Last name: Lloyd

This famous surname could be described as both Old Welsh and Medieval English. It derives from the pre 7th century word "llwyd" meaning literally "grey". As such it was originally given either as a baptismal name or as a nickname. If the latter it probably described a grey haired person at a time when few lived to be old, or perhaps a holy man, one who habitually wore grey garments. It is an example of a sizeable group of early European surnames that were gradually created from the use of nicknames. These nicknames were given with reference to occupation, or to a variety of characteristics, such as physical peculiarities, or even supposed resemblance to an animal's or bird's appearance. The surname is first recorded in the 14th Century (see below), and early recordings include: Ithell Lloit, who appears in the records of Chirk, Wales, in 1391, and Richard Lloyd, who was recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk in 1524. A number of namebearers including Jenkin Lloyde of Montgomeryshire, and Griffith Lloid of Radnor, were entered in the register of students at Oxford University during the period 1577 - 1585. Edward Lloyd, who flourished circa 1692, kept a coffee-house in Lombard Street, city of London, and it is from him that the great commercial corporation known as "Lloyd's" derives its name. His premises was the centre of shipbroking and the marine insurance business in the late sixteen hundreds. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Loyt. This was dated 1327, in the Tax Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire, during the reign of King Edward 111rd of Egland, 1327 - 1377. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Peter Frederick Victor Lloyd (1932 - ?)

My father was Frederick Victor Lloyd, born 26/2/1904 in London (Lambeth). He came from a long line of carpenters, presumably descendants of the many Welsh (border area) carpenters who were enticed to London by the early Regency building boom, because of their high reputation among architects. He dragged himself up from his Cockney origins by his bootstraps and became General Manager of a large and successful Company before he retired. He died in the 1980s. His two elder brothers, William and Sidney Ernest, both emigrated to Australia before WW2 and I know their extensive families are thriving in Brisbane and Melbourne. My paternal grandfather was Edwin Lloyd, the son of Frederick Edwin Lloyd, both also born and died in London's East End during the 1800s. Frederick Edwin must have been the black sheep of this family of carpenters - he was only a lamp glass maker!

denise roney

my father was a different frederick lloyd born 1910. Family originated in north wales. One of that family was an Edwin of London who was not from the line of carpenters as you state, however he is on my family tree - i wonder if we are from the same Lloyds?

Jessica (Lloyd) westover
My father was a Lloyd and his father German. Think it's pretty cool I could find the origin of my maiden name

Denny Lloyd

How far back does your family go. My family came to the US in the early 1700s from Palantine which is now Germany

Ezra Lloyd
3rd Generation Canadian Lloyd family from Wales

Jazzy Lloyd
I'm a Lloyd. My grandfather is J.Edwin Lloyd from Liberia. I would like to know where ancestors are from

Natalie Lloyd
Sounds like my lineage have very commonplace names. My Grandfather was Frederick Lloyd (1916-1988), his father was Charles Lloyd. Most likely located near Gloucester.

Claudette Frances-marie Lloyd
Hi I'm a Lloyd from south-africa! All I know is that my grandfather Francis John Lloyd's father or grandfather originated from cornwall... I would love to know more about our family and why they emigrated to south-africa...

chris maynard
my great grandfathers names was charles francis lloyd born in 1859 in howick in northumberland , joined the british army and fought in the egyptian war of 1882 , his fathers name was carles david lloyd who was the head gameskeeper for a few great buildings in and around howick in northumberland , his employer was the earl grey

chris maynard
spelling mistake - charles david lloyd

Grifin Lloyd
The granddaughter of first earl grey married Henry Robert Lloyd. For complete family details contact Warren Lloyd who you can reach via me.

just came across this page and read all the comments,,,awesome.. Shawn my fathers name was also Thomas Lloyd, and his father was Fredrick Thomas Lloyd. they have both passed away ..GOD bless them. I myself am one of 3 daughters and 3 sons. we live in wolverhampton west midlands.

Lloyd Thomas
Damn really my name is Lloyd Thomas

Shawn Lloyd
I am a descendent of Thomas Lloyd who arrived in America with William Penn in 1683! Penn made Lloyd Deputy Governer of Pennylsvania due to Lloyd's already well known contribution back in England. Thomas Lloyd and his wife and children embarked from London for Pennsylvania, June 10, 1683, on board the same ship with Francis Daniel Pastorius, the "Sage of Germantown," then on his way to take possession of the lands purchased by the Frankfort Company of William Penn, on which was planted the first German Colony in PA. Lloyd and the distinguished German scholar discoursed in Latin and discussed religious and political questions on the voyage, and cemented a friendship that continued through life. They arrived at Philadelphia 6 mo. (August) 20, 1683. On December 2, 1683, William Penn appointed Thomas Lloyd Master of rolls, the office having been created by the Assembly at the request of Penn, its object being to keep an exact record of the laws enacted for the Province, as well as a record of transfers of real estate and other legal documents.

Richard Lloyd
Once knew a fellow named Grey Lloyd, and I always thought it was a bit redundant. I havent tracked my family so far back, but I am interested in doing so.

