Last name: Parker

This great and noble surname is English. Borne by the Earls of Morley and Macclesfield; the Barons of Boringdon and Monteagle, and having more than sixty Coats of Arms, it is ultimately of French occupational origins. It described an official in charge of the extensive hunting parks of a king or wealthy landowner. The derivation is from the words "parchier" or "parquier" meaning "park- keeper". The surname was first recorded in Englnd in the latter half of the 11th Century following the 1066 Norman Invasion, and as such was one of the very earliest surnames on record. Only five percent of the entries in the great Domesday Book of 1086 show people having surnames, and this is one of them. Amongst these very early recordings are examples such as Geoffrey Parchier, in the book of 'Seals' for the county of Northumberland, dated 1145 a. d. and Adam le Parker in the Hundred Rolls of the county of Norfolk for the year 1273. The surname was one of the very first into the new American colonies. William Parker, aged 20, who arrived in the ship Charles of London, in the year 1616, is shown in the records for January 23rd 1624 as being in the "muster" of Susan Bush, of 'Elzabeth Cittie'. Quite what his situation was is far from clear, as Susan Bush herself arrived in 1617, and was only aged 20! The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Anschetil Parcher, which was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of the county of Somerset, during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087.

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E. Silzer

Trying to find information on ancestors, James Parker (died 1915) married Eleanor Alexander (died 1864) in Armagh County, Northern Ireland in 1853, moved to New York shortly thereafter. They had 9 children, Elizabeth Ann (1855 – 1928), Alicia Jane (1856 – 1913), Charles James Parker (1859 – 1933), James Parker (1861 – 1933), Charles (Alexander) (1862 – 1933), Charles (1863 – 1938), Alexander (1868), Margret (1870-), Mary (1872-). Any further information (past or present) would be incredible! Thank you... (email:

Carol Parker
I am looking for information on my great great grandfather, Benjamin Parker. He was born in Rockingham County, NC and married Judith Boyston. Our family lives in Anson County, NC. Benjamin and Judith had a son, James Carlie Parker born October 31, 1912. James married Naomi Elizabeth Rickets.

Hi my name is Shietha Parker, my great grandfather was McKinley Parker aka Kent Parker. He was a business man in Coosa, Alabama, but later married and moved to Selma,AL. I have been researching the family line and I have looked up the name McKinley, which I found was scottish. I have been trying to find the family line that links and I found a man by the name of John McKinley Parker who departed from Liverpool, England I am not sure if he is a connection my research stopped here. Can anyone help?

Emma Parker
I was born in 1971 in Southampton and was adopted by my jersey parents 3 months later. Am looking to find out more about my birth family can anyone help?

Trevor Parker
I was born in Southampton in 1952. Which might make your parents about my age. We are however a very large and extended family but I could ask sme of my relatives if you like.

Heath Parker
I am from north alabama my fathers side as far as i know is from georgia. My father was Don Parker and my grandfather is Lamar Parker anybody related to me?

How very interesting to read all these Parker stories. My cousins David from Cambridge 'Dulcimer' Dave from Widnes and John from the West Country have recently contacted each other for the first time through research carried out by 'Dulcie' Dave (see BBC - mbhistory Family Trees - Happy Tom Parker and h2g2 - Happy Tom Parker) Our grandfather was a comedian impresario who performed in UK Music Halls and theatres in USA Canada and Australia in the late 1800s-early 1900s. My father Henry Thomas Parker had three brothers, Albert, Leon and Leslie and one sister, Florence (married name Slythe) We would be delighted to hear from any other near or distant relatives from this part of the Parker family tree. Aye, Sylvia from Scotland

Hi Gail, I will patiently wait for you responce to my personal e-mail. Connie

Hi Connie.Yes, we are Melungeon.Have to tell you about it sometime.I only just found this out by accident.The Parker name I am not sure about but my paternal Grandmother's maiden name was Patterson.My maternal Ggreat grandmother was a Bennett and one Gggrandmother was a Smith and there was one who was another name that escapes me just now. It was like finding a piece to a puzzle. There was a story my Mama used to tell me and it was all very vague and now I know what it was about.We are Cherokee,Portg.and sephardic Jew. I have your email adress and will email you now.Be in touch. Gail :)

