Last name: Ingram

Recorded as Ingram, Ingeram, Ingelham and the very rare dialectal Ingyon, this is in every respect a true English surname of pre medieval origins. Recorded in most parts of England but particularly associated with the county of Yorkshire, it has its origins in the Anglo-Saxon personal name Engel. This was a tribal name meaning The Angles, the people of Englanda, in Northern Germany, who invaded Eastern and Northern Britain in the 5th Century a.d. and subsequently gave their name to England. To this was added the suffix 'hrafn', meaning raven, a bird renowned for its ferocity and wisdom to give a literal meaning of English-raven. There is also the possibility that the suffix may be a development of 'ramm', which does literally mean 'The ram', an animal renowned for its fecundity! Early recordings of the surname include John Ingeram also recorded as John Ingelram, of Whitby in Yorkshire in 1138, and Richard Ingram of Calverly, Yorkshire in 1250. An extraordinary dialectal recording is that of Jane Ingyon. She married John Harris at Potton in Bedfordshire on July 12th 1782, whilst on October 15th 1806 Sarah Ingon married Daniel Abbot at Blunham in the same county. Edward Ingram was one of the earliest settlers in America, being listed as resident in Virginea, New England, in 1635. The coat of arms most associated with the name being an ermine shield charged with three gold escallops on a red fesse. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Engelram. This was dated 1132, in the charters of the Abbey of Rievaulx, Yorkshire, during the reign of King Henry 1st, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135.

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Roseanne Ingram

My family seem to originate from Ireland where my grandfather Robert was born in 1873, but it is not per se an Irish name. His father's name was John but I've found it impossible to find any record of him. He may have been a black sheep of his family. He never married my great grandmother although it seems they were in contact. I was born in Scotland where there are many Ingram residents. There is an Ingram Valley in Northumberland in Northern England.

Bobby Ingram

Well met, all my extended family members. My face book page has 52 other Bobby Ingram's connected with me. I'm hunting my direct bloodline and have found 11 generations in America before the first came across the "pond" in 1690. Most of us are in VA. and NC, (1770 to present day.) I expect there are direct and indirect relatives of mine among you across the globe. Just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year 2015.

Teisha Ingram

Edward Ingram was my grandfathers name, here in Kansas City. He worked as a security guard for President Truman.

Lisa Ingram

There are a large group of Ingram's in NC. My dad is Roosevelt Ingram and he is 80 years old, one of the oldest living today that we know of. HIs brother is Lee Ingram and he is 86.

mackenzie ingram

my dads called richard ingram

Keri Ingram

Granddaughter of Tony and Oma Ingram. is Ingram a Celtic name?

ikeona ingram

What is the meaning to the INGRAM heritage

Marion Hill nee Ingram
I am having trouble tracing my family ... I have got Thomas born 20th April 1853, Ballyloughan, Co Down, married Sarah Cairns from Cherry Valley Co Down on the 05th June 1878. I am unable to find who either of there parents are. Is anyone able to help? email address is Thanks

William F Ingram jr
Fellow Ingram here... Grandparents are Beverly Ingram and Fred Ingram (past).

Ruth Ingram-Stultz
Would like to contact who lives in Kent Co, England. Have traced my Ingram ancestor John Ingram baptized 3 Nov 1599 son of John Ingram, waterman, to Gravesend, Kent Co, England.
Ruth Ingram-Stultz

Warren Ogden
I am in the process of trying to track down where my great great grandfather William Henry Ingram orginally came from. He was in involved in the 1860s gold rush in British Columbia in western Canada. The stories past down by word is that he came to BC from the California gold rush in the 1850s. I do have a document that states he was an American but it does not say exactly where from. I have tried unsuccessfully to find him on line at many census and genealogy web sites. We believe that he was born around 1815 give or take 5 years. He "may" have been related (brother/cousin) to a Robert Ingram who came to Canada from Ireland and married Sophia Johnston who was born in Canada. Their son Joseph Ingram married Ann Prentice in New Hampshire in 1867. Any info or comment would be appreciated.

Dawn Ingram
Hi, I'm (Elizabeth) Dawn Ingram from Bargoed, South Wales. My father is Charles Ingram and grand-father is Clifford Dyne Ingram. I have started tracing my family tree to the Somerset area, Birmingham and Scotland.


My maternal grandparents were Winifred and Albert Ingram. They lived in Tipton, near Birmingham, and had five children (my mother being the middle one)

Dreusilla( Ingram-maiden name) Strickland
To Beth Ingram---- Hi Beth, my grandfather was Walters brother. His name was Benjamin Franklin Ingram.Called Ben, by family. When he grew older he went by the name of Frank,till his death in 1972-73.

Dreusilla( Ingram-maiden name) Strickland
To Beth Ingram---- Hi Beth, my grandfather was Walters brother. His name was Benjamin Franklin Ingram.Called Ben, by family. When he grew older he went by the name of Frank,till his death in 1972-73.

Drusilla( Ingram 0 Strickland
Beth Ingram,your grandfather was my grandfathers brother. His name was Benjamin F Ingram. SO, HELLO CUZ!!!!

Ian Ingram
represent! I've heard it means angel, too

Trisha Ingram
I am trying to find some background on my grandfather Lloyd Ingram. As far as I know he has resided primarily on the West Coast (I have no idea where his family is from). He met and married my grandmother in San Francisco but has another family in either Washington state or Oregon or possibly California. I don't really care to meet him or his other family. I would just like to learn about his family history and medical history. If you have any legitimate information please e-mail me at Thank you!

Your website (optional)
George ingram had 2 grandsons joseph and ward don't know the mothers name I think ward was adopted by a north family and joseph stayed with his grandfather George ingram and I guess growed up in tinsely ky,

john ingram
anyone know of a George ingram from tinsley Kentucky around 1907

Norma Ingram
Starting my Ingram family tree. Looking for James Ingram who originally came from Shore Road Belfast Northern Ireland and was married to Matilda (McMullan) Ingram in 1919 he moved to USA sometime 1940s remarried and settled in USA. That's we're it end. He does still have a son David born 1940 to his first marriage living in Florida. Any info would be helpful.

