Last name: Moss

This long-established surname, widespread both in England and Ireland, has two distinct possible sources as an English surname, and a further interpretation when found in the latter country. From an early date, Moss has been used in Ireland as a partial translation of the Old Gaelic "O'Maolmona", descendant of the devotee of Maolmona, from "O", grandson, male descendant of, with "maol", literally meaning "tonsured one", ut used here in the transferred sense of "devotee, follower", and the saint's name "Mona", from "Munnu". St. Munnu (died 635) served for a time on the Scottish island of Iona and then founded a monastery at Taghmon, County Wexford. The substitution of "Moss" for "(Maol)mona" is based on the erroneous translation of "mona" as "moorland, turf bog". The name is more correctly Anglicized as "Mulmona" and "Malmona" in Counties Fermanagh and Donegal. The christening was recorded in Ireland of Elizabeth, daughter of Michael and Joane Moss, at Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork, on September 14th 1661. Eleven bearers of the name appear on a "List of Irish Famine Immigrants arriving at the Port of New York (1846 - 1851)": among them Francis Moss, aged 21 yrs., who embarked from Liverpool on the ship "Cambridge" on May 8th 1846. The English surname is primarily topographical in origin from residence by a swamp or peat bog, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "mos", bog, morass, but it may occasionally derive from "Moss(e)", the normal medieval form of the Hebrew given name "Moses". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Almer Mosse, which was dated circa 1153, in the "Pipe Rolls of Norfolk", during the reign of King Stephen, known as "Count of Blois", 1135 - 1154. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Kendall moss

I have a lot of relatives I don't who they are maybe they are out there

jaden moss

dont know my were my family from probably a different moss, my families african american

Bill Moss

Grandfather arrived in U.S. from Manchester, England circa 1883. Relatives in Manchester were a Nellie Moss; her son is/was Norman Moss now of Surrey. I currently reside in South Carolina - if anyone is part of the Moss family in Manchester we may very well be related. write:

Ciara Moss

Ciara Moss, from Donegal, Ireland. Please contact me if you are also a Moss from Ireland. Twitter: @TheIrishFarmer Email:

Patricia arias
My great grandmother's name was Myra moss. Don't know much abt her

Steve Moss
I'm Steve Moss (Arizona). My grandfather (Virgil Moss) was from Missouri. His great-great-grandfather (William Moss) was born in Virginia but died in Indiana.

Walter Moss
Traced family to Edward Moss, who came to York Co. Virginia in 1636 from Lancaster, Lancashire, England. My descendants then moved to Georgia, Louisiana and then Texas.

Chris Moss
I'm Chris Moss. My family is from Arkansas and Michigan. I am from Ohio and live in KY.

hilary wright " nee" moss
Fathers family from Prestwich in Manchester, don't know if any relatives still live there!

My mums dad was a Richard Moss , on Ancestry recently I' found his family tree going back to 1749.

Jake Moss
From Lancashire, England and no idea where my family originates from

Brad Moss
Us Mosses gotta stick together! Haha. From Ketucky. Live in Tennessee.

Arthur moss
I'm Arthur moss from Georgia and just trying to see how the family is growing

Mr Moss
From Lancashire, Jake Moss you're probably my relative! hello to all my american relatives, get me a green card im sick of england its a hell hole. or should i say a bog land? :D

Rufus Defibaugh
Traced my ancestry to a Richard Moss (1566-1670) who came from Lancashire, England. Am curious if any Moss's still reside in Lancashire, and if they would be related. Am on Facebook if anyone wishes to contact me. Or email at, Jesus bless

Danisha moss, i live in toronto, Ontario but my family originated from jamaica..

My mom's maiden name was moss. Her father was from Scotland..came to Canada after his parents died. Very little is known of his family. I don't know if my grandfather had seems the history died with my great grandparents.

Caroline moss
My dad's side and up to my grandad are Moss originating in Scotland (edinburgh) prior to that my great grandparents originated from Birmingham working on barges before they settled in Edinburgh. Il ask my dad if he is aware of any history surrounding family moving to canada

Hunter Moss
My name is Hunter Moss from North Carolina 17 and only knw my family orignates from ireland

Paula Moss Hale
My Grandfather's name was Hunter Moss! I am from Texas. Paula Moss Hale

laura moses
My dad told me the original family name was moss before my great-great-great-great grandfather came to australia, and only changed it to moses because there where too many people with the moss last name and wanted to be different.

Michelle Moss
Hello I am Michelle Moss from The Bahamas. The Moss name here is predominantly from the islands Acklins and Mayaguana, we probably got the name from a slave owner as we are of African decent, but it would be interesting to know the origins of the Moss name.

Ciara Moss

I'm from Donegal, Ireland!! don't know much about my family:( But you never know, we could be related!!;)

Hello, I'm elaine moss my family originates from Dudley in the West Midlands UK. My family think we might originate from the French Huguenots.....x

Hi, Jodie Moss from Brisbane, Australia. I have traced my moss family back to Middlesex, UK. to 1796. Most of my moss family were from Melbourne. There must be many rellies out there!!

carleena moss-bramble
love to know about your family, some of mine were from middlesex and most from great yarmouth, still have some in london areas today

Komi Moss
I've already posted, but Komi Moss from South Carolina

Kenny Moss
Kenny Moss from Texas.

chris moss
hi im chris moss i am only around once a year lol

Elizabeth Moss
Hi there... Elizabeth Moss here... Born in Charlotte, NC but currently living in Queensland, Australia. I'm on facebook... feel free to add me.

On Ancestry , Richard Moss 6th July ! My Mums ancestor.

Robyn Moss
Hi I'm Robyn Moss from Adelaide , South Australia, Australia

Simone Moss
I'm Simone Moss my family is from Jamaica

My family is from Jamaica as well

Linda Moss
I'm a Moss too. Brisbane Australia. Man we rock! Add me as a friend if you are a Moss =)

Benjamin Moss
Benjamin Moss from Newcastle , NSW, Australia

James Moss
My name is James Moss. We have traced our family back to Lancasire England.

James Moss
Hi James Moss, I'm James Moss. Just wanted to say you have a friggen awesome name! Unfortunately you have to be the real James Moss though because my great grandfather was adopted.

Chad Moss
Chad Moss from Tennessee.

colette moss
My names colette moss, from the uk :)

Hi my name is Laura Moss, from Melbourne, Australia...I'm on Facebook too, add me :)

Hi Laura, my name is Jodie Moss. Im in Brisbane, but my moss family are originally from Melbourne. Maybe related?

Whitney Moss

Hi Laura, I have been trying to find my heritage and background so that I can write a report. I have no idea. My dad says were just American but I see on here that many originate in Australia and Ireland. Sounds like you know a little about the Moss background. Can you inform me, or advise me where to research further? Thank you. Whitney Moss - if you will reply there, thank you!

Christine Moss
My name is Christine Moss and I wish to contact any possible relatives. Also I would like to trace ancestry. Any help would be appreciated.

James dobinson
try this website

Hi Joanna moss! I have a large family coming from around northwich and peaver

Komi Moss
Add me on facebook too!

Andrew Moss
I have Facebook too Add me

stacey moss
hi im stacey caryll moss from sydeny australia add me if you have face book

hi im aiden moss from tyrone n.ireland

victor moss
my moss family are from missouri. Danial boon mossis my great great great great grandfather.