Last name: Pollard

This interesting name has two possible origins. Firstly, it may have been a nickname for a person with a close-cropped head, from the Middle English word "poll" meaning "the head" plus the intensive suffix "-ard". The term pollard, denoting an animal that has had its horns lopped, is not recorded until the 16th Century. Hence, a more likely source for the name is the medieval personal name "Polhard", a derivative of "Paul", which seems to have been pronounced "Poll" by the end of the 12th Century, plus the element "-hard", strong, brave. It is interesting to note that one Pollardus Forestarius appears in the 1207 Pipe Rolls of Gloucestershire, and in 1275, one Stephanus filius (son of) Pollard is recorded in the Hundred Rolls of Kent. The surname first appears in the late 12th Century (see below). Interesting namebearers, recorded in the "Dictionary of National Biography", include: Sir John Pollard (died 1557), speaker of the House of Commons from 1553 - 1555, and Sir Hugh Pollard (died 1666), a royalist employed in Devon and Cornwall in the civil war, later becoming governor of Guernsey and comptroller of Charles 11's household. Eleven Coats of Arms were granted to Pollard families living in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and York, as well as County Westmeath (Ireland). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Pollard, which was dated 1181, in the "Pipe Rolls of Surrey", during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Lewis pollard

Guess I'm related to Sir Hugh Pollard then I live in devon Plus there's two lewis pollards in the same city,strange or what

Gary polliard
Pollard is of English origin. Polliard which was balliet was from the Alsace Lorraine region. The family name of polliard began in new Bethlehem pa. A town in west pa. Northeast of Pittsburgh. I have researched the name for 30 years and have many names on my program

Gary polliard
The name was balliett. Changed in 1800 in new Bethlehem pa. When Nicholas balliet settled in that area. I have done much research into the name

Kadin Pollard
it grows the family grows lol

Ian G
A pollarder prepared trees for new growth. The resultant staves were useful for all sorts of things including bows and arrows. There are many archery related names in England. Pollard is one of them.

Nicole Pollard
I am Nicole Pollard, I am from Sparta TN. I don't know too much about my family on my fathers side which is the Pollard side but there is a family graveyard in my hometown that has a lot of the names I am seeing on here buried there... Has anyone traced back to Tn at all?

Christine Pollard
wow, look at all the Pollard's who commented :o I have so many Pollard relatives who live in Maine.

Linda Nelson
Are you related to Caroline (Pollard) Nelson from Edison,NJ?.

There is a group on Facebook titled pollards. Maybe someone knows about that.

Courtney Polyard
my name is courtney polyard and my name originated from the pollards. does anyone know where it came from; the origin and what it means ?

Michael Polyard
I am writing because of the spelling of your last name. It is well past your post, however I am one of a few surviving polyards on the United States east coast. I have done some research into the lineage of this last name, however this particular spelling is extremely rare. I understand that I may have some polyard cousins somewhere out near arizona or out west in other locations, however I have never met one. I wonder if we are related. This is not computer spam. You can google my name and you will see a recent publication in philosophy a couple movie reviews, an album review, and probably some other random s*** including Stanford Whos Who.

Tammy Polliard Wagner
I was wondering if Polliard was the same just spelled differently ?

Gary polliard
Polliard was balliet from the Alsace Lorraine region. It was changed in new Bethlehem pa in 1800

midge oliver pollard
My biological name is midge oliver pollard jr. I am trying to find my biological parents. I was adopted in 1981. I am just searching for answers. I live in lees summit missouri. Please email me with any answers... please and thankyou.

anne marie pollard
HI I'm Anne Marie Pollard, from Dublin, Ireland. My family can be traced back to Tipperary in the 1600's. Still plenty of Pollards in Ireland.

Judy Pollard Liese
YAY! I know my family originated in Tipperary. Keep getting so much English info, but my great uncle was a great historian and had a family crest and swears we come from Tipperary!

Annie Marie Pollard
My name is also Anne Marie Pollard!

Mary Jo Piazza
Judy, My mother was Mary Catherine Pollard of Larksville, PA and our ancestors came from Tipperary in Ballingarry, My cousin, Gerald Korey, just went there last year in July, and found the grave of John Pollard, our great great grandfather, father of Richard Pollard, my grandfather was Matthew Mark Pollard. Perhaps we are related.