I am an Ingram , my name is Dana , my father was Dan (no middle name) and a brother named Daniel I never knew my father (who passed away in Feb 1984) and i have been searching for my brother for 20 years. I know he had at least 2 children Danny born ~1968, Eddie born ~ 1970 they lived in Brooklyn at least until 1989 His wife's family was Italian and owned a restaurant. My grandfather was Garland Fields Ingram and my Grandmother Gertrude Campbell Ingram. I hope someone out there can help me. I have run into so many dead ends only serious inquiries please.

Robert Ingram
I am Robert Ingram from Northern Ireland, son of William and Rose Ingram from Belfast.

Mark S. Ingram
Hello Robert! My Ingram ancestors came to America from N. Ireland in the 18th Century. I think you will find many throughout Ulster. They were Scots-Irish. Some of my early relatives here in the U.S. spelled their name "Ingrahm", which is of Scottish origin and a member of clan Colquhoun from the highlands. It is a proud heritage to have. I look forward to visiting your area when I retire in a few years.

Norma Ingram
Hi Robert I think we are related by your Uncle James (Sandy) Alexander Ingram. Your father Billy was his brother. if so I would like to make contact as I am doing the Ingram family tree. Norma Ingram

Amanda Engram
My last name is a Engram,spelled with an E, :)

Richard Hills-Ingyon
'Very rare dialectal' gosh. I feel special! Great to see so many 'Ing's'

Matt Ingram
Hi all,

I am Ingram, Matthew Ingram, my brother is Richard Ingram, Father Stephen Ingram whose brother is Terrence Ingram, my Grandad is Ronald Ingram and his dad, my great Grandad was Stephen Ingram, We are from Medway in Kent, England.

Roseanne byrne
My name was originally Ingram. My g grandparents hail from around Ederney in Fermanagh Northern Ireland. I can't find any records before my great grandfather.

Rosemary Ingram
My name is Rosemary Ingram.
Great grandfather is Frank B. Ingram
Born in Indian.
Wife Francis (Hurst) Ingram

Dreusilla (Ingram( -Madin Name) Strickland
I'm looking for a Kenneth Ingram, of Teledo,Ohio. I'm his 2-3 cousin. My grandfather was Benjiam Frank Ingram. He always went by his middle name of Frank.His grandfather /or great grandfather was William Acbar Ingram. His family was from Wood county,WV.I need to tell him, his uncle Frank, has passed away.Can anyone out there help me???????????

Kris Ingram
i have an email for him email me

Thank you Kris.

Nicholas R Ingram
Hi Ms. Ingram-Stickland, I am The son of John R Ingram Born in Coloumbus Oh, son of Joe Ingram, no middle,. My father, and I (21) have lived in WV all our lives and have been recently been doing the family tree stuff. We are from Boone Co. so it is a little ways from Wood but you never know. BTW we haven't gotten very far due to history up our tree. Thanks, Nick

Dreusilla ( Ingram ) Strickland
Hi Nick, I'm not sure where Boone Cty.,is. But I was born in Nicholes cty.,WV. My family are all from WV except for my youngest sister, she was born in Broom Cty,N Y. We moved to N Y in 1952,but spent our summers in WV, when we could. If you scroll down this page, you'll find other posts I've put on here.Maybe something might click. Thank You

M. Ingram
I live in NY but my parents, grandparents, great grandparent, etc are from Jamaica. I guess it makes sense considering it was an English colony right?

Jo Ann Ingram
Sarasota Fl native...visited Temple Newsam in Leeds UK...awesome, powerful, overwhelming...Sir Arthur Ingram...take a visual tour of the the stone script on the roof...stand tall and proud...looks like good seeds to be a part of...blessings to all

Philip Ingram
This explanation fails to mention the village of Ingram in the Ingram Valley in Northumberland in the Parish of Ingram. The parish of Ingram lies to the west of Alnwick on the River Breamish, where it emerges from a valley in the edge of the Cheviots into the wider landscape of Whittingham Vale.

Simon Ingram
I am an Ingram as well living in South Africa, I emigrated here, from Bognor Regis,Sussex, in 1966 with my family, Father Eric, Mother Joan (nee Mould),sisters Josie, Debbie and Cassandra. Brothers Nicholas and Edward. I left a sister, Jane behind in Bognor Regis, as she was married and Edward passed away 1969. I am led to believe that one of our ancestors was the probate marshal of Glasgow and that we are Scottish by descent. I have a nephew now living in Scotland an running a mobile pizza restaurant from an old double decker bus, nice chatting to those willing to listen to my ramblings kind regards Simon

I am a Ingram from New Zealand!

i am an ingram from tennessee i know very little about my family. i am the only child of an only child. my grandfather was clinton stewart ingram sr. anyone know anything let me know please. he married pearl wilco blair think she was from tx. she was Scottish i was always told we were welsh. .

Tamzin Ingram
Cheers guys , done my homework on here and haned it in last week and got a A*.Yay. It was about us trying to find what our surname mean and you lot helped me alot hope you write back From Tamzin Ingram xxxxxxx best wishes

Dennis Ingram
Just to be clear I am a ENGLISH Ingram and very proud of it :)

Dennis Ingram
Hi my name is Dennis John Ingram born in 1943 Hanwell Middlesex England at present living in Phan Rang Vietnam, There are lots of suggestions that it is a very old English name some say it was brought over to England by the Vikings. however I do know that Ingram was also brought over to England in 1066 the Battle of Hastings by two German Noblemen after the battle was won the two brothers split one traveling up to Scotland there he met and married the Maiden of Luss the Daughter of the Laid of the Colquhoun Clan the name of Ingram was excepted by the Clan and later he became the Laid and to this day the Ingram's can wear the Colquhoun Tartan no one knows what happened to the other brother. Luss is a very pretty town on the banks of locklowman,Scotland, that's all I can tell you I know it's not a lot off help, with all the stories being told of the Ingram's it does makes interesting reading.

