Last name: Hammett

This is an interesting example of how a name may be a combination of both the personal and the topographical. "Ham-et" was a diminutive form of the Norman personal name "Hamo(n)", plus "ette" from the French "Petit" meaning small or little. Thus the name would have been given to mean "son of Hamo". The prefix "Ham" may also be interpreted from the Anglo-Saxon "Ham" meaning flat, alluvial wetlands, so that Hammett would refer to "the son of one who lived by or near a low lying meadow". The variant Hamatt is seen in the record of the christening of the infant Susan Hammatt at St. Botolph without Aldgate London. On April 18th 1729, George Hammett married Elizabeth Hughson at St. Dunstan, Stepney, London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Hamet, which was dated 1297, Ministers Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall, during the reign of King Edward I, The Hammer of the Scots, 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Gretchen Hammett

My father in law is jerry Hammett from Gaffney SC. I've heard him talk of a Forrest Hammett.

Mitchel Hammett
I don't know my family beyond my grandfather, Gary Hammett. My fathers name is Chad Lee Hammett.

Susan Eiffert
Any Hammitts with an 'i' out there? That's my paternal grandmother's maiden name. She and her sisters and some ancestors had a sort of stereotypical Arab look to them: thin faces, piercing eyes, sharp noses, wide mouths ( she was quite lovely) that we liked to theorize the surname was an anglicization of Hamid, Hameed, etc. She hailed from Iowa originally. Born 1897.

Nancy Lutz
My Mary Jane Hammett was Married to Thomas Claud Harmon. I am connected to Hammetts- Harmon, on one side and Lutz- Hoyle- Elliott on the paternal side. We have attended the Paternal reunions but haven't heard of any on Mary Jane's side. I am in the process of putting pictures on my tree. Do you have any pictures of the family? You can view my tree on Look for NancyLutz wv50. Are you in the Carolinas? My father Daniel, married a WV girl while in the Navy stationed in Washington, D.C., and moved to the Mountain State. My email address is : for direct contact. I'm so glad to have made a living connection. Nancy

Robert Hammett
Nancy my sister and I have found you are our 4th cousin once removed. Daniel Hammett had several children. We descended from his son Heron Harrington Hammett and you descended from Coleman Forest Hammett. Look at Sandra Elaine Hammett family tree on Ancestry.

Robert Hammett
Hi Nancy I have been trying to decipher my notes. You should go on line and search the 1850 and 1860 Greeville County Census. I have found a Coleman Hammett in my line of Hammetts.My great,great,great,grandfather wias Daniel Hammett born about 1779-80. He married Mary Vandiver and her parents were John Vandiver and Elizabeth Lemaster. They had 7 children, Harrington Hammett who is my great,great grandfather; John,Coleman,Moses,Elizah,Patsy, and James. My great,great grandfather Harrington married Charlotte Bagwell and they had ten children one of which is Mary Hammett born about 1835. I don't know if this is what you are looking far. If I can assist you any further let me know. Robert Hammett

Nancy Lutz
Wow this is a great place to start. If you wish to see what I have posted on feel free to check my tree Lutz Family Tree. I will get to this right now. Thanks a bunch Nancy

Jennie Hammett
Hi; My Hammetts were from Martha's Vineyard, MA.

R S Hammett
I have traced my line of Hammetts to William Hammett (1) who arrived in Richmond VA area some time before 1690. I would like help tracing him to England and ancesters. The Hammetts later moved to the Spartanburg/Greenville S.C. area. I was from near Greenville S.C.

Nancy Lutz
My gr grand mother was Mary Jane Hammett daughter of Coleman F. Hammett. they were from Spartanburg area. I have some leads but no way to confirm information. If you wish, mail me and I'd be willing to share what I have found.

Laurie Hammette
My great great grandfather was Coleman Hammett. He had a son Miles, who is my great grandfather and his son Lewis is my grandfather. Cool to find a distant relative :).

E E S Hammett
Hammett is an English word and as such is recorded in the AngloSaxon Charters in the 900s. It is in defined in Bosworth' dictionary. It is an English surname a placename of the East Cornwall incursions and is a Doomsday location near Quethiock.