Last name: Hughes

This interesting name derives from the Olde French personal name Hu(gh)e introduced by the Normans after 1066. This name is in origin a short form of any of the various Germanic compound names with the first element "hug" heart or mind. e.g., a popular given name among the Normans in Britain partly due to the fame of St. Hugh of Lincoln (1140 - 1200), who was born in Burgundy and who established the first Carthusian and Scottish Monastery in England. In Ireland and Scotland the name became "Aodh", "Eoghann". In Wales and other Celtic areas, the name derives from the Old Celtic Hu or Huw, meaning "fire" or "inspiration". Early recordings of the surname include; Anne, daughter of Maurice Hughes, who was christened on October 9th 1586, at St. James, Clerkenwell, London; on October 12th 1670, Stephen Hughes married Cattrin Daniell, in Swansea, Glamorgan; and Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Hughes, was christened on June 14th 1687, at St. Thomas, Swansea, Glamorgan. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas Hughes, which was dated 1327, Pipe Rolls of Somerset, during the reign of King Edward 111, "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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James Hughes

I'm a Virginia hughes, specifically Lancaster, VA. My family has been in the area since at least the colonial era. My uncle told me our last name had been O'Hugh, but I have nothing to corroborate that.


Trying to find ancestor john hughes (born in Wales) who stowed on a boat to the America's. He later became a sea captain and sailed between Liverpool, England and Baltimore, Maryland. His son John W Hughes was born on October 1750 and married Rebecca Taylor of Orange County VA in 1770. Any help would appreciated.

Sonia Hughes

My surname is Hughes and I come from glasgow, in scotland.

Christine Hughes

MY mum and dad are called Hughes and they came from south wales

Marie Crossley (Hughes).
My Great Grandmother was born in Galway about 1851 moving to Bolton England and had 4 children named John ( b1873), Sarah Ann (b1875), Martha (b1877),and Marg? (b1879) does anyone have any information on this family.

Lynn West
My maiden name was Hughes and our family originated from Birchington, Kent. I've managed to trace them back to the late 1600's and they've always lived in the same area.
Perhaps our Hughes line arrived here in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.
Sadly my father passed away in 2012 and was the last male in the family so the name finished with him. I haven't found anymore relatives but there's a good chance there may be some distant cousins somewhere.

Monique Hughes
My name is monique Hughes don't know much about my family my father was Duane Robert Hughes who passed away in San Angelo tx in 1984 I need more info email

John Hughes
I was told our paternal family was from Ireland, but when St. Patrick ran the snakes out of Ireland our family had to go and they wound up in Wales! I'm hoping to be able to research my ancestry and make a trip to Ireland, UK and Scotland. Proud of my lineage!

daniel hughes
Glad to be a hughes

Sonia Hughes
I come from Scotland, as far as I know almost all my family do apart from one of my brothers and one of my sisters, Proud of being a Scot and Proud of being a Hughes!

my name is marty e hughes
been trying to track down my famly tree by the hughes name i can only get as far back as the 1800s most of my famly are from the reliegh area of north carolina any one with any info that mighthelp me please let me know thank you

Andrew hughes
our Hughes tree go back to will the conqueror!

Lottie Hancock-Crans

My mother-in-law is a Hughes from that area. you can contact me at

Stacey Hughes Sistrunk
My maiden name is Hughes. I am from south Mississippi - USA. We have information that our relatives came to Mississippi from the Carolinas in the 1800's but do not have any information futher back. Any ancestorial information about the Hughes families of North/South Carolina and Virginia would be appreciated.

Rebecca Hughes
My entire Hughes family is from NC, includung myself.

Gary Hughes
Whilst I was born in Ynys Môn (Anglesey), and now live in Lincoln, my father's family originated from the Llanrwst area, not far from Trefriw or Dwygyfylchi so Marjorie Cowie (Post of June 22nd) and William Baxter-Hughes (Post of 3rd July) may well be distant relatives. Having said that there are an awful lot of folk with the surname Hughes in North Wales but, given time, my grandmother could probably have established a link to most of them. As for the origin of the name I always understood it to mean "son of Hugh".

gypsy gel annalise
i live in scotland and as far as i know my family has always lived here.

gypsy gel annalise
glad to be a hughes

Kelvin Hughes
i have been looking for hughes,s that lived in pittsburgh area of usa after emigrating from south wales its my grandfathers brother danny or daniel all contact was lost after he emigrated. Our family were boilermakers and originally came from the Merthyr its been said that we are related to the hughes that went to russia to build the railway boilers and had a village named after them called hughesovka

Mark Hughes
My name is Mark Hughes my grandfather and our ancesters are from glamorgan in wales I am english but I know my ancesters are of romany origin in wales I beleive Hughes is a celtic welsh name.