Dreusilla ( Ingram-maiden name ) Strickland
I'm trying to follow my tree from when the Ingrams entered into America. I know about Robert IngramII , and his father Robert I. I know that we are distant cousins, but I want to know how we link to Sir Arthur Ingram. I have followed us back that far, if you have any info on that could you inform me? my email is ..... Any help you can give me? I'm trying to trace it back to Soctland. Thank you.

David Ingram
I am a descendant of Hugh Ingram, 7th son of William Frank Ingram, who originally came from South Carolina in the 1880s. My Ingram ancestors are buried near Cedar Key, Florida.

Dreusilla ( Ingram ) Strickland
Hi David, thanks!!!! My great grandfather was William Akbar Ingram. His father was John S. Ingram, who was Hugh's brother. WOW!!!!!!! Small world.

Beth Ingram
Dreusilla, William Akbar Ingram was my great grandfather as well! His son Walter was my grandfather. Who was your grandfather?

Raquel Ingram
i don't know how i fit into all of this...but here it is... My entire life my family history has been a mystery to me. All i want to know is where my little family originated from. The story is that my father was born out of wed-lock to a Susie Ingram who married James English (my dad's father) after my father was born. My father was sent to family members "down south" where he was raised because of his "bastard" status. If anyone has any information regarding my extended family tree i would gladly appreciate any and all. I've always felt that i have a tremendously big family and always say that "it can't just be us." i may also have 2 older siblings from my fathers previous marriage. My dad had a son first then a daughter, they were half Puerto Rican. My dad William Frank Ingram born 1943 (supposed to be of Apache or Cherokee Native American/African and European descent). It would be nice to know and have a lot of questions answered. ♥

Roger Marshall

Are you the Dennis Ingram who lived around the corner from me in Boarders Road? I lived in Harp Road.

Wallace Ingram jr
My folks came form NE Oklahoma..Wallace sr and Belinda Beard Grand parents were Wayne A and Kathryn Ingram of Drumright Okla Anyone know them? Im currently in Round Rock Texas..

Rose (Ingram) Work
an Ingram from Oklahoma!

best wishes on your search Aleshia keep at it because things do change and maybe one day someone that knows will wander onto this site too :)

I just sat and read through all these comments, some heated debate going on about whether the name is English or Scottish, it's English. Personally, I don't care if it's Scottish, Irish, German or English, I'd just like to find out about my ancestors, which I seem to be finding nothing about.. I know I've got distant family in the US somewhere because my great grandmother moved there without my grandfather, he was left with his Aunt..she moved there with a daughter, but none of my family seem to be able to find out anything about them..I'm not even sure whereabouts in the States she ran off too..

peter ingram
hi Alishia , re your ancestory , every one gets a bit mistaken about what our roots realy are and mean , it is english - scotish-irish and more , the region that it came from originaly is now known as Denmark , so you could ague you are a Great Dane ?? . Its from here , about the 6th and again in the 10th-12th century they came to the british Ilands , via the vikings at first , then via the normans later , the settled in all parts of these lands , and more beond . ! so every one is correct about their origins in the regions , but eventualy come back to this common ansestory . If you want to trace your own history , try "" this will give a start , and will go back as far as the eirly 1800"s Hope that helps ?

my name is haley ingram i am a texan and i found this website that was intresting and had facts some pictures lots of names and places where some of the first ingrams lived and what they did

Daniel Ingram
My name is Daniel Ingram, I live in New York. My fathers family is originally from Pleasantville, NY. My great grandfather is John Ingram who married Lillian Cook. Lillian was from Canada. I am trying hard to find out more about this line. Can anyone point me in the right direction or if you have any information I would greatly appreciate anything you can provide. My email is Thanks! Daniel

Dreusilla ( Ingram) Strickland
Daniel, I live in New Yokk also.could it be we are related?I came to N.Y.1952.My family is from WV. Are you one of us??????????????

Daniel Ingram
Dreusilla, I am not sure if we are; however, my family fisrst came here to NY in the early 1700's, part of the Scots that went up to settle the Hudson and Mohawk valleys. I believe there was a split around the time of the American Revolution where some went to Canada supporting Britain and some stayed as American Patriots. Right now I am trying to piece all of this together.

Dreusilla 9 ingram maiden name ) Strickland
Daniel, I don't know too much about when my ancestors first came to America. I do know that I followed it back to Sir Arthur Ingram. I want to know if you have anything further back. I'm trying to find my roots back to Scottland. Any help? My email Thank you for any help.

Im an Alabama Ingram too!

Mary Ruth Ingram
I am from Elmore Co, AL & have traced & documented lineage back to John Ingram who d. 1654 in Northumberland Co, VA leaving widow Jane and children Elizabeth, Thomas & Jane. Since John signed an Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth Without King we turned research to England. It appears John of VA was son of John Ingram, waterman, in Gravesend, Kent Co. England. That's where I'm stuck. Email:

Bobby Lee Ingram

Mary Ruth, You and I have the same John Ingram (waterman) from England as an ancestor. He was the Master of the sloop "Reserve of North Carolina" built in Boston in 1704. His port was Isle of Wight before it was attached to Surry Co. VA. in 1720. I am a direct descendant of John's son Roger b. 1695 d. Jul. 22, 1734. Glad to meet you.

Corliss Ryan
I an also an Ingram from Windsor Ontario Canada. So nice to meet you all.

