Last name: Moon

This intriguing surname has a number of possible origins. The first is English but ultimately French, being from the village of Moyon in the departement of La Manche, in Normandy. The first name holder was one William de Moion, a close follower of Duke William of Normandy, and one who after the famlous Conquest of 1066, was granted various estates in the county of Dorset. Other early examples of the surname from this source include: Reginald de Moyn of Somerset in 1239, and William de Mohun of Wiltshire, in 1272. The second possible source is as a nickname from the French words "moun" meaning a monk, and as such given to a lay person who followed a monkish way of life, or perhaps played the part of a monk in the famous travelling theatres of the Middle Ages. Early recordings include: Robert Mone of Yorkshire, in 1260; Thomas le Mun of Norfolk, in 1275, and Geoffrey le Moun of Bedfordshire, in 1279. Moon may also have originated as a Cornish nickname for a slender person, from the Cornish "mon", thin, as on October 22nd 1588, Jane Moon, was christened at Guethiock, Cornwall. Finally, Moon may be Irish and either of English origin or a form of the Old Gaelic O'Mochain, a personal byname from the word "moch", meaning early. This sept, also Anglicized as Mohan, belonged primarily to the provinces of Connacht and Ulster. On May 19th 1681, Samuel, the son of John Moon, was christened at St. Peter and St. Kevin, Dublin. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Mouin, which was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book for Derbyshire, during the reign of King William 1st of England, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087.

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Inga Moon

I saw someone on here is also the Moons from ELBERTON, GA !!!! There should be both Black and White Mooms attached to us as it was the plantation owner's surname. We hear they were Irish. Frederick Moon married Bethunia Booth before WWI. Last we have is that Frederick never returned to Elberton. Bethunia made her way to Philadelphia. Her son, my grandfather, was born in Philly and that's where my faction of the Moons settled! Pls contact us! Thanks!!

Jessica Moon. ( Sheppard )

I am a Moon I live in Tx , I always thought that my last name was a Native American bc of what I was told threw my family , but I have my ancersty book and my grandpa moon has no birth certifacite so he is last of the moon side in my book. Lots of moon family in Tx .all I know Is my dad his sis and 3 brothers and there kids the rest is a mystery ? ???


Hello to all the other mooners out there! :)

