Last name: Lyons

Recorded as Leo, Leon, Lion, Lyon and Lyons, this is usually an English, but Scottish or Irish surname, although in most cases is ultimately of early French origins. Introduced into the British Isles after the Norman Conquest of 1066, it has a number of possible sources. Firstly, it may be a locational name from either the town of Lyons, in central France, recorded in the 1st century b.c. as "Lugdunum", and thought to be from Gaullic elements meaning "raven hill, or more likely from the smaller place called Lyons-la-Foret in the province of Eure in Normandy. Secondly, it may be a nickname for a fierce or brave warrior, (or perhaps the reverse) from the Old French word "lion" itself from the Roman "leo", meaning a lion. The surname may also derive from the given name "Leo", again from the Latin, and borne by numerous early martyrs and thirteen popes. On the Continent the given name was always relatively popular because the lion was the symbol of the evangelist St. Mark. In some instances the surname may be of Irish origin, and a form of the Gaelic O'Laighin, translating as the male descendant of Laighin, a byname meaning spear or javelin. The surname has no less than ten coats of arms granted to it, and six major entries in the British "Dictionary of National Biography". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Azor de Lions. This was dated 1159, in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Norfolk, during the reign of King Henry 11nd of England, 1154 - 1189. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jordan Lyons

Wow, never knew this. Always learn something new about your heritage. At some point along the line, I have found that Knights shared the same surname as me. This kind of stuff really fascinates me.

Corey Lyons

I'm am a Australia and my great great grandfather was 10th prime minister of Australia sir John Lyons served in the first labor party then made his own befor being elected as prime minister called the UAP united Australia party. Good to no that I have family no matter where I travel also we have Knights in our family and painters and many heros.

Skye Lyons

I also have Jewish Lyons ancestors from Whitechapel. Jacob Lyons, clothier, born 1806. His grandson is described as "dark skin, black hair and dark eyes" in his military docs. I don't know when my branch of the Lyons family came to London.

Tracie Lyons

My grandfather is Billy Martin Lyons Sr. All I know is his grandfather ran away from home and took his mothers maiden name. Lyons. He never talked about his past and everyone is now deceased. But nice to know where one half of my family may be from.

Ross Jackson
I was born a lyons,but was adopted out,my great granfather was Robert Lyons,who would have come to Auckland New Zealand in the early 1900's? and married into the connors,both family's were from south Ireland,on the connor side my great great grandfather was John Connor,am very intrested in looking for links to George,Mary,Mary Ann,George lyons who came to new zealand in 1865,Mary ann was 13 at the time,who ran away and ended up on great barrier island,and lived with the local chieftainess(Maori Dame) and got her moko(tattoo on her chin)anyone knowing anything about this i would love to hear about it.

Ross Jackson
oops to many George's,the son was Charles

Megan Lyons
Hi there. I'm tryin to find out more bout my relations, its pretty hard. I'm living in summerhill county Meath Ireland. My grandads from mayo, Patrick Lyons and I just wanna no as much as I can any help?,??

Wark William
William Wark died in the late 1800 in Owen Sound, Ontario And his wife Margaret Parson William was born 1821 in Donagal, Ireland Margaret Parson according to my records Abt 1821 in Leitrim, Co. Ireland They were .Methodists. Have you any dates of there death

Nicole Lyons
My last name is lyons and I come from German, Native American, Russian,Czech? Weird that my last name come from French, English, Scottish, and Irish decent.

Jill Lyons

My surname came from the Jewish side of the family and they apparently took on the name when they fled the Spanish Inquisition... could be a popular name for people to adopt... much like Washington or Jefferson was popular for newly freed slaves in the USA... just a thought

Jonathan Lyons
Lyons from Scotland. Just outside Glasgow. French / Irish connection seems likely. Though its a common assumption of French connection due to Lyon in France.

darrell lyons
this is nice my last name history

Hannah lyons
I love all of this informaiton. Very interesting. .. Florida<3

Gwen Robertson
Interesting thread! I'm headed to Ireland soon and hoping to get further there than I have online so far. I've been trying to find a Thomas Lyons who married an Ellen in about 1866, and they were both born in Ireland in 1844 - the start of the potato famine. So, I'm guessing they emigrated at young ages, but I can't find Ellen's maiden name, or any certain documents other than a St. Louis, MO 1900 census that has them with living with their child John E. Lyons. Anyway, I'd love to be able to go farther back, and to know exactly where they were born in Ireland....

