Last name: Merritt

This unusual English surname, found in the modern spellings of Merrett, Merritt, Merriott, Merit, Merioth, Meriott, Meritt, Meryett, has at least two possible origins. The first and the one most generally applicable to modern day West Country bearers of the name is locational, from a place called "Merriott" in Somerset. This placename, although in fact the surname recording precedes it, is first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Meriet" and translates as "the gate at the boundary". This probably refers to an old parish boundary, or possibly something more specific like a "portcullis" which formed part of defensive wall. The word derives from the pre 7th century Olde English "(ge)maere", meaning boundary and "geat", a gate or bar. Those nameholders that do not derive from this source have a patronymic or more likely metronymic origin. In this case the derivation is from one of two medieval personal names. The first is "Mariot", a diminutive of "Mary" and the second "Meryet", from the Olde English and Norse Viking "Maergeat", meaning "Famous people". This was the tribal or clan name of the ancient people to which the legendary "Beowulf" belonged. Early recordings of the surname include Ralph Meriet in the 1202 rolls of Lincoln, John Meryet in the 1316 rolls of Warwickshire, and John Meryatt in the court rolls of Colchester, Essex, in the year 1375. The coat of arms most associated with this surname was granted in London in July 1666. It has the blazon of a barry of six in silver and black, overall a bend ermine. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Hardinus de Meriet, which was dated 1084, in the Geld Roll of the county of Somerset, during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087, Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Elizabeth Lane

I am trying to find the death of Mark Merritt, born North Bradley in 1806, son of Francis and Mary Merritt. He was Inspector of Police in Tavistock, but I have found a possible burial in Wiltshire on 10th Feb 1865. I know his wife - Mary - was a widow by 1871

kristy merritt kiser
my maiden name is kristy im from alabama and dont know much about our history my father is marty jackson merritt his father marvin jackson merritt thats all i know and i have an uncle mark merritt in virginia..hoping someone had more info than me.

Rodney Merritt
Rodney John Merritt from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. Son of Rodney John Merritt from Devizes, Wiltshire, England.

jim merritt
,son of francis merritt on russian convoys word war11,bolton england

Andrus Merritt
Son of Donald Merritt Grandson of Edward Merritt Great-grandson of Merrill Merritt Minneapolis by way of Duluth descended from the "7 Iron Men" of northern MN

Jonathan Merritt
There is a large population of Merrits in the Sampson and Duplin County areas of North Carolina and most likely are all decendents of Charles Merritt who came to NC in the 18th century. My Grandfather always claimed that his ancesters were Irish,but the Name is English so is it possible that there are Irish and English Merritts?

I'm Keith merritt from limerick city Ireland my grandparents from cork

Kieth- my Husband's name is Menet but research and stories mention that his great great grandfather was a Merritt from Cork. Is it a common last name or is there a possible connection? We are in the US so I am not familiar with Ireland or England

Daniel merritt from Derbyshire in England hello to all the merritts we have a great and interesting name and history :-)

Selina Bellamy

My maiden name is Merritt and my family is from Taylor's Bridge Sampson Co. NC

Merritt Robertson
Merritt is my grandmothers maiden name (from Lynchburg, VA area). When she married, she gave my father his first name of Merritt which was passed on to me. Most of my known cousins, etc have the name as a last name... Was told that the name was of Quaker origins?

Virginia Combs
My father's family were all members of the Friends Meeting from early on until my Dad married Mom who was an Episcopalian. Although I don't think Merritt is a name in our direct family tree, it was my Grandfather's middle name. He was Clark Merritt Eddy. I noticed from the Hazard collection of Friends meeting records housed at Swarthmore College that there were Merritt families in our area and some even in our town in the 17 and 1800s. I live in upstate NY - Queensbury - which was part of Washington Co., NY when my ancestors came here from the Oblong in Dutchess County. If you have information to share, my email is Thanks!

Karianne Merritt
Karianne Merritt; Cadillac Michigan; James Michael Merritt, Lucas Michigan; Lowell Merritt was born in mt Morris Michigan in 1923

Paul Richardson
@ Kristi Dorothy

Kristi Novac
My mom has done our geneaology....I'll ask her if there are any Dorothies in there. :) It would be very spiffy if we were related. My grandma's name was Leona.