Hello; my name is earnest b. Parker also email me at spence6@tds.Net

Wow Gail, I just had a thought. Have you checked the years your people were in a state or place.? For the states and boundries of states were not what they are now. There is talk of many people that they could have been of the Melungeon people but off the top of my head I do not remember the Parker surname being one of them. But now my Cummings line is in the list of names that could be Melungeon people but just bcause we may have a surname that is in that list does not mean our family was Melungeon. If I remember correctly their is no real mixture of these people. In meaning they could be bi-ratial or tri-ratial?? Some say the Melungeon people were black and white, some say black and indian, some say a mixture of all three. Then I have seen where the Porchigese and Spanish could mixed here as well. Please forgive my spelling for some times it is not good. If you would like you can e-mail me privately and I will do my best to help you. Who knows maybe we can help each other and then we can maybe help others as well. Connie

Hi Gail, Thank you for your responce!! As far as I know my Parker line were in Pa. then to Ohio and then into Mi. There is talk that we think our Issac Parker was born in Conneciticut? During to the times and places they were our Parker could have been Mohican, Wappinger or of the Lenape (Delaware) Indians. Then there were other small tribes in the area as well. But we are quite positive they were Indian. Of the Eastern Woodsland Algonquain Tribe. I do not have any other info to where they were any farther south than Pa. or Conneciticut. But anything is possible. Connie

Thanks Connie. I was told many years ago that we were from Pa. I have found though that my family on all four grandparents side have been found to be in Ga.Fl. Sc. and Nc. We have been in the south since the early 1700's.I haven't gotten any further back than that.We are also very likely Melungeon which explains so much about my family.Hioe you find everything you are looking for. Gail

By the way.If anyone finds that you are related to Sullivan,Patterson,Peacock.Ammons,Tison,Brannen,Boatright than we are likely in the same Parker family line. Hope that everyone finds what you need, Gail

William Parker
You Don't know me but my name is William Parker. My family were the original 300 who settled Texas. My grandmother was a Cunningham from Connecticut Isaac Parker is in my family tree. Our line of Parker can be traced back to 1066. Scottish and of the Stewart Clan by way of Spain we settled Texas we still have family in the UK that is critical making the connection my have lost. We still have the Spanish land grant given to us for ownership of land offered in Texas. If you are of interest let me know. As far as Indians we are related to Chief Qauna Parker via Sara Parker whom he kidnapped and took her name and the Christian faith. I was named as a family name handed down for King William who gave us our last Name

Heath Parker
Would you know any strickland's out at texas. My grandfather was Lamar Parker he married my grandmother Una Strickland. Parker's are from georgia and strickland was from texas.

heath parker
my email is i am not logged in to this site.

Stacey Musick

My Grandmother was the great-granddaughter of Benjamin Parker who died May 19, 1936 in the Fort Parker Indian raid. Captured was Rachel ,James Pratt Plummer, James Parker and Martha Duty daughter and grandson. Cynthia Ann and John,children of Silas and Lucinda Duty. Cynthia Ann and Peta Nocona were the parents of Quanah, another son and Prairie Flower

harvey melton

my wife is related to quanah parker the indian chief, but she has had problems trying to get past her great grandparents on the parker side, any hints leads etc? or

Connie Ware-Berg
Hi all, My gr-mother was a Parker and I have her line back to about 1756. My 3rd g-gr-father was Isaac Parker b. about 1756 probably in Watertown Litchfield Co. Conneciticut. Died 2 June 1817 in Hartley Twp. Union Co. Pa. He married on 25 July 1798 in Hartley Twp. Union (then Northumberland) Co Pa. to Susanna Miller b. 19 Oct. 1778 in Whitehall Twp. Lehigh Co. Pa. They had several children. My understanding through family say so this family was of the Lenape (Delaware) Indians. Any one connect with this family or have more or different info. for this family? I have much more info. and I am willing to share my info. Please contact me at: Thank you, Connie

Hi Connie.I am also a Parker but mine were all from the southern states.We are in NC. SC. Ga. and Fl. I don't know where they came from before that but there are so many of us.Did any of yours migrate into the south? Thanks, Gail Parker

Noeleen Forbes
My ancestor was Thomas Parker from Yeovil who went to New Zealand c1853. Looking for parents, siblings or descendants. Anyone!!