William Alan Ingram
Alabama Ingram here! I have just started tracing and already turned up two decorated veterans. Giving the longevity of the name, I'll be at it for a while!! Ingram!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Harry Ingram-Queen St.Durham
There are Ingrams listed as moving from Sussex to Northern Ireland. A family of 12 children with their father William John Ingram who were part of the London companies plantation of Ulster. There were fourteen Ingram families(including Ingleham and Engleham) listed in the Domesday in Yorkshire 4, Kent 2,Herefordshire 3,Herts 1, Hampshire 2, Northumbria 2. You can find some Ingrams in lowland Scotland right on the border but these folks are 'leftovers' from the old Northumbrian kingdom. God bless

millard ingram
my 3rd greatgrandfather robert lewis ingram came to charleston south carolina in 1786 from county down northern ireland. he settled in swannanoa north carolina and over the next 25 years acguired several thousand acres and a number of slaves. i assume the slaves had taken on the family name. This ingram family over several generations has moved to texas, calif.,oregon, mississippi, georgia etc. true many ingram families are black my research suggests that they were originally scots who were given land and titles in ireland to help negate the catholic influence.

Thomas Ingram
I just happened upon your entry about the Ingram name.. I am originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I came to North Carolina to attend college and ended up staying for 25 years!!! I find it interesting that your 3rd Great Grandfather was Robert Ingram as my dad is also named Robert... I'm sure there has to be some connection thru family ancestory.

Drusilla ( Ingram maiden name ) Strickland
Hi Thomas, while searching our family roots I came across a Robert and Ann Ingram. They came to the colonies in 1655. Robert was born in Hunningtonshirse,U K. St. Ives, to be exact.His father was also a Robert Ingram. His mother was Marryann Tensley Ingram, also from St Ives.Robert jr., came to the colonies in 1655. He was born in 1635, and died in 1666.

David Ingram
Since my great-grandfather, William Frank Ingram, came from South Carolina in the late 1800's, I may be related to Millard Ingram, who wrote the post above. We live in Georgia, but our immediate Ingram ancestors have been in north Florida for 3 generations.

Hello Ingrams! :) my name is Emily, and I'm an Ingram living in the States, Minnesota to be exact. :) I can trace my family lineage back to the Revolution, where I found out my great-something grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side fought at Valley Forge alongside Washington, while my great-something paternal grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence. (Arthur Middleton from South Carolina) So, my lineage is kind of all over the place. But I know for a fact I have German (a lot), Irish, and British blood in me. :) I would love to hear everyone's stories!! Ingram is definitely a powerful name and it's interesting to hear from people who share it with me.

sandra Ingram tamburello
Hello all Ingrams very interesting reading here:) Ohio Ingram and thanks to Druesilla ( Ingram ) Strickland for the information about Robert and Ann 1635 just wonderful to find where they were from!

Drusilla (Ingram) Strickland
To Sandra Ingram Tamburello,I'm very pleased to be of help. I don't remember, did you say you were related to Robert Ingram? If so ,I have a bit more information on him, his wife, and brothers,his wife Ann and his sister Ann.I have a copy of his brothers will and the ship they took to the colonies. Send your e-mail address to me and I'll send you the information.

Kara Blankenship
Is there any way you could send me that information? I am one of Robert Ingram's great granddaughters a few times over. My mom is an Ingram and I have recently picked up a sudden interest of where I came from and my relatives :)

Dreusilla Ingram Strickland
Kara, yes I would be more than happy to send you copies of what I have.Please send me your address, and I'll send it to you.My email is attached.

Dreusilla Ingram Strickland
My email is ,

Dreusilla Ingram Strickland
To Kara Blankenship Kara, I tried to send you the information you asked me for,but it came back asking me for a valid email.My email address is on here just under my post. Please send me your address, and i'll try sending it again. Thank You, Dreusilla

corey ingram
im corey ingram english origin and i really am surprised there are a lot of other ingrams out there

corey ingram
i am also from australia and 15 G'day mates :) email me at if u want to talk

Richard Ingram
I have several cousins in the Fort Worth area with the last name Ingram

Richard Ingram
My name is Richard Ingram. I live in Grapevine, Texas

joel ingram
High guys my name is joel b ingram from oklahoma usa any other ingrams in the states have a great grand dad named Everett ingram. I've been told that I was a decendant from Scandinavian ancestry.

George stark
Ok, I am an INGRAM as well.... please do not take ANY offenby this, but through a little investigation...African Americans possibly took on the surname of their slave owners?

Roy McNeill Ingram

Archibald Ingram, 18th century lord provost (mayor) of Glasgow, Scotland, owned sugar plantations in the West Indies, Roy McNeill Ingram

Johnathon Ingram
Why do i read all the replies in an accent? nice to learn about my history though.

nicholas lieroy tanner ingram
hey, my name is nicholas ingram, im 15 and have really been intrigued about my family origins.The most i know is that my great grandfather moved to tatamagouche, nova scotia along the northumberland straight from england and met my great grandmother gloria mattatal. they moved to st.catharines ontario while on their journey to california but sadly is still here and he died in 1991 i think im not very sure but i never got to meet him but my great grandmother is still allive today. we have family gatherings every holiday and more than 80 relatives attend and i knew my family was big but not this HUGE. (caps qouting emphases) and we all seem to like to argue and but heads and were good at it LOL. and for anyone who has some more info plz email me id like to know more about this subject. thanks, my email is

Alex Ingram
Anybody an Ingram from Warrington or Warwickshire?

Clive Ingram
yep - b in sutton coldfield then warks

Clayton Ingram
My father was George Shadrach Ingram born in Kannarraville, Ut, His father was also George Ingram born in
Rugby, Warwickshire, England in around 1856(?)

Ashley Ingram
I decided this thread needed some more yank action :) Hello Ingrams. This Ingram's family is from Alabama. I was born and raised in LA. According to the work Ive done on our tree our Ingram side comes from Scotland. Funny although considered a Scottish sept registered with Clan Calquhoun, it is a uniquely "British" name, being that it's history is rich all over the isle pulling from Anglo, Celtic, Welsh, Gael, and all the other ancient tribes that make up what we now call the UK. Blessings to you all!

My last name is Ingram, with my family having German, Irish and Scottish descent.

andrew ingram
who really cares where it originated its just a made up name!

I AM A BLACK JAMAICAN woman with the surname ingram who would like to know when the name came to jamaica.

