Last name: Payne

This famous surname spelt in many forms including Pain, Payn, Payne, Paine, Paines, Paynes, Pagan, Pagon and Fitzpayn, is medieval English but of French and ultimately Roman origins. It derives from the pre 7th century personal name "Pagen", itself from the word "paien" and the earlier Latin "paganus". The original meaning was a villager or rustic, and later a heathen! Curiously this unusual background does not seem to have proved a bar to its popularity as a Christian name. In England it is first recorded in the famous Domesday Book of 1086, with that of Edmund filius Pagen of Somerset, whilst Reginoldus filius Pain appears in the Knight Templars (Crusader) register of Lincolnshire in 1185. Other recordings taken from early surviving rolls and charters include Jone Pane of Worcester in 1190, Stephen Paynes of London, in the Patent Rolls of 1230, John Pagan of Worcester, in the Hundred Rolls of 1275, and Roberd le Fitzpayn of Lancashire in 1305. Amongst the earliest recordings of colonists in the New World is that of Susanna Pain, the daughter of Robert and Elisabeth Pain. She was baptised in the parish of St. Michael's, Barbados, on August 5th 1678. A coat of arms associated with the family name was granted on January 12th 1586 by Queen Elizabeth 1st (1558 - 1603). It has the blazon of a gold shield, charged with three golden heraldic roses on a bend engrailed between two cotises. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Tracing my ancestral family is a pain! Hahaha. I've been trying to trace them for ages. My great grandfather George W. Payne Jr. was, as far as I can tell, adopted in Canada by George W. Payne Sr. and his wife Frances (nee Tucker) who were from upstate New York. There were so many stories bandied about that I actually can't tell if George Jr. was actually born to a relative of George Sr. or Frances or if he was adopted from an agency. Somewhere down the line a story of one of my English relatives being disowned for marrying a French woman and that's why the came to Canada. I can't recall if this had to do with the adoption or not though. If any of this sounds vaguely familiar to anyone please let me know. I'm really getting perturbed. :D

Camille Payne
My dad, Garrett Thomas Payne, was born in Ohio in 1948, and his father (long gone by the time I was born) was of English descent, I think. Dad has only gone into detail about his mothers' (a first generation American of Slovak descent) side of the family. Oh well. My sister I were born and raised in North Carolina, so us Payne's have branched out a little from the apparently traditional UK home

Janice Payne
I have always had a proud connection with my name. Orgins of the name were never really discussed in the family. My first names spelling adapted over time and regions to be spelled Janice from (Janus) a Greek god...... Completely interested in the roots of my family.

Linden Payne
good to know that the Payne clan is still loitering about somewhere that isn't the U.K. or canada

deborah payne
my grandfather was william payne from london , he came to New Zealand and changed his spelling to Paine, we do not know why.

Kathrine Payne Nygaard
Hei! I am adopted from India - and I now live in Norway. My indian surname Is PAYNE - and im trying to feagure out the indian connection to this name. Sincerely, Kathrine.

mariana boyle
im lookin 4 my husbands birth father. my husband is too hard up & doesnt care but hes so incredible i think he should kno where he comes from. what i kno: his name is joey payne. he stayed in san clemente ca. in 1988 & knew shannon boyle. if this sounds familiar plz message me on my facebook under mariana boyle in reno nv. or txt or call me at 7753796859

Mallory Pyne
I was born in America but my family comes from Ireland and England.

Connor Payne
I was born in Vancouver Canada in 1981, My Dad Thomas Payne was also born in Vancouver in 1945, His Father, Thomas Payne.Sr was born in Vancouver as well in 1914 or 1915....not sure about anything before that.

Elizabeth Payne
I'm from Portsmouth England my dad is Robert Payne an my grandad was George Payne his dad was also George Payne know as wacker loved in southsea worked on markets fruit an veg we think his dad lived in Kent anyone no us ?

Karen Payne

Was your dad born in Glasgow by any chance?

james payne
im a payne from portsmouth,england,uk

I'm a payne and proud !!!!! As my parents said payne by name pain by nature ;)

Cameron Payne
Hey how ya doing?