Saunders Moon

Saunders Moon born 1833/4-19?? unsure of his parents but according to the 1880 federal census both parents where born in Virginia only know of one sibling a sister named Charlott Moon unsure of her birth only thing I have linking them is a birth registry form Chatham VA. Charlott Moon ????-???? gives birth to a child named Wyatt Moon father is unknown Saunders Moon gives the information and is listed as relation to child as uncle that is all I have on Wyatt and his mother Charlott Moon. Saunders Moon and a another gentleman by the name of Andrew Lee buy land from a Louisa McGill in 1869 Virginia one mile north of Chatham VA adjoining the old race track land previously owned by Col. John L. White Saunders Moon buys Andrew and his wife Jane (Carter) Lee out of there portion in 1870 as the deed reads. Saunders Moon marries Ellen sometime around 1873 that is when the first child is born but there are other children before this I will describe in detail later, I assume Saunders was Single because none of the land deed records have Ellen listed as with all the other men whom he acquired land from had there wives listed as co-sellers not sure why this would be. Andrew Lee Marries Jane Carter. Andrew Lee is from Charlotte County VA not sure where Jane is from Louisa McGill have not been able to find much on her all I have is land records when she sells to my Grx2 Grandfather and Andrew Lee. Ellen has 3 possible identities thanks to the death records of her children and a free negro registry I found in Chatham VA so she could be a Tucker, Johnson or a Murrell this much I know she was born in Charlotte County VA in 1842 dies 1885 one of my records shows she was a slave to the Murrell family of Charlotte County VA. Ellen has a child in 1855 named Paul Tucker unknown father she was around 13 when she would have had him according to the math I did thanks to Pauls marriage 1st marriage license. Don't know where the Tucker came from though could be the masters name or one of a slave that was sold off or died not sure but I'm for sure he is in our family, as one land record of my Gr grandfathers reads for and in the consideration to my "fraternal brother". Paul Tucker marries Lizzie Dodd/Dogde in 1899 Paul dies in 1925. As I stated before I don't believe my GRx2 Grandparents got together until 1872-73ish seeing as how Marry Moon is 14 in the 1880 census and the first record of Saunders as a father that I have isn't recorded until 1874 when my Great Grand Aunt Louisa is born. Now they could have been born in another state but the Census says all born in Virginia but the cencus isn't always right! All events take place in and around Pittsylvania County VA 1834-1910 Saunders Moon and Ellen's Family in order of birth Paul Tucker is Ellen child alone with an unknown man 1855-1925 Spouse Lizzie Dodd/Dodge Mary Moon (Richmond) 1866-1907 not sure on father but the US Fedral Census says Saunders Moon. spouse Willis P. Richmond: birth NC William Moon 1870-1921 Spouse Katie Moon lived and died in Washington DC ounce again not sure but the 1880 Federal Cenusus says Saunders moon father now he could've adopted them not sure though. Louisa A. Moon (Johnson) 1874-1926 spouse William Johnson not sure when married lived in Pennsylvania PA where she died. My Gr Grandparents: Saunders B. Moon II/jr 1877-1929 spouse Martha V. Froe 1884-1945 all children born in Virginia but all move away between 1900-1910 and I'm not entirely sure when my Grx2 Grandfather dies any one who came help me with this mystery of the Lost moon clan Of Chatham VA it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Saunders Moon

Email is

Gary Moon

Hello Saunders , I had an Aunt named Charlotte Moon. The origins of my Dad's side of the family were also from Virginia. I had a co-worker from the Ukraine who thought I looked French and thought I was from Paris !

Saunders B. Moon V

Hi Gary thanks for the response Charlotte Moon is a hard one I'm not registered to this site but you can email me and I can provide a lil bit more information

Brn july05 1959. I waS up for adoption .my The name was Kenneth Gregory Moon...any OnE Know e or have info

I am after information about a Jim Moon who would have lived in Reading Pennsylvania in 1966/67. His wife may have been Margaret and they had three children. If any Moon here knows anything at all please email me -

Shirley (Moon) Taft
I am 74 and grew up believing my surname "Moon" was of Native American Decent? My Father was Archie Moon, originally from Cat Head,Pa (as it was called yrs ago) but I only knew it as Sabinsville,Pa ( in Northeastern,Pa), his 2 brothers were Lee & Roland Moon, and 3 sisters Grace, Lily & Edith Moon, I never knew or don't remember what my grandfathers name was on our Moon side, as my father was older then my mom when I was born and my grandfather was already deceased..

You are related to me! That is my family. Lee was my Great Great Grandfather. I actually got the pleasure to meet Grace when I was very young. I also was told about being a decent of the Native Americans.

Monique Moon
I am also of Native American descent (my great-grandmother was full-blood Indian). My father's father was James Moon and they lived in Virginia.

chisum moon
Their are native Americans in Wyoming on the wind river reservation. Their are a lot of moons their its a big native last name. Maybe we're all related someway or another

Linda Moon Orlando
I am looking for information about the Moon family who lived in Columbia County, NY and later moved upstate to the Oswego/Onondaga area. Stephen Moon had several children buried in Columbia County and he and his wife Triphena may have moved upstate to Cayuga County first in the 1830's-40's. Any info would be appreciated.

Tess Moon-Fowler
Linda, those are my Moons! The vast majority of the Moons in NY can be traced thru the genealogy set in "Descendants of Robert Moone of Boston and Newport", Robert Moone hailing from England about 1625(?). If you have any males who get their yDNA test done, please ask them to post to the Moon Project thru FTDNA too. There are only two so far. It would be great if we can ever find a close relative in England for more info. :-)

David Moon
I am directly descended from Robert Moone of Boston/Providence. My family settled from RI in the Queensbury, NY area. Then to Peru and Keeseville to Schenectady.