M C Harden
Hello, I might have some information if you're still interest. My Stirling and Ingram ancestors moved to Jamaica from England, and then to Australia.

C Ingram
wow, this is sooo neat, I just googled my surname to see what I could find and this is amazing! I'm an Ingram in Atlantic Canada. Grandfather immigrated here with his parents from England, however, never met him. I haven't a lot of info on my ancestry but this is a start. And Daley's comment is sooo true.....Ingrams with tempers and always being right....haha...too funny! but so true!:D

kathleen gee nee ingram
I have been reading some of these notes I wasborn an ingram my g granddad was born in Islington London and most of the names like frank and William and some others are also names within my ancestors did some research on the ingram name and got back that it comes from the boarders of Scotland and they were picts

Alex Ingram
Hello, I am an Ingram, I have no information of Ingram's before my Great grandfather John Ingram. I know that my family derived from Warwickshire and my grandad thinks there was a big stately home with the coat of arms on the door where lots of Ingram's lived. If anyone knows about this can you contact me? OR.. I need help on tracking back as far as some of you have how???? Thank you.

kathleen gee nee ingram
researchtemple newsam for sir arther ingram he used to live there it's a big house

Cori Ingram
I am also an Ingram and I believe some Ingram's are Irish because my grandpa told me that are last name is Irish. I'm trying to find out a lot about my family history and the Internet doesn't really help out with that because each site gives different info. I seen in a few of the comments that someone said that Ingram's have this temper and are never wrong. My family also has that. My brother even thinks he's bipolar because of the temper's and he's really not. So if anyone could give me some real info about the Ingram history, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

sheila ingram
I'm Sheila Ingram Wow after reading all of this, I had to take a minute. Proud to be a Ingram.. on a lighter note I am a singer and have been for many years. Are any of you in the entertainment business? and do you know if any of our old bloodline were entertainers. Bloodline goes a long way. thanks for responding

Wallace Ingram Jr
Hi shelia..My names Wallace a songwriter singer influenced by my dad...also an Ingram of course....ha,ha Im on youtube/....just search my yep its in the blood!! ps im not a professional but love it...

Lennie (Ingram) Graham
My great-grand parents, great -grand parent were from St. Clair, Alabama; Marvyn Russell, and GreenPort, Alabama. But their son, my grand father joe (Joseph) ingram was taken away from his parent, Manual and Martha Ingram and left his many siblins (never saw again) and relatives whoe's names were Sarah Ingram, Belle Ingram and JoAnne Ingram Charme Ingram and Henderson His grand parent. Callie Wilson and Aldine Brown was his first cousins. Family, reelatives of my grand father is all over the south and south east statesand I'll like very much to connect with my grand father's siblins. Cousins wer Aldine Brown and Callie Wilson. I would like to know if anyone familarwith these siblins/ cousin of my grand father. As my grandfather (Joe Ingram) was taken away to work on a plantation in Yazoo City, Mississippi at the age of approximately 14 and never made connection again with any of his family he left behind, but not by choice. I cried a many nights when my father told the story of his father and how he was separated from his mother, father, siblins and love one's. Any assistant would be appreciated.

kathleen gee nee ingram
one of my auntys used to tread the boards so to speak but that was years ago
my dads cousin georgeingram was a boxer

Ray Ingram
Omg this is soo cool Im a German lmbo never knew!!(:

Lee Ingram
I agree Peter, yes you are onto something, I've been reading up on our original English faith of Heathenism, Ing-Land is something to do with the Heathen God Ing naming Ing-Land. I think Ing is the son of Woden the allfather concerning heathenism. Good work on coming to this conclusion or looking this one up yourself too Pete.

peter ingram
hi lee , you are obviously some one well read , can you help me track back my ancestory , many say they can go back far more than i have , i can only get back to early 1700's with any acuracy , what can you tell me about cumbrian soldiers ? i have uncomfirmed information these gentlemen may be in my history .? reply to .

im an ingram and i believe im actually irish

David Ingram
I have run into the Ingram name in Wales, Northumberland, Australia, Germany and Scotland, and of course the United States. We are all over the place.

kathleen gee nee ingram
of course there are a lot of ingrams in Northampton as well I am one of them and there's over 300 of us

Lee Ingram
@ Peter, A few polite points if I may :-)... You state "the most sucsessful of cause , was the Saxons under the william the conquerer ?" This was the most barbaric I feel and have the confessions of William the B***teds death bed as proof from the horses mouth so to speak, if you want it? and of course it is not the Saxons, it was the Anglo-Saxons to be more precise, with the Angles being the largest tribe of the Anglo-Saxons as our land wasn't called Saxonland was it and were we not eventually called the Saxish was we? we were called the English which originated from the Angle (Engle as some referred to it) tribe, and England (First called Engloland) coming from the original land of the Angles - Angleland in North Germania. When you say you are trying to get your history back do you mean your Surname history or English history?

peter ingram
Lee = its been an intersting debate about the meaning of names ? i was always of the opinion that way back when , a last name signified their place or origin or there chosen work, ie the place where they born and worked for their excistance ? I don't belive the romantic notion that it is some spiritual meaning involving birds and angles !! Some research i did a long time ago , sugested "Ing" had more to do with working with the earth [ ie farmer ] "ram" was more to indicate the style of earth ie- rocky ground / or the specific location that this distant relitive called home . Over the many centuries wich ever conquerer was in power at any given time would press gange the peasants in to service .This gave the oppertunity to travel to far away places . To many traveling over the next hill was a long way . If for those intersted , north germanic refered to an area pointing towards the scandiavian countries , hense the conection with vickings , which became the norsmen [ north men ] wich became , normans , wich invaded the british lands over many centuries , under many labels , the most sucsessful of cause , was the saxsons under the william the conquerer ? Well thats my story and i'm sticking to it Lee - i'm trying to get my history back past the 1700's , any ideas ? cheers - pete .