Jeremy Payne
I'm from the Caribbean. St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be exact, which is just West of Barbados. I've found my name in the history books from the caribbean and it related to the topics of slavery. theres also Clement Payne, from Trinidad who had a major role in the Caribbean Trade Union movement. I'm catholic and i read that most members of the Payne family are catholic. coincidence maybe? But i'm glad to know we are everywhere. :)

Alexander Payne
Hi Jeremy, I also am a descendent of Clement Payne in Trinidad. My family and I are of caribbean heritage from Guyana however we presently live in the UK... Nice to know that I have a distant cousin(s) elsewhere in the world!

summer payne
im a payne also . im trying to find out about my birth mom. she died when i was little. her name (all of it that i know) is Julie Payne

This is really cool that we all have the same last name. I wonder if any of us has relation to each other. My father's family are Payne's. They are all of Indian descent... NOT Native American... (:

david payne
im david payne im from Bristol


david i may be related to your dad-Jack and ex police officer? did you have an aunty hazel? if so im your cousin in canada.

Donna Maria Payne
Im from England and my father was Roy James Payne and his father was Harry Payne from London

Alex payne
I'm another Payne family member

Chris Payne

Born in Northern Ireland. Grandfather was from Wales. It's believed most of the Payne's came from England

Jolene Payne

My lineage comes from Wales too though my Payne side is made up of mostly John and Martin. Those seem to be the ones that occur the most. My line has been settled in Michigan for 4 generations now. Since late 1800's early 1900's


same here-all welsh. moved from wales to canada. lived in grangetown cardiff in wales

evan payne
My last name comes from my fathers father who was welsh. Is that a different lineage of paynes? I wanted to get my family crest or coat of arms tattoo but i dont want to get the wrong o.e for obvious reasons. Can anyone help? Is there a difference? Ive seen two so far

Shortay Tilt
Is anyone related to the Charles Francis William Payne side??

Shortay Tilt
Are any of you RH-??

Trevor Payne
My name is Trevor Payne. I live in Brossard, PQ. My blood type is A| neg. my email is

Susan Wright-Payne
Hello: My maiden name is Payne, father was Leroy D., grandfather was Doyle Joseph,great-grandfather Ted, great great-grandfather John W., great great great-grandfather Andrew Jackson Payne( A.J.) all from Brownstown, Indiana. Lookin for any family members or information on supposed indian heritage...........

My grandads name is LEROY!!!!!

John Edward Payne III
My father was from Ohio, John E.Payne Jr. his father was from Canada John E. Payne, His father was from Canada John Alexander Payne his father from Ireland Robert Payne married to Mary Carr if anyone knows anything Thanks.

Hello fam , my grandfather's name was Joe Payne from Memphis, we also have family in nesbit,Mississippi. If anyone has any helpful information in Finding family contact at I am trying To put Together a family reunion

C. Payne
My family's name is Payne. I live in the US. My bloodline is actually Czech on my father's side, but the family produced more women than men after arriving here a few decades before the civil war. At some point we married into an Irish-English family, gaining the last name Payne. We have a copy of our ancestor Green Payne's original transcripts from service in the war (names like Green and Red were actually fairly common in the southeast if you're laughing!) I'm also German and Native American on my mother's side (Cherokee tribe). I found all this discussion and information on the name really awesome and interesting to know.

sharon smith
Hello, Im doing research for a friend, he is native american, his grandfather's last name is Payne. He is also german and lives in IL.

Judy Courtney
Hello,, I am curious about your info on Green Payne.. That is a family name in my family also, if you would share with me... Thank You

Will Payne
Payne's where also Lords of Essex, England

Deiondra Payne
I'm from the US as well and its possible that I'm partially native American. I have a question for my possible relatives does Roman mean Romanian? Are we gypsies possibly? Are any of you gypsies? Thank you guys :)

Lindsey Snowdon
As far as I know, Romans are people that came from Rome which is now part of Italy but I have gypsie ancestry and I think my Paynes could have been gypsies. He was a brushmaker and came from Greenwich, Kent.

i am a Payne too my family is from Newfoundland :)

Montana Payne
I I posted on August, 30, 2011 that I have been able to trace my Payne family as far back as Thomas Payne, b. 1475 in Lavenham; Suffolk, England. Since then, wonder of all wonders, a year ago I remarried at my ripe "old" age to a Scottish gentleman whose fmaily originates from Strathnavar. Actually Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. Since that time, together we have dicovered some possibly related Paynes in that area, as well as Dundee, Scotland. Are there any Payne's out there from either area who also are related to my branch? We are also relatd to the Hammond family in Suffolk.

lawrence payne
are we all related in some way?

