Last name: Lovell

This interesting surname, with variant spellings Lovel and Lowell, derives from the Anglo Norman French "lou", a wolf (ultimately from the Latin "lupus"), plus the diminutive suffix "el", and was originally given as a nickname to a fierce or shrewd person. One Richard "Lupellus" was recorded in "Ancient Charters of Sussex", circa 1118. The surname appears towards the middle of the 12th Century, (see below). Other early recordings include Willelmus Luvel, "the Curia Regis Rolls of Oxfordshire", 1206, and Philip Lowel, "The Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire", 1255. Richard Luvel alias Lovel or Lowel "of Kari Lowel barony" was recorded in the Somerset County Rolls of 1263. He descended from William, Earl of Yvery, whose father Robert had acquired the nickname Lupus because of his violent temper. A noble family of Lovell were established in Northamptonshire from the 13th to the 16th Century, and included Francis, first Viscount Lovell (1454-1487), summoned to parliament as ninth Baron Lovell of Tichmarsh in 1482. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Luuel, which was dated 1130, in the "Pipe Rolls of Oxfordshire", during the reign of King Henry 1, known as "the Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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hey I'm a Lovell too situated in South Africa,Cape Town.I am proud of my surname,but the nickname she-wolf not so much,on the other hand it's awesome I get invited to all the parties now that's rad!

Courtney Lovell
I am a Lovell. My family branch, as far as I know goes back to the war of Roses. The Lovells had a kingdom, but it fell they chose the wrong side of the war. The castle remains are still there, I think somewhere in scotland.

My grandmother was Melvalyn Lovell. I am trying to find out more information So this is very cool!

my last name is lovell I don't no my family tho my father s name is bob I would like to no more if ne 1 has info contact me at


Could some kind people here please let me know if this surname is pronounced 'Love - elle' as in 'well', or 'Love - uhl' as in 'all'. Much appreciated :) .


So apparently my grandfathers birth father's last name was lovell but his mother remarried and took her new husbands last name. He would only say that his birth fathers name was Cecil Lovell

Lori Lovell
I am a Lovell as well and we have had a family book put together many years ago...I know at some point the Lovell's migrated from Tennessee to Oklahoma, I don't have the book with me it's at my parents house, but I know we are scottish/irish/english...I know there are many many Lovell's everywhere, just wondered if somehow we are all related somewhere down the line

I married a Lovell and the inlaws are from Texas but we live in Oklahoma.

mark timmons
I am a desendent of the lovell family of Massachusetts my great grandfather was Clarence lovell of candy cupboard like to find out some more family history

My last name is also Lovell I am from Canada woundering if any relatives are out there

Last name Lovell as well. Great-grandfather was Marcuss. Grandfather named J.B., father named DeWayne. I know as far as my Great-grandfather goes, he was settled in Ragland, Alabama. I'm not sure if he was first-generation settled or not. In interested if anyone's family tree has a Marcuss in there somewhere. Email:

makayla lovell
i'm from Oregon originally but we moved to Arizona

I may have very very long lost family on here! Lol

My last name is Lovell and live in Wales in the U.K.

Kayleigh lovell
From scunthorpe england

my grandmother was Ada Lovell. I'm in edina,mn,USA

Pam Lovell-Dawson
I was born a Lovell, don't know my father at all due to a very bad divorce...My dad's name was Burdette and his father's name was Minor C Lovell. They were born on McComb Ohio.y father's obituary list him as living on Red bluff, CA. Looking for some long lost family like some brothers a d sisters. I only know 3 of the 9 of us.i f you are related, please send me an

Bernard lovell Jr
My father is Bernard lovell.
Ada Lovell is my grandma from Elmira ny

my parents named me lovell what a beautimas first name

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