were awarded an area still known today as 18The Fens 19). It was then that the spellings began to change so that the wealthier could separate themselves. The name did spread around the world starting in Holland, causing a lot of people to believe that the name is in fact Dutch or German. The name was spread even further during the slave trade when slaves of the English were generally given their area of origin as their last name or their 18masters 19 last name (kind of perverted seal of ownership. As if branding wasn 19t enough!). The tribe you are referring to are call so due to their living in the Hamer Bena region, although nomadic in nature there is no evidence that they willingly travelled outside the Ethiopia and Kenya region, let alone to Europe. This is a language coincidence and so the 2 names can get confused (I made the mistake myself when I first started researching), getting even more confusing when members of the tribe were taken into slavery and, well, to put it bluntly, raped and bore children (there is 2 accounts of this happening within the Harmar branch of the name). If you are white then you are more than likely a descendent of the Harmer family of England/Europe. If you are black then you are more likely to be traced back through the slave trade but with a small possibility of connection to the Europeans via interracial marriage (which would have happened in the last 60 years).

Graham Hamer

Wrong ....the name origanated in Lancashire. A little village on the outskirts of Rochdale.

Angela Hamer
Looking for anyone related to a Charles,Mattie,Oscar,William,Robert,Charles jr,or Flora Hamer... Possibly lived in Mt. Vernon,New Rochelle,Westchester ,New York...African Americans.

It appears I may have found those who gave my family the name Hamer in slavery!

Karen Hamer
Do tell ...

Adam Hamer
There is alot of Hamers in Texas. Some in the midwest (where I am from).

Sharon Nelson
I'm originally a Hamer, born & raised in the Midwest (Nebraska) My father was Robert Hamer born in Pierce Nebraska. Interested in finding out about our lineage. Any help out thee?

Karen Hamer
I'm in the States. Farthest Hamer I've tracked back goes to 1700's. Was soldier in revolutionary war and a county sheriff. Believe my line came from Wales, but not 100% on that yet.

louise hamer-mills
hi, im in the uk, i am a hamer i live on the border of wales and england, nearly all of my family live on either side of this border,There is a huge hamer family that originated from hyssington and church stoke in the county of montgomeryshire (wales) although as time has gone by we have spread down the hills and over into the borders of shropshire (england) we have family that emigrated to the states way back in the 17th & 18th centuries and i do have a great x9 grand father that was county sherriff of Cann ( a small welsh county) that has now amalgamated with the county of montgomereyshire

Lexi Hamer
Hamers around the Rochdale & Royton area, going back a while in Royton as far as I know.

Geoff Hamer
Hamer's in Inverness (Scotland) Grandmothers maden name I believe, she's from the Cambridge area

Warren Hamer
Big Family of Hamer's in Bolton area.

Lewis Macdonald
Grandson surname is HAMER on his (other) Welsh and Welsh speaking grandpas side. His father is Welsh too. All now living on the Wirral

Great granny a Hamer. From Cheshire,, she married aa Price and had seven children. Left Price after the first world war and moved to London without kids. Thats all we know.

Les Hamer
Myself, Father and Grandfather from Liverpool. Think some of Dad's brothers went to Manchester area.

Jen Martin nee Hamer
Hamers in Macclesfield, Cheshire but grandparents from Disley