Last name: Porter

This interesting surname is of Old French origin, and has two possible sources; firstly, it may be an occupational name for the gatekeeper of a town, or a doorkeeper of a large house, deriving from the Middle English "porter", a development of the Old French "portier". Secondly, it may be an occupational name for a man who carried loads for a living, especially one who used his own muscle power rather than a beast of burden or a wheeled vehicle, from the Old French "porteo(u)r" to carry, convey. The surname is distinguished by being first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 (see below), and early recordings include William le Portier (1190), in the Pipe Rolls of Berkshire, and Nicholas le Portur (1263), in "Middle English Occupational Terms" of Surrey. London Church Records list the christening of Edward, son of Thomas Porter, on September 14th 1546, at St. Matthew's, Friday Street, and the christening of John, son of Edward Porter, on June 24th 1599, at St. Stephen's, Coleman Street. A Coat of Arms granted to a Porter family in Allerby, Cumberland, is a red shield, on a gold fess, three blue church bells, a silver border engrailed. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Milo Portarius, porter at Winchester Castle, which was dated 1086, in the "Domesday Book of Hampshire" , during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Ciara Tonor
Hi im ciara and im from ballycastle:P

Deborah Lee Porter
Hi everyone :) My name is Deborah Lee Porter and I am from Aotearoa, (commonly known as New Zealand). As far as I know, I am of English and Maori descent...hence the word Aotearoa from the Maori language...meaning Land of the Long White Cloud :) I am well searched in my Maori genealogy.....but yet have fair ways to know and understand my English genealogy. To fully embrace my Identity and is only right...that I acknowledge my past...of those before Ancestors...whom I descended from. I am happy and willing to share my genealogy with you the hopes that someone/s may be able to assist me on my quest :) Just to make mention beforehand, I'm not sure which of the 2 Williams...was actually Captain William Porter and sadly I am unable to include dates...yet. Wiremu Kevin Poata (William Kevin Porter) = Great-great-great-grandfather Wiremu Poata (William Porter) = Great-great-grandfather Te Auraki Poata (Alexander Porter) = Great-grandfather Arapata Bartholomew Poata (Albert Bartholomew Porter) = Grand-dad Poata is transliterated from Maori - English = Porter I do not know whom my GGGGrandfather William Kevin Porter married. My GGGrandfather Willam Porter married my GGGrandmother whom is of Maori descent, Marara Tupe. They had children, which were all birthed and registered with Maori names. Their 2nd youngest child, a GGrandfather Te Auraki (Alexander). Te Auraki married my GGrandmother also of Maori descent, Keita Waaka (Katie/Katy Walker). They also had children...survived by these some past when they were babies :( Arapata (Albert) Bartholomew Porter Ina Porter Reuben Porter My Grandad, was the oldest of these 3 :) According to my geneaology...there has been mention of my GGGrandfather William Porter...his Mother was of Maori descent, from a place in NZ called Matauri Bay, she was a Puhi = to a Princess of hierarchy, of Matauri Bay, and that William was named after his father...whom was also William Porter...correction...William Kevin Porter, my GGGGrandfather. Alot of my elders have since passed...and so sources and resources are scarce :( I am currently residing in Queensland Australia...and without limitations...the internet has proven to be useful and very resourceful :) I began my search for the origin of the name...which included a compilation written by William Arthur Porter, Sr and also surname Porter, which lead me to military records...which I had no idea what I was looking for...except the names William Porter, lol. Then it lead me to a Scottish origin of Porters...The Clan of McNaghton or McNaghten...which really was quite amazing to happen upon :) Then I remembered a story 'bout my Grand-dad...whom was of the Anglican Faith...which lead me to The Church of England...imagine that...awesome!!! Which finally led me to the geneaology site of Reginald Porter (Ralph Reginald Porter...son of William de la Grande...hope that's correct), which led me here. Wooooow, what an amazing journey...and I sense it's not over yet :))))) So there you have it my good brethren...I'm humbled to have searched and found not only this site...but most Family :) May God be with us all <3 <3 <3

Diane Porter McCormick
Porter family from Pittsburgh, Pa. Father Konrad Porter, youngest of 7 brothers. His father George Rudyard Porter, his Father George from Germany and back to England. Still looking and will update soon.