My grandfather was John W. Lyons and came Kentucky...

Wow!!! Really? My grandfather was a John Lyons. And i was told by my mother that his father left / abandoned the family in UK and emigrated to America and started a new family over there. Wonder


my grandfather is a john D. lyons, no clue where he came from

John Lyons

MY name is John J Lyons

John W Lyons

Huh. My grandfather's name was John J Lyons...

Robert Lyons
My grandfather came to America as a boy circa 1920 from Glasgow, Scotland. He arrived in the Boston area to live with relatives. In 1928 he was on the United States Olympic soccer team. After that he worked in the shipyards of Boston. He had two children, Mildred, my aunt, and John, my father. I am one of five boys born to John Patrick Lyons: Robert, James, Thomas, Steven and Edward. My aunt Millie still lives south of Boston, my father John lives in Virginia.

Mike Lyons
Im related to you. And I am black, and from Ga!!

Ann Marsh
Hi i'M Ann Marsh nee Lyons .My father was Anthony Lyons .His father was from Castlebar in the south of Ireland he married Anne Cairns or Kearns from Sligo County Mayo.All our descendents were Roman Catholics.I believe my great grand parents left Ireland at the time of the potato famine.I believe I still have relatives in Sligo .My father and his brothers and sisters were all born in Scotland

Maria Lyons
Ann Castlebar is in county Mayo which is in the west and Sligo is a county in itself. I dont know if this helps you any. Lots of Lyons in Mayo.

RonLyon @
My fathers name was William Lyon from St. Helens Merseyside, my grandfather was john my Great. G.f was James .from Haydock was Ann Fairclough of .Windle .both born in St.Helens and their parents were beer sellers. I do have many records of my family history but am unable to send them to you because I don't know how to do it. Please Help me to give you the information which I possess

Hi Lyons Pride! Wow, I'm actually blown away by the amount of LYONS from Whitechapel London! I am starting to do some more research into my family history, my great grandfather's name was Joshua Lyons and he married a girl called Rose Bremer (who's father was from Hannover in Germany). I've sent my dad's dna to Genebase and we have Spanish, Ashkenazi, and Romani blood! I knew about the Spanish/Jewish bit but not the Romany! I'll give you all a quick family run down, My dad, Edward J P Lyons 1929, Whitechapel His dad, Joseph Lyons 1902, Whitechapel His dad, Joshua Lyons - not sure (when research was done the info was not available online) Please feel free to ask for more info, Roar!

Clarice Falls
My ggggrandfather Lewis Lyons was born 1806 Whitechapel ,London. I found out he was a jew a surprise because I thought they where all Catholic Irish.Lewis was convicted of stealing cheese and transported for 7 years to Australia.There he meet and married Catherine Cunnigham.They had 4 children,Moses,Solomon,Hannah,and Rebecca.He died Sept.11,1871 he's burried in the Old obart,Tasmania,Australia.I too wonder if he was Irish or English ,I've hit abrick wall with my research,although I did contact someone who came from Whitechapel and now lives in Austrlia and feels strongly that we could be related.I live in California,U.S.A.

Jo Slamen
Clarice, I am descended from Lewis too. I think you and I are related. Lewis Lyons is third great grandfather. I was also surprised and delighted to discover my Jewish ancestry. I have been unable to date to find any information on his parents, but his convict record describes him as having a brown complexion, and dark hair, brown eyes etc. I wonder about his own ancestry. The Old Jewish Burial ground in Hobart has been built on top of (twice). It closed the year Lewis was buried there in 1871. I am yet to discover whether headstones were moved to Cornelian Bay cemetery. Clearly some (all?) of the people were not, as I have found excavation photos online of people in graves !! I understand that Lewis was a hatter by trade, and was assigned to a woman by the name of Mrs Champion. I have found one address where he lived (just down the road in Harrington St, from where the Old Jewish Burial Ground was), and Lewis' name appears on a board in the Hobart synagogue which I have yet to visit to see. I believe the board is comprised of the names of former synagogue members buried at the Jewish Burial Ground (probably in recognition of them as it closed?). I believe there were more children than you list. There were at least one, if not two more daughters - one being Rachel, from whom I am descended. I discovered her heritage through the Trove newspaper website family notices, connecting her with both Lewis, and with her sister Rebecca (who had entered an "In Memoriam" notice to Rachel on one of the anniversaries of her death). I am Tassie born, am in my 40s (and I have discovered another five convicts - including Lewis' wife, Catherine) and I currently live in Hobart with my family. Surprisingly, my considerable convict heritage was completely unknown to me until about 18 months ago. Feel free to find me on Facebook if you wish. Best wishes, Your Distant Cousin