Will Payne
It is said that all "Payne's" are related.

Griffin Payne
So every one with the last name payne are related in the end

Texas Hassell
My mother's maiden name is Payne. Through our genealogy research we have found that our branch originated most likely in Georgia. Apparently some of those Paynes ended up in Georgia when it was originally a debtors or prisoners colony. Of course more verification is needed. Sometime in the 1800's the Macon County courthouse with a bunch of records burned down so we have run into a barrier of sorts in that regard, to further research. I wonder if there are records in England somewhere where we could deduct who went to Georgia as a debtor? If indeed that is the accurate story. Supposedly that "Payne" had 5 or so sons in Georgia who dispersed throughout as the colonies and America evolved. Just discovered this website and love it! So today I've found that I may have French, or Norman, or Viking (on top of other viking heritage)! Cool stuff. Ah yes, my mother married a Hassell. Payne/Hassell. Plenty of jokes through the years....

Janice payne
I am a Payne born in Georgia father William Joseph Payne grandfather Gordon Payne

Jesse Payne
This is a great start to the origin of the name Payne, but there is more to the story as with anything else in history. First of all the name originates from the Roman word for woodsman or hillbilly to put it simply, but it was not the french they gave this name to, but the norsemen that had settled in northern france and southern germany. This is why that area was named normandy and the people that settled there did so simply to avoid the trip for tributes paid to their armies. These people eventually invaded and conquered the ruling monarchy king harold the 2nd in england and became the new ruling force duke william in the battle of hastings in 1066. Duke william had many generals and advisors during this time, what is interesting is that this is the first written record of the name Payne or rather an early variation of it. So the next time someone asks you where the name comes from you can say its a varient of a roman word used to describe noamdic vikings living in northern france that eventually seized power in england and gave popularity to the name.

David Paine
My Nickname is Twinge because im a small Paine. most of my ancestors come from around Kent.

Sue Carlile
Anyone out there related to the payne's from frant, etchingham, ticehurst in east Sussex? John Payne b 1826 married Hannah park(e)s 1850. Father was James Payne . My name's not Payne but back to ggg-grandad were. Thsnks

Carlile is such a cool name :)

chave smiley payne
Being with my last name being Payne I somehow go through a lot of pain.... LOL! But its true when people say your name can curse you. but I love it anyhow. Hi PAYNE families....

I'm told the Payne name is associated with a great deal of American Indians of which i know i am in part. We are having a hard time tracing our heritage due to the fact that back when it wasn't good to be an american indian the Indians who married out of the race wrote they were white on the cenus. our family goes back to North Carolina and later WVA. does any one know of the families named canterbury kirby Payne first names george, george washington, stonewall? this is as much as i know so far. any help would be great thanks Lisa Payne

Thomas Payne
Hi,this the las part of my grantfather origen.I guess if I want more information I will have to go to Bassestere mysefl and perhapes visit the Cementeries there for any payne burried there maybe I will find a tresure who knows what I will find?: Payne was born in St George, Basseterre on the island of St Kitts in 1739 to Ralph Payne (died 1763) 14the Chief Justice of St Kitts 14and his wife, Alice.[1] His family was wealthy and originally came from Lavington in Wiltshire, hence Payne's future peerage was as Baron Lavington. He was educated in England at Christ's Hospital school in West Sussex. Following the completion of his time at Christ's, Payne returned to St Kitts where he was "elected a member of the house of assembly and unanimously voted speakerpeople

Thomas Payne
Hi,evry body here is some more info:Saint Kitts was to face even greater devastation with the turn of the century. The French made one more major attack on English troops in 1705 during the War of the Spanish Succession, as the over 8,000 French troops on the island easily defeated the 1,000 English posts. The French held St. Kitts for 8 years, until the Treaty of Utrecht was signed (1713). The treaty ceded the entire island of St. Kitts to the British. Upon receiving full control in 1713, the British soon moved the island's capital to the town of Basseterre in 1727, and St. Kitts quickly took off as a leader in sugar production in the Caribbean

