Last name: Petersen

This interesting and unusual surname, chiefly found in the north western European countries of Denmark, Holland, Germany and Brussels, and also further north in Finland, is a patronymic from the male given name Peter, itself ultimately coming from the Greek petros, meaning "rock" or "stone". Recordings of the surname from London church registers include the christening of Frederick Beltezer, son of Otho and Catharine Petersen, on April 9th 1706 in St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster; the marriage of Joachim Petersen to Elizabeth Spofford in St. Dunstans in the East on August 12th 1712, and the christening of Adolph Frederick Petersen in St. Botolph without Aldgate on September 1st 1872. Coats of Arms granted to the Petersen families of Greiffenberg, (Prussia); Hesse, and Finland are recorded heraldically in Rietstap's "Armorial General", the former depicts the upper body of a stag leaping from the centre of a blue shield. A silver cross moline is the base. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Petersen of Prussia, which was dated circa 1680, Rietstap's "Armorial General", during the reign of Emperor Leopold 1, "Habsburg Emperor", 1658 - 1705. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Zoe Petersen
I'd love to find the family badge, the family crest. :)

christian petersen
Hi, I'm from Ecuador, southamerica, i want to know more about petersen's family my grnqdfarher was from europe but i don't know anymore. My mail is I want to know more people from my last name thanks

Audrey Stickler
My grandmother is Charlotte Peterson who married to Everett Stickler. Charlotte was born in Iowa. Family from Norway. Her mom is Christinia Peterson- Soppeland. and father is Barnes O. Soppeland. They are from Norway too. My birth mom is Penelope Jean Stickler who married to Mervyn Becker . she was adopted as infant i believe that she kept the last name and still remian with that family. as she would not share with me. still wondering if Penelope has any other siblings besides Donald Everett Stickler who passed away in 2005 in MO or ILL. i learned he is pennys birth brother. maybe has more siblings who knows. still researching it.

Bradford Petersen from South Africa we are Petersen's will like to know how or where the surname originated from as we are coloureds or mixed race so it had to of come from a European settler who came to Africa in the early 1900's .

Larry Petersen Jr
I am Larry Petersen Jr, I know the family name originates from Denmark.

john petersen jr
my petersen family came denmark

Sara Petersen.
Jeg er Grønlansk og mit efternavn Petersen er fra min morfar.

I want know anyone know of Charlotte Peterson who has big family in Peterson side i wonder if she adopted my birth mom penny or is her real daughter cuz i check on ancestry show birth certificate that is the point here .. i know she said not want see her real family . maybe she used the nationally on adopted parents. as not match me.that why so mystery. My mom Penelope Stickler wass born Oct 29 1943 show my orginal birth certificate. anyone know her. it showed should be dutch/german/english. that my confusion here

Dylan Petersen

FAMILY REUNION!!!!!!!!! :D :D Petersen from Germany!!

Petersen (mothers side) in Australia, she claims we were Danish by blood and I guess this somewhat confirms it.

Lois Kuhlman Petersen
Oldest known family member born in 1823 in Ejebjerg, Hollback, Denmark.

My family has the same Danish/Scandinavian surname on my Mum's side from my Grandfather our family according to the Petersen family coat of arms and plaque on the wall explains how my acsestors travelled through Denmark and Norway through Europe and even the US before settling in England.

David Petersen
My Petersen family came from Norway

Erica Petersen
Our family is from Norway suposedly Viking descendant hence my first name. Does anyone know about the ancestors of Eric The Red do the Nordic Petersens share in that family tree?

Petersen (father's side) born and raised in South Africa

Through years of genealogical research our Petersen was traced to Norway.

Gavin Peterson
For ages have been researching my grandfather James August Petersen (note my name is spelt with an O, this was a spelling mistake) James came out from Germany to work on the gold mine in Nigel Transvaal. He died on 13 June 1903 in Nigel at the age of 46 which would put his year of birth around 1856. All I know is that his father was Hans. He married Mabel Mary Slater and had 4 children of which my father, Thomas Nigel (named after Nigel) was one.Please help, if any info please mail me on

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