Terry Boyes

Stephen Moon was my 3rd great-grandfather. He married the former Tryphena Humiston and they eventually settled in Conquest, Cayuga County, New York. I believe it was there where their daughter, Sophia, met and married my 2nd great-grandfather, David Boyes sometime between 1835 and 1838. My suspicion is that Stephen and Tryphena died in Cayuga County, but I can't find any evidence. Any help on this would be muchh appreciated.

John Moon

Stephen was probably the brother of my 3rd GGF John Moon. JM is buried in Hillsdale, along with who I think is his father John (our 4th GGF if true) and his wife Cornelia (possibly maiden name Van Deusen.) My guess is that these Moon's are Palatine German (the ones in the Henry Z Jones books.) Sorry no info on what happened to Stephen.

Linda Moon Orlando

Stephen Moon died on November 2, 1850 and Triphenia Moon died on July 7, 1843. (recorded in a Moon family bible) I believe that the Stephen Moon who died in Cayuga County died earlier?? which is why I am unsure if they are one and the same. However, my father Robert Moon does remember his father Raymond Moon visiting relatives in Cayuga County when he was a child and my Moon family eventually settled in Oswego County which is close to Cayuga County. Several of Stephen and Triphena's children are buried in a cemetery in Hillsdale, NY (Columbia County).

Terry Boyes

Stephen Moon and his wife, Tryphena Humiston, were my 3rd great-grandparents. I’m descended through their daughter, Sophia, who married David Boyes. In Sophia’s (Zerviah) Death Certificate (I obtained a copy from the State of Michigan), it states that her father was Stephen Moon and her mother was “Tripheua” Moon". Probably a misspelling of Triphena/Tryphena. The certificate says both were born in New York state. Stephen most likely was born 16 Aug 1787 in Petersburg, Rensselaer, New York. I’m not sure as to the birth date of his wife. Perhaps other researchers have more data on this. Stephen and Tryphena had other children besides Sophia as evidenced by the 1820 and 1830 census at Genoa, Cayuga County, New York. One of which may have been a son Stephen Jr. If any researcher has data to support this, I’d appreciate hearing from you because it may be key as to when Stephen Sr. died. What I do know is that a Stephen Moon, “of Genoa, Cayuga County,” died in a fight on June 14, 1830, killed by a blow of a hoe while in a quarrel with another man. This article was reported on June 28th, 1830 in the Rochester Daily Advertiser. The question is whether this Stephen was the father or the son. The 1840 census at Conquest, Cayuga County could be a clue. A Stephen Moon is enumerated in this census as being between the ages of 50-59. Our Stephen Moon Sr. would have been age 53 in this census had he been alive.

John Moon

Yes there was another Stephen Moon who was born in 1787 in Petersburgh NY, d. 1830 in Cayuga, and is listed as descending from the Robert Moone (English) line of Moons in many genealogies. Some genealogies list the wife of the Petersburgh SM as Triphenia (Hummiston) but I believe this isn't correct.

Linda Moon Orlando

Terry- in my Moon family bible Stephen Moon is listed to have died November 2,1850 and Triphenia died July 7,1843. I am a descendent of their son Mark. Stephen and Triphenia have children buried in a cemetery in Hillsdale, NY. I am not aware that they had a son Stephen and it does not seem likely that the two Stephens are the same person because of the dates of death.

John Moon

Sounds like the Petersburg NY Stephen and Tryphena (Humiston) Moon are a different couple than the Stephen and Tryphenia Moon with children buried in Hillsdale NY.

Madison Laughlin (Moon)
Hello my name is Madison Laughlin. My mothers side of the family is "Moon". My grandfathers name is James Moon, he has served in the army for 40 years and just recently retired. Our family lives in Antlers, Oklahoma. I'm trying to trace back to our ancestors so if you guys know of any information that would help please comment! Thank you! Bye.

