Last name: Kelleher

Recorded as O' Kelleher, more usually Kelleher and sometimes Kellegher and Keller, and originating from the pre 10th century O' Ceileachair, this is an ancient Irish surname. The first Ceileachair was the nephew of the famous Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland, and the founder of the Clan O'Brien. He died in battle it is said, in the 10th century. The O' Kellehers were in former times inhabitants of County Clare, but in the 14th century either voluntarily or under threat from other sources, they migrated mainly to County Cork, although with a branch in the adjoining County Kerry. Surprisingly given that the clan has one of the most ancient and honourable antecedents in Irish history, its numbers have certainly since the Middle Ages, remained quite small, estimated at about five thousand, and its prominence largely confined to County Cork where it is understood to have provided at least one Lord Mayor of the city, and a number of church men. A number of members of the clan did emigrate during the period of the infamous Potato Famine of 1846 - 1848. These included Julia Keller, aged thirty, and recorded as a labourer, with her two infant children Mary-Ann and John, who left for New York on the ship "Kalmazoo of Liverpool" on March 24th 1846, and Daniel Kelleher, aged twenty four, who left Queenstown, County Cork, on the ship "John-Ravenel", also bound for New York, on April 20th 1847.

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Marie Devlin

I am looking for Mr james Kelleher known as jimmy, myself and your sister Betty have been trying to find you for many years, We have asked IRISH COMMUNITY CARE TO HELP, please if you can contact them on 0161 256 2717 James work for Cheadle Hospital many years ago and lived in house at the hospital.

Looking for relatives of Andrew Kelleher (abt 1830) and Bridget McGoohan (abt 1835) (also daughter and my great grandmother Nora 1866) born in Bredagh, Carrigallen, County Leitrim...Bridget and Nora immigrated to US in 1885 and ended their journey in Dixon, Illinois. Post Comment and will answer

scott j
jim my mother is margret kelleher her father is denis kelleher whos brother ius your father peter and my great grand father cornelius and his wife peggy(margret gould) all from co cork.

Jim Kelleher
Hi Scott J.......seems like we are related...Yes i remember my uncle dennis, i met him a couple of times when i was very young, i would have been about 7 or 8. i also rmember my other uncles, henry and connie. I think your mum may have met my mum Rosemary at some point back in the 70's. I live in Bristol now and have 4 children myself, 3 boys and a little girl. Here is my email address if you would like to get in I have a facebook account too. Hope you and your family are well.

Hi Scott, do you know where Peggy (Margaret Gould) is from in Cork?

Jo'ann Kelleher
Jo'ann Kelleher, proud to be one of the elite .... My dad told me the story about being related to Brian Boru many times, always thought it was the Guinness talking. Would love to hear from any of you.

Ho Jo'ann, I am a descendant of Brian Borou's nephew Ceileachair apparently. Hard to fill in the gaps between him and GGGG Grandparents. Do you have any information? My email address is Thanks

Jim Kelleher
Cornelius James Kelleher here born in Weston-super-mare now living in Bristol - My father was Peter John Kelleher from cork city, county cork my grand father was cornelius kelleher also from cork....

Mike Kelleher has an account of a Cornelius Kelleher, though not my real uncle.

peter john james kelleher 4th
my father and his father and great grand father were all peter john kelleher...where are u from guy?

Fionghuala Helen Gordon Kelleher
Fionghuala [nee]Kelleher. I`m afraid there is conflicting information to the above. my Father Cork born moved to Co Kerry Interesting that so many of us share DNA

Johanna Kelleher here father Daniel Kelleher and all Ancestors from Clondrohid Co. Cork.

Michael Kelleher
My grandfather was Daniel Kelleher from Clondrohid. He went to the U S. for a few years in the late 1800s. He then returned to Cork and got married to Mary Herlihy.

Johanna Anderson Nee Kelleher

As above my father was Daniel Kelleher. My Great grandfather and g.g. grandfather were both called Daniel Kelleher, My great grandfather would fit in with the Daniel Kelleher who went to america and returned to Ireland as my grandfather the oldest was born in 1897. my grandfather was Hugh Kelleher he had a brother called Michael and I have an uncle Michael Kelleher. We could be related somehow as Irish family's always name there children after family members. My brother is Daniel Kelleher I am named after my Aunt and my Grandmother.

Nicola Kelleher
Nicola Kelleher here, TVpresenter in London.. Irish Parents from Cork xxxxxxxxx

Brahman Kelleher
Greetings Clan! Brahman Kelleher here, 1st grandson of The infamous Capt. "Easy" William Kelleher pilot of 35 B-24 bombing runs over 900 miles past enemy lines in Nazi Germany during WWII! Still alive and well! Representing Kelleher regiments in LA/OC, Chitown, MI, with conscripts in NY/NJ. "Dia Duit!" (God To You) (in Gaelic)