Last name: Pickett

This interesting name is of Norman origin, introduced into England after the Conquest of 1066 in the form of a personal name "Pic", here with the diminutive suffixes "et" or "ot", and recorded as "Picot, Pigot" and Piket". The name is ultimately of Germanic derivation, from "pic", meaning "sharp", or "pointed", which was a common element in names meaning for instance, residence near a "pointed hill", use of a particular sharp or pointed tool or weapon, or a nickname for a tall, thin person. The name development has included: William Piket (1177, Berkshire); Waubert Pyket (1277, London); and Peter Pygot (1285, Cambridgeshire). Among the variants of the modern surname are Pickett, Pikett, Pigott, Pig(g)ot, Picot and Pykett. Adam Pickett commanded the ketch "New London" on its voyage to the Barbadoes in 1679. A Coat of Arms granted to the Pickett family depicts three silver pickaxes on a black shield, with the Crest consisting of a dexter arm embowed, silver vested, green cuffed, charged with two green bars wavy, holding a pickaxe proper. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Roger Picot, which was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of Cheshire, during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Darla Woolsey McDuff

My mother was a Pickett. His parents immigrated to America when he was still a toddler. William Luke Pickett. He settled in Vermont.


My dad is R. Pickett of Tennessee. We have pictures of General George Pickett and my dad looks just like him.

mickey pickett

My dads name was also r pickett and we also thought they look alike.

Martin Pickett
I'm a very Proud Pickett

Shelly Pickett
Pickett on father's side. My great great great great great great grandfather was George Edward Pickett.


Is your father Charles R. Pickett born Nov.3,1935

Brogan Pickett Norris
I'm a direct new Zealand descendent of a Pickett

Nakaiya Pickett
My dad's name is pickett


Mine too. It's my understanding that Picketts branched from three brothers so we're actually all related.

Linda Pickett Dean
my grandfather was William A Pickett his dad name was Felix pickett they lived in Ark

Diana child's
My maiden name was pickett my dad was born in London . I was also made fun of because of the name

Linda Pickett Dean
I also had a lot of people make fun of my last name


iIjust tell them my name is Ron Fence so they call me Pickett for short..


My maiden name is also Pickett and I also had to hear myself be made fun of a lot. I was K Pickett-fence, K-pick-her-nose, if it has "pick" in it, they stuck my name in there. hahaha

steve pickett
my understanding and what my dad got from the dna test was that my family from England went to Ireland for many generations then from there my line went through Canada to end up here in the west coast


It's weird when I try to consider my family lineage and where we came from because I feel very close to Irish anything. If it's Irish, I feel like it's a part of me. I just know that my family must have been from or in Ireland for some generations before making their way to the Americas and the fact is that America is only 200 years old so therefore, feelings of our homeland must still dominate in our genes.

Lexxi Pickett
All my life, Pickett has been laughed at, made fun of, and rudely mocked, but who is to say this isn't cool?!

Vicky Washington
My Grandfather was one of thirteen Pickett brothers and sisters, unfortunately there are only three of them left and some I never got to meet as they died before I was born. We all come from the West Midlands in the UK. If anyone came tell me more about my family heritage i would be very grateful.

JoyAnn Pickett
Three Pickett Brothers Left England late 1600's,,,one went to Mass,one went to the Carolina's and the other went to Virginia...But we are all related no matter what...My Father Was Walter B Pickett From Schoharie, Middleburg,New York. The First Walter Arrived in Virginia 1623 about. My Grandfathers name was Rexford(Ford) Sanford Pickett and His Father was James Sanford Pickett or Sanford Pickett, His Father Was Peter Picket and His Father was Jonathan Picket and His Father was Peter Picket(((( Surname Sanford comes from the Virginia Lineage of Picketts.Not New England or The Carolina's. Only Virginia lineage carry's Walter ...

Im Shipp
Good info. 3 Pickett's left out of Liverpool and sailed into Virginia. One went to Mass. another stayed in Virginia and the 3rd went into the Carolina's, from the S. Carolina one, Macajah Pickett married an Irish gal ,Susanah (Thompson), and went to White Oak Creek NC, they had a son Malachi, who went into North Ga. starting a mill in New Hope Ga. and he is my GG-grandfather. The Pickett who stayed in Virginia, would become the grandfather (?) of Gen.George Pickett (Pickett's Charge, Lee's army). Pickett, was originally a French Hugonot (sp) name, being persecuted, they went into England but mostly Ireland and Scotland. and from there into the states, predominantly the south as it is a Protestant name. Our Pickett's prior to Virginia were from Liverpool and Lancashire. Scoundrel types, crooked, gamblers, drinkers...typical fun loving folk and its been handed down in the DNA obviously. Cheers to you! Ta'

barbara pickett

My fathers name was Ronald a Pickett from cobaskill NY . Can anyone tell me anything about the history of the Pickett name?


Ronald A Pickett was born in Cobleskill NY as was I. The Pickett family looks to have come from Connecticut and Massachusetts early in our countries history. The direct descendent of Ronald Pickett of cobleskill NY goes back six generation that I have been able to trace. Lionel(G), Robert Sr.(GG), Lewis W(GGG), Peter(GGGG) Jonathan(GGGGG) and Peter(GGGGGG)

Rachel No

My fathers name is Also Ronald Pickett hes from Jacksonville florida, His father and grandfather were Lonnie Curtis Pickett jr and Lonnie Curtis Pickett Sr

My mother was a Pickett, my grandfather came from England.

David Pickett
I am a Pickett living in Connecticut, US and am interested in learning more about our interesting family name. I believe we arrived here in the US in Marblehead, MA, Virginia and in the Carolinas pre revolutionary war period. Anybody has any additional history about Pickett origin in the US?

S. Pickett
I am a Pickett living in Virginia, my family came here from the West Indies and arrived in the Carolinas as well.

c pickett
i am a pickett my family came from cuba and the west indies some living in the states

Patricia Bates
My maiden name was Pickett. I'm from Australia and it's not a very common name here. My fathers paternal line at least a few generations back are of mostly Irish/ Scottish stock.. I hated the name as a kid because it was made fun of but it's interesting to find out where it might have originated.

IM Shipp
see my comment (above) under Joy Ann Pickett's posting. It should help you. I am not sure of the 3 brother's names, but, the one that went into Mass. could very well be your direct ancestor. You therefore also have access to Pickett's Mill battlefield, at the Mill in New Hope Ga. which is one of the last Confederate victories before Atlanta fell to the yankees.
Just in case youre into the history.
I hope this helps.. cheers..Ta'

Tyler pickett

I'm Jonathan Tyler Pickett born in muscle shoals Alabama in 1985

im a decendant of pickett in uk

Christina Pickett

My ancestors started in England then branched to Ireland and Scotland and now are branched out in America.

Hazel Davis
I am a descendant of the Pickett in USA. Hazel Davis