Last name: Love

This is an English surname. Recorded as Love, Luff, and Louve, it has at least two possible origins. The first is as a derivative of the Olde English pre 7th century personal name "Lufa" which is recorded in the Feudal Documents of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, in the year 1095, whil;st slightly later Galfridus filius Love appears in the Pipe Rolls of the adjoining county of Norfolk in the year 1208. The second possible origin was as a nickname from the Norman French word "louve" meaning a female wolf. This creature was renowned for her bravery and ferocity in fighting and therefore was a complimentary nickname for a soldier. Among the early recordings in London is the marriage of John Luff and Elizabeth White on November 20th 1695 at St. James, Dukes Place, London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Peter Love, which was dated 1255, in the Fines Court Rolls of the county of Essex, during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Barbara love

Any loves from Ohio?

Charles Love

I had an ancestor who immigrated from Ireland in the 1600's, but pretty sure the family originated from Scotland. But, I had a great, great uncle who fought in the Civil war, for the south, who's name was "Leroy Lincoln Love", I always loved that name.

Jonathon Love

I LOVE it! We are all related and from the Europe! Time for a love reunion!!!!

Jonathon Love

From the Europe area that is. Gotta love typos


My great great grandmother was Malissa Love who was 1/4 Choctaw indian. The Southern branch of Loves divided and many moved to Mississippi where they intermarried with the Natives


My grandmother is still alive (97 years old). Her mom was Native American, and she died when she was 9 (very young) So, I don't know much about my family. She is from Mississippi and she has 4 brothers I believe and 2 sisters that are all older than her. I believe she is the last of the kids.

Pauline Love

I am from a long line of Loves who originate in the Dorset areas of Charmouth, Ryall, Morcambelake and Chideock. Very proud of my surname as there was a Lane named after my Great Grandfather ( Love Lane) in Morcambelake/Ryall.

Charity Love

I guess we're all related. xD

Ronald Love

I used to work for a Mckinnon who informed me we were from the same Scottish Clan. I used to call him Cousin.

Charles Love

I've heard of the same connection to the Mckinnon clan.

Laura Love

From the Isle of Man ?

ronald Love

My Great Grandfather, Thomas Love immigrated from GB with his parents at age 17. Wound up in Dallas. His Son PT Love was the treasurer of Mobile Oil and he was the mobile oil building super. They used to joke that the Love's had the company covered from top to bottom. Hos son Lawrence was the City Civil reengineer in Las Vegas when killed in an auto wreck.. His little widow Vera, went on make millions in real estate there. My grandfather Walter ran all the motor pools at. Ft. Bliss, Tx.. for many years.

Dejanay Love

I am a Love, I guess we're all cousins. Lol.


My maiden name is Bailey but I am adopted! It was closed adoption so I only found out recently that my last name is actually Love! I would really like to know my Origin since I don't really know where I come from! It would be the closest thing I have to that family.

Christina Love

I am a Love. My family originated on the Island of Bute in Scotland. We had a farm there. My family immigrated through Ellis Island and landed in Staten Island, NY. Many of my family is still is Scotland while others are all over the US. I have remained in Staten Island where I am the 3rd generation living here.

christina love

Also, I am a part of the Mackinnon Clan :)

Hannah Love
I'm from New Zealand.
In my family the Love name came from Scotland.

Tony Love
That is my understanding also Hannah, a sept of the clan Mc Kinnon ( meaning the beloved son of..........

I'm from Liverpool UK

Frankie Love
I am a Love from Maryland. My grandfather is from Southern North Carolina.

Brian Love
I am a Love from Washington, D.C. My 3rd-great-grandfather was named Jeptha Dudley Love, he was a railroad engineer from Sedalia, Missouri. He was born in 1849 in Quincy, Illinois and lived his life as a railroad engineer until he was killed by a railroad switch in 1919. I have been unable to find any good information on his father James C Love born in Kentucky. Wondering if anyone knows anything about these men.

Tony Love
The christian name James crops up a lot in my family, the name Love iseither of Scottish origan ( a sept of the clan Mc Kinnon) or Anglo Saxon origan from Louf ( the feminine of Wolf meaning a fearsome fighter.

Love the name of Jeptha Dudley Love, that is class.

My full name is Anthony Love from Liverpool UK (

Jim Love
I am a Love from Scotland. My grandfather, also James Love, was Scottish and his mother and father (Eddie Love) took him to USA when he was a young boy (New Jersey?), this would have been in the 1920s. But they came back, although I have had a feeling that some of the family stayed in the USA, but if they did, we have all lost touch a long time ago.

i am also a Love, father - robert b. love jr., and grandmother - lovie mae love, grandfather - robert b, love sr. u can reach me at

Dejanay Love

My mom's dad's name is Robert Love!