My maiden name was Lloyd, my Great Grandfather Robert Lloyd born 1860 in London, after a life in the army he moved his family to Treherbert, Wales, where a lot of his Lloyd family where already settled in Cardiff half a Century earlier. His Grandfather Henry Brooks Lloyd born 1828 in Huntspill, Somerset and a large number of Lloyd ancestors left Wales around 1650 and settled in Huntspill.then there was a mass exodus of Lloyds who emigrated in 1800's to Australia and Canada and London like my Great Great Grandfather Henry Brook Lloyd. Im now trying to find out why the Lloyds originally left Wales in the Mid 1600's. What was the reason behind it.

Tyna falconer
I'm a descendant of Lloyd on my mothers side it's amazing that in the 1800's that only three brothers migrated to Jamaica . They all stayed in three different parishes in Jamaica ,st .Elizabeth ,st, Anns and kingston and started the Lloyd generation in Jamaica therefore me knowing this I'm always asking is there any lloyd in your family don't need to date a possible relative.(lol!!!!!)

From what I understand my great grandfather name was Stanley Lloyd was from Jamaica. He moved to Panama where my grandfather and his brothers were born.

I am a Lloyd but that's my enslaved name given in Barbados. Anymore enslaved Lloyds' out there, or do any British descended Lloyds' have information on the families enslaved from Africa, renamed Lloyd, then dropped off on various islands?

Tyna Falconer is Lloyd your enslaved name? Under what circumstances did your mom's side of the family arrive as Lloyd in Jamaica? Were there other siblings?

Alexis is Lloyd also your enslaved name?

Black Lloyd

Marva Lloyd
Sorry for the typo, I meant"He made just two" ... wouldn't want you guys to think your cousin can't spell! (smile)

Marva Lloyd
I am an African American woman with this last name. Given the history of black americans and our history of slavery it is very difficult to trace our lineage. In an effort to get answers, I am researching the history of this name. My father is of Bahamian decent, so I thought my search would begin (and may be end ) in the carribean or some how lead back to my ancestors in Africa. After the little researched I 've done I'm inspired to dig further. I am also very proud to be a Lloyd, but now I feel a sense of clarity surfacing in my heart. Who knows perhaps we are all related. Well in actuality, we are. God only made 2 people, not 2 black annd 2 white, 2 hispanic, asian etc.; He made just to so when we look at the big Picture we are family. ;) One other thing....Do you guys know that Oprah Winfrey's long lost biological sister (whom Oprah's mother gave up for adoption) name is Patricia Lloyd? Hmm...Isn't that interesting?!

Patrick Lloyd
I am glad I found this. My father always spoke about the Lloyd name . He passed away in July,2010,but I inherit his legacy of wanting to know more about my family origins. Thank you for this wonderful site.

Herbert C. Lloyd
As a third generation Aussie with two prior generations immigrating, I am so proud of my forebears who originated from WALES. My GGG Grandfather William LLOYD settled his family in Whitbourne at a place called MEADOW GREEN near to Worcestershire . as Blacksmiths : Wheelwrights and Builders. He carried his line from his father also William, his son Samuel born 1809 married (Lady) Maria Turbill nee BERRY and they with 7 children (two of whom Samuel adopted from Maria's first marriage : John Isaacs Turbill and Elizabeth Turbill {buried at sea } and another Mary Williams { surviving daughter of Maria's maid } were some of the first immigrants to board the brigantine " LYSANDER " in May and disembarked in South Australia in September 1840. Two of their children Elizabeth Turbill and Richard Lloyd were buried at sea in what was a disastrous beginning to their migration. George, Thomas William (my G Grandfather ) and Charles survived the journey, however Charles died a short time later. John and Mary later married. I carry the name LLOYD with great pride.

Natalie Storey
Hi, I am currently doing some research on my boyfriends family and found that he is decendent from John Isaacs Turbill who you have listed here. How was Maria a lady, who did she marry before Samuel. I would be grateful for any help. Please. Natalie Storey

Heaston, your surname sounds like a variation of McLeod.

Stephen Williams
My paternal line is Lloyd (it's a long story why my legal surname is Williams) from Pennsylvania, and wondering if it can be traced back to the Quakers. I plan on doing more research. I hope to make it to Wales this summer. Any recommended books on the subject?

Geraint Lloyd
For 2000 years of Welsh history a good read is "Land of My Fathers" by Gwynfor Evans ISBN 086243265-0. It does open your eyes to Welsh history.

den lloyd

Wow you couldnt be Geraint Lloyd I met many years ago whilst tracing our family history? I am still searching! We met in Gyffilliog North Wales!

Tom Lloyd
My ancestors arrived in American in 1683 Merion, Philadelphia which was a Wales Quaker community. The Quakers of Merion established the location in 1682 and still located there is the oldest continuously used place of worship in the US, the Merion Friends Meeting House since 1695.

chloe lloyd
as im a llloyd i have found this web site one of the most interesting and there is sooooooo many more...x


My Dad's Last name Harold Lloyd, & His Dad was Walter, they called Grandpa Lloyd..(Red) had red hair. Dad was only child..died in in North Carolina. Am trying to find out more about that side..Anyone? -Thx.:-)