Thomas Payne
Hi,evry one this is what I have found so far about surname payne according with I said in my statement before up above : 22Payne (more often as a surname), is the name of many like Lewis Payne. It is a British surname of French origin. 22Max Payne, a Liberal politician. 22 After the Kalinago Genocide of 1626, the island was formally partitioned between the English and French, with the French gaining the ends, Capisterre in the North and Basseterre in the south, and the English gaining the centre. Both powers then proceeded to colonise neighbouring islands from their base. The English settled Nevis (1628), Antigua (1632), Montserrat (1632) and later Anguilla (1650) and Tortola (1672). The French colonised Martinique (1635), the Guadeloupe archipelago (1635), St. Martin (1648), and St. Barths (1648) and Saint Croix (1650).

leah Davies
my mothers maiden name is payne and we are Welsh but I want to do some background into her family,what nationalality is the name 'payne'? ne1 help?

Hayley Payne
Wow look at all the Paynes! We have rather a lot of Paynes here in Barnstaple, North Devon (England). There is a local double glazing company called "Payne's Glass" lol. I'm going into a teaching career as Miss Payne... wish me luck ha ha!

Montana (Payne) McKay
Montana (Payne) McKay. Woukl like to know where in East London Terry Payne's family originated from. Our branch settled in Suffolk and Norfolk

terry payne
hello im terry payne from east london, my fathers father came from east london.

Diane Payne was my maiden name
Hello Terry My father is William Mathew John Payne he was born in Westham London his Father was Mathew John Payne & his father was also mathew Payne, Mathew Payne senior was a blacksmith & one of the tallest men in Westham & eastend so Ive been told. I think his wifes name was Hanna and Ive been told she was very little but the boss. My grandfathe Mathew John was married to Lillian Kelly daghter of John Kelly Isle of Mann. My dad had a brother Arthur sadly now deceased who moved to Australia 1952. I dont know too much more but hope to try trace my Payne roots in the near future. You never know we may be related?

Diane Payne
Re my previous info My great grandfather was Matthew Payne a Blacksmith My Father William Matthew John Payne was born in Westham & grew up in Trinity Street Canning Town I have heard that we have links to Payne's in Suffolk & coincidentally thats where I now live would so love to hear from any Paynes who think they are linked to us

javoi payne
im a payne and im 14. alot of the people with my last name are often white in race but im mixed and the name comes from my grandfather who is black. i often get comments about me being a payne and alot of racial jokes are made with my last name like it must be a payne to not be entirley a pure white person. im very glad to be sharing the same last name of all of you and hope to hear your response to my comment. thank you. and i live in proctor,MN..

Thomas Paayne
I am Thomas Payne. From Honduras Central America the name came with my grandfather,who came from St.Kitts and Nives islands in 1940 hes first laungue was french he haas to learn spanish went he can to Honduras .For many years I been wondering of its origen,because I'm spanish many people thinks how is it, possible that I have this last name Payne.Then I have to explain evrything to them then they says 'ho' okey that make sense. I still have my father birth certificate sing by my grandfhather with all the details, about his origen and name of my other grand fathers to prove that I'm a direct disendent of the French payne Family.

I am Dominican and my last name is Payne. I received the last name from my grandfather (who is Jamaican) and his father (also his owner...his mother was a can guess where this is going lol) who was English. I was wondering if I could track any Payne's that left England and came to the Caribbean.

Frederick Payne
Our branch of the Paynes is in Oklahoma, via Kansas, from my paternal grandfather Minton Marion Payne, Sr. I have been able to trace my paternal grandmother's ancestry, the Stormonts, back to the first immigrants in 1774 to South Carolina from Ireland and then back to Scotland, but have been unsuccessful in tracing the Paynes very far back. My maternal ancestors, Guerrero from Venezuela, seem to trace back to military men accompanying Cristopher Columbus, but are very hard to verify.

Chris Payne Moore
My Payne family originiated in Warminster, England. They always thought that they were pure English. My brother had is YDNA tested. Turns out he was a match to more Frenchies than Englishmen! Looks like our Paynes were French first before they became Englishmen.

