Last name: Mills

This name is a medieval English or Scottish topographical surname, given originally to someone who lived near a mill, and is derived from the Middle English "mille, milne", mill, a development of the Olde English pre 7th Century "mylen(e)", itself from the Latin "molina", a derivative of "molere", to grind. The final "s" indicates a patronymic, i.e., "son of". The surname gradually came to be used as an occupational name for a worker at a mill, and indeed sometimes for the miller himself, a respected and important position in medieval communities, where the mill was a central part of the settlement. It was powered by water wind, or, sometimes, animals, and usually operated by an agent of the local landowner. The villagers were compelled to bring their corn to the miller to be ground into flour, and to pay for the service with a proportion of their grain. The modern surname can be found as Mill, Mills, Millis, Mille, Milne(s), Millman and Mullen. One Richard Mille appeared in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire in 1279. An interesting namebearer was George Mills (1808 - 1881), a builder of iron steam ships who became a journalist and started the "Glasgow Advertiser and Shipping Gazette" in 1857. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard de la Melle which was dated 1200, in the "Curia Regis Rolls of Sussex", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I always thought it was from like Spain and England lol

Erin Mills
My grandpa told me that the Mills name is Dutch and English. I've also heard some Mills' are from Scotland too. But I'm not Spanish Though. My Mills' family has Mostly Black or Brown Hair (Dark hair). I have Brownish Blonde, I get that from another side of my family, (Irish).

Matthew Mills
Born in Evansville, Indiana & currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA. Most of the Mills' that I know of are living around Indiana or Illinois. I met another Mills here in VA Beach that said his whole family is from Canada and that is where the Mills name came from right after England.

Joe MIlls
From Ireland, black hair, blue eyes, light skin. Always thought the name was English so no surprise for me there. Just wanted to say hello to my fellow "grinders".

Russell Mills
I was born in Orlando Florida and now live in Nashville Tennessee. I was told by my father that our family probably immigrated from England, but I'm light skinned with auburn hair and hazel eyes, so now I'm beginning to wonder if my ancestors were Scottish or Irish. I think I'll do some more research because now I'm intrigued.

Leonard J. Mills
I'm from India. The name is English. I think I got this surname because the English ruled India for 200 odd years. Most probably my ancestor married someone of Indian origin and the name passed down to generations.

Kevin C. Mills
If there are any Irish Mills"s out there would love to here from you. my grandfather on my father's side was Irish.the story i was told was his father had a dairy farm outside of dublin. when he died Samuel Mills (my grandfather) and his brother had a falling out. anyway Samuel Mills left for the US and his brother stayed to run the dairy farm. I know in my heart there is family still there and hopefully interested as I am in connecting with long lost family.

Hi Kevin,
There was a Samuel Mills who owned land in Kildare (not far from Dublin) in the 1800's. The place was called 'Turnings'. Ring any bells? First names tended to get handed on down to sons.

Gordon Mills.
Yep lots of us Mills's in Scotland mainly Dundee.

Leonard Mills
Hello, I'm Irish, born in Dublin, fair skinned, brown eyes. Long line of Mills's from Dublin. Not a traditional Irish name. Originated from English settlers in Ireland.

Alex Mills

lots of Mills's in CT and the US in general, have a uncle in texas and a great uncle in Calafornia, lots of us here!


hello to all mills family am from ghana [accra]


Dianne Mills

Hello to all the Mills' Family! I'm from Salisbury, NC (USA). My family was born & raised in the Rowan, Stanley County area of NC. We are brown hair, brown eyes, and tan easy skin color.

Blake mills

Born & raised in waynesville nc.

Teresa Mills

I was born in IL USA, my parents Canadian, dad from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He was H.J. Mills. I was told my dads dad was a Scotsman from Aberdeen. Our family name Mills came from two different clans Gordon and Buchanan origanally,

Beth Vische

Beth Mills/South Bend, IN--My grandfather Wesley Mills from Rochester, Indiana, Scotch-Irish. I'm told we also have Mills relatives in Buchanan, MI?

Arlyn Mills

My father always told me he was Scotch, Pennsylvania, Dutch. His name was Calvin his father was Claude. All born & raised in North, Central, Wisconsin.