Inga Aaron nee Moon

We are Moons from Elberton, GA. From slave records, we have confirmed that the last name is Slave owner name. The wife of Frederick Moon was Bethunia Booth. She was full Creek Native.

Taylor M
I am engaged to a man with the last name Moon and he is from Seoul, South Korea. I am curious how names like Moon and Lee occur in both Europe and Asia. I am of English decent and there are people in my family with the last name Moon and Lee.

the korean "Moon" means door and is unrelated to any european moons.


The korean "Moon" does mean door, but the last name originates from traditional Chinese writing, and the meaning can differ depending on the characters used to write it

arthur moon
I live in ny and have been curious about my last name I have a lot of family up here but no one talks or know much about the history of the name

Linda Moon Orlando
You mention living in NY and up here. Was curious as to where you live. My family (Moon) lived in Columbia County(early 1700's) and then moved up to Oswego and Onondaga Counties

I'm Johnny R. Moon originally from Coffee Co. Georgia. Far as I know much of my family on that side are local and up around the Atlanta area. I've heard different versions of Finland and Scotland, as well as Denmark, England, and France so far. Considering the word itself, there's bound to be some confusion in origins.

Patricia Moon (Dean)
My name is Patricia Moon (Dean) I am from Atlanta, GA. My dad was Arthur Rogers Moon from Atlanta, GA. His dads name was Wiley Moon; don't know much about the Moons; but would like to find out more.

Wiley Moon is from Elberton, Ga.

travis moon
My dad and family is from elberton ga.. is name was willie frank moon..

melanie moon

My family are Scottish moon's I live in aug. Ga but many are from dawsonville ga

My last name is Moon. My family (grandparents) are from Iowa, but now live in Wisconsin along with me. I've been interested in my family's ancestry for a while now. If anyone knows Paul and Toni Moon they're my grandparents. Perhaps you could offer some insight. My grandmother's maiden name is Davis ... I'm not sure if that helps.

Pamela Davis
Your grandmother Toni is my first cousin. What would you like to know.

chris branson
i am the grand son of edith moon who had 2 sisters grace,& lilly. also brothers lee &ray....the native american decent is from the mother who was a Grier. her mother was a coots [not spelled corectly] which is cherokee. both Grier& Moon were officers in union army 3rd arkansas. eidith was born in FT.Smith ark. 1904 . my mother was born in 1924. i hope this helps. grier was scotch-irish, Moon was irish. all this info. came from edith directly whom passed-away in 1998

christina nicole moon
Hey guys my grandpa is a Robert Moon he moved to ohio from england through canada when he was 21. I believe he was in the british navy. I don't know his parents names though I often wonder who my ancestors are.

Ken Moon

My deceased Grandfather was from Barberton, Ohio. His wife was Carrie Moon and they had 3 boys, Bernard William (my Dad) and twins Ronald and Donald. They have all passed away but the boys would have been approximately 75 to 80 if they were still alive. Any connections?

David Brent Moon
Sorry Great-grandfather was Edgar Allen not Ethan lol. Had a brain freeze.

David Brent Moon
My great-grandfather was Ethan Allen Moon. The story I was told as a child was that the "Moons" were from Denmark first and were vikings. The story goes that they were a clan that went to war under a banner of a cresent moon. They did well in battle and were granted lands in the British Isles. They kept the surname of the flag they fought under because everyone called them "Moons" anyway. The name is supposed to mean the moon in the sky in whatever language you are using. Anyone else hear this story as a child?

David Brent Moon
Oh yea and I think he said they fought the Saxons with the Normans.

