Last name: Littlejohn

This is surely one of the most famous of all English surnames, being associated with the outlaw Robin Hood. It is however one of a quite large group of medieval surnames which include the prefix 'Little' as a means of endearment or explanation. These include the spellings as Littleboy, Littlechild, Littlefair, Littlejohn, Littlepage, and Littleproud, and all use the prefix to suggest a younger son or perhaps a daughter, who was much loved. However in the case of Littlejohn, also spelt Litteljohn and Littlejohns, and given the robust humour of those Chaucerian times, it may also have the alternative meaning of a very large man, as in the case of the famous Little John, also known as John Little, the second in command to the famous Robin Hood, and his band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest. There the reference is clearly sardonic, which seems to apply to many medieval nicknames, in effect being the opposite of what they seem to means. About fifteen percent of all surnames from the medieval period, when surnames were first created, are essentially nicknames, and these names shown above are good examples of the genre. Early recordings taken from the surviving rolls and registers of the Middle Ages include: Robert Littelboie in the Friary Rolls of Leicester in the year 1206, Ralph Litechild in the Pipe Rolls of Leicester in 1209, Agnes Lutfair of Stafford in 1381, Litel jon of Colchester in 1350, Ralph Litelpage of Durham in 1314, and Goderun Litteprot of Hampshire in the Winton Rolls of 1066.

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Jarrod Littlejohn
Many people do think it is Native American. That fact alone made it very hard for my father to get a job as a college student, as he lived in Nebraska; where Natives are rather shunned upon.

Cassandra Littlejohn
Hello :) My name's Cassie, I'm a high school student in Frenchtown, MT and I'd like to do more research on our family name. Could anyone give me a few pointers on how to find more Info on the origin of the family name?

Nicholas Littlejohn
I am a African American, 2nd generation Chicagoan, My Father was also born & raised in Chicago. His father was born & raised in Holly Springs, MS. That's where the trail runs cold. More than likely, It was name of the people who enslaved & owned my family. Although the name has always sparked conversation. If any has anything new to add, please do.

Shawn Littlejohn
I'm the 2nd named after my farther im female

Bruce D Littlejohn
What's on your mind? Grand Father came to USA in the 1880s from around Aberdeen Scotland to let you know origine of our littlejohn name

Bruce Littlejohn
Littlejohn is a very poular name in north-East Scotland mostley around Aberdeen

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