Hello Clarice, I had a delve into family history about 8 years ago, I only got to about 1860, the census on the internet wasn't as bounteous as it is today. My Lyons family are Jewish (as far as I know) Eastenders, but my Auntie Maureen is convinced that she heard that the Lyons side were Jews from Russia. But, this is all I know. I need to get back on!

Hi Ruth, Just wanted to reply to you (I replied to Clarice above a week or so ago) as I'm also descended from the same Lewis Lyons as Clarice mentioned. His convict record states he was a hatter, and that he was quite darkly complected, with dark eyes. I would be very interested in any information about Jewish Lyons in London, and any information on their ancestry too, particularly as Lewis doesn't fit the stereotype of an English, fair-skinned chap. My grandmother descended from Lewis Lyons was quite olive and dark, so it has been interesting to read of Lewis' appearance and possible ethnicity. Best wishes for the festive season.

Sarah Johnston
Hello ladies .. in my travels I have traced back to Hannah Lyons who was a daughter of Lewis & Catherine Lyons of Hobart Tasmania. Hannah married Noah Witherington and their daughter Florence Ada was my great grandmother. Is anything more known about this Lewis Lyons as there appears to be a few with the same name ??? related ??? Regards Sarah


Hi Sarah, I have been looking at the children of Lewis and Catherine Lyons of Hobart too. It would be great to be in contact with you. I believe my great great grandmother Rachel Lyons, was a daughter of Lewis and Catherine. I am currently researching the final resting place of Lewis, who was buried in Harrington Street in the Jewish Burial Ground. In 2002, many sets of remains were moved from there, but I'd like to try and work out if Lewis was removed also. I have just created a Facebook group for the purpose of fleshing out the Tasmanian Lyons family/ies. It's closed, but if you search it and request to join, I will add you. Anyone else who may read this and believe it's relevant to their Lyons ancestors, please join too. Best wishes, Jo

Joy Lyons
Lyons, Matthew married 1795,St Marys, Reading,Berkshire,UK Lyons,Joseph ,Baptism 1792,St Marys, Whitechapel,Stepney buried Old Lambeth cemetary Lyons,James William, Surrey, shoemaker 1859 our branch of the family moved to Christchurch,New Zealand and Sydney,NSW,Australia We were told we were originally French Jews who converted to Cathlocism Above are the earliest records we have ,it would be nice to find out the truth of where they originated. We are following a DNA trail at present with 23andme..

Ellen Peacock
My paternal grandmother was a Lyons, born in Bunclody, County Wexford, Ireland

Barry Lyons
I am a Lyons!from the Boston Ma. area and proud to carry the Lyons name. Glad to see many familiar names and places. My father was Bruce Arthur Lyons, my grandfather was Joesph Patrick Lyons, my father was born in Halifax Nova Scotia, his family lived in Peggy' Cove . Been told I'm of Irish, Scottish, and German decent.

Tim Lyons
My Lyons heritage is traced back to Nova Scotia as well.

Tracie Lyons

I'm a Massachusetts Lyons with Nova Scotia as well. Gf John J....lots of John J.

My name is Lyons traced my family back to Ireland then to Scotland

Carole Bonga Tomlinson
THAT is really cool. The Jewish connection to the name Lyons and France is starting to seem strong. If elements of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe are historically accurate, Jewish immigrants arrived in British Isles at least in the time period around the Norman Conquest. To link any to the Scottish name will take more digging. Clearly, they were absorbed into the Scottish population a long time ago, though. As Stevie Wonder sings, We are the World.

Rosemary Mckenna
My maiden name is Lyons I have been researching my paternal line I managed to get back to my Gt grandfather John lyons born in 1849 he married Eliza Hunt in Dec 1876 and gives his father as Henry Lyons Furrier it seems before his marriage there seems to be no trace of him or henry, john was a bootmaker living in midd england I was told that we were french jews .

