Last name: Norris

Recorded in several forms including Noris, Norris, Norres, Norriss, Norrish, and dialectals such as Nares, Naris, and Nearise, this is an Anglo-French surname. It has three possible origins that have become intertwined over the centuries. The first and most generally applicable to modern-day bearers of the name is ethnic. It derives from the Norman-French pre 10th century word "norreis", meaning a northerner, or more pragmatically a Norseman or what we now know as a Viking. The dukedom of Normandy in France means the place of the North men, since it was settled by Vikings in the 8th century a.d. When the Norans invaded England in 1066, they were often fighting their own long lost relatives who were by then English. The second possible origin is topographical and English. It was a description for someone who lived "at the north house". This would be one on the north side of a village or settlement. The name is a fused form of 'Nor-hus' from the pre 7th century words "nor", meaning north, and "hus", a house. An early recording from this origin is that of Adam de Norhuse of Essex in the year 1206. The third possible origin is French and occupational. Probably introduced after the Norman Conquest of 1066, it originates from the French word "norrice", and describes a nurse or tender of the sick.. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Norreis. This was dated 1148, in the "Winton Rolls" of the county of Hampshire, during the reign of King Stephen of England, 1135 - 1154. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Eric Culham Norrie
It's really odd, my name makes some sense as a variant of Culham Norris, but it also almost makes more sense as the Farsi "Ghulam Noori." Interesting stuff.

Info requested on Mary Norris / Norreys & Denis Shine (Buttevant / Doneraile). Mary Norris married Denis Shine in Buttevant Parish, Cork, Ireland in 1846. The children were Patrick Shine (b.1847), Mary Shine (b.1850), Catherine Shine (b.1855), Elizabeth Shine (b.1858), Denis Shine (b.1863)and Ellen (Nora? / Ellenora?) Shine (b.1867). The children were born in the Ballybeg, Buttevant and Doneraile areas of Cork. Patrick Norris / Norreys was a witness to the birth of a child of Mary Norris / Norreys & Denis Shine in Doneraile, County Cork, Ireland - the child was Denis Shine (b.1863). He may also be associated with the Ballybeg, Buttevant and Mallow areas. Information requested on Patrick Norris / Norreys please. Cousins of this family at this time may have been Nagles and Buckleys. Information requested on all the above please (I have birth records for their children). momail4 (at)

Patrick Norris
I am Patrick Joseph Norris the 7th and my son is the 8th - I live in Glasgow Scotland but was born in Ireland where my dad Patrick Joseph Norris the 6th lives in Dungarvan co. Waterford. We can trace the previous 5 generations to the cemetry at st. Laurence's church in ballinroad. Norris is a reasonably common name in the county of Waterford with me knowing at least 5 other families of the same name which are not immediately related.

Nick Norris
I am Nick Norris. Trying to find how far back my family goes. See my ancestors so any info just email me at

Paul Norris
Norris from South africa and now in New Zealand.

Hello - I've just been searching today but have visited numerous Norris sites. None seem to note my lineage - perhaps we're a lost link? My father was John Black, my gd James Baxter and ggd John Black. To my knowledge, ggd travelled to America from Glasgow Scotland. He married an Agostino and I believe a Saunders having many children in both America and Glasgow. Gd was a tailor who moved to America with his wife Jane (Jean) nee McTyre around 1918 when my dad John was 5 through Ellis Island to Boston Massachusetts. James and Jane had two biological children - John and Margaret - and one adopted Monica. Story has it that ggd was well over 6 foot tall, perhaps 7 foot. A giant of man for the times and had numerous children from his American wives. I do not know his birth or death dates. I do not know gd's birth but he died 5/1977. gm died 4/1988 I believe, brother James Baxter died 8/1988, dad John Black died 8/1995. any relatives of mine here?

thomas norris
norris an higgins cross .any more out there

Emily Norris
Mothers maiden name is Haney, dad's last name is Norris.

Not much is known about my fathers ancestry.

Scott Norris
Have done some extensive family research and have (if accurate) chased our roots back to Rev. Edward Norris III who arrive in Massachusets in 1637 (and his son John 2 years earlier, on the Truelove) and preached in Salem 30 years before the infamous witch trials.. Loosely I have traced our family back in England to approx. 1090 when a Norice was a liason to the king of Norway. It appears that Norris' could have come across with William the Conquerer from France (the Normans) into England in 1060. Whether my family was part of the fun or not, I am still unsure.


My biological family is Norris. They are from MN. I just barely started looking into the name of Norris. Is anyone related to the MN Norris's?

Terri norris

Hi my mum angela norris is wondering if any family members who is related or possibly related to Mary chapman previously known as norris middle name Anne. As my dad took the name norris on also Alfred norris born 1843 kings lynn who stepfather was William chapman. Also from kings lynn area you have my sisters Lorraine and samantha norris and my brother Shaun norris my mums name was evelynn margrett smith now married to a pike. Thanks if anyone can help to find out more of my family members please email

Ben Norris

My Nan was Gloria Krelle, she married a Norris who was in the Navy and then ran off to Australia in the 1950s, im from the uk and i am the last Norris in my family as my mum and nan have both passed, ring any bells anyone?

madison norris

hi i am from lindsay california i would like to connect to any possible family out there

Annette Young

Hello. I have done my DNA and the results have matched me with the name Norrish on my paternal side. I am seeking a man who was in Adelaide, South Australia around 1954 who was in a relationship with Margaret. She tells me he was travelling around. I would like to connect to this man. Can anyone help?

J. Norris
Any other Norrises from Georgia or nearby, specifically the Fulton County area? I can trace back several generations before hitting a dead-end. I've had little luck getting any real help from surviving relatives, as I believe there is some dark family history that they just aren't willing to get into. History is history, good or bad it doesn't make any difference to me. I'd really love to talk with anyone with links to a Norris surname in the state of Georgia. You can reach me at

My name is James johnson
My Mother was a Norris her Mother was a Vaughn, My mother was born in Selma, Alabama. Her father was born in Lowndes County gdm was born in Springville Al. anyone related? Cont.

My name is Luke Norris, my father was Robert Neil Norris, his sister Barbra Lyn Norris and there mother was Oranna Norris. Dad left me when i was young he had family trips he could not handle, i met him twice and know all about him, his sister Barbra lyn aka "auntie lyn" i new her well and she lived in Hawaii where i grew up., any way, she had 2 children one killed himself and has a brother, I never met either of them., I probably won't ever find him and the only reason I'm wrighting this is because I'm board., his name is Isach Angell., at least that is what grandma said. Thanks.

Celtic Cork
Norris is commonly found in Counties Cork, Waterford, Wexford and Tipperary. Its of Viking Decent but is also Irish. The Norris family can consider itself Celtic-Viking.

Florence Norris
In Chicago raised in missippi looking for family any where no luck

Oliver E Norris
Country of origin. I am not sure if it was England, Scotland.

My grandmother's maiden name was Norris... I don't know much about the Norris/Leahan (married name) side of my family... I'd really like to do the DNA sample but that little voice in the back of my head makes me question whether or not I want my DNA freely out there so to speak

My last name is Norris and I feel a calling.

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