Last name: Melvin

This interesting name is ultimately of Norman origin, although it has been a known Scottish surname since the 12th Century. The surnames Melvin and Melven are variants of the more familiar name "Melville", which was brought to Scotland by one Galfridus de Maveill, recorded below as the earliest instance of the name in its variant spelling. The name is locational, from one of various places in Normandy called "Malleville", such as "Emalleville" in Seine - Inferieure. The history of the name in Scotland includes one Andrew Malvyn, burgess of "Abirbrothoc" in 1387, and John Malewyn who witnessed a charter by Archibald, Earl of Douglas, in 1474. In some cases "Melvin" and its variants "Melven, "Mulveen" and "Mulvin" may derive from an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "Mac Gille Bheathain", McIlwaine, son of the servant of St. Beathan. On December 30th 1620, Anne, daughter of William Melvin was christened at St. Mary, Abchurch, and James, son of Wylliam and Vrselae Melvin was christened on January 2nd 1621, at St. Stephan's, Coleman Street, London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey de Malevin, which was dated circa 1161 - 1163, Charters of the Sacred Cross, Edinburgh, during the reign of King Malcolm 1V, King of Scotland, 1154 - 1165. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Gustavo Melvin

Hello!!!! My name is Gustavo Melvin, i am argentinian. I am looking my ancestors, from ireland, the father of my grandfather came from ireland at the beginins of the 20th century. If anybody knows something about my family three, please let me know. Thanks! !!!

Sharon Melvin Rogan

I am Sharon Melvin from Massachusetts. My father Roger Melvin was from East River, Nova Scotia, Canada. I now live in England.

Gerry Melvin
My family are traced back tp ireland and to Ballina near Sligo .we are now in Canada England and Scotland. Yes we Melvins are taking over the World .

Angela Melvin
I am Scottish Born and bread my father was george william Melvin As was my grandfather And so on I do know Melvin is from Norway around 1400s melville and became Melvin settled in argyleshire Scotland then went to the Americas and Canada during the potatoes famine. So we all originate from the Vikings and Scottish...........

Hello my grandfather was from Wall, South Dakota his name was Jerome Melvin. My dad was Patrick N.Melvin Sr. from Palatka, Fl. But i have traced some family back as far as Ireland and Scotland. The Melvins that first came here first settled in Pa. working in coal mines. After that they went their own way and now the Clan has scatered all over the United States and Canada.

Jennifer Melvin
I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. My fathers family immigrated from County Clare, Ireland, in the 1890's to the same area where I grew up. I've been told that our original surname was O'Maoileoin or Maoileoin, but was Anglicized as Melvin. The name Maoileoin is more often translated Malone (or O'Malone).

Tammy Melvin
I am Tammy Melvin, My grandfather was originally from Okla. But moved to Missouri in the 20's when he was hired to build a church in White church just out of West Plaines, he had several children Paul, Edwin , john, and several sisters, I can't remember their names at the momentMy fathers name was James.

Robert Melvin JR.
I forgot one of my great uncles. His name was Virgil Henry "Bird" Melvin. He was a 50 year baseball scout working primarily for the St. Louis Cardinals. Some of his kin and my dad's aunt and cousins are listed; His wife - Madelin Melvin - Herrin Brother - Paul B. Melvin - Jackson, Mississippi Niece - Candy Thomas & husband Bill - Carterville, IL Niece- Sharon Duzutti- Long Beach, CA. Niece-Anette Ahlm-Dallas, TX. Great Niece: Marla Dallas of Murphysboro, IL.

Robert Melvin JR.
I know of my family back to the late 1880s in Murphysboro, IL. My great grandfather and grandmother's names were, William Henry and Nora Sara (Harris) Melvin. They had several children, Joe, Clyde, Roy, Ray and Buck Melvin, 3 daughters, Violet Crawshaw, Dorothy Welch and Margaret Frickie. My grandparents were Ray and Mary Melvin from Farmington Hills, MI. They gave birth to an only child which was my father who's name was Robert(Bob) R. Melvin. My dad fathered four children, Raymond Melvin, Robert Alvord, Robert Melvin JR, and Thomas Melvin. If anyone can relate to these names feel free to email me at

Joe Melvin
Hi cousin :-). My dad was the Joe Melvin you mentioned above and still leave in Murphysboro. I will contact you via email.

Carl Melvin
I am from a clan in indiana, Crawfordsville, Indiana! My Grandfathers name was Edwin Melvin, He had a twin sister named Edna. Dont know more that this but would like to. My Fathers name was Kenneth Ray Melvin.

Doug Melvin
I am Doug Melivin, my father was John Marshall Davidson Melvin fom Maryhill Road Glasgow born around 1908. He dies in 1955 of cancer in London h maried Marjorie Dobinson in 1939 Any Melvin out there konw us as a family?

Adam Melvin
I live near liverpool and have family here, manchester and ireland with the name melvin lol xo

thanks!! this was fascinating!! Melvin was my grandfather's name, my mother's maiden name. I know almost nothing about my own family, and this realy helped me see where the name came from, because where we're from here in Maine, USA, it isn't a common name at all.