Last name: Malkin

This unusual surname is of early medieval English origin. It derives from a female given name first recorded as "Malkyn" in 1297, a diminutive form of "Malle", itself a nickname form of "Mary". To Malle has been added the diminutive suffix "kyn or kin", meaning "close relative of". "Mary" was an extremely popular medieval female given name, being the claimed name of the mother of Christ in the New Testament. The original name is thought to have been derived from the Aramaic "Maryan", translating as the "wished-for-child", but others claim that it means "the star of the sea". It was probably introduced into England by the Norman invaders of 1066. What is certain is that a great number and variety of other personal surnames have been generated from Mary, and in this case Malkin can also be found as Maulkin. An early example of the surname recording in a surviving register of the 17th century is that showing the marriage of Francis Malkin to Agnes Donne at the church of St. Gregory's by St. Paul's, city of London, on December 19th 1609. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of John Malekin. This was dated 1284, in the Court Rolls of the Abbey of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, during the reign of King Edward Ist of England. he was traditionally known as "The Hammer of the Scots" and reigned 1272 - 1307. Throughout the centuries surnames in every country have continued to "develop", often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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gayle feldstein
hello to everyone my grandfather SAMUEL Abraham Malkin and his father Joseph Malkin were born in Belarus in Russia. My grandfather came from Russia to Canada then to Detroit, Michigan to Waterville, Ohio and finally to Toled, Ohio.. my father Maxwell Jack Malkin was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. my grandfather had three brothers and two sisters. I later heard there was another brother who came to Canada, but went back to White Russia. Is there anyone out there who can tell tell me about this other brother. My grandfather name is Samuel Abraham. his brother were Mack, Alexis, and louis. If you have any info please email at Thank you Gayle Malkin Feldstein.

Bill Malkin
Derived from - a) Malka(Hebrew) - means Queen Queen is another name for a female cat. Quean is another name for a prostitute. b) Malkyn (Middle English) - means (1) prostitute, (2) Cat (3) literally stands for Little Molly (Molly is from Moll, meaning Prostitute) c) I also heard through older family members that a Malkin was a mop or broom maker. (Prostitutes were said to look like old mops and hence the name(?)) My own thoughts - Malkins were Jews that migrated to many countries, including Belarus and England. The men became mop and broom makers and/or the women had to work as prostitutes in England to survive. In any case, being Jews they would have been treated with very little respect.

Rob Malkin
mal·kin [maw-kin, mawl-, mal-] Show IPA 13noun British Dialect . 1. an untidy woman; slattern. 2. a scarecrow, ragged puppet, or grotesque effigy. 3. a mop, especially one made from a bundle of rags and used to clean out a baker's oven. 4. a cat. 5. a hare.

Rob Malkin
Sorry about that, yes you are correct for the cat reference. From Old French mal, from Latin malus, derived from Proto-Indo-European *mel- ( 1Cbad, wrong 1D). Near cognates include Spanish malo and Italian male. Thus we could both be considered correct. As far as names are concerned they do tend to be amalgamations of professions, locations or relations (or spuriously adopted in some cases) so who knows?