Jen S
my grandmother's last name is loveins (I think that's how you spell it) so either the name has been distorted over generations or I'm in the wrong place. weird hw i'm british yet I don't look like it

Gay Nell Love Williamson
I am also a love from Kentucky. Our family comes from Tom Love, in the Vanburen area. I have also read the part about the name being originally French, but then coming down through Scotland.

Tony Love
2 seperate routes Gay, the Scots version is a sept of the clan McKinnon meaning the Belovered Son of................. in Gaelic, the French version is Loup or Louff feminine of Wolf meaning a fierce fighter, hope this helps.

I'm from Liverpool UK

Melissa Love
I am a love but I am from England but I would really, like to know where my name came from.

Darryel Love
My last name is Love, and my family originate from the South.

Neasy Love
I'm a Love and my family is from the south maybe we can get in contact maybe e-mail

Charles Love
Im a Love also and im from the south

Neasy Love

Christy Love
There were also Native Americans with the last name Love as well. My father 's last name is Love and he says it's Native American. We have Native American ancestry as well.

Christy Love
Oh and his family is from the South as well. Specifically Texas, where we have lived for 18 years.

Tony Love
My name is Anthony Love ( Tony) from Liverpool UK my understanding is that the surname is either of Scottish origan ( a sept of the clan Mc Kinnon) or anglo saxon, the femanine of Wolf, for what it is worth.

Constance "Connie" Maria Crews Cox
See below information of John H. Love, Eugene E. Love and Robert Foote Love,

Constance "Connie" Maria Crews Cox
My mother is named Clara Louisa Love, born in Kentucky in 1916. Her father was Robert Foote Love born 1884 in Thomaston, GA. He died in College Park, GA. in 1934. His father was Eugene E. Love born 1840 in Thomaston,GA. his death date and circumstances unknown. Rumor has it that he was shot while deer hunting, His father was John H. Love, born in 1808. He had a plantation in Thomaston, GA. He died in Charleston, SC, 1870. Eugene and his his father John both fought in the Civil war. If anyone can connect to my love family I will be thrilled. I have tried for several years to find out who John H. Love's parents were. Any information would be welcomed. Thanks, Connie Cox

Christine Love

I'm Christine Love, live in Edinburgh - also Clan Mckinnon - have undertaken some genealogy - think our branch of the Love clan came originally from Kinghorn - my father was James Ward Love born in Paisley, Scotland - am happy to share the information I have if anyone is tracing their ancestors. L

NeCe Love

I am a Love and of Indian descent Born in Loudon Tennessee. There are 100s of us (Loves) in Tennessee. I'm told that a lot of my relatives moved to Texas, New York, South Carolina and Florida.

ross mclaren
I don't believe this to be an English surname I am sure it has it's origin in Scotland. Very anglocentric this website.

Brian Love
Hello, I am also a Love. My grand father came from Texas but settled in Arkansas. Merle Edward Love. Anyone related or have any info?

Eddie walker
My great grandmother was a love from louisiana " Mini Love" any relation?

My Dad always said if there was an "Edward" in the Love name, we were probably related. He was originally from Pennsylvania though...

Darryel Love
My family originated from the South as well.

Jan Stoehr
I am looking for ancestors of Robert Love, b. 1810 in Chester Co., SC, m. Susan Ann Snelson in Holmes Co., MS 1846, d. 13 Feb 1851 in Florence, Williamson Co., TX. Email me at

JJ Love
Our family sir name of Love has gone through a Webb Family and back to Kitchens OK.

Ricky Love

I am a Love from sheffield. Lived here all my life, I have relatives all over england

Terry Love
Hello, my name is Terry Love, my Grandfather's name was Harvey Liston Love and lived in Alabama. Has anyone's research led them to Alabama?

Darrick Love
Hello Terry, I'm also a Love. My father's family's come from Alabama. However I can only go back to his mother. Thelma Love Cruz who was born in 1929. I've been told that her father's name was Roosevelt Love. I don't know if that helps.

Jennifer Mcdermott
My mother is a Love Her family moved to al in the 1960s Her father was TJ love

Darryel Love
Hi my family originates in Jackson, MS. If it helps email:

Barbara Love
My father's paternal family were from Arkansas but prior to that they lived in St Clair County and Calhoun County Alabama. The earliest Love I have (for sure) was Hezekiah Love. He was in the American Revolutionary War in South Carolina. He settled in Tennessee after the war and some of his sons went to Alabama. Anyone connect?

my 4x great grandmother was mattie, or maddie love, who married George wood.

meant to say from dekalb county Alabama

Jason Love
Hi Terry My name is Jason Love and my family has been from Alabama as far as I know for centuries. We also have McKinley and Griffith as closely and often used family names. My father was originally from Elmore County but lived in Talladega for most of his life. I hope this helps.

