Last name: Noble

This ancient medieval surname, recorded in the spellings of Noble, the much rarer patronymics of Nobles and Nobleson, and the unusual dialectals Knoble and Knobell is of Old French pre 8th century origin. The word "noble" was probably introduced into Britain by the Norman Invaders of 1066. It translates as meaning "high born", and whilst generally regarded in the 20th century as being a theatrical nickname for somebody who played the part of a noble in the popular travelling theatres of the day, originally did have "noble" connatations. It is interesting that the very first recording as shown below was that of a Knight Templar or Crusader of some status, being a member of the Christian Army lead by Richard, Coeur de Lion. This force tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to free the Holy Land from the Moslems during the 12th century. Early examples of the surname recordings include Hugh le Noble, of Bedford in 1273, and Robertus Nobilii, a Latinized form of the name, in the Poll Tax rolls for Yorkshire in 1379. Church recordings dating back to the famous Reformation include Damyan Noble, christened on July 17th 1544 at St. Nicholas Acons, London, and Christopher Knoble who married Ann Jarrat at the church of St Martins in the Field, Westminster, on October 22nd 1717. Ann Noble, aged 22, was one of the earliest colonists to the New World, when she left London on the ship "Expectation" in May 1635. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Peter Noble. This was dated 1185, in the "Records of the Knight Templars of England". This was during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189.

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wesley alen noble

I'm 29 yrs of age. I also have a brother Jeremy lee 35 yrs of age and he has one boy an a girl.My late father was born in 1957 in hawsville, Kentucky an his name was Leonard lee Noble. He has two brother and three sisters. Im a Indiana boy, born an raised in southern part of the state named Tell City one the Ohio River. I want to hear everything that has anything to do with the noble name. Thanks

Ramona Noble

My Grandfathers name was Sylvester Noble on my fathers side of course, and I do not know anything of our history or where our name came from. We are African American, and my Grandfathers family came out of Ohio and the most Northern parts of the United States. Eventually my Grandfather somehow made it down to Riceboro, Georgia and started his family there ending with 17 children.

Margaret Noble Thomson

My fathers name was Wellington C Noble. I have no history of the family other than my grandfather was a bookkeeper in London in the 1800's I understand he immigrated to America in mid 1800's and married my grandmother Ella Barton; supposedly a distant relative of Clara Barton. I look forward to any response to my inquiry.

Regan Noble

I am 20 and I live in Cardiff, Wales. But my grandfather William Noble was born and raised in Newcastle and moved to Wales in the 50s/60s I believe. Just doing some research out of pure curiosity :)

Lesley Noble
I live in Lancashire, England and can trace my family history back to the 1600's . Although my paternal Great grandfather had twelve sons (and just one daughter so life must have been tough for my Great Grandma!) their is only one male left in our family to carry on the family name.

Gordon Noble

Hi I am interested in what you have written.My Nobles were in Halifax late 1700's Can you tell me more

Susan Finney
I was born Susan Noble at Northampton in 1955, my father being Roy Albert Noble. He was the only son, and my father only had 3 daughters so our branch of the name has died out, but my grandfather had at least two brothers and there are still family with surname of Noble living in Northampton, England.

Sara Diamond
My name Is Sara Diamond, I was born in Detroit, Michigan. Before I was adopted my Birth Name was Doris Noble. I am African American.I know that I have 1 biological sister who is younger than me but she was also adopted in Michigan.. I think my mom's name was Nichelle or Michelle Noble. I think i lived with one of my aunts shortly after I was born, she had a few kids of her own. I now live In Florida. If anyone thinks they might be related or anything, or have family with this Last name that also live in Detroit or other parts of Michigan Feel free to ad me on Facebook! I would love to find out more about my birth family

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Ramon Noble

I've tried to look you up but the page isn't pulling up. I am not aware of family in Detroit at this present moment, we have a lot of family on the Noble side that we haven't gotten a chance to meet. I wrote about my side of the Noble family at the top if you would like to compare. I know my Grandfathers family came out of the northern parts of the United States as well as North Carolina. I also saw you had an aunt named Michelle Noble, I have a aunt named Michelle Noble (Mackey now since she's married) but I know a lot of times people will keep a name in the family. You can find me under Ramon Noble on Facebook.

Joshua Noble
I live in Texas, United States. I've been looking for my ancestory. I am 17, I live at boys ranch Texas.

Robert Humphey
Joshua, My grandmother on my fathere's side was a Noble from Texas. Were you born or raised in Texas? Contact me at

My name is Asha Noble I am Jamaican, I am so proud to be a Noble I end up here trying to find out, more about my ancestors god bless you all you all can join the Noble family group on Facebook ok.