Jane Hughes
If you have any information on the Romany story I would be very grateful, My Hughes family originates from mid Wales and the south valleys and I know that my great great great grandma was spanish gypsy please mail me many thanks

Mallory K. Hughes
I'm from Montana, but my ancestors are from Whales and Scotland. Send me an Email, please at:! I'd love to track down family in Europe!

Bill Hughes
I'm proud to be a Hughes and it's great to see all of the other kin searching the name's origin. There's a lot of pride in being a Hughes! The vast majority of my family is in Texas and there are a lot of us.

Marjorie Cowie
My maiden name was Hughes and our roots go back to a place called Trefrew in north Wales. Marjorie

Would agree with steve hughes

James Hughes
My name is James Hughes from Virginia , USA. There are very many people of Irish/Welsh/Scottish descent here, as well as all over the south and especially in Appalachia

My Hughes family tree also includes Sir Walter Scott. One of our few famous names ,,,Mostly in Scotland, but since the boundary lines change alot over time. who can be sure.

steve hughes
Hughes is a name from celtic background and is widespread in wales and ireland, more hayes in southern ireland. Any hughes in scotland and england r from this stock. There is no hughes family originated from england. I live in newry and there r a lot of us here and my family has been here for generations.

heather hughes
some sites i,ve been on seem to indicate hughes comes from france, interesting.

Jeff Hughes
My Y-DNA Haplogroup I1 DNA37 M253 shows that my ancestors originally come from Scandinavia, which suggests I am a product of the Viking and/or Norman invasions. (Normans are descendants of the Vikings who invaded Normandy) I have members of my distant family investigating if our family comes from Wales, Scotland, Ireland or England. I was born in California, USA. Hughes rules.

Brian Hughes
Hi Jeff My father recently went to Hospital with an eye complaint which the Doctor told him it was usually found in Viking / Norse people we are Hughes from Northern Ireland and have been in Ireland since 1600's. I wonder if we are from the same stock?

Julie ledesma
My great- grandmother was a Hughes she was also from Northern Ireland .

Glyn Wilkinson
I dare say that most peoples in or from northern Europe will have this haplogroup dna in them the Vikings got around and so did the Europeans as they emigrated to the new world.

Jean Hughes
My father's family were from Birmingham and were methodists. Have not traced my family tree yet.

Gerry Nolan
Any County Cork Hughe's out there ?? or Dublin.any relations of John Hughes from County Cork.

Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes- I live in Oregon, USA. My father was born in Kentucky, my Hughes Grandfather (Joseph Lewis Hughes) was born in Ky. My great grand parents immigrated from Wales. They were coal miners in the Rhonda Valley, and were married in Ponty-Prith in 1876. I have their mariage certificate and have visited the church where they were married in Wales. My Great Great Grand father was from northern Wales ( have the town in my recoreds) and moved to the Rhonda Valley when a man from his town started a mine there. I have a copy of the 1880 census showing names and birthplaces of all of the above. I have the names of my grandparents siblings and great grandparents siblings. In Wales Hughes is a very common name. In the Rhonda Valley in 1880 for example there were 26 guys named Joe Hughes. I have maiden names of the various Hughes wives. My great great grandmother was a Baxter.

William Baxter-Hughes
I came on here just to find out where the name comes from i currently live in Dubai, UAE but my father and mother are both from North Wales in a small village called dwygyfylchi but i believe they moved from Aberystwyth due to my grandfather working in the shipping industry in Liverpool, My Grandfathers family was Originally Hughes and from what i can understand my Grandmother was a Baxter and for some reason the names where integrated and my father became Baxter-Hughes wonder if some how we are distant relatives....

Orla Jackson
My Grandmother's maiden name was Annie Hughes she was the daughter of John Hughes of County Cork, married in Dublin, Ireland. I believe some emigrated to America and Austraila.

