Last name: Ingram

Recorded as Ingram, Ingeram, Ingelham and the very rare dialectal Ingyon, this is in every respect a true English surname of pre medieval origins. Recorded in most parts of England but particularly associated with the county of Yorkshire, it has its origins in the Anglo-Saxon personal name Engel. This was a tribal name meaning The Angles, the people of Englanda, in Northern Germany, who invaded Eastern and Northern Britain in the 5th Century a.d. and subsequently gave their name to England. To this was added the suffix 'hrafn', meaning raven, a bird renowned for its ferocity and wisdom to give a literal meaning of English-raven. There is also the possibility that the suffix may be a development of 'ramm', which does literally mean 'The ram', an animal renowned for its fecundity! Early recordings of the surname include John Ingeram also recorded as John Ingelram, of Whitby in Yorkshire in 1138, and Richard Ingram of Calverly, Yorkshire in 1250. An extraordinary dialectal recording is that of Jane Ingyon. She married John Harris at Potton in Bedfordshire on July 12th 1782, whilst on October 15th 1806 Sarah Ingon married Daniel Abbot at Blunham in the same county. Edward Ingram was one of the earliest settlers in America, being listed as resident in Virginea, New England, in 1635. The coat of arms most associated with the name being an ermine shield charged with three gold escallops on a red fesse. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Engelram. This was dated 1132, in the charters of the Abbey of Rievaulx, Yorkshire, during the reign of King Henry 1st, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135.

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Rose (Ingram) Work
an Ingram from Oklahoma!

Wallace Ingram jr
My folks came form NE Oklahoma..Wallace sr and Belinda Beard Grand parents were Wayne A and Kathryn Ingram of Drumright Okla Anyone know them? Im currently in Round Rock Texas..

Dennis Ingram
Hi my name is Dennis John Ingram born in 1943 Hanwell Middlesex England at present living in Phan Rang Vietnam, There are lots of suggestions that it is a very old English name some say it was brought over to England by the Vikings. however I do know that Ingram was also brought over to England in 1066 the Battle of Hastings by two German Noblemen after the battle was won the two brothers split one traveling up to Scotland there he met and married the Maiden of Luss the Daughter of the Laid of the Colquhoun Clan the name of Ingram was excepted by the Clan and later he became the Laid and to this day the Ingram's can wear the Colquhoun Tartan no one knows what happened to the other brother. Luss is a very pretty town on the banks of locklowman,Scotland, that's all I can tell you I know it's not a lot off help, with all the stories being told of the Ingram's it does makes interesting reading.

Dennis Ingram
Just to be clear I am a ENGLISH Ingram and very proud of it :)

Tamzin Ingram
Cheers guys , done my homework on here and haned it in last week and got a A*.Yay. It was about us trying to find what our surname mean and you lot helped me alot hope you write back From Tamzin Ingram xxxxxxx best wishes

i am an ingram from tennessee i know very little about my family. i am the only child of an only child. my grandfather was clinton stewart ingram sr. anyone know anything let me know please. he married pearl wilco blair think she was from tx. she was Scottish i was always told we were welsh. .

I am a Ingram from New Zealand!

Simon Ingram
I am an Ingram as well living in South Africa, I emigrated here, from Bognor Regis,Sussex, in 1966 with my family, Father Eric, Mother Joan (nee Mould),sisters Josie, Debbie and Cassandra. Brothers Nicholas and Edward. I left a sister, Jane behind in Bognor Regis, as she was married and Edward passed away 1969. I am led to believe that one of our ancestors was the probate marshal of Glasgow and that we are Scottish by descent. I have a nephew now living in Scotland an running a mobile pizza restaurant from an old double decker bus, nice chatting to those willing to listen to my ramblings kind regards Simon

Philip Ingram
This explanation fails to mention the village of Ingram in the Ingram Valley in Northumberland in the Parish of Ingram. The parish of Ingram lies to the west of Alnwick on the River Breamish, where it emerges from a valley in the edge of the Cheviots into the wider landscape of Whittingham Vale.

Jo Ann Ingram
Sarasota Fl native...visited Temple Newsam in Leeds UK...awesome, powerful, overwhelming...Sir Arthur Ingram...take a visual tour of the the stone script on the roof...stand tall and proud...looks like good seeds to be a part of...blessings to all

M. Ingram
I live in NY but my parents, grandparents, great grandparent, etc are from Jamaica. I guess it makes sense considering it was an English colony right?