Carole Bonga Tomlinson
The Scottish name Lyons may have come from France, as did many French names following the Norman Conquest in 1066--and for several hundred years thereafter...such as the strongly Scottish name Ferguson, which appears to have originated from the French, Farqhuar..."scotticized" to Farqhuarson. The ruling Normans of England regularly awarded land & estates in the 1100's, 1200's to their French kin. Living in Scotland for so long, they became the Scots--and eventually ruled England: James I, the first Stuart king of England, at first was James VI of Scotland, but he was also a great-great grandson of the first Tudor King of England, Henry VII. I have NO doubt that the Scottish name Lyons that came down to my family is NOT related to the late Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. I'm not interested in finding a link to any royal lineage. I'm just VERY interested in finding out a geographical region of Scotland that may have had those Lyons around for maybe 900 years. Many thanks for the comments.

The name Lyons takes can make many variants..... Those bearing the name of English origin can most probably trace their family origin back to the continent...( Europe). In Ireland it was not a common surname until the Cromwellian invasion and persecution of the Catholics and in that instance many Irish family's Anglicised their names in order to escape persecution at the hands of the invading protestant forces. Hence O'Sullivan became Sullivan etc.... This applies to Lyons the Gaelic name is O' Laighin which is of Firbolg origin according to historians and can count it's self as being one of the oldest Gaelic names/names in Europe means men of the spear and other variants have called it grey...?. As to the Jewish connection I'm sure many European people of all name sakes can claim a connection to a Jewish ancestry none more so than in the nineteenth century Europe where having a Jewish sounding surname had a certain stigma attached to it , hence an increasing amount of European Jews changed their surnames to assimilate themselves with a more European sounding surname. Without doing so some would have found it hard to seek employment etc.. due to stereotypical racism at the time . but slowly and thankfully this has changed...ish and like most communities they have prospered and flourished and have become an integral part of the worldwide community as a whole.

Carole Bonga Tomlinson
Although many comments indicate the name Lyons has come to the U.S. from places in Ireland, the Scottish origin for my northern Minnesota Indian ancestors is firm. Lots of Scots men and, earlier, French men, married (or produced children with) Native American women in 1600's, 1700's, and early 1800's in western Great Lakes region; they came to work in the fur trade. Scandinavian farmers who came in late 1800's were entire families that displaced the Indians (not intermarry, for the most part). (Finnish men came to work in mines & later bought inappropriate land to "farm.") The Irish (one of my Indian uncles married a Hennessy from Wisconsin) clearly came later--and from the Eastern United States (not directly from Ireland). Thank you to all the Lyons who have posted--ain't America grand?

Jason lyons
My name is jason lyons... I live in alabama. Father is luke lyons... Where am I from... Like really?

Orville D. Lyons
I'm Lyons, Daniel, Eaststep, Castel and an all American mutt. Goody for me. That is all the royal linage I need.

My Lyons family comes from Cork, also....

Mark Lyons
Hello, I am Mark Lyons and my clan is from Cork as well. My ggrandfather William and his brother emmigrated to Canada and both settled in Owen Sound Ontario. This is really incredible to read of so many other family connections. Such a large well positioned family is surely destined for world domination LOL

Gregory Lyons
Hello, funny reading some of the instances here of the Lyons name, I've tracked my name back to Cork. I live in the States an I am proud to be a part of a large multiculture who all bare the Lyons Name.

augustine lyons
hi every i am augustine lyons from the small caribbean island of grenada that surname really travelled far i am just getting to know more about it

owen patrick lyons
my surname is lyons but im irish

Justin A. Lyons
Hello to all, I hail from Boston MA. My Grandfather is from Boston Joesph Lyons(Irish). His father Joesph Senior(Irish).

