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This ancient medieval surname, recorded in the spellings of Noble, the much rarer patronymics of Nobles and Nobleson, and the unusual dialectals Knoble and Knobell is of Old French pre 8th century origin. The word "noble" was probably introduced into Britain by the Norman Invaders of 1066. It translates as meaning "high born", and whilst generally regarded in the 20th century as being a theatrical nickname for somebody who played the part of a noble in the popular travelling theatres of the day, originally did have "noble" connatations. It is interesting that the very first recording as shown below was that of a Knight Templar or Crusader of some status, being a member of the Christian Army lead by Richard, Coeur de Lion. This force tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to free the Holy Land from the Moslems during the 12th century. Early examples of the surname recordings include Hugh le Noble, of Bedford in 1273, and Robertus Nobilii, a Latinized form of the name, in the Poll Tax rolls for Yorkshire in 1379. Church recordings dating back to the famous Reformation include Damyan Noble, christened on July 17th 1544 at St. Nicholas Acons, London, and Christopher Knoble who married Ann Jarrat at the church of St Martins in the Field, Westminster, on October 22nd 1717. Ann Noble, aged 22, was one of the earliest colonists to the New World, when she left London on the ship "Expectation" in May 1635. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Peter Noble. This was dated 1185, in the "Records of the Knight Templars of England". This was during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189.

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S. Noble
A Noble in Tyne and Wear, England here. Been researching the family name and I'm pretty certain I'm one of the Nobles of Northumberland. We haven't wandered far. I have my family tree dating back to approx the 1600's and I must say it makes for interested reading.

My name is Asha Noble I am Jamaican, I am so proud to be a Noble I end up here trying to find out, more about my ancestors god bless you all you all can join the Noble family group on Facebook ok.

Joshua Noble
I live in Texas, United States. I've been looking for my ancestory. I am 17, I live at boys ranch Texas.

Sara Diamond
My name Is Sara Diamond, I was born in Detroit, Michigan. Before I was adopted my Birth Name was Doris Noble. I am African American.I know that I have 1 biological sister who is younger than me but she was also adopted in Michigan.. I think my mom's name was Nichelle or Michelle Noble. I think i lived with one of my aunts shortly after I was born, she had a few kids of her own. I now live In Florida. If anyone thinks they might be related or anything, or have family with this Last name that also live in Detroit or other parts of Michigan Feel free to ad me on Facebook! I would love to find out more about my birth family

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Susan Finney
I was born Susan Noble at Northampton in 1955, my father being Roy Albert Noble. He was the only son, and my father only had 3 daughters so our branch of the name has died out, but my grandfather had at least two brothers and there are still family with surname of Noble living in Northampton, England.

Lesley Noble
I live in Lancashire, England and can trace my family history back to the 1600's . Although my paternal Great grandfather had twelve sons (and just one daughter so life must have been tough for my Great Grandma!) their is only one male left in our family to carry on the family name.

Regan Noble

I am 20 and I live in Cardiff, Wales. But my grandfather William Noble was born and raised in Newcastle and moved to Wales in the 50s/60s I believe. Just doing some research out of pure curiosity :)

Margaret Noble Thomson

My fathers name was Wellington C Noble. I have no history of the family other than my grandfather was a bookkeeper in London in the 1800's I understand he immigrated to America in mid 1800's and married my grandmother Ella Barton; supposedly a distant relative of Clara Barton. I look forward to any response to my inquiry.

Ramona Noble

My Grandfathers name was Sylvester Noble on my fathers side of course, and I do not know anything of our history or where our name came from. We are African American, and my Grandfathers family came out of Ohio and the most Northern parts of the United States. Eventually my Grandfather somehow made it down to Riceboro, Georgia and started his family there ending with 17 children.

wesley alen noble

I'm 29 yrs of age. I also have a brother Jeremy lee 35 yrs of age and he has one boy an a girl.My late father was born in 1957 in hawsville, Kentucky an his name was Leonard lee Noble. He has two brother and three sisters. Im a Indiana boy, born an raised in southern part of the state named Tell City one the Ohio River. I want to hear everything that has anything to do with the noble name. Thanks

Caitlin Noble
Very interesting!

Caitlin Noble
I'm 24 with two children who bare my last nasmeone boy who will carry the noble name for me. We lived in Newfoundland but I was born in Cambridge Ontario my father originally from springdale Newfoundland

Ruth Clark
Google ten page Noble document

Jocelyn noble
Have always wondered how far back my name goes!

Peter noble
Always wondered about my surname even weirder that the first recorded name is th same as mine lol

origin of surname nobles
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