Dreusilla (Ingram( -Madin Name) Strickland
I'm looking for a Kenneth Ingram, of Teledo,Ohio. I'm his 2-3 cousin. My grandfather was Benjiam Frank Ingram. He always went by his middle name of Frank.His grandfather /or great grandfather was William Acbar Ingram. His family was from Wood county,WV.I need to tell him, his uncle Frank, has passed away.Can anyone out there help me???????????

Robert Ingram
I am Robert Ingram from Northern Ireland, son of William and Rose Ingram from Belfast.

I am an Ingram , my name is Dana , my father was Dan (no middle name) and a brother named Daniel I never knew my father (who passed away in Feb 1984) and i have been searching for my brother for 20 years. I know he had at least 2 children Danny born ~1968, Eddie born ~ 1970 they lived in Brooklyn at least until 1989 His wife's family was Italian and owned a restaurant. My grandfather was Garland Fields Ingram and my Grandmother Gertrude Campbell Ingram. I hope someone out there can help me. I have run into so many dead ends only serious inquiries please.

Norma Ingram
Starting my Ingram family tree. Looking for James Ingram who originally came from Shore Road Belfast Northern Ireland and was married to Matilda (McMullan) Ingram in 1919 he moved to USA sometime 1940s remarried and settled in USA. That's we're it end. He does still have a son David born 1940 to his first marriage living in Florida. Any info would be helpful.

john ingram
anyone know of a George ingram from tinsley Kentucky around 1907

Your website (optional)
George ingram had 2 grandsons joseph and ward don't know the mothers name I think ward was adopted by a north family and joseph stayed with his grandfather George ingram and I guess growed up in tinsely ky,

Trisha Ingram
I am trying to find some background on my grandfather Lloyd Ingram. As far as I know he has resided primarily on the West Coast (I have no idea where his family is from). He met and married my grandmother in San Francisco but has another family in either Washington state or Oregon or possibly California. I don't really care to meet him or his other family. I would just like to learn about his family history and medical history. If you have any legitimate information please e-mail me at Thank you!

Ian Ingram
represent! I've heard it means angel, too

Drusilla( Ingram 0 Strickland
Beth Ingram,your grandfather was my grandfathers brother. His name was Benjamin F Ingram. SO, HELLO CUZ!!!!

Dreusilla( Ingram-maiden name) Strickland
To Beth Ingram---- Hi Beth, my grandfather was Walters brother. His name was Benjamin Franklin Ingram.Called Ben, by family. When he grew older he went by the name of Frank,till his death in 1972-73.

Dreusilla( Ingram-maiden name) Strickland
To Beth Ingram---- Hi Beth, my grandfather was Walters brother. His name was Benjamin Franklin Ingram.Called Ben, by family. When he grew older he went by the name of Frank,till his death in 1972-73.

Dawn Ingram
Hi, I'm (Elizabeth) Dawn Ingram from Bargoed, South Wales. My father is Charles Ingram and grand-father is Clifford Dyne Ingram. I have started tracing my family tree to the Somerset area, Birmingham and Scotland.

Warren Ogden
I am in the process of trying to track down where my great great grandfather William Henry Ingram orginally came from. He was in involved in the 1860s gold rush in British Columbia in western Canada. The stories past down by word is that he came to BC from the California gold rush in the 1850s. I do have a document that states he was an American but it does not say exactly where from. I have tried unsuccessfully to find him on line at many census and genealogy web sites. We believe that he was born around 1815 give or take 5 years. He "may" have been related (brother/cousin) to a Robert Ingram who came to Canada from Ireland and married Sophia Johnston who was born in Canada. Their son Joseph Ingram married Ann Prentice in New Hampshire in 1867. Any info or comment would be appreciated.

Ruth Ingram-Stultz
Would like to contact who lives in Kent Co, England. Have traced my Ingram ancestor John Ingram baptized 3 Nov 1599 son of John Ingram, waterman, to Gravesend, Kent Co, England.
Ruth Ingram-Stultz

William F Ingram jr
Fellow Ingram here... Grandparents are Beverly Ingram and Fred Ingram (past).

