Last name: Lowe

This ancient surname which can be confusingly English, Dutch, Germanic, Norman French or even Scottish in origin. It sometimes has identical spellings in different countries, but quite different meanings! If English it is usually spelt Low or Lowe, and derives from the pre 7th century word 'hlaw, meaning a prominent small hill, a barrow or burial mound, and hence somebody who lived by such a place. However in all countries it may be a medieval nickname derived from the Old Norse word 'lagr, meaning low or short, and hence probably given to a tall person!. The Norman French word 'lou', meaning wolf is also a possibility as a nickname in all countries. If so it described a ferocious individua, or again probably the reverse. In countries whose language is primarily German based the surname is recorded in many forms including Low, Lowe, Leeb (Germany), Lob and Lobe (Alsace), Leue, Leeuw, Leeuwink, Leeuwerink, Louw (Dutch), Lev (Czech) and others. Here it may derive from the pre medieval word 'lewo' meaning a lion, and hence was a name given to a brave or regal person. This explanation may have some connection with the Ashkenasic word 'leyb' and the lion of Judah. Lastly the name can be Scottish in origin, and a short form of male given name Lawrence. The first recorded spelling of the family name anywhere in the world may be that of John le Lu. This was dated 1207, in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Gloucestershire, during the reign of King John of England, 1199 - 1216. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Richard Lowe

So proud to carry the Lowe name. With 6 grandsons to carry on the name

Debi Lowe

Love the meaning behind the name....especially the pre 7th Century version as Hlaw, I am an archaeologist who specialises in Prehistorc Britain, in particular the Stone and Bronze Age when barrows and burial mounds were that my profession and subject specialism relates to a possible ancient past for me


The Lowes were related through marriage to King Henry the vlll of England. Many of them served in the revolutionary war of the U.S.

Leonard Terence Lowe

I come from a long line of the Lowe family, we have traced our family back to Yorkshire. Mining coal, iron ore & Woking in iron and steel, is all we have ever done. It's in our blood.

Leonard Terence Lowe

My father has traced our family history back to a village near Leeds. My great great grandfather was from there, but they moved to West Bromwich, in the Black Country, Where mining & forges were the main source of work. One of the first steel mills in the Midlands was in the Dudley area. The mines were unique, 30ft down. Cropped on the suface


Im 11 years old and im a lowe. im working on a coat of arm project for school

Pat Lau
Grandparents from Berlin and what is now Gdansk Poland but Germany in the 1800's

Matthew Lowe
We LOWES are truly amazing and i hope we will keep our family pride for years to come!!

Adam Lowe
i agree

Stuart Lowe
I concur


Sean Lowe
Yes indeed, keep it rolling fellows.

Willy lowe
I hate my surname, i'm always lowe becuase of it.

Bonita Lowe
Yes I agree!! I love our Name LOWE , KEEP IT FOREVER IS WHAT I HAVE DONE

Brad Lowe

Iain Lowe
I am from the Scottish side and can trace my ancestry back to 1520 and I am very proud of my surname.

David Lowe
I am doing my family tree and have come across some sad and wonderful facts about my line of the Lowe family, they are mostly based in Staffordshire/ Derbyshire in England, but my father always used to tell me we are related to the wolf me who came to England with William the Conqueror (lots of fiction but maybe a tiny bit of fact)

Sean Lowe
I must say we Lowe's will continue for ever and ever

Lowe Svärd Nilsson
I have Lowe as my first name! :) keep it in pride my slaves!

Seth Lowe
Got German and Scottish Lowe.