Lee Ingram
@ Dreusilla, Yes 'BRITISH' (a collective term: Scottish, Irish and Welsh too, not just English) slavery did end up giving their last names to slaves but what evidence do you have to support your notion that 'MOST Ingram's owned slaves in the US' ? There were also white slaves too in early America, try reading the book 'They were white and they were slaves' By Michael A. Hoffman II. The English have suffered child slave labour too, via the British state, the industrial revolution, children forced up chimneys and women forced down pits etc

Oooops Lee,'British' is not a collective name for the Irish!! I'm an Irish Ingram and even though I am 6th generation Irish(from scotland before that) we never say we are british!

Lee Ingram
@ Peter, You are very correct and I've been trying to get this point over on here for a while only to sadly be challenged in a way that would be deemed insulting if aimed at any other ethnic group asserting their tribal roots. The Normans and Vikings who invaded England were of the same North Germanic tribes of the English, genetically they were the same peoples which is why when both settled they were easy to assimilate and eventually had to assimilate into an English society not the other way around as the English resistance has always been too strong to break fully. What research are you doing Peter? for the Ingram name or the English?

Clive Ingram
Hello, I live in Birmingham and my Great, Great Grandfather was from Dudley but I have realised after carrying out some family tree research that its quite a common name in the black country and Warwickshire! Does anyone have any leads to Ingram family tree research groups etc? Thanks

The reason for the " Black Ingram " name is due to the fact that, most Ingrams owend slaves in the US. And they were given the last name of Ingram, to show who they belonged to and by their choise at the end of The Civil War. I have not found anything staseing anything different.The Blacks who took on the name of Ingram, did so because they were treated well by their masters, and they took the name by choise.

peter ingram
i love a good fight , its the ingram way , i know i do , and i hate being wrong . The best thing about all above is that you are both right , simply arriving at your heritage via a differnt road . Some via English route , some like me via Scotish ways . I think you all should note that by what ever route , we all came from the area known as "north germanic" which can be introduced into Saxon or Norman or Scandanavian OR what ever invading hords were pursuing fame and fortune during those " dark ages " Whether direct into Scotland and/or via the southlanders [ english] we arrived never the less . can any one sugest accurate sourses for my research ?

Linda Ingram
I am an Ingram from Canada now living in New Zealand According to the 1851 census of New Brunswick, Canada my great great Grandfather William Ingram was listed as coming from Ireland to New Brunswick in 1846

Daniel Ingram
Linda, My great grandfather was a William Ingram who married a Lillian Cook in Canada. Lillian was born in Michigan but I believe she and her family moved to Canada where she met my great grandfather.

William Ingram is common in my family line as well. I am just starting on this journey, must come with age I think :-)

hi my great grandma was a ingram but I was a corrall know a Van kroonenburg ( I know really long lol) so really weard to hear that there are loads out there. I live in leicester and always have really strange. be trying to find out a bit more about my family his any way so really nice to read about some of my mums side thank you all for making my day claire van kroonenburg

Lee Ingram
@ William, Your apology is accepted. I totally understand the issue of chat on the net, it is always prone to miss-interpretation sadly, it is always hard to get over the correct emotions with the text, as is the way of internet chat. I'm sure if we were sat around a table it all would be an interesting passionate adult debate, but as you say we may not ever meet to do this so have to make do with the net for now. Yes of course any further debate is to move forward as polite adults debating with this interesting subject of our name and identity origins.

Drusilla ( Ingram ) Strickland
Lee, seems you and my brother are butting heads here. I for one don't care one way or the other, as i said befor, we are ALL INGRAMS.You both are right about YOUR ancestery.Let sleeping dogs lie, and stop fighting with each other.

Lee Ingram
@ William, (continued) And please note that giving people the truth, be it obviously uncomfortable to some of the self loathing English brigade (not your fault this is the anti-English British states doing) is not slapping them in the facelike as you aggressively slur my expressing of the truth!?, it is not aggressive and not bullying which is what you are attempting to do to me here. It is merely giving the truth and I presume you and others want the truth or do you expect me and others to sit back and let you all dismiss my surnames identity which is English by fact? Ingram is an English name is it not?

Lee Ingram
@ William, (continued) I am merely acknowledging my tribal roots via my surname and ethnic identity that my surname belongs to. I am having to constantly assert our names Anglo-Saxon English origin as some seem to be suggesting the name is Irish or Scottish etc so I 19m trying to give them the facts just as this site does that they are actually commenting on! This site itself suggests the fact that our name originated from 18English 19 Anglo-Saxon tribes not the Gauls, Picts ,Scots or Brythonic tribes and yet several come on here ignoring this fact right in front of their eyes and seem to be suggesting the name is not English???? Now I do not know about you but I am not about to let anyone airbrush my tribal roots from my history. 'Ingram' is an English name - fact, and the English originated from Anglo-Saxon tribes 13 fact can this site and myself make it any more clear? I am not attacking anyone finding their Irish or Scottish heritage but I am challenging their notion if they are suggesting that the Ingram name is actually not English which is what many seem to be doing?

Lee Ingram
@ William, Firstly you admit to the evidence on this site and elsewhere that our name is of Anglo-Saxon Germanic roots, but then you forcibly, with uppercase keys used which usually indicates shouting!? contradict yourself by suggesting the names roots are British? Firstly what is British? And don 19t you mean English? And how is our name roots British when the facts define our name as of English Anglo-Saxon Northern Germanic roots? There is a difference between British and English and I give you the credit to surely acknowledge this? There are no Germans in your family? Do you not get it?? The English identity itself is of Anglo-Saxon North Germanic tribes the English and the Ingram's in particular are direct descendents of North Germanic tribes - the Anglo-Saxons. The bit that you do not get is that, of course this doesn't make us any less of the English ethnicity, just like Jamaicans having African tribal roots does not make them any less of the Jamaican ethnicity (their African tribal roots created their Jamaican ethnicity) and of course no one would expect the Jamaicans to not put anyone right when suggesting anything different and the same applies to the English, or are you prepared to discriminate against the English here?