Marion Hill nee Ingram
I am having trouble tracing my family ... I have got Thomas born 20th April 1853, Ballyloughan, Co Down, married Sarah Cairns from Cherry Valley Co Down on the 05th June 1878. I am unable to find who either of there parents are. Is anyone able to help? email address is Thanks

ikeona ingram

What is the meaning to the INGRAM heritage

Keri Ingram

Granddaughter of Tony and Oma Ingram. is Ingram a Celtic name?

mackenzie ingram

my dads called richard ingram

Teisha Ingram

Edward Ingram was my grandfathers name, here in Kansas City. He worked as a security guard for President Truman.

Bobby Ingram

Well met, all my extended family members. My face book page has 52 other Bobby Ingram's connected with me. I'm hunting my direct bloodline and have found 11 generations in America before the first came across the "pond" in 1690. Most of us are in VA. and NC, (1770 to present day.) I expect there are direct and indirect relatives of mine among you across the globe. Just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year 2015.

Roseanne Ingram

My family seem to originate from Ireland where my grandfather Robert was born in 1873, but it is not per se an Irish name. His father's name was John but I've found it impossible to find any record of him. He may have been a black sheep of his family. He never married my great grandmother although it seems they were in contact. I was born in Scotland where there are many Ingram residents. There is an Ingram Valley in Northumberland in Northern England.

Hello I do not know any of the Ingram family my grandmother passed away when I was 5-6 her name was Graham Ingram she passed away in Winnipeg Alberta Canada she married George head I was wondering about that part of our extended family.thanks Graham head Would love to know where she grew up family etc thanks so much any information thank you

Angel Marie Ingram
Hello. I'm from Edmonton Alberta Canada. My Mother is Shauna Marie Ingram, and I have no idea what other family could be out there. She was born in Galahad Alberta. She says she is of Dutch and Irish blood. Some help would be great..

Michael Ingram
All of the research I've done tells me that the surname Ingram is of English origin. I've gone my whole life thinking I am Irish. Who knows anymore?

Mary Ruth Ingram -Stultz
John Ingram, son of John Ingram waterman, baptized Milton next Gravesend Kent co England. Possible grandfather Thomas Ingram buried 1578. Where to look for other family?

Jai Ingram
I'm a Black Ingram from Georgia so I know that means somewhere up the line, my ancestors were bought by a slaveowner bearing the same name.

Hunter Ingram
I am an Ingram from West London England

Steven Ingram
I'm an Ingram living in Scotland. There is an Ingram street in Glasgow's Merchant district. This used to be a rich district of the city and a lot of the money was made from the Tobacco Trade trade which seems a likely contributor to the African-American population making up a fair sized percentage of those with the surname. Indeed the street was laid down in 1781 and named after Archibald Ingram (1699-1770) who was a Tobacco Lord that became Provost of Glasgow in 1762. Many members of my family come from Ireland also due to the large movements of people in the past between the two countries due to resettlement. My Grandfather came from near Dumbarton which ties in with the Clan Colquhoun link but moved down south working with the railway. Funny how the family eventually moved back to the Highlands. Must be our own spiritual home.

Hello I'm an Ingram from Bournemouth UK, most of the family originated in Birmingham UK.

Debbie Ingram Falling

Bette C Forgy
I have a Mary Ingram born 24, February 1860.Amherst, Massachuetts and died about 1795, married Eleazer Allis III, trying to find her parents, have Samuel and Mary (Boltwood) Ingram, but not sure if that is correct do not have anything on the parents. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you My email is

there is a line of Ingrams living in Oklahoma I believe came from NC

Rathmel Ingram is my father he is 89 years old and lives in Anadarko Ok he was born in Konawa Ok to Robert Ingram I believe we moved here from the Carolinas

I'm an Ingram... From KY.

Denise Ingram
Hi my fathers family are from North Yorkshire and were mainly farmers around Boroughbridge and Nidderdale. We have traced our ancestry back and we believe our ancestors were Norwegian vikings who came to York.

Frances Ingram
Henry Ingram (b. 1809 in Broad Chalke, Wiltshire; d. 1884 at his property, Fifield near Bombala, N.S.W., Australia) & his wife Jane Chant (b. 1808 in Broad Chalke; d. 1894 in Bombala) were significant pioneers of the Southern Monaro region of N.S.W. There are many of their descendants still living in the Monaro district.

Sabrina Ingram
I am a Ingram originating from Kentucky (though I have moved) and my father is Randall Ingram JR. and his parents (my grandparents) are Eileen Ingram (nee Brewer) and Randall Ingram SR. (past)

Lacey Ingram
I am in Ohio. My Father had lived in Wisconsin before hand. I don't have much information on our history.

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