S. Noble
A Noble in Tyne and Wear, England here. Been researching the family name and I'm pretty certain I'm one of the Nobles of Northumberland. We haven't wandered far. I have my family tree dating back to approx the 1600's and I must say it makes for interested reading.

i wonder if the pre-mentioned qualitys of our ancesters are passed down through the genes ? my father was certainly noble and his help for the vunerable and bravery against the nazis [ shot , captured yet up and over the fence 3 times] inspired me . he hated bullys, thatcher included.

Brandon Nobles
Oh, and many of the Nobles (they WERE southerners) owned slaves, so most likely this where many African Americans derived their Nobles or Noble surname from.

karren wilson
Hi Brandon, my great grandmother's last name (maiden) was Nobles. She was a African American and former slave from Troy Alabama. She and the family moved to Indiana about 1917. I'm trying to trace my family tree and don't know where to start.

Cecilia Nobles

Nobles's are from the North some were Mormon's perhaps all startling off in America. Not all blacks got there names from slave owners.

Katherine Nobles

Not all Nobles are from the North. All of my research has Nobles from North & South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. I'm back to about 1730, so far.

Cecilia Nobles

As I see it Nobles's keep coming back unknown origin leading me to believe they were Mormon and from England in America. Mormon's did not own slaves. Some blacks may have taken the name Mormon's ordained slaves but not do mixed marriages. I know a Cecil Nobles was Mormon.

Cecilia Nobles

Wanted to add all the Nobles I know married English. Perhaps just waiting for conformation. It's English of this I am sure of

Katherine Nobles

Mormons may not have owned slaves, but the church didn't start until 1830. People who joined after that may have owned slaves or freed their slaves.

Ramona Noble

That's very true.

Brandon Nobles
Nobles and Nobles are the same name, just alternate spellings, but essentially the same family. I come from Lewis Sanders Nobles who lived in South Carolina. I believed he was a descendant of the Maryland colonial Isaac Nobles who arrived in the mid 1600's either from England or Scotland. I lean more towards Scotland as the family seemed to have only married other Scots through the 17 and 1800's.

Daniel Murphy- Nobles
Hey Brandon, not sure if you have the funds but you should consider genographic testing either through ftdna or the national geographic genographic project. There are several groups of Nobles who have their dna submitted and it is a good way to confirm relationship between different groups of the Nobles families. I am a Nobles descendant but through a non paternal event that occured in the early 1800s. As a result I don't know exactly which group I came from but through the testing I have confirmed that I am kin to the descendants of John Calvin Nobles who many believe are related to your Lewis Sanders. Anyways your results could contribute a lot to the project and help establish or disprove ties.

Brandon Nobles
Hi Daniel! I would love to do that, but I am not sure how much of it would help due to how distant I am to Lewis, and also that I come from one of Lewis's daughters, not sons. Lewis had a daughter named Hester who at the age of 13 became pregnant. She gave birth to a son who she named James Jackson Nobles. She was quickly married a few months later to a John Tucker. James Jackson was later identified as an illegitimate in the Georgia Land Lottery. James Jackson is my third great-grandfather. Would it still be likely that DNA testing would help to see if I am related to you all with testing?

L. Noble
I think "Noble" and "Nobles" are two different names...?

Ledieu Nobles Hayes
Hey, I have tried for years to find out about my family. I know my great great grandfather was John Calvin Nobles, my family with the last name of Nobles landed in North Carolina, went to South Carolina, lived there a while then moved to Florida and Alabama. Most of my Nobles family lived in Defuniak, Florida. I was told they were Scottish/Northern Europe descent. Anybody here or overseas, has any information about John Calvin Nobles from Florida I would greatly appreciate it.

Daniel Murphy- Nobles
Ledieu Nobles Hayes, send me your email. I am kin to this family through genographic testing, my last name is Murphy but was originally Nobles. I have a 100% genetic match with descendants of John Calvin Nobles. I'd love to see your work. You mention them landing in North Carolina, from where did they come originally? The genetics reflect scottish descent.

bakari nobles
Hi I live in the Philadelphia area I've been looking for more info on my family I'm only aware of half of my family my grandfather name was Thomas nobles I was told he had brothers that more from the south with him and would also want to know where the origin on the name is from please contact me on Facebook or email noble1320@gmail

My father was born in Puerto Rico and was able to trace the first mention of the Noble name there to a William Noble who, we believe, was of Irish decent. My great grandfather, Angel Noble, was listed as Mulatto (Taino Indian and Spaniard) in an early census of the island. I cannot figure out how we came to have the Noble name as it appears my great grandfather could have been a slave. If anyone has any information on this or knows where I can find it, please let me know! Thank you!

