Last name: Ling

This ancient surname is of English origin. There are at least two possible originations. The first is that it is locational or topographical, and as such derives from 'Ling', apparently a former parish near Bridgewater, in Somerset or from one of the "lynge's", a term which in medieval times was in common usage in East Anglia, and specifically Lincolnshire, and describes a "heath". The second possibility is that the name is occupational and probably a nickname for a fisherman or fish merchant, who specialised in catching the fish called 'ling'. The possibility that this is the case, at least with some nameholders, is to some extent proven by the coat of arms (see below) which includes three ling within the blazon. The early recordings of the surname include Roger de Lyng, who was bailiff of Norwich in 1370, and Ellen Ling, a widow, who married James Bland, given as a draper, at the church of St. Mary Aldermary in 1579. Amongst the earliest of settlers to the New American colonies were the brothers Henry and John Linge, who were (quote) 'Alive in Virginea, on February 15th 1623', whilst slightly later on February 7th 1635, John Ling embarked from London on the ship "Hopewell" bound for Barbadoes. The coat of arms granted in ireland has the blazon of a blue field charged with a gold chevron between three lings heads fessewise erased in silver. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John de Ling which was dated 1273, in the "Hundred Rolls of Norfolk" during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots" 1272 - 1307 Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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B Lind
Our family has traced the Ling name back as far as Frederick link 1784, he was a farmer in the village of Mark in Somerset. So, that fits with the first hypothesis of the Origen of the name.

B.C. Ling
I finally know why my last name is Ling! The story of it switching from Lynge to Ling is a common story within my family, but now I know it actually has merit. Although I am sad this no longer allows me to claim ninjahood, I'm glad I found some evidence of this tale.

nell ling
hello , every day at school im asked the same q if i was chinese because of my surname , but i know that my family have always been english thanks to this proof :)

Thats awesome hope you liked the web sight!!!!

Tonya Ling
We traced our name back to Germany. It was originally Lingenhymer, shortened when the ancestors came to America! Always been asked if we were Chinese also, but we are quite far from it.

Nissa Ling
Heather is the common name for various plants: The heather family, or Ericaceae, particularly: Common heather or ling,

Adrian Ling
N Ling: Can you please describe what is a Heather (Ljung) and what is it's purpose? And why did they change surnames upon entering the Army, was it due to a criminal history or other reasons? Thanks Mate

N Ling
I'm a caucasian male, living in Sweden with the surname Ling. My grandfathers research showed that during the 1700's a man named Måns Månsson was conscripted into the army and changed his name to Måns Ling. The practice of changing names upon entering the army was not uncommon, giving birth to names resembling personal attributes, animals and so on. The true meaning of the name Ling, (a fish you say?) is long lost, but there is little to indicate that he would have been a fisherman considering he was living in a rural area without access to larger bodies of water. My guess is that "Ling" is an adaptation of the Swedish word Ljung (heather).

Adrian Ling
Posted a message

NIssa Ling
In Yorkshire there is a place called Lingsdale and there is a meaning under it: Ling is an alternative word for heather. Heather-dale.

Adrian Ling
Thank you Nissa Ling The information you provided answers alot, I have blue eyes and broad shoulders it was funny to read the description you provided. I never thought of Estonia, but it is an area that I will do more investigation into. Cheers

Adrian Ling
Hi all fellow Ling's I am from Australia and researching my Family surname, My Ancestors came to Australia and settled in Tasmania in 1855. They arrived from England, Norfolk, Eccles area; Before there they were originally from North Lopham, Norfolk area. My question is; can anyone definitively answer where the Ling surname originated from; is it from Denmark, Sweden or Norway and what region of that country? My wife has always said to me, I have the Viking attitude. That was said before I found out that I have some Scandinavian heritage. I always wondered why I loved Scandinavian Design (Homes, Cars, Homewares, etc) Thank you

NIssa Ling
We originate from Sweden as Vikings, that is is why the blue eyes always follows and the broad shoulders. Specifically, there are the islands of Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Muhu and in the old Swedish settlements in northwestern Estonia at "Noarootsi" (New Sweden), ie in the neighborhood of Hapsalu. My lot arrived in NSW one was a cop and the other a convict, but they arrived at the same time. One then left for Adelaide and the other work on a farm in NSW and been there ever since. There is a church in Wales where they have found remains of "Lings" underneath in Viking gear.

Rick Walkling
My grandfather traced our name (Walkling), back to Wales to the 1600's Up to when the 'church' burned down taking the history with it, I've Been askd before if it's chinese !

Jordan Ling
hey mate here is a website I used and found out Ling originated in the doomsday books in England in 1068. I will have the link in this description mate, hope it helps :)

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A ling
Thank you Jordan, it was helpful mate cheers


Brian Sinclair
OK. I was recently researching the killing of 19 Europeans by Aboriginal people at Cullin-La-Ringo station in Queensland, Australia, 17 October 1861. One of the victims was a George Ling- I thought he may have been Chinese, but perhaps not!

Ruth Ling
We're Swedish. My forebears came from Goteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden -- as did Pehr Henrik Ling,the inventor of Swedish massage! We've always had that Chinese thing, too. My mother was once at a public lecture that my father was giving, and the woman sitting next to her said, "Ooh, I'm so excited. I've never heard a real Chinaman speak before." My mother realised the woman was talking about our father. He was as Scandinavian looking as it was possible to be -- the palest blue eyes, little nose and Baltic cheekbones up to here. But his name was Trevor Oswald Ling and he always signed himself as T O Ling, and the woman had thought he was called To Ling!

Nissa LIng
When you describe the features, its just amazing. Sounds like my grandfather Noel Ling

Adrian Ling
Hej Ruth Ling I am currently researching my Ling ancestry and I noticed your linage is of Swedish heritage. I have a couple of questions for you if you do not mine me asking. I am from Australia and I can trace back my forefathers to Norfolk England, but I cannot find any other trace before the 1730's last known area is North Lopham, Norfolk, England. My research (more like my gut feeling) is leading me towards Sweden around west Gotaland area. Can you tell me if Swedish vikings sailed, settled or gave guidance to the towns folk around Norfolk England back in the Viking era? I will be travelling around Denmark and Sweden in the near future to find answers and enjoy discovering Scandinavia; it would nice to narrow it down to an area for me to look around and discovery my past. Thank you very much (Tack sa mycket) Hope I spelt that right Adrian Ling

Meggie Ling
Better show this to my friends, then hopefully they wont think I am chinese anymore!

Thats a productive way to show theme now they have to beleve you!!!!:]

Diana Ling
I'm with you Danni.Although my branch is from Suffolk at least up the 1500's, My Dad always thought the name was from the Norse or Scandinavia.

Danni Ling
Finally, some proof that my last name isnt Chinese

Traci Ling
Haha! I get that all the time!