Last name: Hughes

This interesting name derives from the Olde French personal name Hu(gh)e introduced by the Normans after 1066. This name is in origin a short form of any of the various Germanic compound names with the first element "hug" heart or mind. e.g., a popular given name among the Normans in Britain partly due to the fame of St. Hugh of Lincoln (1140 - 1200), who was born in Burgundy and who established the first Carthusian and Scottish Monastery in England. In Ireland and Scotland the name became "Aodh", "Eoghann". In Wales and other Celtic areas, the name derives from the Old Celtic Hu or Huw, meaning "fire" or "inspiration". Early recordings of the surname include; Anne, daughter of Maurice Hughes, who was christened on October 9th 1586, at St. James, Clerkenwell, London; on October 12th 1670, Stephen Hughes married Cattrin Daniell, in Swansea, Glamorgan; and Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Hughes, was christened on June 14th 1687, at St. Thomas, Swansea, Glamorgan. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas Hughes, which was dated 1327, Pipe Rolls of Somerset, during the reign of King Edward 111, "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Stacey Hughes Sistrunk
My maiden name is Hughes. I am from south Mississippi - USA. We have information that our relatives came to Mississippi from the Carolinas in the 1800's but do not have any information futher back. Any ancestorial information about the Hughes families of North/South Carolina and Virginia would be appreciated.

my name is marty e hughes
been trying to track down my famly tree by the hughes name i can only get as far back as the 1800s most of my famly are from the reliegh area of north carolina any one with any info that mighthelp me please let me know thank you

Sonia Hughes
I come from Scotland, as far as I know almost all my family do apart from one of my brothers and one of my sisters, Proud of being a Scot and Proud of being a Hughes!

daniel hughes
Glad to be a hughes

John Hughes
I was told our paternal family was from Ireland, but when St. Patrick ran the snakes out of Ireland our family had to go and they wound up in Wales! I'm hoping to be able to research my ancestry and make a trip to Ireland, UK and Scotland. Proud of my lineage!

Monique Hughes
My name is monique Hughes don't know much about my family my father was Duane Robert Hughes who passed away in San Angelo tx in 1984 I need more info email

Lynn West
My maiden name was Hughes and our family originated from Birchington, Kent. I've managed to trace them back to the late 1600's and they've always lived in the same area.
Perhaps our Hughes line arrived here in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.
Sadly my father passed away in 2012 and was the last male in the family so the name finished with him. I haven't found anymore relatives but there's a good chance there may be some distant cousins somewhere.

Marie Crossley (Hughes).
My Great Grandmother was born in Galway about 1851 moving to Bolton England and had 4 children named John ( b1873), Sarah Ann (b1875), Martha (b1877),and Marg? (b1879) does anyone have any information on this family.

Christine Hughes

MY mum and dad are called Hughes and they came from south wales

Sonia Hughes

My surname is Hughes and I come from glasgow, in scotland.


Trying to find ancestor john hughes (born in Wales) who stowed on a boat to the America's. He later became a sea captain and sailed between Liverpool, England and Baltimore, Maryland. His son John W Hughes was born on October 1750 and married Rebecca Taylor of Orange County VA in 1770. Any help would appreciated.

James Hughes

I'm a Virginia hughes, specifically Lancaster, VA. My family has been in the area since at least the colonial era. My uncle told me our last name had been O'Hugh, but I have nothing to corroborate that.

Lee Myatt
Well I have always know something wasn't right about me and my family, so as I got older I kept asking questions and when people kept saying don't be silly and just try to shut me up I always new that i was ok on to something. I didn't find out until I was 39 that my father who brought me up was not my biological father, so I asked my mother who and what and where is my biological father ,not that I wanted to replace the one who brought me up, but so I could make sense of all these feelings I had. But my mother said to me she didn't really know much only that as soon as he found out my mother was pregnant with me he didn't want to know her or me. Anyway I asked my mother what his name was and anything else, for which she replied , "I only know his name its Jeremy Hughes I think and the rest u will have to see if u can find anything about him on facebook. After that conversation and amongst others things , myself and my mother no longer talk. So if anyone knows of a man called Jeremy Hughes and he was around the Birmingham area during 1970 to 1974 and knows of anything else that can help me , I would be grateful, as I keep asking all my family for details and they just say they don't know anything , but I don't believe them I just have this gut feeling something is not right, as they have all kept that secret from me for ages , who knows what else.

Emily Kate Hughes
Hughes is my biological last name, but I don't really know where it originally came from. I was born in Shropshire, England so was my grandad ,and recently I found out that most of my family come from various places in Britain. Also if you have the same last name and your family is from around Shropshire, then you might develop alstimers when your older like my family. (Sorry if there if there is any spelling/grammar mistakes.)

Mike goldstein
My great grandmothers last name is Hughes. Our family centered around pike county Indiana. I would like to find out more info on my family history.

Paul Hughes
I'm a descendant of David Hughes school in Anglesey North Wales , anyone related ?

Rex Hughes
Trying to track my family origins my father always told me my ancestor was Thomas Hughes my great grand father was William Hughes from west Virginia my grand gather was rex smith hughes

Is there anyone that has committed a mass murder in the Hughes family?

James hughes
hi i am jams

Michael. Hughes.
My male ancestors (grand-father) came from a farming family in Enthlin, N/Wales, where most worked in the slate quarries. That's about as far back as I can go.

Carwyn Hughes
My great grandfather was Thomas Hughes , born in Llanengan near Abersoch, Wales, in 1856. In the 1851 Census his 'parents' were named as Mr and Mrs Thomas . His brother and sister were also surnamed Thomas. In the 1871 Census all the children were surnamed Hughes but the 'parents' were still Thomas. HELP !!! What should my surname be ? Hughes or Thomas ?

Pauline hughes
Hello all Hughes out there all my dads side come from Luton in 1771 William Hughes married a Bathsheba swane / 1819 George Hughes married Martha Pearson / 1856 John William Hughes married Emma Wright / 1893 Leonard John Hughes married Mabel hay they had a son that is my dab who is now age 91 I have more info if you need it thank you for reading my name is now Pauline beach

Scott Hughes
My fathers name is Raymond son of Len and Dorothy who originated from Northern Ireland. I don't know of any Hughes's my father Ray is the last.If this rings any bells???

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