Yep I agree, I'm from Clonmel town in Tipperary, and there are two large unrelated Pollard families. My own is very large, my father came from a family of sixteen. I was always told the origin of Pollard was from Wales.

Petula Pollard

Hi I was born in County Wicklow, Ireland my fathers name was William Pollard locally known as Billy, my mother now lives in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. I too have ben doing some research and there is also a connection with Cornwall. All in all we are celts I guess...

joyce pollard
I was told that there is a pollard street in New york..if so i am related to those pollards From virginia (lignum) or king george. Please contact me..if u know of the street Thanks

Hello my name is kenneth pollard from the caribbean,is there anybody related to pollards down here :)

Dawn Pollard
Hi Many thanks for the information, I think the highest up north I have is Guisborough, then they went down to Yorkshire Dawn

Michael Pollard
Hello. I'm from South Shields. I don't know of any Pollards further north except my aunt who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne.

jeff pollard
iwas told by father we were scot irish part of the mackay clan

Lynda Pollard
Hi, my brother and I have been researching our family tree, we were born in Silverstone Northamptonshire, we have also found connections in Cornwall and Ireland, can anyone offer any further information please.

Dawn Pollard
HI Is anyone out there researching the same Pollard tree as me, my line come from West yorkshire, Guisborough, North Yorkshire, any help appreciated, have traced back to 1471, trying to fill in gaps Many thanks Dawn

Gareth Headland
my mum's (Pollard) family is traced back to Cumbria near Penrith mostly Dawn- not that far from Yorskshire. there are still Pollards in Cumbria now of course as per my other post. by tartan/Scottish searches we have found that the name has been traced back to Scottish servants taken by force from England and made to shave their heads so they can be recognised as servants by heads of clans- Pollard was meant to be "hard headed person of shaved headed person"- many escaped at some time to Ireland and the north of England across the border and took the name Pollard as did not know their original family name. as per my other post the name is traced back to servants of the clan MacKay and also Buchanans; illegitimate children were common then of course so it can be seen that the name Pollard is linked to the tartan of MacKay and Buchanan.

Eric Pollard
Hi Gareth, have you seen any information supporting the MacKay connection? Do you what time period we'd be talking? Thanks.

Judith Pollard
Judith Pollard (maiden name) My father was born in Greenville or New Castle, PA. Stanley Isaac Pollard born in the early 1900's. He traced his roots to the Mayflower via Anne Pollard who arrived at Plymouth Rock as a I assume her maiden name was something else and she later married a Pollard. He had two brothers, Robert and "Snubby" (who served in the Navy during WWII).

Eric Pollard
Hi Judith, Anne Pollard was Anne DIxon, from Saffron Walden, and came to america with Governor Winthrop in 1630. She is reported to be the first woman to set foot on what is now Boston. She married William Pollard and lived to a ripe old age; she dies in 1725 at 105 years.

Michael Laurence
Hello Eric,

My grandfather, Maurice Pollard, spent much of his retirement engaged in genealogy - authoring two large "tomes" of the history of the Pollards - now found in Boston / Portsmouth (NH) area libraries. Anne Dixon was a "trollop" (at that time a woman traveling alone was traditionally regarded as a trollop) who arrived as a young girl on the Mayflower - her photo is found in some government building (lirbrary) in Boston.


Hi, my step-father is a Pollard. He has two other brothers. They were all born in Trinidad. They were all separated when they were growing up. One brother now lives in Tobago. Most of the family is in Arima. Thanks,

Ben Pollard
My name is Ben Pollard and my grandfather was George Pollard of Whitestown, Indiana, originally. I am looking for links to Pollards from that area. I believe his father was Allen Pollard and his mother, Josie M. Pollard. Pollards did immigrate to the US from Ireland, in smaller numbers than from England but, from Ireland nonetheless, according to the early US Census. Castlepollard is a town in the Northeastern part of Ireland that my wife and I visited last spring. The town was named something Gaelic before Cromwell took it over and left a military officer named Pollard to reside over the village thus, it became Castlepollard in the late 1500's. More info can be found here:

Eboni Dabila (pollard)
My maiden name is Pollard and I would like to know where the name came from. I am African American, however my fathers family has many different nationalities tied to it. Maybe because of former slaves adopting the name? Anyway we have cherokee and choctaw native american blood as well. Im from California, but live in Ohio and I have met many Pollards. I would like to know who Im related to and if I have any kin here. I was told that we can trace our family back all the way to the mayflower. Anyone else?