Gage Parker
my parker is from new york(1960's bronx) grandfathers father ditched when he was born. My family is lost. :/

Charles Parker
my parker is from Wales aprrently around the 15th century the name spreaded into the Celtic nations of Wales Ireland and Scotland my great granfather Francis Arthur Parker was a convict and got shipped to Austrailia were he become Victorian bare knuckle boxing Champion he married Liouse Tralour her dad was named Charles wich was from France but Originally from England and aprrently we have Northern Irish in us my parker aswell my granfather Charles Francis Parker married a girl by the last name of George very English but her mother was from Scotland like to consider myself Anglo-Irish due to the Anglo being duo Welsh and English even tho Wales is part of the Celtic nations

Andrew Parker
Hi Charles, I realise your post is over 9 months old. However, I have very recently decided to look into the family tree of my father's side, my dads family is from the South Wales valleys in the uk. I picked up on your post, as the bear knuckle boxing champ (your great grandfather) stood out to me, becouse there's a lot of boxing blood in my dads family... My dads name was David Martin Parker, born in Banwen (Neath Valley), my Grand Father David Arthur Parker, born in Neath Valley, my great great grandfathers name was Eli Parker, I don't have any information further back than Eli, but I am in the process of finding out more... Anyway, I'd be very interested to know where in Wales your ancestors were from. Who knows, we maybe related...? My dad was one of seven siblings, and so there is quite an extended family, some of whom are presently living in Australia. I look forward to your reply. Andy.

Stephanie Parker
Funny! My dads name is Charles Parker and so is his fathers name. Things in our family is pretty much cut off from there. I have been asking for answers but hitting walls.

we come from around shropshire

Brenden John Parker

I was born in Sydney Australia in 1971. There are lots of people with the surname Parker in my country. My grand father was George John Parker who served in 10 squadron RAAF during the Battle of Britain and North Africa from 1939 - 1942. I'm looking for my lineage as far as it goes back. My maternal grandfather was Reginald Albert Percival Fuller, born in Sydney in 1907.

mick ainge
Does anyone know where the term 'Nosey Parker' comes from? or is it just an inherent family trait?

Parkers generally have big honking noses, so there you are!

Thomas Sebastian Parker
The term nosey parker comes from one the arch bishops of cantebury, i forget his name now but his sir name was parker, he was frowned upon for delving into church matters that didnt consern him. hence the name nosey parker :) hope that helps

I understand that the name "nosey parker " means Knowleage (an indepth understanding of most things). Parker's read alot of everything. Hope this helps

Denise Smith
My great great grandfather was George Parker of Wrington, Somerset, who married Elizabeth Hancock at Doulting, 1833. His son John migrated to Australia approx 1869.

Jeanne Parker
my grandfathers name is george parker

Jennifer Parker/Holiway

Our family of Parker's have been in the area of Somerset, England to which can be traced back to the 14th century. We can also trace it forward to the origins of some Parker settlements in America and Ireland.

Denise Smith
Which part of Somerset? My Parkers are from Wrington, Clevedon, Mells, etc

OK this sounds good. I'm Carol Parker of N.Z i have traced my family back to wedmore somerset Rodulphus Parker born 1535.And now at a brick wall

conrad rudolph parker
hi just reading through the page and noticed the name in 1535 /my name is Conrad Rudolph parker /makes you wonder doesn't it

My Grandmother (R.I.P) Peggy Parker ( migrated to Colorado from Tennessee around 1950.

My grandfather, Fred Parker, has family in Tennessee. Was curious as to where he came from. I know there was an aunt Minnie and a mother Nora.

Chris A. Parker
It is very funny to know that there are all these Parker s in the world, and it was very interesting to learn that ''Parker'' meant ''keeper of the park.'' it makes sense if you think about it.

david b parker

hello my name I david b parker I have looked for parkers all over the place other than the one that Is in my close family this is my surname we were all named out of the bible for a long time my grand father was joseph his father was Isaac and his father arron parker which goes back to the 1850s they came from Raleigh n.carolina.the family story is that there was 11 brothers and some of them came south don't know where the others went.if anyone that may be from this line or maybe found these same people I would love to know.would like to find more of my people im at