Steve Mills

My Grandfather William Mills was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1872. Ancestry migrated from England in the late 1700s or early 1800s. My father John was born in Hardwicke, NB. We generally have sandy brown coloured hair, fair skin tone and blue eyes. English pasty if you will. I live in London, Ontario. My immediate family lives in the greater Toronto area. Most of our relatives remain in Canada's Maritimes region. Lots of us around,


My father researched the name back in the 1950s. The name goes back to a Celtic Spanish King who came to Ireland. His name was King Milesius. At that time Ireland was known as Scottia and many of the Irish tribes settled in what would become Scotland (which means land of the Irish). The ancestors of those people came back to Ireland and settled in many other places in Celtic Britain. Miles is a variation. There is also a town in Mayo, Ireland called Gortmellia. It means town of Mills. My father told me many Irish Mills' original Gaelic surnames names were Mellia and that the name was Anglicized. There are many Mills' in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. He always considered the name to be more Welsh in spelling than English - the double L. It should be noted that many people who came to the U.S. from Wales were not identified as Welsh, but as English. (Wales and the Welsh are most definitely not English!) Cheers.

Kenneth Cleary-Mills
I grew up in the upper Ohio Valley, Martins Ferry, OH. Reading "BornFighting" by Sen. James Webb. Easy to read history of Scots-Irish before and after migrating to North America, mostly US. ,

Anna Mills
Lots of Mills's!! I'm born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but my father was born in Granbury, Texas. He passed away when I was little, so I can't get much information from him, but he said he doesn't really know exactly where his family is from, but that he has basically a little of everything in him. Including a little Native American. As far as looks go, my sister and I look absolutely nothing alike, but we both have dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and pretty fair skin, although hers is more so than mine. Our father is pretty similar, my sister takes more after him than I do (my mom and I look just alike though).

Hi all you fellow "Mills's"! My grandad was named Thomas and was married to Lily Keane and emigrated from East Ham, London after WW1, ending up in Portland,OR. I had an uncle Thomas who was born in East Ham and another uncle, Robert and an auntie named Margaret; all (sad to say) deceased. I had a dishwater blonde hair that was red at birth and (used) to have a luxuriant reddish-brown (chestnut?) beard that is now as white as the newly-driven snow. I have a cousin named Linda which I have not kept in touch with (family politics). My email; please contact me if you have anything to offer! Peace and love!

Hope Ashley Mills-Dundas
I would love to know who my Father was. He died in Greeley, Colorado when I was about a year old(1992?). He was Charles R. Mills 3rd.

Hope Ashley Mills-Dundas
I found my Fathers death certificate! Charles Richard Mills, 3rd. Died January 17, 1997. Birth place; Kansas City, Kansas; May 17, 1959. Parents; Charles R. Mills, Sr. and Virginia Rangel. I am White, Hispanic, Native with black hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin. My Mother is Eva Lucy Lucero; Greeley Colorado. I Hope A. Mills married November 19, 2011 to a Mr. David William Dundas; born April 12, 1975; Loveland Colorado. Any other information of my Dad would be greatly appreciated.

Aisha esi mills
Whats up all my brothers and sisters! I have to say that the last name MILLS is one of the best names EVER!!!I am a black woman born in Ghana ( west Africa) came to Canada when I was three . Even tho I believe I got my last name during the slavery days , I still am very proud of it.

Steven mills
Live in Maine USA with a family of mills' 3rd Gen as I know it grandfather a ww2 vet

Kristine Lent
Does any one know information on a Joyce Marie Mills married name Lent


Michael Mills
I'm 32 years old. I live in Evansville Indiana but I'm originally from Peoria Illinois. 1st born son of Gilbert Mills Jr and Teresa Mills (Dinkins). My grandparents were Gilbert Mills Sr. and Peggy Mills. Just curious of my ancestry and where I originate from. I've married into a large German family who are very proud of there heritage. I'm curious of mine. Would love to know more and see my family crest if possible. I think my brother and sister would like to know too.

Janet Mills-Weil.
My grandfather wss Michael Mills from Gortmellia Ireland. His parents were James and Bridget. James had 2 brothers Patrick and Darby. The town is actually called Gortmellia Mills for the Mills family. I am looking for any family who can help with family history

Venus L. Mills My Father is Gerald R.Mills from Detroit Michigan His Father,My Grandfather is James "Jimmy "Doyle Mills he's from Memphis Tennessee His tribe is Indian suiox i believe this is how it's Spell.He was in The Army and World War 2 then came to Detroit Michigan.Married My Grandmother who is Black they had 4 Childrens together. Janice Mills,Gerald Mills My Daddy,Marilyn Mills and Gwendolyn Mills.they later separated. My Grandfather Moved to Cleveland and around 5years later he passed.this is all i know of him but i believe My Dad said his Dad's Mother or Grandmother was white.i would Love to know more about My Mills Family Ancestors

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