Drusilla Ingram Strickland
To Roy Ingram:Sorry Roy, but i didn't find anything during my search for Ingrams in Huntingdon, except for Robert(JR) and his parents. ( Robert and Maryan Ingram ) My understanding is that when the Black Death spred through out Europe, that there were not many records kept, due to not enough help. It touched most every family.If i were you i would try looking in the church records of Huntingdon,UK.Hope this might give you a start of where to start looking.

roy ingram
hi drusilla--thanks for the reply,i have been to the record office and i found jonas he lived in buckden also from buckden was william ingram cousin of robert from st ives who attended church with oliver cromwell.

Lee Ingram
@Sarah, Ingram as correctly suggested on this website comes from an Anglo-Saxon tribal name. The Anglo-Saxons came from North Germania, Northern Europe in the mid 5th century to Britain and gave birth to the English identity and gave name to England the country. English was 'Englisc' in old English originally and England was 'Englalond' in old English originally. You won't find a consistent definition of 'Ingram' pre-dating its origins in the mid 5th century of the Anglo-saxon tribes. After then it spread out over time to all over the world.

Sarah Ingram
Hello, I am young and I have been trying to make a family tree. I been looking up my name. I read that Ingram is Scandinavian. Has anybody else ever hear of Ingram's coming from Scandinavia? I always thought that it was Irish, English, and Scottish. can anybody direct me to a web site I can learn about my origin?

joel ingram
Hi Sarah my name is joel ingram and my hole life I heard that same thing that my ancestors were Viking from Scandinavia. If you have found any info on it please let me know.

hi sarah, I am just starting also. I live in Dannevirke New Zealand. where are you ? and have you made much progress on the family tee ?

Dreusilla (Ingram) Strickland
Thanks Lee,it did sound like a debate to me. As you all can see i'm an ingram living in New York. I was born and bred in WVa,US all of my family was from Va.I'm of English, Scottish decent.We are part of the Ingram clan of Sir Arthur Ingram of Temple Newsum.During my extensive search i followed it back to Scotland. I don't care to put alot out there, and anyway this site dosen't allow us that much room.If any of you are from our same line, we ( my brother and i ) would love to hear from you.Sorry if i offended any of you.

Lee Ingram
Dreusilla, We are not fighting just having a passionate adult heated debate that's all. No serious harm done. I just feel passionate abut my English identity of which my name Ingram is part of, seeming it is of Anglo-Saxon English origin and so when people try to deny my identity via my namesake I will defend.

Dreusilla Ingram Strickland
Dreusilla Ingram Strickland: Ok, why is this turning into a great debate? We are all Ingrams, and proud to be one.If it were not for the fact that I would be typing for months, i would inter jest all of the research i have done.Try researching Robert The Bruse, and those of you looking for answers to English,Scotch and Irish ancestery, will find out very quickly, where and why your Ancesters ended up in other countrys.All the research i did in England and Whales, was documented through the English and Scottish Achives.Just be proud of who we are and where we came from.Come on guys, Stop Fighting!!

Lee Ingram
Ingram is a name connected to the tribal name of the Angles dating back to pre mid 5th Century. This is the most consistent notion throughout all research of the name. I do not dispute the Ingram name cropping up after this date in Scotland, Ireland and Wales and all over the world but they all would originate from its first Anglo-Saxon English roots. I do not have a chip on my shoulder about the Scots although many have a chip on their shoulder and self hatred concerning being English, hence they will come up with all sorts of spurious evidence to denounce their English identity - anything but English! this is the notion of the anti-English British rule who are intent on airbrushing us from history.

elizabeth ingram
Ingram is a well know Scottish / English name stop trying to steal my surname and tell me I am not Scottish. My father would turn in his grave. now dont guess.

Martin Ingram
Provenance is always the key to reliable information! The site below is valid and reliable and shows the distribution of the Ingram surname in Great Britain in 1881. If you copy and paste the link (8 lines below this) you can view the maps yourself. It supports my contention that there are 2 distinct and unrelated family names of Ingram. The Great Britain Family Names Profiling website presents the findings of a project based at University College London (UCL) that is investigating the distribution of surnames in Great Britain, both current and historic. It allows users to search the databases that we have created, and to trace the geography and history of their family names. There appear to be 3 dense clusters, One English, one Scottish and one Welsh! The Scottish one is Aberdeenshire. There is virtually no evidence regarding surnames from the end of Roman Britain to c.800AD. Ouside of a few monasteries England was virtually illeterate for several centuries. Most evidence is based on scholarly 'guess work'. But it is just that Guess work. Lee, I think you have a chip on your shoulder about the Scottish!!!!!!

Lee Ingram
William, you have to understand early English history to get your head around this. Firstly - The English surname 'Ingram' dates back further than the 1100's, it dates back to the beginnings of the English as an ethnic group in the mid 5th century and goes further back into the English tribal roots of the Anglo-Saxons, so in that sense it is pre-5th Century of Anglo-Saxon origin. If the first 'Ingram' to appear in the 1100's in Scotland wasn't English then what ethnic group are you suggesting this 'Ingram' was of? Also please note that early England in the case of Northumbria went right up into Scotland much further than today. Due to this many Scots share the common early English Anglo-Saxon ancestry. (remembering the 'Ingram' name is of Anglo-Saxon/early English origin) During the mid sixth century lowland Scotland was invaded and occupied by the Anglo-Saxons (This is when the Ingram name may first start to appear in Scotland if some Anglo-Saxon/early English Ingram's settled which by the sound of it they must have.) As more evidence of this - one Anglo-Saxon/Early English King (Edwin) gave his name to a fortified town (burgh) he established on a prominent rock beside the River Forth. Over the years the town grew into a city which is now called Edinburgh.