Pierre A Plauzoles (Los Angeles, California)
Almost. I heard a very similar (almost identical!!) story from my wife and some of her relatives. Her father was Walter Rollin Moon and his ancestry can be traced back to John Moon, who lived in the Fen Country (Manea, Cambridgeshire, England) in the early 19th Century. After the Fens were drained to make more farmland, the locals, being fishermen, went elsewhere, including Wisconsin and Missouri, to say nothing of the other places that have been mentioned here on this website. Incidentally, the surname Moon as applied in Korea has nothing in terms of ancestry to do with the Moon families of England, Denmark and thereabouts (except perhaps a coincidental marriage or two here and there). I suspect that the same could be the case with the French "Mohon" and its derivatives. By the way, "moine" is the modern translation from English to French for "monk," so the spelling is very close. Then again, spelling changes over timey

Jennifer Moon
I married into a "Moon" family myself. I was told by my ex mother in law, that the Moon Family as far as she knows came from the French. Most of her Moon family originally moved to Louisiana. So My ex husband said he was French Cajun. I too am very curious to know where the name Moon comes from, as I have a son by my ex husband and would like to trace back the name. I at least know where my maiden names is derived from. :)

Charlie Moon
Well I'm part of a long line of Moon's that come from Yorkshire and on my dads side back to Ireland. Surprised to see the name Austin pop up a lot in this thread as my fathers name is Austin moon and i thought Austin wasn't a popular name. You put in my sisters name into google and she's the first image as she was in the Yorkshire evening post as the girl with 4 kidneys. Either way seems like alot of our family would we no longer are in touch with live either in ireland or down in kent somewhere. would like to learn more without paying for the information at hand.

Bryan J delos Santos-Moon
If any of you guys want help from an English Moon who family can be traced back to the 1700's I will be pleased to help.

I never knew there were so many Moon's. I'm from WV and the only ones in my area are my uncle and cousins. I always wondered where my last name originated. I looked on another site and it said Koren then English now French? My dad always told me we are from Poland. Not really sure now.

Hutton Moon
Hutton Moon, Dallas, TX, b. 1988, lots of family in Louisiana. I think I remember my dad tellin gme that our history dates back to Pennsylvania, and before that, to England. I could be mistaken, though.

Donny moon
That is the same as ours. Quakers in Pennsylvania . Before that Bristol England . My great grand mother 11 times over is a "lady" . Her husband is William Edward moon Sr. Born 1578

Richard Moon
my origins are from the Moon family surrounding the area of Bolton abbey in Yorkshire where my family still live, the nursury Rymne Hey diddle diddle is about the families Moon and Hey who also live around the same area. the Abbey was rebuilt by my namesake and direct descendant after it was destroyed in the Cromwellian era, and the information about the name derivoing from the french for monk is correct as the family has been traced back to the domesday book. a thesis was done in the 1960s or there about by Cambridge university who also looked into the origins of the name as well as the nursery rymne the thesis was featured in the local paper The Yorkshire post at that time.

Mary Lister
I'm also descended from the Bolton Abbey Moons. But there were also Moon families in Cornwall. And quite a few settled in England from Ireland.

Kiara Moon
Hi I'm a Moon too I live in Maryland, my dad lastname is Moon he was born and raised in DC and I just want to know where the lastname comes from. My dad always told me it was native American because he said my great great great grandmother and grandfather was native American and im confused because everytime I search it, it gives me different information. Thanks

Who is your dad? I have heard that same story and am wondering if you are in my family line?

Austin Moon
hi mysisters name is victoria and my middle name is rawling which are both verry comon names used by our side of the moon family and we wer able to track back to a moon castle some where in england. i am working on a project for school and need some help on where the name originated from and what it actualy meens any help would be greatly appreciated thanx

John C
The surname either derives from Old French for 'Monk' or derives from Anglo-Saxon for those that worshipped the moon.