Jarred Pollard
hi my name is jarred pollard from texas and i am also african american and want to know more about my family ties if u wouldnt mind sharing

Brandy Pollard
I am Brandy Pollard, father Daniel Pollard, Grandfather John Pollard From Canada ( British Columbia ) was told I was of Irish , Scotish,( English or Welsh) decent . itneresting to see allot of Pollards,,, I heard that there is some gathering of Pollards some where down in the states....

Brent Pollard
Hey brandy, I moved to the states from Australia when I was 21 years old but I have been told similar things growing up about where our blood line comes from. Not sure if it will help any but if you google my family tree, I just had my grandma over from back home for a visit and she was really able to get the ball rolling !!! Google Brent Pollard family tree. I had heard about the Pollard family gathering swell and sounds like a way kill a few days !!!! Let me know if any of this helps, I have Jeeps of history on the Pollards from WA to England and even over to Ireland for a bit. Cheers

Gareth Headland
my mum died last week aged 89, she was a Pollard from Carlisle, Cumbria, England, the name is linked to the clan MacKay in Scotland they say but we always thought Pollard was 100% English, for sure if anyone called Pollard came to USA from Ireland they were probably either English Pollards that went via Ireland OR linked to the MacKay idea.............................................................. my name is not Pollard though of course. mum met Dad when he was stationed in Carlisle in the army and moved down south they married and she became a "Headland"

Gail Pollard
I'm looking for my great grandfather, Oliver (Ollie) Pollard. I was told that he was born in Virginia and was in the Voluntary Army. He married a woman named America Clark from Garrard county, Kentucky and they had a son named Henry Clay Pollard, born 1898. Oliver then went to Mexico, California and then overseas and supposedly died in the war in France. America followed him, leaving Henry behind. The last known correspondence from her was that Oliver was dead and that she was bringing his body home on the Titanic. No one has heard from her since. Henry was placed into and orphanage at age 10. Later he married Nellie May Meredith from Munfordville, Ky. If anyone has any information on Oliver Pollard, could you please let me know. I keep running into dead ends.

Patricia Pollard
Hi, I am Patricia Pollard. My Father was Wilson Pollard and his father was Carey Oscar Pollard of Ohio (Central and south) around Idaho, Ohio. Does anyone think they might be related to me? I have heard that this branch of the pollards came over on a ship that did not make it to shore and they floated in on their broken down (for shipping) oak table and chairs. I gave those to my cousin to keep them in the family.

Jeremy Pollard

Hello Patricia Pollard. I am from Washington Court House Ohio. What was your dad's middle name?

Vicky Marriott
My great grandfather was a Pollard and he lived in Devon and died in the 1920s. He married Cora Kinsman and their children were called Cora, Ada, Lilian, Dorothy, Jack, Victor, Violet, Norman and Mabel. Dorothy is my gandmother and she died in the 1980s. The Pollard family had sweet factories in SW England and made Ice Cream until the 1970s. Does anyone know what happened to the factories or the business after that?

Ashley Pollard
Ashley Pollard from Virginia - I am from the Pollards of West Virginia, I have been told that my branch of Pollards is from Ireland with immigration to Virginia. Any other West Virginia/Virginia Pollards out there?

Phyllis Weldon
Hi Ashley, I am researching Pollard's from Jamestown, Va, King & Queen, Va. Robert Pollard b.1656 d. 1678, may have been m. to Mary Elizabeth Hughes. Robert Pollard b. 1679 d. 1709, maybe m. to Elizabeth Baylor, and a Robert Pollard b. 1699 d.1759. Are any of these familiar to you or on your tree? Phyllis.

Hello Phyllis, Yes, I'm directly descended from the Pollards of Jamestown...I believe Robert Pollard from1656. Unfortunately, I'm not in possession of the Family Tree (we had it typed and bound in a book) anymore otherwise I could tell you for sure.

CW Hicks
My Pollards are from the Leesburg, VA area . . . .not sure where else . . .

Gail Pollard
Hi Ashley, I'm trying to find out about a Oliver Pollard from West Virginia. He was my great grandfather. Have you heard anything about him. Apparently he met America Clark in Bell County Ky, They had one son Henry Clay Pollard. Oliver was in the volunteer Army and the last we heard was he went to California, then overseas, where he was killed in battle in France.

