Last name: Mills

This name is a medieval English or Scottish topographical surname, given originally to someone who lived near a mill, and is derived from the Middle English "mille, milne", mill, a development of the Olde English pre 7th Century "mylen(e)", itself from the Latin "molina", a derivative of "molere", to grind. The final "s" indicates a patronymic, i.e., "son of". The surname gradually came to be used as an occupational name for a worker at a mill, and indeed sometimes for the miller himself, a respected and important position in medieval communities, where the mill was a central part of the settlement. It was powered by water wind, or, sometimes, animals, and usually operated by an agent of the local landowner. The villagers were compelled to bring their corn to the miller to be ground into flour, and to pay for the service with a proportion of their grain. The modern surname can be found as Mill, Mills, Millis, Mille, Milne(s), Millman and Mullen. One Richard Mille appeared in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire in 1279. An interesting namebearer was George Mills (1808 - 1881), a builder of iron steam ships who became a journalist and started the "Glasgow Advertiser and Shipping Gazette" in 1857. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard de la Melle which was dated 1200, in the "Curia Regis Rolls of Sussex", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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My father researched the name back in the 1950s. The name goes back to a Celtic Spanish King who came to Ireland. His name was King Milesius. At that time Ireland was known as Scottia and many of the Irish tribes settled in what would become Scotland (which means land of the Irish). The ancestors of those people came back to Ireland and settled in many other places in Celtic Britain. Miles is a variation. There is also a town in Mayo, Ireland called Gortmellia. It means town of Mills. My father told me many Irish Mills' original Gaelic surnames names were Mellia and that the name was Anglicized. There are many Mills' in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. He always considered the name to be more Welsh in spelling than English - the double L. It should be noted that many people who came to the U.S. from Wales were not identified as Welsh, but as English. (Wales and the Welsh are most definitely not English!) Cheers.

Ashley Mills Talwar

My maiden name is Mills. An aunt of mine did some digging into our family tree and found that there were 7 IRISH brothers who arrives in the USA in the 1800s. Sounds like a lot of brothers to be leaving all at once! I'm going to look into it myself :-) we are all fair, and most of us with blue eyes. A mixture of hair colors. I'm strawberry blonde naturally and my father is dark brunette with red highlights in the sunlight. Freckles as well, most of us.

Steve Mills

My Grandfather William Mills was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1872. Ancestry migrated from England in the late 1700s or early 1800s. My father John was born in Hardwicke, NB. We generally have sandy brown coloured hair, fair skin tone and blue eyes. English pasty if you will. I live in London, Ontario. My immediate family lives in the greater Toronto area. Most of our relatives remain in Canada's Maritimes region. Lots of us around,

Arlyn Mills

My father always told me he was Scotch, Pennsylvania, Dutch. His name was Calvin his father was Claude. All born & raised in North, Central, Wisconsin.

Beth Vische

Beth Mills/South Bend, IN--My grandfather Wesley Mills from Rochester, Indiana, Scotch-Irish. I'm told we also have Mills relatives in Buchanan, MI?

Teresa Mills

I was born in IL USA, my parents Canadian, dad from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He was H.J. Mills. I was told my dads dad was a Scotsman from Aberdeen. Our family name Mills came from two different clans Gordon and Buchanan origanally,

Blake mills

Born & raised in waynesville nc.

Dianne Mills

Hello to all the Mills' Family! I'm from Salisbury, NC (USA). My family was born & raised in the Rowan, Stanley County area of NC. We are brown hair, brown eyes, and tan easy skin color.

Beth Vische

My maiden name is Mills--I come from a long line of red-headed Mills', when I was born there had not been anyone born into the Mills family in over 5 generations that wasn't a boy with red hair. I was the 1st girl/1st non-red-head. My grandma accused the hospital of switching babies when I was born b/c there was a baby boy w/red hair in the newborn nursery with me.



hello to all mills family am from ghana [accra]

Alex Mills

lots of Mills's in CT and the US in general, have a uncle in texas and a great uncle in Calafornia, lots of us here!

Leonard Mills
Hello, I'm Irish, born in Dublin, fair skinned, brown eyes. Long line of Mills's from Dublin. Not a traditional Irish name. Originated from English settlers in Ireland.

Gordon Mills.
Yep lots of us Mills's in Scotland mainly Dundee.

Hi Kevin,
There was a Samuel Mills who owned land in Kildare (not far from Dublin) in the 1800's. The place was called 'Turnings'. Ring any bells? First names tended to get handed on down to sons.

