Last name: Massey

Recorded in the various spellings of Macy, Massy, Massey, Massie and Macey, this very interesting surname is of pre 8th century Old French origins. Introduced into England after the Norman Conquest of 1066 in some numbers, many of whom received significant land grants, the ultimate surname has two possible origins. Firstly and most likely, it is a locational surname from one of the many villages in Normandy who provided the bulk of Duke William's 1066 expeditionary force. These include such places as Macey in La Manche, Massy in Seine-Inferieure, and Mace-sur-Orne, in the department of Orne itself. A second possible origin is as a short form of the Roman personal name 'Massius', itself a development of the original Matthew. It is quite impossible in the 20th century to tell which origin applies to a modern surname holder. The development in both cases includes: Hugo Mascy of Huntingdonshire and John de Maci of Middlesex, both in the year 1221; and William Massy of Nottinghamshire in 1330. Later recordings of the surname from surviving early church register lists include the marriage of John Massey and Mawde Fothergell at St. Margaret's, Westminster, on September 22nd 1571, and in Lancashire where the name has been prominent since medieval times, that of Robert Massye, a christening witness at Manchester Cathedral on June 11th 1583. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Hamo de Masci, which was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of Essex. This was during the reign of King William 1st, 1066 - 1087.

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Robert Massey

My name is Robert Massey. My grandfather Francis "Bud" Massey was born in Kansas. He and my grandmother did a lot of their own genealogy research. They traced our blood line back to Geoffry Massey, the first of our line to land in America, who landed on Plymouth rock. I never payed much more attention than that. But I know that's where my lineage came to America. My father was born in Kansas as well, myself in Texas, then I grew up grade school through high school in the Chicago area.

Alana Massey

Ok so I've read that My last name is English,Irish,French and Scottish,my father is Jesse Massey,my mother is Michelle Clarke (no they are not married) and My family had something to do with the Old Testament.I have relatives (most likely)in Ireland and Scottland.Is there a possibility that I can be related to anyone on this website?? :)

Kyle Massie
Am I the only one who spells it that way?

Yeah man!

Mr. Massey
I'm from Roswell NewMexico, so it is quite possible that the Massey name originated from another dimension or planet.

Tia Jones-Massey
Hello! I'm Tia Jones-Massey from London. Apparently my grandad, Henry Massey was born on a boat that deported from the US which was headed over to Scotland so technically my Massey name originates from America. I pronounce it "Mass-ey".

Kyla Massey

My great grandfather changed his last name from massie to massey at Ellis Island when he moved to America.

abdul massey
hello, I am Abdul Massey from Pakistan

Dawn Massey
Hi, I'd like to know how you all pronounce your name? Do you say Massey like mace-y or mass-ey like me?

Teresa Macey
Teresa Macey of IL and Mo. Our Maceys were from Missouri and Nebraska, earlier from England altho my g-father said they were English and "Scotch-Irish."

I'm Payton Massey from Virginia! The original spelling was Massie, but when my grandfather joined the military one of the men made him change his name because it sounded "girly". My grandfather was born in Richmond, VA, and moved to Texas. Cool to know! :)

gary massey
I am gary massey from belfast in northern ireland, my father tells me our name is french and that most masseys in northern ireland were originally french huguenots, they were protestants who fled france because of persecution. In 1685 Louis XIV of france declared protestantism to be illegal and huguenots either fled or were forced to convert to catholicism many went to other european countries and around 4000 emigrated to the north american colonies especially new york and virginia my own family came to ireland to work in the linen industry along the river lagan

Brian Massey
I'm Brian Massey from Dublin, and my Dad told me the exact same thing... so it must be through. Probably the main origin of the Massey's in Ireland.

justin massey
i am Justin Massey from Florida my Father Michael Massey is from Virginia his Father Tom Massey is from West Virginia thats about all the history i know of for us i know i have alot of Massey's in West Virginia and Virginia some more in Florida but outside that not sure i do know that most of our origins are from either England or France and that the English side at one time moved to Ireland and i am almost positive that thats the side i come from. Edward Massey was the first american settler that i can trace my self back to who came here in the 17th century and lived in Virginia

April Massey Sargent
I am April Massey (now Sargent) and I live in Alabama! My grandfather's brothers lived in Texas, Virginia (I think), and he was in the Air Force, so travelled around a bit.

