Last name: Newman

Recorded as Newman in England and as Neumann, Neuemann, Nuemann, Nyemann, and others, in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, this notable surname was of Germanic and Anglo-Saxon pre 7th century origins. It was originally a pre-medieval nickname for somebody new to a particular place. The derivation is from the word "neowe" with the suffix "mann", meaning a friend or foreman. The surname is widely recorded with Godwin Nieweman in the Pipe Rolls of Oxfordshire, England in 1169, and in Germany Hermann Nyeman of Barth, in 1325 and the similar English version as in Robert le Nyman of Sussex in 1296. Thomas Newman, aged fifteen, who left London on the ship "Plaine Joan" bound for Virginia in May 1635, was among the earliest recorded settlers in the new colonies of British America. John Henry Newman (1801 - 1890), who was formally created cardinal of St. George in Velabro in 1879. A member of the Oxford Movement, he resigned his Anglican living, and joined the Roman Catholic Church in 1845. A coat of arms granted to the Neumann family of Berlin has the blazon of a red field charged with vertical cannon, surmounted by crossed swords argent. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Stangrim Noueman. This was was dated 1166, in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk, during the reign of King Henry 111rd, known as the Builder of Churches, 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Hi John Paul Newman here from a line of Richard Newmans from London, Daniel Newman, Whitchurch, Oxfordshire and the furthest back to date Henry Newman and Mary Daniels (married 1779 Woolhampton, Berkshire). Would love to hear from anyone connected through this line in particular. Any Newman with Bensley as a middle name also?

john newman
Hi I'm looking for Newman family in london

Alison Newman
We have a really great Family group on FB so please sign-up and look for us. My father was Basil Roy Newman son of Sterling Newman and Brother of Egbert Newman - all now deceased. My dad was born in Manchester in the district of Ballynure.

Alyssa Newman
My father Gerald Newman said that his family were mink farmers, and alot of them grew up around Detroit lakes Minnesota.. I wanna know more about my family...

Hello I'm looking for a Michael Newman the last I heard About him he lived in sydney Australia he used to work as a paramedic ambulance driver And I think he has 2 kids (not sure) he's parents are from England he might be in he's 50s or something and he was meant to Move to kings-wood nsw Sydney if knows of him please MSG me Thank you

Lilian Coulton
Hi everyone, I'm searching for a Brian Newman and wife Sylvia nee Jeffries. Syliva was born 1938 and is my sister. My mother lost contact with them in South Africa sometime after 1970s. They were married 1959 in Willesden London, they may have emigrated to Cape Town area of South Africa c 1962 or later?

Hello all, my name is John Newman. My family came to American around 1852 from Germany. I am looking for anyone how may have any information on a Hiram Newman or a Harmon Newman from Hanover Germany. My 3rd great grand father was John Newman born Fed. 2nd 1841 in Hanover Germany.

jarrell newman from detroit mi ..
Jarrell newman 3134596445 people of our$ ..detroit mi 35 years old soon 36 ,born 4 23 11978 .call my peps people ..

amy newman

My name amy newman my mum name is ann newman and my grandparents names are john david newman and margrate newman we all have blond /brown hair and blue eyes we were all born in the uk

Helen Strickley

My name is helen Strickley, but was born Frieda Newman in London & given up for adoption, birth year 1941 if anyone knows anything that could help me?! My real mum was called Dianah Newman - contact

Lorrette Newman

I am also a Newman born in St, Catherine Jamaica.My grand father was Harry Newman from Comfort Hall in Manchester Jamaica. My father was Sylvester Newman. Harry had a cousin by the name of Lorenzo Newman. Harry was of light complextion and straight hair curl at the ends. I dont know my relatives.

Christopher William Newman

My great grandfather was William Patrick Newman who lived on Greene Street in Baltimore, Maryland. During the War for Southern Independence the entire Newman family and most of Baltimore City was Confederate and extremely anti-Lincoln. The Booth Family owned a house on Exeter Street in Baltimore and "Tudor Hall" near Bel Air, Maryland. Members of my family saw John Wilkes Booth perform at Baltimore's Charles Street Theatre. He was very popular in Baltimore ... and considered a "patriot" rather than an assassin.

Christopher William Newman
Hi everyone my grand fathers name was William Peter Newman and he died somewhere in the 1970's in south-africa if anyone has any info about newmans living in S.A please inbox me. I dont have any info about my family history and would like to learn about my past, best regards C.W Newman (

Rachel Newman
Hi my name is Rachel Newman. My last name is actually from a different origin. My last name is Jewish and Hungarian. Does any other New,an have this origin?

Michael Newman
Hi to all Newmans . I don't know anything about my father or his ancestors butt I was born in st. Louis mo.

addie newman
hi my fellow newmans!!!

Sam newman
didn't know there were so many of us

I thought i was alone

Tarrence newman

Katherine Newman
Eyo! My Newman family came from Denmark, if I believe! Ireland, too if I believe!

I find this interesting, I'm planning on doing a DNA swab to verify

William Newman
We have a family tradition where the first born male is named William going back many many generations which leads me to believe my ancestors came from the Brittish isles, just my speculation though

Courtney Brown
My great grandfather was half Italian and half English. His name was Frank Newman and he married a Belgian woman called Janina (I don't know her last name.) She has a daughter named Christine Woodham. Please could someone reply if they know them or are related to them as I'm trying to find out about my family history.

D Newman
I always assumed it was an ellis island kind of thing, you come here and you're a "new man", haha!

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