Last name: Lonergan

This most interesting surname, of Old Gaelic origin, is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic "O'Longargain", of uncertain etymology. This Irish sept inhabited north-east Thomond, that is that part of Tipperary which lay on the east side of Lough Derg, in pre-Norman times. Later the Anglo-Norman Butlers forced them southwards to Cashel and Cahir, where they have remained in considerable numbers up to the present day. The surname itself, which first appears in records in the mid 12th Century (see below), is also found in the modern idiom as "Londrigan". The chief of the sept resided at Cahir. Their importance in Irish History is due to the fact that they provided a number of leading ecclesiastics from the 12th to the 15th Century, no less than six of these being archbishops or bishops, two of Killaloe and three of Cashel. The family O'Lonergan also provided harpers to the O'Kellys of Ui Maine. They possessed a small patrimony at Ballynabanaby in south-east Galway, circa 1400. Thomas S. Lonergan (born 1861) was a notable Irish-born American poet and politician, and Anne Lonergan was an Irish nun imprisoned during the French Revolution. The family also bears a Coat of Arms which depicts on a blue chevron three gold estoiles, in chief two red arrows in saltire pointing downward. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Donell O'Lonergan, Archbishop of Cashell, which was dated 1152, in the "Records of the Council of Kells", during the reign of Irish Kings in opposition, disputed succession. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Tracyerin Lonergon
I am looking for some family history or understanding of the last name of Lonergan which in 1930 in upstate Ny was change to Lonergon, my father was Robert Lonergon of Syracuse,Ny and Teri Gordon of Bridgeport,Ny, Herald Lonergon was professor and founder of many groups at Syracuse University. But I do not know more then that and would like to know more for my three daughters sake, to give them a little history.
I am Joe Lonergan whose ancestors arrived in Quebec City in 1842. They came from Clonmel, Tipperary. I've written a book on our genealogy called Shamrocks in the Maples. You can find it on or

My grandmother was Hannah Lonergan of Kill, Waterford. Her father was David Joseph Lonergan.

Dave Lonergan
I live in rockaway beach new father is mick lonergan from knocknaboha house which is situated in betweenthe 4 towns of cashel,Cahir clonmel and fethard...lonergans are everywhere in this area we are part of the dalcassian tribe of Ireland and munster..we are related to Brian Boru the greatest high king of Ireland..thus dalcassian means the O'Brien clan(son of Brian)..lonergan comes from ancient irish term for ships crew or boatmen...we were warriors and poets and musicians and scholars that had very high status in society..we are originally from kennedy land up on east side of lough derg in north tipp..we fought norse/Vikings side by side with brian boru...also we achieved great heights with in the catholic church having 4 I think archbishops/kngs of email is I am 53

Veronica c
Thank you for all the background on the family of Lonergans. My great grandfather was John Lonergan from Tipperary who married a Catherine Keating but I can find little out about this branch of the family as there are so many Lonergans! My grandfather left Ireland around 1915-1920 and went to Glasgow, he was also known as John Lonergan. Does any of this ring a bell?

Maybe this might have some information....

Lonergan Family
In pre-Norman times the OLonergans inhabited north-east Thomand, i.e. that part of Tipperary which lies on the east side of Lough Derg, but the pressure exerted by the Anglo-Norman Butlers forced them southwards to the country around Cashel and Cahir...

Marie Larrison
Hello to all my cousins here in the U.S and those still in the old country. I'm a Lonergan through my father's mother, Florence Lonergan of Buffalo, New York. If there are other family members from that area I would like to hear from you. If there are Lonergans in Ireland who recognize my grandmother's name and city I would love to hear from you as well. The current generation doesn't know too much about our grandmother because she and my grandfather were divorced before WWII which was practially unheard of at the time. As a result she is sort of the dark secret in our family.

David lonergan
Hi I'm a Lonergan from waterford. Robert Lonergan was my grandad . He had sons Robert , John , Michael . Patrick , Joseph, plus daughters. Anne, Breda, Mary, margeret, Eileen,

kim kelly

Hi i am trying to find a patrick lonergan,he could be in his 70s now does anyone know


My dad is a Patrick Lonergan and he is in his 70's

Anny Lonergan
Hi I'm a Lonergan and I live in County Kerry Ireland. My family comes from South Tipperary in the Clogheen/Clonmel area My father was John Lonergan born April 18th 1926 His Father was Jeremiah Lonergan and his mother was Norah Lonergan nee O brien

jer lonergan
Hi Anny, was your father johnny lonergan that emigrated to England and later to Australia? Jer

Mandy severn
Hi my mother was Ellen lonergan known as Phyllis. She emigrated to Birmingham , England. mums dad was Jeremiah and Norah was her mother x

Hi Anny, My mother was Hannah Lonergan, her father Jeremiah & Mother Nora O Brien from Clogheen. Hannah immigrated to Australia 1960's.

Patty s
Possible your dads sister?

Veronica C
I am a Lonergan in the Uk whose father Patrick Lonergan lived in Glasgow and whose Grandfather came from Tipperary. My Grandfather had a sister called Nora and other children called James (JIm) Lawrence and Margaret all around 1900, Does any of this sound familiar?

mary lonergan mc hutcheon
i,m a lonergan from ireland grand dad from tipperary would like to fill family tree please

I'm a Lonergan as well, living in Seattle, WA. There's a bunch of us here.. San Diego, CA as well.

Hey Ryan, I'm a Lonergan living in Federal Way, just down the road from Seattle. Any idea how much of the clan is around Puget Sound?

Hello Ryan, I just found out that I am a Lonergan. I currently live in Olympia. My last name is Smith which is currently believed to be an Irishman who travelled over to NY where they were unable to pronounce his Gaelic name, so we ended up as Smith's. I am learning a lot about my history right now, but it seems that the Lonergan clan is the most rooted in my tree.


Hiii, I'm a Lonergan residing in San Diego, CA with many ties to Tipperary. My grandfather was Gerald John Lonergan..

Alice Lonergan Sheppard
Hi Kathy, Do you know if you have any relatives that moved to St. Louis or surrounding area?

I have found that there are many in Illinois and the surrounding area.

I am a Lonergan from Massachusetts

Alice Lonergan Sheppard
I am a Lonergan from St. Louis. My dad was an only child abd is now gone. I wish I could find out when the family came over from Ireland.

Dave Wainwright
General Lonergan of India who later became personal bodyguard to The Maharajah of Udaipur

Katarina Lonergan
what about Captain John Lonergan!!!! National Hero of US

Casey Auralee Carlson

Robert Lonergon was my father. He had a sister Shirley Jean (Lonergon) Conway. And three children by his first marriage. Patrick Tommy Lonergon, Robert Emmet Lonergon Jr and Casey Oralee Lonergon.