Nicola Payne
I am amazed as many of you are, regarding where the name Payne came from...and yes you got it I am a Payne as well, as far as I know my grandfather was from Sheffield

Daniel Payne
It's a good job I'm studying French lol

Ray Payne
My granddad came from Surrey England. His name was William Percy Payne I was told that his dad( my great granddad) had three wife's. His original spelling was Pain. When he married the second wife in a different village he spelled it Paine. The third wife (new village again) he spelled his last name Payne. He was a traveling salesman

Roger Melvin Payne
My Father's name was Eric Alfred Payne and he came from the New Forest in Hampshire, England. I thought the name was French originally. Thank you for helping.

the "payne" in my family has two spellings. one is the aforementioned "payne" and then "payenne". the earliest paper trail is my great-great grandfather "thomas a. payne" who got his SSN in Los Angeles california in 1860. he travelled up through california into oregon. we have a letter he wrote and failed to send, where he spells our last name "payenne". our family cook book is littered with spanish french and italian recipes and very little if any english dishes. my great grandfather told stories of watching his father winning in a gun fight, and equipping a gun daily when he got dressed . he taught them how to tend a garden, and make wine, as well as an alcohol still. my great grandfather and his brother where the first of our family to travel east of california in the states, using the car my great-great grandfather bought them. my great grandfather, his brothers, and father alike, where all taller men even in todays standards at well over 6 ft. they where very dark skinned with dark features and wavy hair. we have no records of any of my great-great gandfathers family other than his children and wifes family. we hit a haulting stop in our family tree with my great-great grandfather, but plenty of evidence points to french, spanish, native american and possibly canadian. as far as we can tell we came to the states via south america and canada.

Melanie Payne
My maiden name is Payne and l live in Iowa. I am so confused!! Glad to know other Payne's exist. Looking for the Native American connection. It is said that my great-great grandfather was known as "Doc Payne" in the Missouri area. Also said to be Blackfoot. I would appreciate direction and help.

Susan Wright-Payne
My name is also Payne and I live in the US. I also have been told that I am of American Indian heritage (Apache-Blackfoot) I would love to be able to trace my heritage back as I look nothing like my mothers side which is German and exactly like my fathers indian side, my grandfather Joseph Theadore Payne was said to be almost full blooded.

This is all very interesting. My name is Payne, living in the US. I have researched the origin which seems to be English and French, then made it's way to Ireland and some of them left for US. I also have been told that I have native american in my bloodline, which was obviously more present in my father and in my grandfather, etc.

My great-grandmother's maiden name was Payne. She was a Native American (possibly Chicasaw). It is said that she was full blooded, but I'm not certain. I do know there are Native Americans with the last name living on reservations out west. Her name was Clemmie Irene (Payne) Mckissack. She died in 1958 in Northeast Mississippi.

Elizabeth Payne
I have always wanted to know where Payne came from. I got made fun of in school because my last name is Payne. English, French and Roman origins! WOW! That is so cool! Elizabeth Payne from US

Keith Payne
Hi Elizabeth, we come from the Champagne region of "France" as it is now, fought with William the Conqueror and the First Grand Master of The Knights thats Cool....can't make fun of you now :) KP

Zoe Payne
This is SO fricking cool!! I am a Payne from the UK but of parents both from Barbados. I was told it had scottish roots but at least now the Bajan connection makes sense....I hope we are ALL related!!

Tony Payne
It's a lot better than having an origin that means "Pain in the neck", which is what I was called at school. At least a few of us Paynes did get to be famous.

greg mark Payne
wow thanks for all that also my name is Greory Payne from uk

Cindy Paen
Mine is spelled PAEN and it so hard to the orgin i know im french and haitan but everytime i look it up nothing works

Christian Payne

Montana (Payne) McKay
Hello, Christian.....I was wondering, was your response of "Maybe?" as that of "is my information correct?" or that you too may be related to my branch of the Payne's? Would like to hear from you.

Ariane Payne
Are we all related somehow?

Susan Payne
Payne is my surname and I wondered of its origin. Heard it was English. But the French connection makes sense. I had also heard it was Welsh and popular in Scotland and Ireland.

Adrian Payne
My surname is Payne, and I believe it is a French name of Latin origins that went to England after the French invasions, and subsequently onto Ireland, where I live, after more invasions.

Isabelle Payne
thanks that's my surname! i never knew it was french or welsh? :D are you related to me dan?

Dan Payne
I was told that Payne was actually an evolution of 'Payenne', which is French for countryman / peasant, etc. It would have come to England after the French invasion.

Olive Pain
The countryman/ pesants would have adopted Christian later and so were called pagans hence the name Payne, Pagen etc.

neka Payne
I was told that my great grandmother and grandpapa came from France to the island called Trinidad for employment due to a gambling weakness.