Laura love Yaremcho
I can go back to my gg grandfather, Marshall Love b. 1829 in New Jersey. Does anyone have any NJ Loves?

im a Love in NJ my all i know is that my grandfather is Richard Love from NJ

Do you know where in NJ or when he was born?

Brandon Love
I am a Love, from nj. Grandfather named Edward, his father was Sam. From ireland I believe.

Angela Love-Griffith
My family is Scottish/Irish, My great grandfather was Arthur, and I have a Sam too. I think Arthur's father. They started their American life in Tennessee and Kentucky.

David Love
I and a first generation Love from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Randy Love
David, do you have any direct tree data from Scotland? I have my love family data to 1734 but it begins in Piney Creek MD. Im trying to get across the pond to some origin?? Any help would be apprecitaed. Thanks Love lives on!

Tony Love
I searched my name many years ago in Scotland and was told it was of Scots origins, from the clan Mc Kinnon meaning the beloverd son of Kinnon in the old gaelic, lots of Loves on the west coast of Scotland, hope this helps.

Robert Love
I live in Stanfield, Stanly Co, NC and I am a direct descendant of Jame Love. According to family stories James, John and a cousin came to America and settled in Brunswick Co. VA. Where they came from is unknown. James' son James Jr was a Episcopal-Methodist preacher who settled in Cabarrus Co. If anyone would like more information please feel free to email me.

raymonte love
I am from cabarrus county as well as my entire love familycontact me or call 6095109417

raymonte love
I am also ame zion African methodist episcopalian

James Love
My mother's ancestor, John Love, emigrated from County Antrim North Ireland, to Chester, PA in the 1720s. John Love was Scots-Irish, and a founding member of the Presbyterian church at Faggs Manor, PA. Many of The Scots-Irish moved south from PA, and settled in Va, NC, SC, GA, and Tenn. Additionally, many of the Scots-Irish emigrated from North Ireland to Charleston, SC, and then moved west., or settled in the South. And, that is why there are so many people with Scots-Irish surnames in the South.

Nicole Wingate
Please join the Love Family Association if you're interested in sharing more information. The Love Family Association is an organization formed by people who share a common ancestor or surname. They join together for a variety of purposes including exchanging genealogical information, sharing current news about family members, having reunions, and promoting family pride. In addition, we strive to collect information about people with their surname all over the world. We're on Facebook!

ethra love
I want to join the Love Ass. I have been trying to find out as much information as possible about the love family

Do you have a link? I can't find it in a FB search..

Darryel Love
I am Darryel Lamar Love Jr, Son to Darryel L Love. My family originated from Jackson, MS and have grown further out if you feel that any of this could be of any assistance feel free to email me

Nicole Wingate
Many Scotch-Irish may have gone first to Pennsylvania when they arrived here in America, and then they dispersed. That is what happend in my family. But I do know also that while my family lived in Britain, they were forced to leave their country, Scotland I believe, and move to Ireland where they more than likely were shipped off to the Americas (they may have lived in Eng 1st but moved to Scotland). When they arrived they first lived in Pennsylvania, and then they moved to TN, the Carolinas, and eventually settled in Georgia. There are actually alot of Scotch-Irish descendants in Georgia and the Deep South. As for African-Americans with these names. I agree that many slaves in the South took surnames of slaveholders, but they also took names of their own choosing after the Civil War.

Angela Love-Griffith
I am a love with roots in Scotland/Ireland. My family also came to Tennessee and Kentucky. I believe my great grandfather Arthur, or his father Samuel were the first gen. to come to America.

Robert W Love
I too am a love and i am descended from the North Carolina Loves The ones from Haywood County. As far as i know from old documents that we have and thru research on the net i know that i am from the 3 Brothers from Ireland who immigrated here when america was just the 13 colonies. I have seen the clan McKinnon research on the net and also possible french connection from the norman conquest of england.

Tom Love
Tom Love I can only trace my family back to Granville I can only trace my family back to Granville Love b 1815 in KY. Family lore states we come from England then going to Scotland and marring into the MacKinnon clan. DNA states my data is closely related to the MacKinnons

Kelly Ann Love
When my grandmother researched some history, we are related to Granville Love. I have a copy of an old drawing or picture of him somewhere. I don't know too much of my family history but I know my grandfather (Love) was from Missouri and we had family in Kentucky. Somewhere on my family tree (the Love side) I remember the name Smalloff Pallas as well. I also heard we were from England. Feel free to contact.

Tony Love
Lots of Loves on the west coast of Scotland Kelly Ann, the name originates from a sept of the clan Mc Kinnon ( meaning the belovered son of Kinnon in the original Gaelic)'

Hope this helps (

My Grandfather, Andrew Love, came from Ireland...I believe Dublin. This would have been late 1890's to early 1900's. He settled in Toronto, Canada.