Maurice Reid
I am trying to find a Lilian Lyons - my grandmother , later Lilian Reid who died in 1971 and was born around 1882

Tom Lyons

My name is Thomas Anthony Lyons, DOB 12/02/1947. I an Australian. I am the first born son of Norman James Lyons and Jane Gertrude Lyons (nee Wightley) My Father is the son of Thomas Denis Lyons (Plumber) & Eleanor Lyons formally from Cork Ireland. Migrated to Australia. Had 7 sons and 6 daughters. Oldest son Thomas Lyons KIA St Quentin France WW1, John William Lyons died of wounds suffered in France WW!, Reginald Amond Lyons, adopted son won the Military Medal France WW1.also fought in WW2 rank Sargeant. All Lyons sons Plumbers as was grandfather. He was biggest Plumber in Sydney early 1900's. I am also a plumber and named after Grandfather and his first son Thomas KIA WW1. I am a former soldier served in Malaysia 1968/9. I have some history of Lyons family that migrated from Cork, Ireland.

Jennie Lyons Heflin
My maiden surname is Lyons...I have traced my family's origin back to the highlands of Scotland...but, wherever the name derives it's origin, I'm proud to wear the name...I have always been drawn to all these Celtic (music, history, etc)...guess there's something to be said about one's DNA...and a hearty shout out to all of you who wear our name proudly!!!!!!

Do you happen to be from Louisiana or had been stationed there?...The reason i ask is that someone I knew along time ago said he knew a Jennifer Lyons, I think when he was in LA, and asked me if i was related to her...

Noelene Lyons
Our LYONS family is in Tasmania, Australia. I am trying to trace the correct or known birth place of George LYONS b. c 1842-1841. Family say Dublin....I cannot find him coming into Tasmania ( VDL ) ( did he swim ( he is not a convict ) he married Louisa Evans b 1859 Westbury, Tasmania. We descend from this line. Hopefully somebody might have him in their tree and our birth place would be solved. Their is a George Lyons b 1842 Dublin who came out to New South Wales Australia.....but this is not our George. If anybody has information woud be great to hear from you via email

Frances Lyons
I'm a Lyons, my husband's family is from the UK for generations already, but we have our ancestry traced to one Joseph Lyons (1788-1856) who originally came from Germ, any. We're Jewish as well, so there is definitely a Jewish connection. I'd love to know more where the family was before Germany, and what the name was previously since it does seem to have been changed over the centuries. We are also connected to Sir Joseph Lyons and the Lyons Teahouse of England. Anyone else connected thru that? I'd love to hear from a relative, however far fetched...

mark lyons
i traced my family back to Lt. William Lyons who joined the British navy in 1805, he joined as a sailor and was made a lieutenant in 1820. I've been told that he was protestant because they didn't promote Catholics back then. he died in co. mayo around 1880. i 've never found out where his family was from, so if anyone has an idea i'd sure appreciate it.

John Jacob Lyons
My name is John Jacob Lyons. I have traced my paternal ancestry back to Lewis Lyons, born in Whitechapel in 1747. He died aged 94!! Quite a feat in those days. I see that Whitechapel is mentioned several times in connection with the Lyons family. If you saw the 'Who Do You Think You Are' TV programme for Jason Donovan, you may remember that his maternal great great grandparents were Joseph and Rosetta Lyons, who were Jewish and originally from Whitechapel.

Nikole L. Lyons
My last name is lyons and I was told that I am a russian jew. Weird kind of mix, but I am still confused is it french, irish, scottish, or english.

Cindy Lyons
Hi, My name is Cindy Lyons and I what to tell you first, I 19m not an English person so I 19m sorry for my basic english. But I am starting to search my ancestors. I know I 19m supposed to be a Irish catholic descendant. I 19m born in Outaouais in Québec province in Canada like my father, my grandfather but it 19s there it 19s complicate. My great great father Alfred Lyons was born in 1871 in Whitechapel in London and in 1884 at the age of 14 Alfred was sent to Canada exactly at Thurso city in Québec province by the Cardinal Manning. Why??? I don 19t know. And Alfred was adopted by a Bédard Family. I find her sisters who stay at London with her mother Hannah ? who remarried with Mathew H. Daley (Daly). But I stopped there. I can 19t not found my Irich origin. Who was the first to come in Whitechapel in London? For many Canadian we have some Irish ancestors because of the famine in Ireland. The British Government wanted to get rid of the Irish and sent to Canada. So if someone can help me that would be very appreciated. And I want to add that I too am proud to be a Lyons. Grrrrrrr ;)