Hello Gail, Actually Henry Clay Pollard sounds familiar...but not Oliver. Let me do some digging and I'll get back to you.

Ashley Pollard
hello! my name is also Ashley Pollard!! im from Visalia ca and so my entire family, unfortunately my grandfather, David Pollard, kind of was a wanderer and he also past away before I was born so I don't have any info on the pollards or how they got this far west :/ I know that he went and lived on cape cod with my uncle for years and also had multiple affairs. We even found that my dad had a half sister!

Sam Pollard
Pollards are originally from the West of England, not Ireland.

deborah pollard
hi my name is deborah fathers name was michael robert pollard we are from australia.. iam really interested in finding out more about our family tree.. my dad michael passeda way whe i was 14.. does anyone have any other leads fron any other polard from australia..

Dawn Pollard
Hi I have some Pollards from Austrialia, Victoria and ballarat, where are yours from? Thanks Dawn

Mitch Pollard
I'm from Perth, western Australia. My father was born to an irishman, John Pollard from Dublin. I was told by my grandmother that side of the family may have originally been from England and went up to Dublin, then back again. I really can't find anything.

maleah snow
My grandmother is a Pollard, were from Oklahoma but my great great grandparents came from Virginia.

CW Hicks
Also from a line of Pollards from Virginia .. . .my grandfather was a Pollard , on my Mom's side . . .

E Pollard
There is a Hicks connection in my Virginia Pollard family - if you know more about your grandfather and grandmother let me know.

Ken Pollard
My name is Ken Pollard. I am 45 and I'm from Detroit, Michigan. I lived there all my life until last year. I married a woman named Brenda Jenkins from California and we live out here now. My dad originally came from Seattle, Washington. There are a lot of Pollards from Michigan. I am told (by my dad) that we are irish and he has records of our family dating back to the pilgrims. Our family went west (by covered wagon) from Misouri to Washington eons ago. I really don't have exact dates, but he has a book of Pollard family history. There is better that a good chance that I am related to more than a few of you. (The newest Pollard is Erin, my daughter. She was born August 23rd 2010.)

my dad is from Michigan....i've noticed that there are a lot of Pollards from there

I am Jared Pollard from Trinidad and me anyone who has Trini or English roots

Hi, i"m a desendant of Thomas Pollard,he married Mary Stevens,24th Oct 1754,they had one son John Pollard,he married Sarah Reeds,9th Oct 1792,they had 6 children,youngest one William Pollard,baptised 1806 & died 12 April 1885. William married Lucy Wheatley,1829,they had 5 children.Lucy was the daughter of John Wheatley & Elizabeth Mercy-Wheeler.Lucy was born 4th May 1804 in Buxted, East Sussex Englandshe died 20th Jan, 1874 in 'Catherine Creek' Dalton NSW from Dysentry & buried in Dalton Wesleyan Church, NSW Their 2nd child was Benjamin Pollard,born 5th June 1833 & died 13th April 1915 William married 2nd time to Jane Howell, 1883 in Dalton NSW.Benjamin married, Sophia Brown, in 1856, daughter of Sarah & Thomas Brown. They had 10 children, Sophia died 1873...Benjamin,Martha Maud Atkins in 1875, they had 7 children, one which is my Great Great Grandfather David Alexander Pollard who was born in 1879 & died 1950, married, Frances Rosine A Bush,their Grandfather Robert Pollard married, Mary Jane Wedge,daughter of Henry & Maud Wedge, nee Glass in 1924.My grandfather died in 1966...Grandmother was born in 1906 & died 1979, they had 10 children:Reginald William, Thelma Margaret, Dorothy, my dad ( Kevin George ), Leo Maxwell, Robert James, Mary Jane, Patricia Marion, Raymond & Malcolm...Reginald married Thelma Ruth... Thelma married Sidney Atkin...Dad married Thelma Lorns Godfrey... Mary Jane married Kevin Lamont... Patricia married George Duncan Dacey...Dorothy married Ronald Richard Blight...Raymond married Marjorie ? Malcolm never married... that is all i could dig up, as i was taken from my family at the age of 2 1/2 along with my younger sibblings, brother Terrence George who passed away aged 22mths & sister Doreen, i found my relatives 4yrs ago, sadly my dad had passed away before we could meet.I've found trace of my mother. Do we have a connection ? would be nice...