Last name: McKinney

This interesting surname is of Old Gaelic origin, and is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic "Mac Cionaodha", composed of the Gaelic prefix "Mac", son of, and a personal name composed of the elements "cion", respect, affection, and "Aodh", the name of a pagan god of fire. The name is chiefly found in Scotland as MacKenna, MacKinna, MacKinney and MacKinnie, particularly in Glasgow, but is also found in Ireland in the Tyrone, Fermanagh area, where some of them are of Scottish descent. The name first appears in records in Scotland inthe mid 15th Century (see below), while other early examples of the surname include William M'Kinnay, a charter witness in Wigtownshire in 1544, and John Mackynnay of Cray, Kirkcudbrightshire, recorded in 1546. Alexander M'Kinnie was retoured heir of Normand M'Kinnie of Knokdorie in the lands of Rosneyth in 1609. In the south end of Arran, the natives "genteelly narrowed the more open vowel sounds by crimping the lips", hence, Arranese M'Kinyie and Galwegian M'Kinnie. John McKinney, aged 24 yrs., arrived in New York on April 30th 1846 as an Irish famine immigrant. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Nevin McKenze, which was dated 1473, in "Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer (1473 - 1566)", during the reign of King James 111 of Scotland, 1460 - 1488. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Is this still going? I descend from McKinney, James. He fought in the Revolution while in Virginia. He married Mary Beatty and moved to bounty land in Kentucky. Is anyone related to this line?

Shannon Elmore
Hello, So happy to have found you all! I am decendent of Peter McKinney born 1775 in Halifax, Va married to Polly Essex. Died 1850 in Caswell, NC... My family found they're way to Texas. My father Doyle, was an only Child to Melvin McKinney Jr and I am his only child... Any information anyone has on the line would be awesome! If Im Correct Peter was son to Peter from Ireland whom was son to John McKinney of Berwickshire county, Scotland born 1725...

Ashley McKinney
It's nice to know bout ancestors...

Edwin McKinney
Please visit the site and see what we have going on in McKinney research. For those McKinney researchers who need that extra "push", visit this link as well for information and to ask questions: Also, you will notice a name Jody McKenney Thomson, contact her. She is by far the most knowledgeable McK*nney researcher I have ever encountered. She helped me a great deal! No doubt she knows what she is doing. Blessings to all you McKinney's out there!

Edwin McKinney Blessings to all McKinney's out there!

Matthew Johnson
I am a descendant of Francis McKinney born 1720 N. Ireland. His line came by way of West Virginia then up to Massachusetts.

Belinda McKinnney
My fathers name was Johnny McKinney. Any links to McKinney's in florida. I am from NYC.

Joe McKinney
I live in New Brunswick Canada an my family's been in this area for 5 generations...just trying to find out more about the McKinneys history in Ireland and Scotland

Connor Mckinney
my father and Grandfather and my grandfathers father lived in Belfast Ireland before my Grandad emigrated to Manchester England where i was born, we have family in Florida too!

Sean McKinney
Only know about my family back to the late 1800's in Michigan. So there's one more for us.

Colleen McKinney-Wallace
My father's family supposedly immigrated from Ireland to Morristown, Tennessee. My grandfathers name was Charles Carroll McKinney and he moved to Marion, Indiana not sure exactly when but met my grandmother Rosalie Benn and my father was born in 1957. My parents and their 3 daughters including myself moved from Indiana back to Tennessee in the Knoxville area, I suppose it was the Irish in us missing our homelands in the mountains lol. My dad was told that there were several McKinney clans and to tell the difference was whether you put bars or lines under the C in your name. I grew up writing my name with 2 bars under my name. My dad felt that important to include. His brother did research and said he found that the clan with 2 bars was one of the worst and rowdiest clan in Ireland. LOL that would NOT surprise me at all.

Lynn McKinney
I was Born in Frankfort IN. My fathers name was John R McKinney Jr. the McKinney Homested was in Kirkland IN. His Grand Father was Jess McKinney he had two Brothers that I Know of. I grew up putting a single - under the c I was told it showed Scottish decent. I Know that some of my family lived in the South and were slave owners but I have know clue if they were direct split off from the rest.

R. Robinson
there are tons of McKinneys in Transylvania county, North Carolina. McKinney was my mom's maiden name. In her memory, we named our oldest son McKinney.

