Last name: Lawson

This is a surname of truly ancient origins. It originates in the Holy Land in so far as the etymology of the surname is concerned, being 'brought back' to England and Scotland as 'Lawrence' by the 12th century crusaders. In its earliest form as 'Law', it was a nickname of endearment, and as such had great popularity in the medieval period. The earliest origination of the name at all is pre-Christian, being derived from Laurentum, the town in Italy famous for its laurel trees. For reasons unclear, Lawson is very much a north country surname. There are no less than seventeen coats of arms, all but one were granted to northern nameholders, and all seem to be associated with the Lawson family of Brough Hall, Yorkshire, whose origins are traceable back to the time of Richard 111, and 'The War of the Roses'. Their coat of arms, which is believed to be the original grant, has the blazon of a silver field, charged with a chevron between three martlets, all black. These arms suggest a loyal person who lived by the sword, having no estates to support him. However as in later years the family addresses included Nesham Abbey, Durham, Longhirst in Cumberland, Boroughbridge Hall, Cairnmuir in Peebles, Scotland, etc, one has to assume that the family fortunes improved over the centuries. Early recordings include Henry Laweson in the Poll Tax Rolls of Yorkshire for the year 1379, whilst one of the very earliest settlers into the New American colony of Virginia Christopher Lawson, recorded as 'living at James Cittie' in that state, on February 23rd 1624. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Lawisson, which was dated 1327, in the Subsidy Rolls of the county of Cumberland, during the reign of King Edward 111, known as 'The father of the Navy', 1327 -1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Stacey Lawson Preble
Hi! My name is Stacey Lawson, born in Lima Pennsylvania. I am told my family origins are Irish but everything I find traces back to Scotland....

Hi, my name is Lisa Lawson, born in Bartow Florida, though I'm told my family has Scottish origins.

Hi, my name is Lisa Lawson, born in Bartow, Florida, I am told my family originates from Scotland.

Deborah Lawson
Our father's father's Family, was thought to be of ENGLISH/SCOTTISH.

Hi, I'm Dremea Lawson from Ohio. My grandfather Hud Lawson was from Kentucky or so I am told. Would love to find out more but can't even find great grandfathers name. If anyone can elaborate e-mail

Hi are there any Lawson that lived in Virginia, New York or Boston area. If so contact me. Thank you.

I am told that my grandpa has brothers in New York, Virginia, maybe even North or South Carolina. Not sure. My grandpa lives in Boston, Massachusetts right now. His name is Timothy G Lawson. His sister was Phyllis Lawson and he had a sister named Jerry. If anyone thinks there related. I would like to be contacted. Thank you.

Sharon Lawson
I had no idea that there were so many Lawson's out there. It's weird, I've never met or known anyone else by the name Lawson. I live in Oregon, but was born in California in 1952. My parents and grandparents moved to California from Missouri in the 40's. My people came from there and Kentucky, Virginia and originally from Scotland and Ireland. Our people are scattered all over the world. It's nice to find a place where some of them gather to connect. Nice to find all of you!

Michael Lawson
I can trace my family back to William Lawson - A Scottish Rebel Birth: June 26, 1731 at Montrose, Scotland Battle of Culloden, Scotland April 16, 1746 Transported to the American Colonies Aug 5, 1747 Montgomery Co.VA. Militia Sept. 13, 1777 Battle of King’s Mountain, S.C. Oct.7, 1780 Death: APR. 18. 1826 in Snowflake, Scott Co, VA. No one I have seen who who posts an online tree for William Lawson The Rebel and states his parents gives a real source for such parents. Any real source for Wm’s parents would have to come from Scottish or English records from the 1700s. I have yet to hear from any Wm Lawson researcher who has found additional info. I live in Virginia and would be interested in hearing from others,Thanks

Anthony Lawson
My grandfather, Bruce Lawson, was in the United States Air Force. He married Thelma Breed, from England. I currently live in Virginia, but grew in in Charleston, South Carolina.

Beth Larsen
My Great-Grandmother's name was Bertha Lawson she was born April 26, 1883 and lived most of her life in Michigan. She married Thorwold Larsen who was born April 22, 1881 and came to the US from Denmark. They had a son (my Grandfather) named Gerald Larsen on January 6, 1918. I don't know where Bertha was originally from (possibly Michigan) and I don't know of a death date. Anyone know anything about Bertha Lawson?