Lyne Lyons
Bonjour Cindy, J'ai lu avec beaucoup d'intérêt votre message. Je suis descendante d'Alfred Lyons qui a marié Cordélia Leduc à Thurso en 1892. J'ignore s'il est arrivé ici en 1884 comme vous l'indiquez dans votre message puisque sur l'original du registre de mariage, on indique qu'il est le fils d'Alfred Lyons et de Hannah Daley de cette paroisse; soit Thurso. Cette information m'a questionné à savoir si ses parents étaient les immigrants venus d'Irlande ou s'il était lui même le premier à venir d'Irlande. Toutefois, je n'ai jamais trouvé de traces d'Alfred et Hannah dans aucun rencensement. Je n'ai rien trouvé du côté de l'Angleterre concernant le mariage d'Alfred et Hannah ou de la naissance de l'un d'eux ou de leur fils Alfred. Donc, je crois arrivé au même endroit que vous. Concernant l'arrivée d'Alfred au Canada à l'âge de 14 ans, avez-vous en votre possession des documents validant cette information autre que les informations que l'on trouve sur le site des Archives du Canada? Avez-vous des documents attestant l'adoption d'Alfred par la famille Bédard? Selon le registre de mariage, il est possible que son prénom ait été Joseph puisqu'il est témoin au mariage d'Alfred et Cordélia. Espérant que nous pourrons nous entraider et trouver ces ancêtres d'Irlande.

Norman Lyons
My name is Norman Lyons I live in America and have been checking my family tree I ended with Sir John Lyons and can find no more. Any Ideas

Larry Lyon
I have found a couple of John Lyon in tracing my heritage, Norman.I really can't help you on that though. I use to think Lyon was a not so common name, as is Smith, Johnson, etc. , here in the U.S... until I made a trip to Scotland and paid a visit to 'Glamis Castle' where the 'Queen Mum' was born.. last name 'Lyon'.. and happened to mention to the 'Tour guide' (Thinking that she was going to be really impressed!) that my name is 'Lyon'... to which she replyed..."Oh the 'Lyon's are everywhere over here!! Ha! In case you didn't know .. in Scotland, there is a 'Loch Lyon', and also a beautiful 'Glen Lyon' or valley... Anyway ... good luck on your search!

tanya b
yes william i agree with all that you have said , lyons also means legions ,that for me means order, strength, courage and numbers > enormous appitite and hearts>>always searching for more of everything especially awareness , i feel we are a rightous honourable people who are great humanitarians , we will not be told what to do ? there is a regal energy in the name lyons ,

william lyons
No matter where the name lyons comes from or what it means i feel very proud to pass this name down to my two sons.As i belive that the name brings strengh and courage to all the people who carry the name.i also think that when fate has those funny little momments it likes to throw at us somestimes eg when in a meeting or sitting in a in a public place and we should over hear somebody else been called Lyons should we not try intruduce our selfs, cause we are family after all.

I'm a Lyons but my Lyons ancestors came from Austria.

Im a Lyons and there is also a Jewish connection. From my research the Lyons side of my family were Jews from from Poland. However, I cannot trace any further back so it is possible that they changed their name to Lyons on arrival in England in the 1800s.

Stephen Lyons
Our Lyons blood is from County Cork also.

Larry Lyon
My name is Lyon. I ran into brick walls when trying to track my ancestors... so hired a 'Professional Genenoligist'. She traced my family back, and said that we came from Scotland. In the 'Perth' region! I know Queen Elizibeths 'Mum'.. was also a 'Lyon' and lived in 'Glamis Castle' in Scotland as a wee lass! I attend all the Scottish Festivals, and have visited Scotland twice... and for some reason.. always felt like I was coming home when there!

My Grandad came from Cork, his great Grandad said the name came from Lyonesse

Hey leif, where do you think the red hair comes from in Ireland?...It certainly isn't Irish...

Leif Larsson
Hello from Norway: Found readings very ineresting I am Norge as was doing some work on friend Sofia Lyons Aikio whom is Sverige Sámi, Sofias people tell I Lyons is very old name from before Christian times, I can no find documentations of the Lyons people or how they have gone but wonder if you are the Lyons people I have been told of. Maybe you are decendents of the northmen/norman that have settled in other countrys. My dad tells every people have nothern blood in them apart from Ireland because they was hard buggers to conquer but I am sure they have a little in them too.