Hi, I'm a Love too. Grandfather born in Paisley, Scotland. Anyone know much about the Scottish line?

Charles Edward Love
have traced my Love family back (6) great grandfathers. from Ayreshire county, Scotland to County Antrim,N. Ireland, from there to York,S.C. to Crittenden County Ky. and finally to Texas. if anyone out there has the names of Terrell, Jefferson, Arthur, James Calhoun, Roscoe, Andrew, Aiexander, and John Love who was born in the 1670's,possibly,lets talk.

James Love
My father is Gregor Love born in Ayrshire 1926

Kelly Ann Love
I heard of a John Love in my ancestry and family supposedly from England, settled somewhere in the North East and ended up in Kentucky and Missouri and now we are in Louisiana.

Mike Love
My Grandfather James Love was from Northern Ireland, County Fermanagh, and he emigrated to the US (Boston) just before the turn of the last century.

T Ralph
That is very interesting. My James Love was born in Brunswick Virginia and Died in Cabaruss or Mecklenburg North Carolina. Where is your James Love from?

My James Love was born in Brunswick, VA as well but died in Campbell County, Fulton, Ga. If this is the same James, who was his father, gfather, and great grandfather? How far back do you go?

I'm a Love, African American and my decendants were James Love as well....interesting

my father was a Love and he is scottish and there are a lot of them in scotland too

Taylor Love

My family is from Scotland, I now live in New Zealand. The first name Taylor goes back several generations in our side of the loves.

My last name is also Love and im african american too

Melia H. Love
All the Loves I've met outside of my husband's family, both up here and down south have been African American. It'd be interesting to know if the majority of.them trace back to the James Love spoken of here.

Thanks, I do not think this is, as far as I know my ancestors left in the late 1800's Thanks but I believe this is not the same Love Family the Loves in question left late 1800's or maybe early 1900's and definitely went to Pittsburg area as they already worked in mines in Ireland. Did you mean Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland. that is more likely, as do not know this name in Dublin.

my surname is Love and I live in Ireland, but I believe we came here with the local English Landlord who came from Yorkshire. Many of my relatives emigrated to Pittsburg area of Philadelphia, and the more recent ones to Philadelphia. Whilest I know my relatives from Phila. we have lost track of the Loves from Pittsburg. the were into coalmining, and I think may have well owned mines someplace there. One of my great uncles had two daughters who were nuns, we can also trace these, but there it ends. Any help please. ps they either emigrated from Ireland or perhaps Scotland.

T Ralph
My ancestor James Love was part of the Reeds Gold mine in Mecklenburg North Carolinia It was James Love around 1799 who was involved with it. Do not know of any from Pittsburg/Philiadelphia. My Loves caame from Antrium Dublin in 1650.

daniel love
my loves are still in derry, northern ireland and indeed came from yorkshire

stanley w love
My grandfathers name James Finney Love lived in KY

C. Love
I am a Love from the Philadelphia area. I am very confused of theorigin of my surname. George Love, great grandfather, aparently from Scotland, then I hear that Love is Old Irish and I am mostly Irish. Also, the fact that they are going back to the Love name being adopted by the English (from Norman and French descent) Wish I knew for sure...

eric love
i live in philadelphia. Were probably related.

T Ralph
I have researched my Love ancestors coming from Scotland Lothian ( Edinbrugh) Moving to Dublin Ireland Then immigrating to America. There are also Love's from Basingstoke England and Dorset England. I also found for the African American Love's trail. In Jamaica There are Jamaicans with the Love surname from the surgar plantations. There are many Love's living in Jamaica.

That's probably because the English enslaved hundreds of thousands of Scottish and Irish people and sent them to the sugar plantations as white slaves. Research this and you will uncover the fact that the Gaelic people are the most enslaved people in the last 1,000 years. Some Loves (Gaelic surname) were probably sent there and eventually names were adopted by the Jamaicans from the whites (as happened in the South after the War between the States).

Michael E Love
I'm last name Love as well and I'm pretty sure if Science is correct we're all descendant from Africa. So technically we're all African, American. But seriously, I've heard that most Love's were English at time of first NA settlement. But, as I see on other sites, there were also some Scot and Irish Loves as well???

Were not Africian anyway My last names Love and Im from Ireland and so is all my Love relations

Hi Kayleen, I am from Ireland, and looking for my great uncles to emigrated either from Ireland or scotland in the late 1800's or maybe even beginning of 20th c. They were coalminers, possibly anthracite, may not have gone to Pittsburg may have been schuykill penn. I f u know perhaps anything abou this then maybe we could talk. thanks

My last name is love but im african im pretty sure i have no english ancestry