Amanda lawson
My great great grandfather is Wiley Eliza Lawson from Stillwater Oklahoma. I am of African American descent. There is a page on Facebook for our family tree if you're interested take a look perhaps you'll be fine some family you never knew you had. Good luck!

Spencer lawson
Thats pretty cool!

Hailey Lawson
My uncle is Timothy lawson he died last year but they last name Lawson is a long generation

nicole garcia
My grandfather is chester o. lawson born in 1925 in missouri, married irma jean jarvis in 1945. i have been trying to create a family tree but have been unsuccessful

garry lawson
im from ayrshire in scotland,ive tried to search my family tree with no success either

I hear the surname changed from lawson to lawless

one who lives by the sword from my research

Steven Lawson
I am one of the Stokes County NC Lawsons

Tyler Lawson
I'm a Lawson in Washington State, USA don't know much about my dad side of the family

Russell Lawson
From what I understand, my dad who is a Lawson went to Scotland on vacation and asked around about Lawson's, and the feedback he got was we are notorious cattle thieves on both sides the border, generally around Yorkshire. It's twice as awesome as saying you're descendants were pirates. I've done extensive research on the types of english there are, and Lawsons were defiantly there before any sea invasions, and were for sure cattle people who ate boar, rabbit and pigeon too, lookup Border Terrier Dog, it's what we bred and look like as a dog. My interest is rediscovering my origin's diet, because I find it far easier to digest and I feel fully nourished. An additional note, some in my Lawson side of the family, including myself still have their wisdom teeth, this is a clue that says we did not eat grain, those who had their wisdom teeth removed is because their ancestors bred heavy grain consumption into their genetics, which doesnt need a large jaw to process (so their jaw shrank)

Connie Lawson
From Ontario, Canada. My Dad's grandfather Thomas Lawson was listed on census forms circa 1890 in Dufferin Cty, Ontario, Canada .. lived in the Terra Nova/Duntroon/Creemore area. Have no idea where he came from, though origin was listed as Scottish. Could possibly have emigrated from America or came directly from Scotland ??? I have met several Lawsons through the yrs but no relation that we know of. I actually have very few close relatives. Planning a trip to Scotland in 2017 for my 50th birthday. I am fascinated by the country, it's the only place I want to travel to in this big old world. It is calling my name :)

Cheryl Lawson
From Michigan. Father: Terry Olen Lawson. Grandfather: Olen Lawson from Athens Tennessee. Olen had relatives named Eva Ruth & Florence Lawson. That's all I know- never had the chance to meet any of them- (except my dad.) Do know we are Scottish/Irish descent.

Jennifer Lawson
My father, John Lawson, is from Elizabeth, NJ. His parents came through Ellis Island from Scotland in the 1920s. My dad is an only child and his father died when my dad was 3 or 4. So we either lost touch with the rest of the Lawsons, or my grandfather was an only child too, I don't know, but besides my immediate family, I have no other known relatives named Lawson. I'm assuming I do somewhere, most likely in Scotland, but I have no info on them.

timmy lawson

I never new this about my family all I konwis we are a very large Irish/Scottish family well known.

Joyce Lawson

My father is Richard Lawson. His father, Dale Francis, was born in 1895 in Davis County Iowa. I have no idea when this part of the Lawsons actually entered the US, but my dad's family (all very good storytellers) tell this story about how their ancestor Sir Stokely Lawson sailed with Henry Hudson and was part of the mutiny. Anybody able to shed any light on this? By the way, I have red hair and freckles, although no one else in my family does.

latrine lawson

Hi my name is latrine Helena lawson I'm 25 years old and live in great Yarmouth Norfolk England, I'm trying to trace my dad's side of my family his name is Richard lawson, the last I knew he lived London also had a brother called Richard and a sister called Sarah lawson, apart from that, that's all I know but I would love to trace them and get in contact I have 2 young boys wick have never met their family as well as myself it's like a needle in a hay stack :/