Hey, I am a Lyons also...I've read that it come from the lion of juda...But also, i've seen it was an anglicization of an Irish surname. On my Grandads side is Fleming and goes back to 1681 in Cookstown, tyrone, Ireland...On my granny's side it is Meyers and goes back to Pest, hungary and is Jewish....I guess you could say that i am an Irish Jew...

Declan Lyons
I'm Irish born and raised there. I do know my surname comes from my mother's father or my Grandfather. His mother however was German. So maybe Lyons does come from a german jewish backgroud.

Travis Lyons
im Irish and on my code of arms it says my last name comes from a native tribe in ireland

tanya b
yes the name Lyons makes me proud too , it has always given me that sense that i matter and what i do with my life matters , i feel its a noble and regal name with a huge inbuilt sense of responsibility and accountability , great close expansive clan , kiss

Nikki Lyons
I'm a Lyons and I always believed that I was mostly French. After reading into this I'm a little confused. I know my fathers mother was french (or I think) her maiden name was Herbert (a bear). I didn't know my grandfather too well. But they lived in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. I've thought about doing some geneology research but I'm not sure where to start or even what to do. I know I have either scottish or irish in me because me and my sister both have freckles and red tones in our hair. But I've always felt more French. Either way I'm proud to be a Lyons. Wether I'm french, irish, jewish, whatever. My last name makes me feel proud. Something about it has power. Like The Lion. :)

steve lyons
greetings to all lyons,i am steve lyons and it feels so good to know that you are all out there,what joy it feels to hear you i know what i feel is royal, greetings to you all on behalf of all of trinidad and tobago via the u s a

andrew Lyons
Hi, I've bee reading all these comments, and there seems to be a lot of confusion. I'm a Lyons and I've done a fair bit of research into the name. Yes, it's true that the name can be from Scotland (where Lyon is a scottish name), From England (where it comes from the norman French), or from Ireland (n my case) where it is an anglisized version of the gaelic name Ó Laighin, meaning grey, or It could also be a variant of the Irish Ó Liatháin of County Cork. I think that the jewish connection is a bit unlikely for most Lyons's. I've been tild by a rabbi that Lyons is a common jewish name, but after a bit of research, we see that it isn't really very common. If your name is Lyons, and you're english, and you don't have any Irish ancestors, you're looking at a name that came over with the norman conquest, Maybe from Lyons -la-Foret, in normandy, not far from where I live.

Carole Bonga Tomlinson
Charles Lyons from Scotland married my great-grandmother, Margaret Hatterson. Margaret was half Scottish (Hatterson) and half Ojibwe Indian. All lived among the Ojibwe in Minnesota. My grandmother, Josie Lyons, was considered an Indian, as were her husband and children--and me. I'm trying to find what part of Scotland Charles Lyons came from. My dad was quite proud of his Scottish ancestry, though he was mostly Indian and with an African surname, Bonga. I love America and the wonderful mixture of all peoples.

Lisa Rust
Found out that my gg grandmother on my paternal side was a Lucy Lyon from Bedfordshire. Her father was known as Peter Smith-Lyon - presumably from the area. Haven't looked into the origin of the family name, but I think it's a quite an interesting name all the same. I do remember a branch of Nigella Lawson's ancestors being Lyon's from 'Who do the think you are'. I guess the Lyons can be Jewish, as well as Scottish, English etc. I do know though, that there are only very few names that can claim to be of Jewish origin exclusively.

Mitchell Harden lyons
i am a decendant of a long line of first born Lyons and our name means to stand with strength and pride. and for your information, Lyon is singular form and as a pride we stand together as Lyons. and our origin is older then material last without someone to watch over it. And as for the name Griffin. Have you ever seen a griffin because I havent.

Hi all, I also am Lyons who wanted to know about my name so did a bit of family research. I am English born with Scotish Mum & Dad and all my Dads grandparents are Irish, This got real hard to trace but found that many other surnames took on the name lyons. The lyons name was taken on by people from all over (as was the name lyon). Just have to point out that the royals had the name Lyon not Lyons. Lyons became common over a large part of the globe inc Ireland, England, Scotland, France & Germany by people from very different backgrounds and faiths but as far as I was concerned my background was irish. Any way my family research hit a wall so decided DNA Ancestry could be the way to go, Well after jumping the wall I came down with a nasty bump discovering that I am not as irish blooded as I was before I got the mail. "now I am of a scandinavian origin".