Last name: McCarthy

This famous Irish clan surname descends from the early kings of Ireland. Recorded in the spellings of MacCarhty, McCarthy, MacCarty and Mccarty, it is an anglicized form of the Gaelic "Mac Carthaigh", the prefix "Mac" denoting son of, plus the byname "Carthach" meaning "loving". Given that the clan were long famous for their territorial and disputes with their neighbours, may suggest that the name was a nickname, and an ironic one at that! Today the clan has some thirty thousand members within Ireland, the great majority still living in the their original homelands in County Cork. Those with the spelling as Mccarty or MacCarhty are most prominent in County Wexford, in the South East of Ireland. The clan descends, or so it is claimed, from the 3rd Century a.d. King of Munster, Oilioll Olum. The earliest recognisable nameholder was probably 'Carthach, Lord of Eoghannacht, who died in 1045. Amongst the notable early nameholders was Fineen Mac Carthy Reagh, chief of the barony of Carbery in West Cork in 1572, and who resided at the famous Blarney Castle. He is also famous for being the originator of the word 'blarney', to indicate a verbal smokescreen. Justin MacCarthy, was created Earl of Mountcashell by King James 11 in 1688. He subsequently commandered the Irish Brigade in the army of France, before being killed in 1694. The coat of arms of the clan has a silver field, charged with a red stag trippant, gold attired (horned) and unguled (hoofed). The arms suggest a person of loyalty and speed of action, who is well rewarded. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of MacCarthy Mor, which was dated 1172, rendered homage to Henry 11 of England, during the reign of Ruairi O'Conchubhaire, High King of Ireland, 1166 - 1198. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Scott McCarthy Jr.
Looking to find where exactly my ancestors came from in Ireland. My grandfather is Thomas R McCarthy and his brother is John McCarthy (not sure of middle initial) they were both from Buffalo, NY but one moved to CA and the other to PA. Love reading the history of this name!

Is there a mistake in the spelling .... "Those with the spelling as Mccarty or MacCarhty....."

Ray rarly spelt Mccarty it can be spelt Mac carthy but mostly it is spelt McCarthy...... Ive never seen it spelt MacCarhty

hey do you all know that there are McCarthy's living in Jamaica too

Siobhan McCarthy
My father came from Clonakilty and joined the RAF during WW11 . He ended up living in Montreal Canada. Anyone related or have any details thanks Siobhan

Crystal McCarthy
Crystal McCarthy reports death of my father Timothy McCarthy 1982, my uncle John McCarthy 2004 in Brevard County FL, My grandfather is alive and well 92 yrs old who lives in Brevard County FL any relatives .

Ray McCarthy
do you know from your grandfather what part of ireland or Cork county they orginally came from or where in ireland MAY you have relatives. good luck with it.

BFF Kate McCarthy !!!

mellena mccandless
Crystal mccarthy did your father Tim die in a motorcycle accident in illionois?

R mccarthy
thanks very much

hi im looking for a relatives of john..patrick..cathline and margret mccarthy who came from the cork area ireland they came to wolverhampton area in england aprox 1935..1940 any info ?

R McCarthy
sean, i cant seem to the above names in the ancestorys books in Beara west cork. I will continue to look for you, but i dont think these people came from the Beara area of west cork. do you have any further information on them , or any other family siblings. i,l continue to check for you.

Leo im not sure its possible they came over from ireland i can find out and get back to you

Melissa O'|Brien
I'ama looking for a john Mccarthy,, who spent a bit of time in Bolton, manchester some time in 1983, if any one cud help, i'd be very very gratefull

did he have any brothers or sisters ?

shawn mccarthy
that's so cool my uncle is John McCarthy but sorry he is not the person you are looking for

Tony mccarthy is the grandad I mean

Hello Charlotte, Did your Mortimer come from County Cork?

Hi leo my family r mortimer and mccarthys in torquay devon!! Tony mccarthy!

C. McCarthy
My Grandfather on my fathers side was Vincent Gerald McCarthy born Aug 1922, he never mentioned anything about his family... any information?

Mortimer, Mortimer McCarthy, where art thou desendants?

Stephen McCarthy
Leo - my grandmother Catherine McCarthy, who emigrated to the US in the early 1910's, was one of 10 children of James and Abigail (nee Sullivan) McCarthy and had a brother named Murtagh or Mortimer who was born in 1888 in Eyeries, Kilcatherine, County Cork...check out the national archives census data of 1911 for more info. BTW, I think that my grandmother was one of the few - if not the only one - that left the country and I am trying to trace her widowed mother Abigail's living and deceased offspring thru various databases.

Michael McCarthy
Hi Leo, my granddad is Michael McCarthy from Kilcatherine, he had a brother called Mortimer. My granddad went to Butte Mointana for 20+ years, he was a copper miner if this is any help.

R McCarthy
Quess were the same McCarthy then...............

pls who knws d whereabout of benny mccarthy?

my fathers name is mums name is sadie madien name payne

Interesting. Anybody have info on a Mortimer McCarthy from Eyeries Parish, Castletownbere? He was a mail carrier around 1800's, I can't find any else on hi,

R McCarthy
Leo.... I have very similar relatives, and back in thoes times all McCarthy's were almost related. you can buy books that holds all the records of all families in Castletownbere, they are excellant. i hav them and can check any information for you if you wish.