Last name: McConnell

This ancient Scottish and sometimes Irish surname is recorded in the spellings of MacConnal, MacConnel, MacConnell, the short forms commencing 'Mc', the specifically Irish O'Connell and McGonnell, and sometimes without any prefix at all! However spelt the surname is claimed by the Scots to be a derived form of "MacDhomhnuill", the modern MacDonnell, through dialectal assimilation of the letter 'd'. The name literally means "the seed or race of Donald", and it is claimed that all descend from Donald, the eldest son of Reginald, the first MacDonald, and Lord of the Isles, in the 10th century. The Scottish MacConnel(l) clan is largely to be found in the counties of Ayr, Argyll and Wigtownshire, and the first known recording of the name in any acceptable modern spelling is that of William McConnil, from the parish of Urray in 1649. It seems that he was a soldier on the kings side, and therefore in the parlance of the day a rebel! This was during the various civil wars of the 1640 - 1660 period. The Irish beg to differ claiming that the descent is from Cathasach O'Connail, bishop of Connacht, in 1180, and that the origin is from the first name Daniel. This suggests that even when the surnames have the same spelling, the origins are quite different. The first recording as a hereditary spelling is believed to be that of Therthelmac Makdonenalde, a witness to a land charter in Lesmore, Scotland, in the year 1251. This was during the reign of King Alexander 11nd of Scotland, who reigned from 1249 to 1286. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Crystal Marie-Ann McConnell

My name is Crystal McConnell! ^.^ I live in texas and always have. My grandfather i do not know much about, because of a tragic accident, but i love my last name and the history of it. I hope to one day go to ireland/Scotland. My blonde hair and green eyes would be found to suit the area i hear. :D

Millie McConnell
We could be one HUGE family ;)

Nikolas McConnell

Ive never seen so many McConnell's in one place!!!

Jamison Ehrine McConnel
Is there a difference between my one L to your two L's? In our last names

Angus Dorn McConnell
Lord I've never seen so many McConnell's in the same place!!!!

Peter Kenny
Hi, I note in your article that you date the first known recording of the name as 1649. However, in Sir David Lyndsay's play, "Ane Pleasnt Satyre of The Thrie Estaitis" first written in 1540 for James V and revised for performance under Mary of Guise in 1552, the Pardoner in the Interlude refers to, "...Of Collin's Cow here is ane horn, For eating of McConnal's corn was slain into Balquidder." Are you familiar with this tale? Or do you know it's origin before Lyndsay?

samantha mcconnell
Hi my name is samantha ann mcconnell my fathers name is otis winfield mcconnell but i d like to go further then that :)

If you are researching the surname McConnell then is a good place to start. Hope it helps

Taylor Barnett
Hi My name is Taylor Barnett, my mother was Native American-Creek Indian from North Carolina (Mother) and Irish(Father). My Father is African American with Native descendants. My mother's father's name was Arthur McConnell. I just wanted some information....

Mike McConnell
Hi, my name is Michael McConnell. My dad is Russell McConnell and he has a brother named Alan. They were born in Kansas and migrated to California and ended up in Nevada. I wish I had more.

Jay McConnell
Hi my name is Jay (Jason actually) McConnell, Fathers name is David McConnell and his father is Ted McConnell. Don't really know much at all about my family or heritage but am trying to search dilligently for the history of my surname.. Would like to pass on some sort of history or whatever to my sons, Blade, Gage and Ryker.

Here's what the book called "Kintyre Families" by Angus Martin, published in 2011, has to say about Conley, a name very close to Connell (the "Mc" means "son of"), with "chonnel" appearing in the earlier forms of the Conley name: "Earlier Mcilchonnelie, Mcilchonalie,etc." "[The] Gaelic 'Mac ille Chonalaich' has been suggested locally, but SoS (p 167) [Surnames of Scotland, by G F Black, 1993 Edition, Edinburgh], reliably or otherwise, derives the name from 'Mac Donnshleibhe', See KSC, p163 [Kintyre in the 17th Century, by Andrew McKerral, Edinburgh 1948]"

Annie McConnell
Hi, my name's Annie McConnell. My Gramps' last name was McConnell, and apparently most of our family came from Cork County as well! We have this huge book that someone in our family made and it's full of information on the family and clans and whatnot. It starts off with the first McConnell and lists all the generations up till about five years ago. I'm sure there isn't every McConnell in there, but it must be close. It states that, at some point (I'm terrible with dates) some McConnell's moved from Cork County to a place in Ottawa/Ontario and then eventually spread out around the rest of Canada and America. I would have plenty more info if had the actual book!

Kate Markovs

Hi Annie My great-grandparents, Bridget and Patrick McConnell, also came from County Cork, Ireland. Do you know who has the book, so you can obtain this information? Kate Markovs

Christine Lewis
Hi I am Christine Lewis -Originally maiden name McConnell . My fathers name Edward Francis McConnell born 5/28/1941 and comes from my grandparents William McConnell and wife Nora Scannell ,He has a brother William McConnell Junior.Born two years prior. The family came from Cork County. I don't know much about my Great grand parents -just that they stayed in Ireland . My grandparents were born in Ireland and they moved both moved to the USA -I think before they were married. I don't know if they even knew each other yet until they came to the USA. They met and married in approx 1930's.I had an Aunt Peggie (Margaret) My Uncle Billy Other possible relatives were the Reynolds clan .I am very limited as to all the info- my memory is not what it use to be. I'm sure what relatives came from which side. My father Edward , is sick and deaf. He now lives in Florida with his long time girlfriend. As i get more info i will add to my posts. In the meanwhile if anybody knows of the clans I mentioned Please let me know . Thank you God Bless


McConnell is Scottish, it came to Ireland via persecution.