Last name: Moyer

According to the records of Ireland, this very interesting and rare surname, is of ancient Gaelic origins. It is recorded in that country in several spellings which include MacMoyer, McMoyer, Moyer, Moyers, and sometimes Moore. It would seem to originate from the pre 10th century 'Mac an Mhaoir' meaning the son of the mhair or steward. In those far off times 'steward' was a status description not for a domestic servant, but for somebody of serious and wide ranging responsibilities. This included the management of estates or in Scotland, - the whole country! Indeed the famous Stuart royal family of Scotland and later England from 1603 to 1714, derive their surname from being the hereditary stewards of Scotland. It is said that in Ireland the surname first arose in the County of Armagh where it is sometimes confused with O' Moy or Moy, from County Donegal. However Moy is the name of a river, and as far as is known, the two surnames have no direct connection. Outside of Ireland and particularly in North America, there is also a possiblity that it could be another spelling of the ancient surname Meyer, Mayor or Mayer. This is of Germanic and Anglo-Saxon pre 7th century origins, and has the similar meaning of 'mayor' or chief, not so different from the original meaning of steward. The earliest recording we have, and one of the earliest of Irish church records, is that of Alice Moyer. She married a John Teare at St Michan's Cathedral, Dublin, on June 9th 1685. Almost two centuries later in the records of Irish Immigrants who fled the Great Famine of 1846 - 1851 is that of two Moyer's, both called Elizabeth and who travelled together. The first was aged fifty five, and the other twenty four and they were probably mother and daughter. They sailed from Belast Lough on the ship Adam-Lodge of Liverpool, to New York on June 2nd 1847.

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Moyer is also a variation of Meyer, which is a Palatine name. There are Meyers of Palatine origin who settled in NY. Many moved up into the Mohawk Valley and later into PA. My Moyer ancestors came from the Mohawk Valley of NY, then settled in the Phoenix/Oswego area of NY.

Maggie Moyar
My name spelling was changed I was told during Hitler's reign. Is this last name really Jewish? Please contact me

Suzan Moyers
Descendants of Casper Mayer 1575-1633 Zurich Switzerland will have a Reunion and Genealogy Conference in SLC, UT the summer of 2015. The surnames involved could be Mayer/Moyer/Moyers/Myers/Meyers . . . email for more information


keep in immigrants came to the new world via Ellis island the shear volume of records the recorders were taking and the lack of language skills cause a lot of name variations. basically if they couldnt understand you they did the best they could...and sometimes butchered peoples family names only in the name of haste. That said...Moyer here from south east PA.

aAaron Moyer
proud moyer here. i live in ontario Canada and my Moyer family is also of Pennsylvania Dutch dependence. my father has told me that we emigrated from Scotland and I've done research as well. as far as i know we have been through Germania in ancient times and to the best of my knowledge we originated in Jerusalem and the meaning i have discovered was different. The name Moyer apparently means to live near a lake river or heath which would have most likely been an occupational last name and in ancient Jerusalem its a far different spelling but same meaning. Also we date back to the time of Moses

Suzan Moyers
Descendants of Casper Mayer 1575 - 1633 of Zurich Switzerland are holding a Reunion and Genealogy Conference in SLC, UT the summer of 2015. Possible surnames are Mayer, Meyer, Myer, Moyer . . . For more information email

Kevin moyer

I am trying to trace my roots and find the history going back to Jerusalem and Moses quite interesting. I am of Dutch origin and all my relatives were farmers in Pa.

john Freed (Mother maiden name MOYER)
I am from the Moyer's of Penna. of which are Penna Dutch origins


Same here...Lebanon County born and raised...

Merlin Fields (Yared)
I must be from a different tribe of Moyer. My maternal grandfather was Lloyd R? Moyer who lived in Denver Colorado, where my mother Evelyn Marie Moyer was born and raised. This Moyer clan came from Switzerland. I am looking into finding the ORIGINAL origins, it is my belief that the migration was even before Switzerland, Germany, England and Ireland. I believe that many of us (Americans) are descendants of the "Lost Tribes of Yisra'el " who after being exiled to Assyria then fled to Switzerland as the roman catholic Church was hunting the 'Jews' to destroy them, not understanding that there is a difference between being a 'Jew' and being Hebrew. A common mis-teaching and misunderstanding. We are Yisra'el not 'Jewish' The Mennanite and Quakers are an example of believing in the Scriptures and the Law of the Father and yet not 'jewish'. Following the Torah of Yahweh, is NOT 'Judaism' Judaism does not follow the Torah, they follow the Talmud which is a defilement of the Torah. I believe that we must be of Yisra'el to be His children. and He says that His people are Yisra'el, not Jews. That is not anti-simetic, or any more-so than our Messiah was. More about all this is in my book; The Song of Mosheh available to read for free at I would like any input about the Hebrew roots if anyone of the Moyer family has knowledge.

My ancestor, Hans Jurgen Meyer came to America from Baden-Wuerttemberg area of Germany in 1717 and were part of the Second Colony that settled in Virginia. I have also learned his father was from Switzerland. I'm very curious about where they may have emigrated from before that. I had read something online awhile back that Moyer, Meir, Meyer... had Yiddish origins. I suppose we may never know. By the way, the notion that Jews do not follow the teachings of the Torah or first 5 book of Moses is simply untrue. It is the written law and the Talmud the oral law is second to the Torah sciptures. I'm no expert but this I am sure of.

Timmie Lee Moyers JR
my dads last name is moyers n im confused is it moyer or moyers n is it german or gaelic someone plz help me im on facebook @timmiemoyers or email me

john moyers

It is a Scottish name so you could say it is gaelic gordon clan

john moyers

It is moyers not moyer but they do have a common link moyers moyer mayer moirs moore macmoyer Mahoney were all gordon clan in Aberdeen Scotland

Terius moyer
wow thats great. i didnt know. any more cool stuff?