Jennifer Porter
I have very little information on my surname. I know my father is David knotts porter the 2nd or 3rd. I know we are from England, Ireland, and Scotland. Would love any information anyone could provide.

simon porter
I've heard my porter name is from ireland and we are irish? But it says old french . Living in scotland.

Brandon Porter
Im Going With Simon

Chelsea Porter
Omg we're like a huge Porter family!

I'm a Porter and proud!

kent porter
we have traced our ancestor back to Hugh Porter who left Derry, Ireland in 1740 and went to PA. Was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Wife was Violet Mackey

Robert (Roy) Porter
My Name is Robert Porter and I live in Bangor,Northern Ireland,but originally from Londonderry now commonly called Derry/Londonderry. My Father was born in Scotland and My Mother had a famous name Sherrard connected with the 1688/1690 siege of Derry.

Minyeta Porter
I am from California. My fathers name is John Porter from Pittsburg, CA and his father's name was Robert Edward Porter who served in WWII. I have not been able to go much further because my fathers parents died when he was young...

Joseph , son of Joseph son of James
Scottish ,Glasgow' I was told by my Grandfather James that his great grandfather used to lead the Protestant parades in Ulster on horseback and thats where our Porter name comes from ,.Good site but I came across it by accident trying to find the origin of the word surname while researching the birth certificate debate going on ,[ is it a contract or not ] did your parents unknowingly bind u into title of the slave ,when he put the title of Mr and miss before your parents signature on it . stature for these titles is the lowest.Meaning you can actually be sold and come under commerce law the law of the sea , The law of the slave ship. This is why we are getting stopped by police so much and [fined] sorry [wrong word] NOTICE TO PAY! by a court that has no jurisdiction on land .Watch the secret films from court on you tube where a group called the sovereigns of state fill the public gallery and refuse the judge jurisdiction and and envoke common law , Land law.THE REAL LAW.

Arthur Porter
My name is Arthur Porter. I am originally from Louisville, KY. My father was Herbert Arthur Porter. His father was Oscar Lazern Porter Orig. From Lansing, MI. His father was Marcus Lafayette Porter who was born in upstate, NY. His father was John Porter who was given a land grant for his service in the war of 1812. I do not have any further info.

Nicholas Porter

"Nicholas le Portur", cool!

Kelly Porter

I am a Porter by marriage... my husband's grandparents were named James Allen Porter (1915-1986) and Anthadell (Carter) Porter and they lived in Alabama. We can't find anything beyond that, very frustrating.

Susie MacRunnel
Im Trying to find information on William Edward Porter he was born in 1845 in Illinois.. He Lived in Ogle County, Illinois in 1863 and moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa sometime between 1863 and 1903. he married Elizabeth Jane Spurin cant find anything beyond that . any help would be appreciated

Sophie Porter
I'm a Porter and I'm Proud of our huge family!

Dean Porter
Hi... I'm Dean Porter of Forrestfield, Western Australia.. My dad's name was William Dart Porter.. My Porter family all lived in and around Northumberland, Enland.. So.. Theirs lots of us baggage handlers....

Michele Porter Raudonat
I've reached an impasse regarding my paternal great grandfather, George Porter. I read or heard somewhere that he was born in Arboy, Ireland (which I fear doesn't exist) sometime between 1859 and 1865 based on varying dates according to various NYS and Federal censuses. In fact he and his brother were listed as having the surname of Holton in the 1880 Federal Census! I even went to Ireland and found birth records for his siblings, children of James Porter and Martha Patterson, in County Cavan but nothing for my great grandfather or his brother, Thomas. Any help/info would be much appreciated!

Jeffery Edward Porter
From what I've been able to gather my family was early American settlers and came from England and previous to that French DNA points in that line as well but roomier of Irish descent has came up

John Porter
My Porters are from South-East England. Did they come over with the Normans?

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