William McClelland Ingram
Lee,...apparently you ARE English ! HOWEVER ... I am SCOTISH!! AND, have traced my DIRECT LINE to the early 1100's, and the FIRST INGRAM to appear there. (..and he wasn't English..) In Fact,.. if you would dare do so, go to ,and type in your sername. There you will see a breif summery of MY name,..whitch is by the way,one in the same...(so to speak..) with Kilpatrick AND Colquhoun (pronounced Ka-Hoon). Georina's Grandfather may have been mistaken with the name Fraser (..or possibly, a Colquhoun may have married into that clan..) butt.., she is in no way wrong about her SCOTISH back ground.

Lee Ingram
Georgina, You are listening to propaganda.The Ingram name according to the researchers of it on here is English of Anglo-Saxon descent and I have only ever come across research suggesting the same. If you and others want to dismiss your English Anglo-Saxon tribal name roots then go ahead with the self loathing English identity cleansing and English history air brushing out of existence. Personally I am proud and love the fact that my surname 'Ingram' is English.

Georgina Ingram
I'm an Ingram living near Leicester, but originally from Paisley, Scotland. My Grandfather always said that Ingram was a Sept (branch) off the clan Fraser, but I've never been able to check this out. Any thoughts on this out there???

Lee Ingram
@ Martin, Yes of course 'some' info on the net can be inaccurate. I have researched my name via all sorts of groups and companies on their internet sites, the odds on them all being factually incorrect is an extreme long shot and the most consistent outcome is of the Ingram name breing of Anglo-Saxon origin. Your info is one of a small minority which raises suspicion as to whether it is of a personal agenda maybe? I didn't put an exact date on Anglo-Saxon arrival; it was an approx date and is in line with archaeologists and historians research. Lee Ingram, proudly English! :-)

Kieron Ingram
Hi my partner Kieron Ingram is absolutely fasinated by his name and over the years has done alot of research and he is very knowledgable about the surname. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me any guidence at all about the name. He was actually born in Dublin.

Martin Ingram
Re: Lee's post above Could it possibly be that there is information on the internet that is not entirely accurate???!!! Just for the record. I am an historian, I have researched my family tree and nothing that I put in the post above is in any way wrong! There is an English Ingram family name and there is a Scottish Ingram family name and they are etiologically distinct. My research was based in libraries, official records as far as they go back and then clan history (Which is somewhat unreliable in parts, but rarely about names). I have not researched the English line as it was in no way related to my family. As for your comment about 'lies' this is somewhat unfair. I am not denying the above, just pointing out that there are 2 different Ingrams. As for putting a date of 449 on the English Ingrams ingress into England I would be cautious about the source. Little is clear and extremely few sources are reliable form this period in English history.

Sarah Ingram
Hello Martin Ingram, My name is Sarah Ingram, and I could not help but read that you are a historian. I was wondering if it were poosible if you could email me some information on the Ingram origin. Every where I search on the internet seems to contradict it's self. you mentioned that there are two types of Ingram's, could you please if it is no problem educate me on them? You could send me some articals or what not, so I can read them. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -Sarah Ingram

Lee: of the Ingram family
@ Martin Ingram, The Scottish info is spurious. Where does it mention any Scottish origins in the Surname Database info provided above???? Are you sugesting that their hard investigative work is all lies? Ingram as it's Anglo-Saxon form is far far more consistant with many findings from numerous researchers over time, it is conclusive that it is certainly an English name. The English nation and Ingrams spilled all over the world growing from the Anglo-Saxon begginings ariving in England in the mid 5th century, appprox 449. Lets not distort facts of our name here please, as that disrespects the hard work put in by researchers on here and elsewhere.

Gary Eric Ingram
Greetings and salutations fellow Ingrams!!! I am from Aberdeen in Scotland, I'm glad to see my name out there doing good. I hope that some sort of caped crusader out there is sporting the name Ingram, as I'm a geek, and these things always would be good! Greetings and salutations to all fellow Ingram out there!!!!

Martin Ingram (Scottish branch)
Both English and Scottish roots are accurate, and completely unrelated! You need to do some digging to find which branch you come from! Chances are that if you are in the states, Canada, new Zealand or australia you are related to the Scottish one, due to highland clearances/ potato famine of the 19C. If you live in the NE of England you are related to the English branch ( they don't travel much!)

Patrick Lloyd
My grandmother's maiden name was Ingram,which is also my middle name. Thank you for this information.

rachel ingram
i am rachel ingram and i live in belfast, born and bred here. as far as i am aware my whole family is from here although some uncles and aunts etc. have moved abroad to america and live in north carolina. you say about lansdowne road althouhg as far as i am aware my grandad is from the north belfast area of tiger's bay, no idea if there is a connection.

Scott Boltwood
SCHOLARLY REQUEST (above) Scott Boltwood Fulbright Scholar at the Brian Friel Theatre Research Centre August 2011- July 2012

Scott Boltwood
SCHOLARLY REQUEST I'm looking for any contact information for relatives or descendants of W.R. Ingram of Killough, Co. Down (and later Belfast) Northern Ireland. I am a theater historian researching the career of his wife who wrote under the name of Patricia O'Connor (b. 1908)--a writer of 7 plays (including "Highly Efficient" [1942] and "Master Adams [1949]) and 2 novels of the 1940s and 1950s. To the best of my knowledge, they moved from Killough to 33 Lansdowne Road in Belfast around 1957 and all trace of them disappears after 1961. I have already tried the County Down Museum, the Lecale Historical Society, and many theater historians (at Queen's University) and professionals in Belfast to no avail.

Sheila Ingram
Guess I should put my ame out here...hello Ingrams, it is good to know there are really so many of us out here. Interesting reading, and a few laughs!!

Lee Ingram
@ Michael Ingram James, Our origins are deep rooted in Anglo-Saxon tribes with the evidence being on the Surname Data Base site here and if you search other areas you will find the same. The Anglo-Saxon/English Ingram family may have spread out to Scotland, Ireland and even Wales maybe and then to the rest of the world but this would all be after the mid 5th century which is the timeline of our origins along with the English as a community and ethnic group. Anything before that would be spurious and I would like to know what sources are telling you this?