Joshua Massey
Hey my name is Joshua Massey and I'm from Florida. Although my father was adopted so therefore I have no blood ties to the surname, my great grand father came over to America from Ireland

Jaqueline Massey-Heyes
Hi Ralph, I am too!!!

Jordan Massey

I'm Jordan Massey, born in Liverpool, England. All of this makes sense when I take my known family history into consideration.I know that my ancestor who first come To Liverpool was from Ireland and came over during the potato famine.

ralph alexander
we are the south african massey's

Michelle Gordon was massey
Hi my maiden name was Michelle Massey from nottinghamshire does this mean I'm a descendent of William Massey in the above text?

April Massey Sargent
Hi, Michelle. My maiden name was April Michelle Massey! That's cool to know!

Beatrice Mesey
I am Beatrice Mesey and have had my Last Name spelled several different ways. But I do know we are of the French orgin and most of my family are also of the catholic faith.

Sheree Massey
I am Sheree Massey and I know I am Cherokee Indian Descent and I am trying to find a cite that does free Genealogy if you know of any please let me know.

Jonathan Ray Massey
Hi I'm Jonathan ray Massey of frostproof Florida
My fathers family is from Alabama I was told that we are from
England, and Ireland we mostly have Irish in us we all are
Big and have a red tint or reddish orange culerd haer

Caroline Lockwood
My grandaughter's surname is Massey and originally her (paternal) grandfather was from Swindon UK. She was born in Blackpool. It is a French name from Normandy.

Elizabeth susan Mcmullen maiden name Massey
my father is a descendent off people from the Isle of Man

john Nolan Massey
Hi all, i am from Australia and the Massey name is well established in both this Country and New Zeland -our family has had a long time involvement in the Fishing Industry .Many civic icons are named after the Massey's in both country's -i am trying to establish origns of name for this branch of family tree and i think at this point Cheshire in England looks the most likely -my email is -would look forward 2 hearing from any serious surname hunters with info about 2 all John

Daniel Massey
My family came to America in the 1690 with the Drury company as scouts for the Virginia colony. Everything I can find says they were Irish and they moved to South Carolina to Tennessee then to settle in Texas where My Grandfather was born.

Kirk Massey
My Family originates from Cheshire, which apparently has some of the earliest recordings of the names spelt with the EY. Fascinating how many of us there are.

Hi my name is Matthew Massey and I'm from Texas.

reg massey
Hello, my name is reginald john massey from toronto canada. my great grandfather was born in ireland and

Jaqueline Massey-heyes
Hi I am Jaqueline Massey Married = Massey-Heyes, family from Northern Ireland, living in South Africa

nick massey
Hi, my name is nicholas massey and i live in wales, uk.

My name is D. Sky Massey, I lived in Yorkshire, NY (recently moved to Raleigh, NC). I've read that Massey is from Normandy France region but was originally a Celtic surname. Please tell me this is correct, it would be amazing if it was.

My name is Josh Massie im from virginia

Very interesting info about the Massey name being my father's family came from Dublin, Ireland I was told it was either Irish or Scottish origin,so this is news to me about the true origin of the Massey name never knew it is of French origin.

My name is Caoimhe Massey, from Dublin Ireland. I heard that the name is famous in some way but I only know theres a tractor called the Massey Ferguson. If the name is Irish yay! I don't want a French name...

Stanley Massie
My name is Stanley Massie and Iam Indonesian native and Iam an Asian,are we related ?

Adella Collins
Hello, My name is Adella Collins and my grandmother (Jonnie pearl Massey) died 18 years before I was born...the only thing I know is her name... Jonnie pearl Massey and her family lived in oklahoma but there is strong possiblity that they came from Kentucky too...if any one on this list knows of anything in their family pertaining to a "massey" surname or is from oklahoma or whatever or a Jonnie pearl Massey born around 1934 and died around 1976 please send me a message, thank you. I have been doing some ancestry search and know nothing about my grandmother or her family...and my dad doesn't remember either...thank you

Melody Massey

My grandfather was Richard Dale Massey, from Oklahoma, I think he came from Kentucky area and supposedly their were 17 boys....

Alan massey
My name is Alan Massey, I'm from Florida.

lisa massey
my name is lisa massey from liverpool uk are we related

My name is Allie Massey. I am from Madison, Kentucky! Are we related?

My name is Amanda Massey. I am from Madisonville,Kentucky.