LaFaye Lincoln

This is my link to the Lawson's as far as i have researched starting with my Grandfather's Mother. Elizabeth ann Lawson, (bottom of list) John Lawson Jr (1335 - 1374) My 17th great grandfather William John Lawson (1365 - 1414) (son of John Lawson Jr) William Lawson (1395 - 1480) (son of William John Lawson) Thomas William Lawson (1440 - 1489) (son of William Lawson) William Lawson (1480 - 1518) (son of Thomas William Lawson) James Lawson (1500 - 1547) (son of William Lawson) Edmund Lawson (1520 - 1551) (son of James Lawson) Ralph Lawson (1547 - 1623) (son of Edmund Lawson) Robert (John) Lawson Twin (1575 - 1655) (son of Ralph Lawson) Rowland Lawson (1617 - 1661) (son of Robert (John) Lawson Twin) John Rowland Lawson (1644 - 1706) (son of Rowland Lawson) John Lawson (1690 - 1761) (son of John Rowland Lawson) Moses Lawson (1736 - 1776) (son of John Lawson) Richard Moses Lawson (1770 - 1849) (son of Moses Lawson) Jacob Moses Lawson (1801 - 1885) (son of Richard Moses Lawson) Jacob Barnette Lawson (1842 - ) son of Jacob Moses Lawson Elizabeth Ann Lawson (1868 - 1949) (daughter of Jacob Barnette Lawson) Clarence Barnett Lincoln (1890 - 1983) (son of Elizabeth Ann Lawson)

LaFaye Lincoln

i know the crests look similar but you have to remember its the basic version. but the names do not mean the same. if you can prove that one name is the same as the other ( legal documentation) then i would be most interested in this document. EXAMPLE:(I have found that Deighton and Dayton are not the same. a Dayton woman married a Deighton man. ( legal marriage document proved it.)

Linda Lawson
We are from Morehouse Parish in Louisiana. Robert Lawson was my grandfather and he had seven brothers, I think. My dad was Samuel Lawson who was born in 1909. His brothers were Robert, Raymond, Allen, Nimerson, and LB. Two sisters, Myrtis, & RV. I would love to know more about the lineage.

Keith E Lawson
My grandfathers name William Lawson on my dads side, My dads name is Pete Lawson my Grandmothers name is Anna I am told her maiden name was Blue. They where from Kentucky. On my Mothers side my Grandfathers name is Howard Lawson and my Grandmothers name is Dorothy her maiden name was Hanshire . My Mothers name Betty Jean Clinkenbeard, Her maiden name is Lawson They where from Indiana.My Uncle Earl Lawson lived in Kentucky and has daughters and there names are Joyce , Jannice and Josie.I would really like to start a Family Tree .

Christopher Lawson
I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland. But my grandfather Alexander Lawson (b.1920) was from Aberdeen, Scotland.

My dad Arnold Moses from India has two brothers in England uncle birty and lance Moses, will be happy to be connected eith them. Thanks

Samuel Lawson
Interestingly, this is a different origin story than others I've heard. Most often Lawson is said to have been an anglicisation of MacLaren, which are both patronymics of the "Son of Lauren" or 'Lawrence' I've never heard of a Holy Land origin of this name. I've always thought the most likely scenario might be that Lawsons were MacLarens who split from the clan over a marriage or land dispute and wanted an easier time doing business in the south. It's known that many Scots participated in the Crusades, might it be that one left as a MacLaren and returned as a Lawson for a fresh start? All conjecture, of course, but it would make a great novel. The only thing that I know for sure is that Clan MacLaren accepts Lawsons as clan members, rather than merely a sept.

Julia Ann Loper
My great grandmother was Arvezina B Lawson. She was married to J R Fike. They lived in Oklahoma . My Grandmother wasLily Esther Fike and she married Joseph Henry Cain. They had 2 daughters: Gertie Lee and Gertha May. I am seeking information about my family ties. Julia Loper

Kim Lawson
Grandfather was william gErhard Lawson. Lived in new Orleans till his death.

Jon Lawson
It definitely seems as if there is a great cluster of many Lawsons here in America. It's always been very hard to connect various branches of our tree. Lol!! So I'll just throw this out there and maybe it has some traction. I've traced my lineage back only but so far. Tree is posted on Thomas Jefferson Lawson | Lucious Preston Lawson (son- has twin brother) William C. Lawson Thomas Lawson Millie Lawson Elizabeth (Lizzy) Lawson | Doyle Lawson William Calvin Lawson Rhetha Lawson (m. Cox) George Washington Lawson (grandfather) | Jimmy Lawson (Father) Jeffrey Lawson Vicki Lawson | Jonathan Lawson

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