Last name: Payne

This famous surname spelt in many forms including Pain, Payn, Payne, Paine, Paines, Paynes, Pagan, Pagon and Fitzpayn, is medieval English but of French and ultimately Roman origins. It derives from the pre 7th century personal name "Pagen", itself from the word "paien" and the earlier Latin "paganus". The original meaning was a villager or rustic, and later a heathen! Curiously this unusual background does not seem to have proved a bar to its popularity as a Christian name. In England it is first recorded in the famous Domesday Book of 1086, with that of Edmund filius Pagen of Somerset, whilst Reginoldus filius Pain appears in the Knight Templars (Crusader) register of Lincolnshire in 1185. Other recordings taken from early surviving rolls and charters include Jone Pane of Worcester in 1190, Stephen Paynes of London, in the Patent Rolls of 1230, John Pagan of Worcester, in the Hundred Rolls of 1275, and Roberd le Fitzpayn of Lancashire in 1305. Amongst the earliest recordings of colonists in the New World is that of Susanna Pain, the daughter of Robert and Elisabeth Pain. She was baptised in the parish of St. Michael's, Barbados, on August 5th 1678. A coat of arms associated with the family name was granted on January 12th 1586 by Queen Elizabeth 1st (1558 - 1603). It has the blazon of a gold shield, charged with three golden heraldic roses on a bend engrailed between two cotises. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Shortay Tilt
Is anyone related to the Charles Francis William Payne side??

evan payne
My last name comes from my fathers father who was welsh. Is that a different lineage of paynes? I wanted to get my family crest or coat of arms tattoo but i dont want to get the wrong o.e for obvious reasons. Can anyone help? Is there a difference? Ive seen two so far

Alex payne
I'm another Payne family member

Jeremy Payne
I'm from the Caribbean. St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be exact, which is just West of Barbados. I've found my name in the history books from the caribbean and it related to the topics of slavery. theres also Clement Payne, from Trinidad who had a major role in the Caribbean Trade Union movement. I'm catholic and i read that most members of the Payne family are catholic. coincidence maybe? But i'm glad to know we are everywhere. :)

Cameron Payne
Hey how ya doing?

I'm a payne and proud !!!!! As my parents said payne by name pain by nature ;)

james payne
im a payne from portsmouth,england,uk

Elizabeth Payne
I'm from Portsmouth England my dad is Robert Payne an my grandad was George Payne his dad was also George Payne know as wacker loved in southsea worked on markets fruit an veg we think his dad lived in Kent anyone no us ?

Connor Payne
I was born in Vancouver Canada in 1981, My Dad Thomas Payne was also born in Vancouver in 1945, His Father, Thomas Payne.Sr was born in Vancouver as well in 1914 or 1915....not sure about anything before that.

Mallory Pyne
I was born in America but my family comes from Ireland and England.

mariana boyle
im lookin 4 my husbands birth father. my husband is too hard up & doesnt care but hes so incredible i think he should kno where he comes from. what i kno: his name is joey payne. he stayed in san clemente ca. in 1988 & knew shannon boyle. if this sounds familiar plz message me on my facebook under mariana boyle in reno nv. or txt or call me at 7753796859

Kathrine Payne Nygaard
Hei! I am adopted from India - and I now live in Norway. My indian surname Is PAYNE - and im trying to feagure out the indian connection to this name. Sincerely, Kathrine.

deborah payne
my grandfather was william payne from london , he came to New Zealand and changed his spelling to Paine, we do not know why.

Linden Payne
good to know that the Payne clan is still loitering about somewhere that isn't the U.K. or canada

Janice Payne
I have always had a proud connection with my name. Orgins of the name were never really discussed in the family. My first names spelling adapted over time and regions to be spelled Janice from (Janus) a Greek god...... Completely interested in the roots of my family.

Camille Payne
My dad, Garrett Thomas Payne, was born in Ohio in 1948, and his father (long gone by the time I was born) was of English descent, I think. Dad has only gone into detail about his mothers' (a first generation American of Slovak descent) side of the family. Oh well. My sister I were born and raised in North Carolina, so us Payne's have branched out a little from the apparently traditional UK home


Tracing my ancestral family is a pain! Hahaha. I've been trying to trace them for ages. My great grandfather George W. Payne Jr. was, as far as I can tell, adopted in Canada by George W. Payne Sr. and his wife Frances (nee Tucker) who were from upstate New York. There were so many stories bandied about that I actually can't tell if George Jr. was actually born to a relative of George Sr. or Frances or if he was adopted from an agency. Somewhere down the line a story of one of my English relatives being disowned for marrying a French woman and that's why the came to Canada. I can't recall if this had to do with the adoption or not though. If any of this sounds vaguely familiar to anyone please let me know. I'm really getting perturbed. :D

Michelle Payne
You did not explain why this surname is of French origin and where it comes from...Payen, Normandy perhaps? "It derives from the pre 7th century personal name 'Pagen', itself from the word 'paien' [from the Anglo-Norman word? or the french word "paÏen"?] and the earlier Latin 'paganus' (could you please offer a source for this information?) The original meaning was a villager or rustic, and later a heathen!" (Yes, it is well documented that the term "paganus" referred to those living outside the "Christianized cities", but where it the proof that this term is linked to the surname Payne?) "Amongst the earliest recordings of colonists in the New World is that of Susanna Pain, the daughter of Robert and Elisabeth Pain. She was baptised in the parish of St. Michael's, Barbados, on August 5th 1678." Actually, my ancestors were already in Virginia in 1623. Please, I would like to know your sources for the information contained here.

Jeremy, I can assure you that not all Paynes are Catholic, not these ones anyway

terr neal turk
we are the paynes from crockeet Texas

Donna Maria Payne
My Great Grand father was Henry James Payne born 1862 in London He had 11 kids of which my Grand father was the 11th Albert Henry Payne and my father was Roy James Payne

Amanda Payne
i'm currently a Yorkshire girl, Ive traced my great granddad to Cwmgorse/Gwaun Cae Gurwen Wales. Apparently his dad was Charles Payne possibly from London. That's where im stuck :D

Linda (Payne) Roberson
My grandfather was Edgar Pay E, born in Missouri and moved to Nebraska. His father was William Payne, born about 1861 in Virginia. Married in Missouri. Trying to find William Payne's siblings or parents. Anyone have any connections?

My father was William G Payne born 1905 in Mancherster England

S.A.Payne, The Prophet/Prodigny or something of prophetic significance
also with Y-Chromosomes--to find a possible link in the Payne family on both sides of the Atlantic. But I'm told that Y-Chromosome testing can't be done for something as old as a bloodline stretching back to Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

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