Kevin C. Mills
If there are any Irish Mills"s out there would love to here from you. my grandfather on my father's side was Irish.the story i was told was his father had a dairy farm outside of dublin. when he died Samuel Mills (my grandfather) and his brother had a falling out. anyway Samuel Mills left for the US and his brother stayed to run the dairy farm. I know in my heart there is family still there and hopefully interested as I am in connecting with long lost family.

Vanessa Edwards, nee Mills
Hi Kevin,
Unfortunately I'm not Irish, but there may be a connection somewhere - my great, great grandfather was Thomas E. Mills, born in Pettigoe, Fermanagh, Ireland in 1841. He emigrated to the US and died in Portland, Oregon in 1915. He was married to Ellen McGoon.
My father moved to Australia in the 70s, which is where I'm from.

Leonard J. Mills
I'm from India. The name is English. I think I got this surname because the English ruled India for 200 odd years. Most probably my ancestor married someone of Indian origin and the name passed down to generations.

Russell Mills
I was born in Orlando Florida and now live in Nashville Tennessee. I was told by my father that our family probably immigrated from England, but I'm light skinned with auburn hair and hazel eyes, so now I'm beginning to wonder if my ancestors were Scottish or Irish. I think I'll do some more research because now I'm intrigued.

Joe MIlls
From Ireland, black hair, blue eyes, light skin. Always thought the name was English so no surprise for me there. Just wanted to say hello to my fellow "grinders".

Matthew Mills
Born in Evansville, Indiana & currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA. Most of the Mills' that I know of are living around Indiana or Illinois. I met another Mills here in VA Beach that said his whole family is from Canada and that is where the Mills name came from right after England.

Erin Mills
My grandpa told me that the Mills name is Dutch and English. I've also heard some Mills' are from Scotland too. But I'm not Spanish Though. My Mills' family has Mostly Black or Brown Hair (Dark hair). I have Brownish Blonde, I get that from another side of my family, (Irish).

I always thought it was from like Spain and England lol

Some Mills are considered black dutch and are associated with spain and men who fled to the lands occupied by the dutch and had children with them and where know. for theif dark hair skin and blue eyes. later they established Jamica NY... my cousin found all this information before she passed...thought i would pass it along

Leonardo Mills
It's funny to learn that my name is English and Scottish because I'm from Honduras which is in central America, yet my last name is that of an English and Scottish person lol.

Joyce Mills

I'm Scottish.... most of my relatives are blond and blue eyes, however I'm dark with brown eyes - must be my mothers genes ?! I have no connection to England,

Tayla Mills
Don't forget about us Mills in South Africa! ; )

Hanna Lorraine Mills
I've always loved my last name and now I know what it came from. Thank you whoever posted this!

james mills

I am a mills from london. use to support qpr but now i am a west ham fan

Gabriella Mills
Good to know where my last name comes from :D

kitt morgan
most interesting didnt know it had a scotish connection i was once a Mills my dads family from London had a fruit and veg shop A E MILLS and Sons..

Carlos Eduardo Placido Mills
Currently living in Australia, born in Petropolis, Brazil.

Kathy Mills
Interesting you are from Brazil Carlos. We did a Mills YDNA test. One of the closest and strongest DNA matches was traced to Brazil. Interesting because my family is from Oklahoma and Texas. I have blond hair, but my father and brothers have black hair.

Leslie Mills Sr.
Not really knowing my true roots, I have been able to track backwards to the mid 1800's where as my father born 1923 "William Monroe Mills" to my grandmother whom born 1903 "Pearl Atta Mills" daughter of my great grandfather which migrated to Salem Illinois where Pearl was born and later settled in Fla. Myself born in Miami 1955. Would be very interesting making the Illinois Mills connection if possible to move on.

melanie faith mills
Love the info

Teneille mills
Best surname ever:)

debra powers
Now to find out of I can become a citizen in Ireland or Scotland.....

David Mills
I learned alot about my surname! Good informaton.

Joseph William Mills
So cool!

Joseph Mark Mills
Hello, Joe.

Kiara Mills

julie mills
Oh my there are two of me lol x

william kyle andrew mills
mills are so diverse i always thought we originated in wales this is such a good read

alena hlavkova mills
yes I know. I"m originally from czech r.

William Kyle Mills
Its amazing how distributed mills are through out the world

Craig Mills
Love my name : )