Last name: Martinez

This famous name is a development of the Roman 'Martinus', a personal name derived from 'Mars", the God of war. The spelling here is Spanish, the name in England being normally Martin but also found as the Huguenot Martineau from Poitou, France. Martinez the name is recorded heraldically in Castille, Milan and Sicily. The Coat of Arms for Castille being, 'A green tree an a gold field, within a border of red with knight spurs in Gold'. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Martinez di Castille which was dated 1580, Madrid, Spain during the reign of King Philip II of Spain, 1528 - 1598 Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Sarah Martinez Gonzalez

Yes, Spanish/Portuguese/Sephardic but before that Visigothic (German) = means place of battle

Sarah Martinez Gonzalez

Sorry, Gonzalez is place of battle. Not sure about Martinez.

My great grandad changed his name from Martinez to Martinel when Musolini became in power when he moved from Spain to Italy. I have been told it is a jewish surname, if anyone has any more information on this i would be grateful

Massiel M, Martinez
wow my name is Massiel m. Martinez this is very interesting and good to know

There are some houses which had this surname in Navarre and Aragon.

Jennifer Martinez
That is taino not tino indians...and they did not have chiefs as they were all equals.

Actually they did have chiefs.

Isaiah L. Martinez

Samantha G. Martinez
my name is samantha g. martinez and i think these websites are great cus i have a huge family and my moms mom great granda was a tino indian cheif :DD i would have been next in line for the thrown if it was still alive so im kinda royal to the tino indians i think its really cool :I

Martinez is a Sephardi Jewish name from Spain also Martin .

I thought Martinez originated in Santander, Spain?

Santander is in what formerly was the Kingdom of Castile on the Iberian Peninsula.

i love the last name that i have to represent :)

samantha martinez
thats my last name :) its awesome to find out about this stuff isnt it ? i love finding out new things about my family cus i have a HUGE family like i found out my great geart great greart greadt grandpa was a tino indian chief :I

furgencio martinez
i know right ;)

Mai Mai
anyone know of any maritnez members goin to the philippines, my grandmothers maiden name was martinez


Did you find out about this? I have trying to track to my ancestry - My father, Diego Martinez, comes from Manaog Philippines.

Diego Martinez
In 1492 when Columbus arrived in America, several members of his crew had tne Martinez surname. It is of Galician ancestry, not Castilian.

Mark martinez

I'm a Martinez and in the military and let me tell u I can't even count how many martinezs I've ran into