Last name: Kinder

Recorded as Kinder, Kynder and Kender, this is an ancient English surname. It is locational and originates from a hamlet called Kinder near to the town of Glossop in the county of Derbyshire. The area is very hilly with Kinder Scout being the highest point in the famous Peak District National Park. According to the Dictionary of English Place Names it is believed that the village or hill name and hence the later surname, derive from an Ancient British (pre Roman) word which may have been 'chendre' or similar. This would seem to mean 'high point', which is logical but unproven. The surname itself is not surprisingly one of the first to be accurately recorded with Philota de Kender appearing in the pipe rolls of Derbyshire in the year 1273. The early surviving church recordings from the Elizabethan period include John Kynder and Ales Holme who were married at Prestbury in Cheshire in 1576, whilst at much the same time in 1581 John Kinder also recorded as Kynder, of Lincolnshire, appears in the entry register of the University of Oxford. Locational surnames are usually 'from' names. That is to say names given to people after they left their original homes. One of the simplest ways to identy such strangers being to call them after the places from whence they came. This name is quite widely recorded, but rarely in any numbers.

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Travis Kinder

Kinder is Scandinavian by orgin. In Scandinavian "Kinder" mean's skillful man. The Surname "Kinder" can also be traced back to King John. It's a royal Bloodline. Below is Link with a wealth of information on the Kinder Surname.
Kinder (Teutonic) belonging to Kinder (Derby). 13th Century Kender. Kinder is at the foot of Kinder Scout. (the village name is probably a shortening of the hill name) and as scout is Scandinavian ...

I was told that the name is originally Celtic and so originates in Central Europe. As the Celts moved further west through Europe, they reached Normandy, came over to England and then were given land in Derbyshire- hence the name appearing there geographically. But there do appear to be Kinders all over North western Europe.

Kimberly Kinder
I believe it is German also

Annette Kinder

I always thought it derived from Vikings.

Hi, I am of Lithuanian and also carry this last name. (It is not uncommon surname in this country!). I believe it is of Prussian-German origin.

I think you are right. Near Gdansk area;am researcing for a cousin whose mother was a kinder. Check public trees for Hans Heinrich Kinder in Lorraine France

Rev. Claude Kinder
Hello, I originally found my ancestor Hans Heinrich Kinder living in Lenegelsheim, France. All of our family were of German stock and Roman Catholic.After Lengelsheim the kinder family moved to Obergailbach, France and then on to America where they settled in Allen County, Indiana

natalie jade kinder
doing my family tree and the furthest iv got back to is 1800's and there living in nantwitch in cheshire , apparently there was a family seat in cheshire an all x

Rob of Kinder
As someone who lives about 10 miles from Kinder, I like to think I'm close to home.

My family,German and French-canadian

My family are both German and French-Canadian

Michael Kinder
My research led my family back to Prussia can any Kinder out there clarify there family origins. As i don't think the Kinder surname is originally from England

annette Kinder
I believe that Kinder (UK) is Norman. Vikings that left France to invade England. I grew up in Earby. My descendants were from around Huddersfield/Meltham

Don Kinder

Annette not to be picky but don't you mean your ancestor's not descendant's.

natalie jade kinder
it is actually a norman name it was entered in the dooms day book we came over with william the conquer ! And anglo saxons are half german the saxons were german invaders and settled here for a long time hence anglo saxons :-) x

Wow, My research says it's of slovak origin

christine kinder
ah but if you look at the records you will see the name comes before Germany became a country.Anglo Saxon and Celticand proud of it..

Surname- Kinder
It's not English it's GERMAN. Not every name in this world is English, you know.

you are right. Bravo!