Last name: Killeen

This ancient Irish surname has two possible origins. Firstly, it may be an Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name "Cillin", a diminutive of "Ceallach" which means "bright-headed". The name was borne by various early Irish saints, including the leader of a 7th Century mission to Franconia and Thuringia, hence the popularity of the given name Kilian in medieval central Europe, from which several surnames are derived. The second possibility is as an Anglicization of the Gaelic "Mac Coilin" which is composed of the elements "mac" meaning son of, with the personal name Colin, which derives from the Celtic "Cailean" meaning a young hound. in the modern idiom the surname has several including Killeen and Killen. A gallowglass family brought from Scotland by the O' Donnells to fight on their behalf introduced the name to Ireland and it is now found mainly in Oriel, a territory comprising Counties Armagh, Monaghan and parts of South Down, Louth and Fermanagh. Two Belfast men, Rev. Thomas Young Killen (1826-1886), and Rev. William Dore Killen (1806-1902), were notable as leading Presbyterians; also from Co. Antrim was James Bryce Killen (1845-1916), the Fenian and co-founder with Michael Davitt of the land league. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Cormac O' Killeen, which was dated 964 A.D., Bishop of Clonmacnois, in Ancient Irish Records, during the reign of King Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, 940-1014. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Daniel Killeen

I am proud to be Killeen

Nate Killen
The name Killeen is spelled many ways, but KILLEEN is the oldest, Killen, Killion, and Killian are all part of the Killeen family. So I guess some of us are related.

Jared Killeen
I'm a Killeen!

Linda Moller
I am related to Dennis Killeen. He is my great grandfather who resided in San Francisco. I am trying to find relations to Dennis and discover if he did travel from Galway or ? We will be traveling to Ireland soon and would love to meet some of the clan.

Kenneth Killeen
Killeen is common name in Mayo west of Ireland

Karen Killeen
I'll be in Ireland in March of 2013. Does anyone know if there's a "clan" gathering or some Killeen families I could meet?

vanessa killeen
killeen ere in galway

I live in killeen texas:)

Paul Killeen
Did you know that there is a place in Texas call Killeen its just near forth worth Killeen name also linked to Irish gangs in Boston and the whitey bulgur gang

Paul Killeen
Im very proud of the Killeen name

Mark Killeen
Im a killeen. Mark Killeen from coventry Uk! Very proud of the name :)

Karen Killeen
Hello to all. I'm a Killeen by birth. My ancestor, John Killeen, was born in Ireland about 1800. Am extremely proud to carry the name. I have a tree on Ancestry - KilleenTree. Have a look and contact me through that site.

Z Killeen
Hi Janice, I tried, couldn't find you. mine is

I heard about that! My cousins actually walked through the castle that is now the "clubhouse" for that golf course. Find me on facebook so we can connect! My email is!

Z Killeen
I'm a Killeen in the UK, my Grandfather was from Killeen in Ireland. Sadly the little town is now a huge Golf course!!!

Janice Hill
Its so nice to see so many Killeen's represented!

andrea killeen
i will second that, we are a family of fourteen killeen's my grandmar killeen had three sons and gained 36 grandchildren and goodness knows how many there are now.

vinnie killeen

my name is vincent killeen (vinnie) im in england but my family are from Gort in Co Ga lway

Brandon Killeen
Killeen is a great name. I carry it with pride. Surname of course

I also am a Killeen and love the name!!!

carole kileen
my family tree is killeen.. this is a wonderful name..and who ever i share the name with you are the best person in the world..