Denise McKinney
Before my Dad died in 2011, he had been doing research on the McKinney side of our family. We have no family tree, no family Ancestry except for guesses, and I personally never knew that side of my family until the past couple of years. All the research my Dad did didn't pay off. He found nothing but dead ends and all the McKinney's he found were no relation to us. So after he passed I did DNA testing through 23andMe. I found out a lot about my Ancestry that I never knew. I also found over 1,000 cousins, all over the planet, on different sides of my family, that I was able to connect with and talk to. If any of you McKinney's want to do the DNA testing, go to the 23andMe website, do the testing and see if you get any matches on the McKinney side. So far I've found 1 blood related on the McKinney side of my family. Maybe some of us will match up too :)

When I was younger I was told to put 2_ under the c. Some of my family did and some didn't. My Dad's parents met in Mississippi, got married then followed the logging business (actually lived on a train. They turned box cars into moving homes.) to N.E. Alabama. Where John Houston and Cara Lee McKinney settled down as share-croppers. My Dad and his younger brother moved to Florida with their Mom after his Dad passed away. To live closer to some older siblings. We are a rather larger framed family. My grand father was told to be 6'7" and my dad was 6'4". We have a few that are shorter but mostly are close to or over 6' tall. Yes, including us women! ( my daughter is 18 and is 6'1") half of my dad's siblings took after my grand mother who was half Choctaw Indian. The other half took after my grand dad with the fairer complexion, lighter hair, and blue eyes. We have a gene that causes genetic disease Poly Neuropathy.

John White
Hello McKinneys
My name is John White, Sr. I live the State of Maine and am presently exploring my family history. My greatgrand (5) mother's name was McKinney/McKenney (in some instances it the same name) most information states she was from N. Ireland possibly Ulster (Scot-Irish?)
She is reported to have been born around 1724-25, married a Nicholas White (who was killed by Indians) they had one son. She then married a Beveridge and lived in Vinalhaven, ME. Her fathers name is listed as Matthew McKenney/McKinney and he made his home in Georgetown, ME. I am not sure if they came right to Maine from Ireland or to one of the other states and then moved to Maine. Haven't seen much mention of the New England area here, but any information that comes to mind would be greatly appreciated..........

Any McKinney's in the Kentucky area?

natasha McKinney

was told by my dad today that right before his mother passed away she mentioned to him that his dad had a girlfriend in California who gave birth to his child not sure of the child's name , but I'm 24 and just realized that its possible my dad might have a 1/2 brother in cali by any chance is there a male in here that his fathers name was Lloyd Andrew McKinney who was born march 6, 1923 and was in the us army?????

Melonie McKinney
I have been trying to research my 5th great grandfather John McKinney who we have been told was from Ireland, came to the states around early 1800's landing in PA married a Schultz and around 1820 moved to Ohio. It has been very difficult tracing this McKinney side further beyond the states. We are unsure if his name had changed when arriving here and if he truly was from Ireland. I did an ancestry DNA test recently which places my DNA in Ireland and Scotland. Is there anyone out there who may have recommendations or perhaps knowledge of this line of McKinneys? They were predominately in Ohio, Indiana and then made their way to Michigan.

michael jeffers
hello i am trying to found out any information about my great-great grandfather benjamin mckinney he was born april of 1834 i was able to found out that he lived in pennsylvania in the south western part in westmorland fayette county areas his wife was elizabeth and they had a daughter named sarah isabelle mckinney who was born in 1871 in mt pleasant pa i hope someone can help me found out more about him i was able to found out the name mckinney cames from scottland ireland if anyone can help contact me at thank you

Braeden McKinney
finally got to search my last name

Deidra Kennamer Saint
I grandfather was Georgia late Mckenny I really like to find some more information about his dad and mother

George lee McKinney would like to know more about his parent don't know ther names he was from Viennia ga

William McKinney
For anyone interested Sentry Hill is a 19th century farmhouse in the parish of Carnmoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Sentry Hill has been long associated with the McKinney family who first came from Scotland to Ireland in the 18th century. James McKenzie, a highlander who took part in the Jacobite Rising of 1715 fled to Ireland in 1716 with Helen Campbell, his fiancée. The Campbell clan had fought on the Hanoverian side and Helen’s family were opposed to her marrying a ‘rebel’. James and Helen were married in Carnmoney Presbyterian Church in 1717. It was not until the 1780s that a grandson, Andrew, occupied Sentry Hill. Built in 1835 in the townland of Ballyvesey, Sentry Hill replaced the existing thatched farmhouse. In the 1880s it was improved with the addition of front porch and conservatory, bathroom and kitchen. Each generation of the family made changes to suit the times. The house is open to the public.

Teresa McKenney
Find my Father's ancestry. His name was Francis Marion McKenney.

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