Euronwy Hughes
I am a Hughes and my family originate from the mid Wales. And Cody I am proud to be Welsh!!

kate hughes
I am kate hughes, I live in Australia and as far as I know all my family is from here.

Saludos a todos los Hughes del Mundo...mi nombre es Carlos Reyes Hughes y escribo desde Chile en sudamerica, mi viceabuelo llego desde Gales en 1890 durante la Guerra del pacifico.

Brian Hughes
I believe the Hughes name came to Ireland back in the 1600's during the Plantation of Ulster, when Scottish and English and Welsh settlers came to Ireland. There is documentation of Hughes' in the siege of Derry 1690. There is a Muster Roll in 1630 of a Griffin Hughes in Derry / Londonderry and in 1631 a William Hughes in Raphoe, County Donegal. This is where my Hughes clan come from, I believe there is a Glasgow connection also, (still have to find it yet). My Hughes family are Protestants also.

Paul 27
My great grandmother was hughes and born and lived in Belfast. I don't think its an Irish name though.

Joseph Hughes
I have tracked my Hughes roots back to Armagh through birth and deaths records so far but am finding it very hard now to actually get anything out of Ireland. Good to finally have an actual Family crest that I think is correct too.

Ann Hughes
My name is ann hughes and i live near armagh married to john hughes

Evonne Hughes
Are you Joseph Hughes from Wisconsin? I've been looking for more on our family crest and tree.

now I know my husband John Hughes had a cousin called joseph hughes
where do you live

Nicholas Hughes
I'm a Hughes and the entirety of my family, including myself, are all English.

Amy Hughes
My moms called anne, my cousin is stephen and i have an uncle called thomas...nice to see were keeping the names alive :P

Kim Hughes
My dad was Vincent Hughes from County Durham and so was his father. I don't know whether his origins were Irish, Welsh or Scottish, I'm intrigued to find out though.

bill hughes
hi my name is bill hughes i am from grayson kentucky and have been researching the name for some time the name hughes was adopted from the lord of the islas in scotland his name was hugh in 970 the name then moved to ireland to the isle of skye and from thair to whales and england and to the u s it has many different spellings but thay all mean the same

Dave Hughes
My name is Dave Hughes and its the Welsh origins in my family

Dave Hughes
Hi my name is Dave Hughes, My father was from Glasgow originally the family came over from Ireland in the late 17 hundreds early 18 hundreds to work on the Clyde and the steel industry. Most Hughes,s in Scotland are of Irish desent but some may be native Scots Mackay,s in disguise as Mackay is son of Hugh also.

Ron Fowler
my grandfather was welsh and he,s name was Hughes if you look at a area of north Wales you will find a lot of people call Hughes

cody hughes
I always was lead to believe my family was Irish decent never welsh i hope its Irish!!

I had always thought there was also a King Henry the VIII connection to the name Hughes. I don't see one mentioned here.

louise page
The name Hughes goes back in the village i grew up in for over 200 years and my grandmothers maiden name was hughes i also have Page and O'brian to look into witch i believe both come from Ireland but the hughes is most definatly welsh as far back as i can see.

Big Romany family in England called Hughes if your checking your roots.

I'm a Protestant Hughes from Scotland, I don't think religion has any part to play in this particular surname.

colin hughes
i live in australia my name is colin hughes i am very proud to be a hughes

Brian Hughes
Scott would you have any links with Northern Ireland?

Kevin Costigan
I don't know, Benjamin. My mother's last name was Hughes, and she was born in Northern Ireland in the 50's. I am curious as to what the origin of this name is in the Norhtern counties of Ireland, My mother's family was Catholic by the way (I hope this doesn't attach a stigma to ancestral discussion)

Dana mackay
My mothers name was hughes,they were also Catholic,they came from Glasgow(renfrewshire)

Paul Hughes
I am a Hughes born in Cork - no Hughes relatives there - grandfather & father from Donegal - most of our clan living in UK all there lives - very proud to be a Hughes and even more so now having seen here for the first time so many wonderfully diverse people from all around the world sharing such a strong name - always feel free to say hi at to keep us all learning more about our heritage - which I do believe is deeply rooted in celtic/ irish / and yes Viking blood :-)

benjamin hughes
why is it always assumed that hughes is oringinaly a welsh name. benjamin hughes