Chris Merritt
Chris Merritt - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

kev merritt
portsmouth ,hampshire , england

J Merritt
Jason Merritt from NC but I do know that our family came from the SC area. Great great grandfathers name was George Wahington Merritt

Kristi Merritt Novac
Kristi Merritt Novac -- Merritt is my maiden name...and my son's middle name. :) Our Merritts are most recently from Mississippi, and formerly from South Carolina and Virginia.

Paul Richardson
My grandmother was a Merritt and was from Mississippi.

Kristi Novac
Oh, how neat! Do you mind if I ask what her first name was?

Kristyn Merritt

Hi, I'm a Merritt from Mississippi. My father is originally a Merritt and so is his father, but that is as much as I know.

Wendell, Frederick, Rueben, Golda, all from Barbados

Kevin Merritt
Kevin Merritt from Charlotte, NC. Family from Oklahoma, immigrated to the U.S. in 1861 from Dublin, Ireland. First U.S. ancestor named Coy Merritt.

Rodney Merritt
Rodney Merritt from Goshen Alabama. Grandfather Lamon Merritt Sr. His father Ira Merritt.

Leslie (Merritt) Arnold
Sorry we are all from Wabash County, Illinois

Leslie (Merritt) Arnold
Leslie Rae (Merritt) Arnold, daughter of, Charles Edward Merritt, Granddaughter of Shirely Ellen (Merritt) Sherman, great granddaugther of, Nellie Mae & Charles Marvin Merritt

Amber Merritt
Amber Merritt in Shawnee, KS of Michael Merritt DC of Kansas City, KS of Carson Merritt of Michigan who's parents came from Canada

Jonathan Merritt
All of the Merritts of Coffee County Ga are decendents of two Brothers,Frederick and Burrel who migrated from Sampson County NC to what was then Irwin County before what is now Douglas Ga was annexed into a new County. Coffee

don merritt
don merritt in merrittville, usa

Rodney G Merritt
Rodney G Merritt in Alabama, Ohio/ Oliver, Ira D., Lamon Sr., J.D.,

Hannah Merritt, parents Verley and Arthur of Leicestershire England UK

Jonathan Merritt
My ancester Charles Merritt originally came from Leicestershire England to America. Good to me you Cousin

Angela Merritt originally Cleveland Ohio(Merritts in Ohio) now Los Angeles Ca

lee merritt
lee merritt london england and daughter ellie merritt

Brian Merritt
Brian Merritt Troy,NY, USA

matthew merritt
matthew merritt, dorchester dorset

briana nicole merritt los angeles, california, usa

Steven Merritt
Steven Paul Merritt Wiltshire

paul michael merritt mexborough south yorkshire

Mark Wesley Merritt, Jr
I am very interested in others who may be related - please enter your own Merrit connection.

Jonathan Merritt
My ancester Charles Merritt Came from England In the late 17th Century from Cheshire.

Colin Merritt
From London but our family are from Borough Green Kent

Dennis Merritt
Jesse Merritt was born about 1789, in North Carolina, or Josiah Merrit, born in Ireland Marion Merritt, born Nov. 7,1826 at Fort Gaines, Georgia William Henry Merritt born July 4, 1859, Covington County, Alabama John Samuel Merritt born April 5, 1895, Covington County, Alabama Wilson C. Merritt born November 11, 1927, Samson, Alabama Dennis L. Merritt, Spokane Washington (me)

James P. Merritt

I'm James P.Merritt, brothers are Michael Paul and John Mark all of us were born in Marianna,Fla. Father was John Wesley Merritt , Grandfather was Inmon Merritt and Great grandfather was James Polk Merritt...all from Mississippi

Kristyn Merritt

Hi, I'm a Merritt from Mississippi. My father is one Vernon Ray Merritt Jr. ,and his father Vernon Ray Merritt. My father has two brothers and one sister. Chris Merritt, Brian Merritt, And Melissa Merritt. All of them are born in Mississippi as well.