Im still tracing my Moon line. As Ive already posted-I could use help.Thanks

Samantha moon
wow my father was born 1937 austin tinsley moon jnr

I read all these posts. If anyone can help me.I have a Benjamine Moon ,lived in Stratton Vt b 1797-with wife Elizabeth Faye-had Malantha -she mar-Jerimiah Durias Styles-had Lydia-married NelsonW French/had Hattie Belle -married LeoOra Slade -had Pearl Slade(mom) married Maurice Cobb(dad) I have very little info on Benjamine. I could use any info Thanks heap..Janet

John C
'Moon' from the masculine noun 'Mona' or 'Moona'. The surname most likely derives from the English pagan deity. If you're English and carry the name then this is most likely the origin. This site gets worse and worse. The last page I went to they had the surname 'Martin' as Roman!!??

Hello all you Moon folk! My father's was raised by his mother's sister and their maiden name was Moon. All I know is they were raised in New York state. There were three sisters born probably between 1900 and 1920. Gram never talked about her childhood or parents and it's killing me! The birth mother of my dad wasn't someone I grew up with and therefore I know nothing about her. But aunt Gladys and Dorothy(moon) were short and thin maybe 4'8" tall and 80lbs soaking wet. Gram was very proud of her maiden name and that's the name on her headstone.? I wish I knew something about her kin and ancestry. Can anybody help?Also, there may have been a genetic birth defect in the genes as one of her legs was inches shorter than the other and she had. Violet eyes.

Al Clut
I have been looking for information on the Moon family of Upstate New York, from the early 1900's. They made double-ended, lapstrake wooden rowboats that were famous and ubiquitous in the Southern Adirondacks. I only know of one "Moon Boat," in existence, and would like to find more about them. They were beautiful boats. Built more solidly than a guide boat, and very elegant.

Makayla Moon
Where were Gladys and Dorothy from?

Hey all I was browsing the internet and was curuous to know where the last name Moon come from, my grandmothers last name is Moon and mine is Friday literally! Hmmmm I wonder where they originate.

To Ellen: Maybe we are. Have to collaborate and see. Considering the Moons and their descendents seem to breed like flies would not be surprised. LOL

Junseo Moon
The Last name Moon in Korean means "writing" in mandarin chinese translations. Every korean person with the last name Moon is related for the Korean "Moons": only have one family root.

Bryan J delos Santos Moon
Bryan Moon. In my research I have discovered that most of the English moon's I am related to come from the Somerset area. I was told it was a Viking name but the French origins could also be valid. I also found that some of my ancestors went to the USA.

Lyndsey Moon
I find it quite freaky that my Dad is named Robert Moon and we live in Yorkshire....

Im more interested in my more recent history. My grandfather's name was Moon and he came to Canada somewhere between 1900 and 1912. We have been told he came up from the US but he wouldnt talk about his family. He married my grandmother who was a Moore, in around 1911 or 12 and my mother was born in 1913. He and my grandmother both died when my mother was a toddler and she was raised here in Canada by her Mother's parents. If any part of this story sounds familiar, in regard to my Grandfather Moon Id love to hear from you.

Hi Michelle, Glad the book helped you! I find geneology very fascenating! Maybe we are long-lost cousins? Best regards- Ellen

Ellen, I lost your email but I got the book. Thanks so much. It helped with my tree. didn't know it was written in 1920.

My Grandfather was Fred Moon who married Faye Fridley from West Virginia. They lived in Ohio and had 3 sons: Ken, Ralph and Gary. My name is Patricia Ann Moon Reinhardt. I would love to know what city my great grandfather was from. I understand he was a coopersmith.

Paul Moon
My grandfathers name Paul Zacariah (spelling?) Moon . from Easton, MD, USA ... deceased @ around the 1990's I beleive. Fathered David Reed Moon (Sr.) deceased 1981. If you have any information please contact.

My grandfathers name was Paul Moon and he died in 1992. I'm in SC and I know it's not the same Paul Moon but just thought it was interesting that your grandfather had the same name.

