Last name: Massey

Recorded in the various spellings of Macy, Massy, Massey, Massie and Macey, this very interesting surname is of pre 8th century Old French origins. Introduced into England after the Norman Conquest of 1066 in some numbers, many of whom received significant land grants, the ultimate surname has two possible origins. Firstly and most likely, it is a locational surname from one of the many villages in Normandy who provided the bulk of Duke William's 1066 expeditionary force. These include such places as Macey in La Manche, Massy in Seine-Inferieure, and Mace-sur-Orne, in the department of Orne itself. A second possible origin is as a short form of the Roman personal name 'Massius', itself a development of the original Matthew. It is quite impossible in the 20th century to tell which origin applies to a modern surname holder. The development in both cases includes: Hugo Mascy of Huntingdonshire and John de Maci of Middlesex, both in the year 1221; and William Massy of Nottinghamshire in 1330. Later recordings of the surname from surviving early church register lists include the marriage of John Massey and Mawde Fothergell at St. Margaret's, Westminster, on September 22nd 1571, and in Lancashire where the name has been prominent since medieval times, that of Robert Massye, a christening witness at Manchester Cathedral on June 11th 1583. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Hamo de Masci, which was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of Essex. This was during the reign of King William 1st, 1066 - 1087.

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justin massey
i am Justin Massey from Florida my Father Michael Massey is from Virginia his Father Tom Massey is from West Virginia thats about all the history i know of for us i know i have alot of Massey's in West Virginia and Virginia some more in Florida but outside that not sure i do know that most of our origins are from either England or France and that the English side at one time moved to Ireland and i am almost positive that thats the side i come from. Edward Massey was the first american settler that i can trace my self back to who came here in the 17th century and lived in Virginia

gary massey
I am gary massey from belfast in northern ireland, my father tells me our name is french and that most masseys in northern ireland were originally french huguenots, they were protestants who fled france because of persecution. In 1685 Louis XIV of france declared protestantism to be illegal and huguenots either fled or were forced to convert to catholicism many went to other european countries and around 4000 emigrated to the north american colonies especially new york and virginia my own family came to ireland to work in the linen industry along the river lagan

I'm Payton Massey from Virginia! The original spelling was Massie, but when my grandfather joined the military one of the men made him change his name because it sounded "girly". My grandfather was born in Richmond, VA, and moved to Texas. Cool to know! :)

Teresa Macey
Teresa Macey of IL and Mo. Our Maceys were from Missouri and Nebraska, earlier from England altho my g-father said they were English and "Scotch-Irish."

Dawn Massey
Hi, I'd like to know how you all pronounce your name? Do you say Massey like mace-y or mass-ey like me?

abdul massey
hello, I am Abdul Massey from Pakistan

Tia Jones-Massey
Hello! I'm Tia Jones-Massey from London. Apparently my grandad, Henry Massey was born on a boat that deported from the US which was headed over to Scotland so technically my Massey name originates from America. I pronounce it "Mass-ey".

Mr. Massey
I'm from Roswell NewMexico, so it is quite possible that the Massey name originated from another dimension or planet.

Yeah man!

Kyle Massie
Am I the only one who spells it that way?

Alana Massey

Ok so I've read that My last name is English,Irish,French and Scottish,my father is Jesse Massey,my mother is Michelle Clarke (no they are not married) and My family had something to do with the Old Testament.I have relatives (most likely)in Ireland and Scottland.Is there a possibility that I can be related to anyone on this website?? :)

Robert Massey

My name is Robert Massey. My grandfather Francis "Bud" Massey was born in Kansas. He and my grandmother did a lot of their own genealogy research. They traced our blood line back to Geoffry Massey, the first of our line to land in America, who landed on Plymouth rock. I never payed much more attention than that. But I know that's where my lineage came to America. My father was born in Kansas as well, myself in Texas, then I grew up grade school through high school in the Chicago area.

Louis Massey
My great-grandfather was from New Orleans. The child of a black woman and a French Businessman.

Roger Massey
My father was Harvey Raymond Massey..b. 09-1-1911 in Danville, Virginia. The family moved to Chandlersville, Ohio in the early to mid 1920's. His parents were Abe Massey and Cora (Moore) Massey. His siblings were Jefferson Massey, Ira Massey, Ethel Massey and Dorothy Massey. We know nothing about our family history, if anyone has these names in their family please email me.

Lynda Smith (Massey)
My father was Paul Massey and my grandfather and great grandfather's names were Pleasant Massey. My great grandfather came from Tennessee and was a preacher and merchant. My father told me that we were Scot-Irish. I haven't researched that far back on my father's side yet so I'm not sure just where else they might have come from. If anyone recognizes either of those names please email me at

William J Service, son of Ruth Massey.
The first Massey in the colonies came in 1630 to Salem, Mass. That was 12 or so generations ago. The Masseys are in every state and every province in Canada. The Irish Masseys were planted in Ireland by the Brits in the later 1600's. Originally we were French, then English, mostly in Cheshire in central England and given land for service as archers in William the conquerors army in 1066. While Massey is the anglicized version of old French names it has variant spellings. Not everyone could write in the old days. I wish you all well in your searches. It is an interesting family history and for instance they came to Massechusetts. As religious refugees. They refused to be part of the Church of England and were early baptists. Their marriage was not legal and they faced imprisonment if they stayed. Aren't we lucky they emigrated? By the way, it is a relatively easy family to trace back as it has had some VIP's in the family. And there is lots of research done by others over the years that is available. The Internet as much information on the Massey family as well.

Christine Anne Massey born 23 February 1953
My. father was Alfred Thomas Massey born 26 May 1929 in London - first born of parents Catherine Emma and Alfred Walter Massey died 1950/51. Just very interested in the origins of my maiden name. I had heard from family that the actress Anna Massey was a cousin of my fathers

William James massey
My father who in 1947 left my mother the year I was born. I have never met him or my grandparents. I would be interested in finding out what and who they where and have I any relations.

Jill Kane
My grandfather was Kenneth Massie born in 1903 in Illinois. He later changed his name to Jules Kenneth Masse (no idea why). He was my mother's father, but she never knew him. His parents were Charles W. Massie and Marguerite Miner Massie. In older censuses when Charles was still a child living with his parents, the name was spelled Massey, although that could have been the census takers error...either that, or Charles changed the spelling later. Charles' father was Alex Massie (Massey) and mother was Sarah Bolman. Kenneth (Jules) later married someone named Gertrude, and moved to New Orleans and then to California. He died in Culver City CA... I was in touch with a grandson of Jules some years ago, but lost contact. Don't know much about them other than censuses

Lisa Massey
My 3rd great grandfather was born 1813 Wake N.C His name was William Jimison Massey I can not find any records of his father no where if anyone could help me I will would appreciate it

Jacob macy
I've been told that my last name macy was changed from massey when they came to america, so hello cousins 😂

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