Ramona Noble

That is very interesting, it's a possibility he was a slave, my Grandfather worked on a slave farm here in Georgia. From what I have read and heard, the name Noble was given to a lot of African Americans, and slaves in the South when they were brought over.

Annadella Paschal
My grandfather, Orris Nobles, born in Levy county, FL, abt 1892, volunteered serving in France during WWI 1914-1918 with French underground defense forces and was awarded France's Medal de Guerre for his bravery and loyalty under intense danger. He was always said to be a very dependable, honorable, sober and truthful man all of his life. He was said to have visited a couple of cemeteries in France after the war and to have reminisced that he saw older graves of relatives and was grateful to have been able to pay his respects to them. I wish I knew more about his family. He was said to claim Scottish, French and Norwegian ancestry, was a Mason, and Methodist, and he died when I was a baby in 1948. Information about his family and ancestors would be appreciated, including outside of Florida. I have noticed several cities across the nation bearing the surname Nobles and I've wondered about possible connections.

Dave Noble
My father, Michael, was one of 8 children from Helmsley in England. I was born in Leigh, Lancashire county and we emigrated to Canada in 1974. I've never met any of my cousins, aunts or uncles (except when I was a baby). Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

proud of our name having read proud name one proud family. bradford .west yorks

Brittney Noble
yay for us in the noble blood line!

Jerry Noble
I am proud to be in the Noble bloodline!!

Noreen Stead
Thanks for the comment,wish u wellxx

Noreen, I wish I could help you but, I don't know much about my Father's side of the family. What I do know is that my dad was born in Belize, He has told me that my mother was Mayan Indian and his father was from Norway. Possibly he may have meant his Grandfather was from Norway. I have never heard the name Dyson before. I believe my ancestors were with the British that came to Belize during the war.

Noreen stead
My grandad was Dyson Noble,he was father to Kathleen and Beautrice and husband to Emily ,i amlooking for any other children he might have had after he left my grandma they lived in Huddersfield but he went to live elsewhere,iam 70 so it was a long time ago.

Tim Noble
Chris Noble is a very smart man and well read. We are proud to be Noble but our name has been writin with blood. Be proud.

Chris Noble
If you are Scottish and you have the name Noble it's most likely not your true last name. Most Scots with the last name Noble come from the McIntosh clan and only took the name Noble after the massacres of Culloden and Glencoe in the height of the extermination of clan system by the English.

Beatrix Eliza Noble
WOW! "high born" nice! Proud to have a Noble blood! We are all blessed to have this surname!

Quinn Noble
Im confused, so is Noble originally a French name? Because other searches have told me that The Noble name originally came from Norway then ended up in Normandy bc of the viking invasion of that land.

andrew noble
Sir Iain Noble is (now sadly was) one of the best known Nobles in the UK, and particularly in Gaelic speaking areas of Scotland.

I'm sure we are related somehow! My father is from the caribbean but has told me that he has roots in Norway!

Guyanese Noble
where in the caribbean? I am a Noble from Guyananese heritage.

Another Noble Guyanese
I am also a Noble of Guyanese heritage.

My grandfather was Aubry Noble from Vancouver Canada. His peoples were from New Brunswick. Have you any information at all for me??

ann noble
My family are from Hartlepool. My great granda was from Whitby his farther came over from Ireland. Lots of nobles in Whitby apparently..

James Patterson
I am adopted so dismiss the last name here. My family are also from hartlepool. William H. Noble (married to Elizabeth), had a son, wm. h noble jr. haven't gotten any further. if you have any info, please email.

Andrew Noble
This website is informative and fascinating, comparing the names distribution from 1881 and 1998. As a Noble it is quite illuminating.

j. noble
My surname is Noble and my father is from Dublin.Most of my family moved to Wolverhampton in the 60's .I would like to trace my family over there the noble family married the Burke family and lived in cambra cottages.

Robert Noble
Robertus Nobilii from yorkshire in 1379, and i am Robert Noble also from yorkshire, cool stuff, relation? possible?

my stepfather is a robert noble from yorkshire as well.

Lee Noble
This is really weird.. Really interesting though, just thought i'd look at it as im doing about words and their meanings in English in college. Could be related to the knights templare? :O

I wonder where we are related down the line...

Andrew Lee Leslie Noble - son of John Noble - I was born in Shrewsbury but i have been told my family was in the battle of hastings but sure about this.

Not sure about a shield but, I found a coat of arms

anybody know were to find the shield for the surname noble?

L. Noble
That's pretty cool! My father has always told me that we have some Norwegian bloodlines as well as British & Mayan Indian.

black noble
so any black/jamaican nobles were related by blood or due to slavery?