Hi I have a Celtic name ITS Donella my great great great grandmothers maiden name was Moon her first name was Sarah she married William Hill in the early 1800's they where living in Cornwall after moving from Devonshire . There son George moved to New Zealand around 1860 as a Soldier and married and retired there. Im his great great grandaughter.People from this area i hear got along with the irish and where the first miners in the world.

Jennifer Bosserman
Does anyone know any Moons in VA? My grandmother was a Moon. Schyler Virginia area was where she was raised.

I still believe that generally speaking in places such as the USA, Mexico, Australia and South Africa where the Cornish hard-rock miners went in large numbers (do an internet search using 'Cornish miners'), the name 'Moon' is most likely to have origionated from Cornwall. Many Cornish names have developed from Celtic language place names in Cornwall or nick names based on the Cornish language. Moon is believed to come from the Cornish for a slim person. Cornish miners also went to the West Cork area of Ireland between 1812 and 1884 to work the copper mines. The West Cork mines, including Glandore, Schull, Crookhaven, Allihies, Mizen Head, Sheep's Head and many more were all managed by Cornish mine captains who would have taken their families to Ireland with them. So even if you are a Moon whose descendents come from Ireland your name could still have come originally from Cornwall. The Cornish language was closely related to Irish Gaelic as well as Welsh.

Hi Ellen, That sounds great. You can reach on Yahoo at To Lauren and everyone else: My great great grandmother Cynthia Victoria Moon who married Silas Casey Holland who had Mary V married Sherley Adams. Now Sherley's mother was Penora Moon. So I have Moon all in my family tree. I am from MD right outside Washington, DC. My dad, who is descended from the Adams and moon lines, grew up in the city. His mother was a Ledbetter and they are mixed in also along the line somewhere else. I just see all this inter-marrying and makes me wonder WTH?

makayla moon
I am also related to the Adams and Moons. We are from Washington.

Hi christy, If you enter your name and information on, and also your father's and grandfather Moon's information, it may give you a leaf so you can find out your great-grandpa's name. And MUCH father back, probably! My grandma came from the Moons and her line goes WAY back. The last date I have is before 1100 for a birthdate. The Moon name morphed from Moone, then Mohun. In Macksburg, Iowa, there is a Moon cemetery where lots of Moons and their descendents are buried. There is an interesting story of where the Moon name came from - from William the Conqueror. Good luck on your tree and have fun! Good luck!

My mother's maiden name is Moon. Her father, John Calvin Moon came from a family who immigrated from Ireland. I think they immigrated before the famine. I know she would be interested in helping build a family tree.

Christy Moon
I am a Moon my grandpa was a Robert Moon and came to the US when he was 21 from England. I saw that there seems to be alot of Robert Moons. Im trying to find out more about my line of the Moons but I dont know my grandpas dads name lol

Paul Moon
I'm from merseyside st.helens England and my name is PAul Moon. Nice to meet u all

Lauren moon
Hey Michelle my great grandmother Is also a moon from Georgia!

My great great grandmother was a Moon. Came from Georgia. Looked up my family tree more thoroughly and saw Moon. Thought we were some weird religious sect or native american but looking at this, I see where it originated.

Hi Michelle, I also have family from Georgia who are Moons. There is actually quite a bit of land east of Atlanta that was orginally owned by the Moons, that was later sold off. Alot of side streets are Moon related in the names off of Five Forks Trickem (in Gwinett County near Lilburn). I thought that was kinda neat.

Patricia Moon (Dean)
I grew up in Atlanta Cascade area. my father is Arthur Rogers Moon. his dad was Wiley Moon. I didn't know to much about the Moon side but like to learn more.

There are lots of people in Cornwall with the surname moon and this name purely when found in Cornwall could have come from the Cornish knickname for a slim or thin person.

patrick Moon
Ever look a a Dublin phone book?

michael moon
I am michael moon, I have no idea of where I came from , I also thought it was for the big satallite off the earth

Lance Moon
And all this time I had simply attributed it to a fondness for that big white ball in the night sky. Who knew?