Last name: Prendergast

This famous surname is recorded throughout the British Isles. It is arguably English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish, but is ultimately of Norman-Flemish pre 10th century origins. It is locational from a now "lost" medieval village called Brontegeest, in the province of Flanders, near to the city of Ghent, and was taken by early Flemish settlers to Normandy. It is said to have been brought to England by Prenliregast, a follower of Duke William of Normandy during the famous Conquest of 1066. His son Philip, was given lands near Haverfordwest, in the "English" county of Pembrokeshire, Wales, and called Prendergast Castle. Prenegast in the county of Berwickshire, Scotland, also apparently takes its name from this family. The first recorded namebearer (see below), was a member of the Welsh branch, and played a prominent part with Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, in the invasion of Ireland in May 1169. In that country they obtained extensive grants of land, as well as being awarded a baronetcy, and later a grants as the Viscounts Gort of Castle Gort in Galway. Another branch acquired New Castle near Clonmel, in County Tipperary, and this was also a family seat for several centuries. In the modern idiom the surname has at least ten spellings including Pendergast, Prendergrast, Prendergrass, and Prendeguest. A distinguished namebearer was John Patrick Prendergast (1808 - 1893), the author of book called "The Cromwellian settlement of Ireland", and other historical works. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Maurice de Prendergast. This was dated 1169, in the records of Pembrokeshire, during the reign of King Henry 11nd of England, 1154 - 1189. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Eileen Auckram
My grandfather came out as a small boy to meet up with his father who had come out to the Otago (N.Z.) goldfields. He was born at Market Square, Kilrush, C. Clare

Michael Byrnes

My mothers name is Prendergast. Her fathers people came from kilrush, are we related.

Kristofer Prendergast
I'm from Scotland, and my Grandfather immigrated here from Ireland during the 30s or 40s.

Jeanie Ology
My maiden name is Prendergast. My father was Kenneth F. Prendergast, born on Long Island, NY, along with his brother Richard O. Prendergast, in the twenties. Their parents, Kathleen O'Connor Prendergast and Richard F. Prendergast, immigrated to the U.S. sometime after 1900. I'd love to know more about my family. Anyone out there related to me?

Shaylee Prendergast
I'm Shaylee Prendergast and my family name come from my pops side and his family were Irish

Irene Biggs
My great grandfather was William Prendergast. He was born in Jamaica in 1859. His father was Henry Prendergast and his mother was Anna Maria Lord. they were both born in Ireland. William moved to New York in 1878, lived with his aunt and uncle and married his cousin Annie Mary Lord, born 1861 in New York.

Irene biggs
Some conflicting info re Henry Prendergast and Anna Maria Lord. I now think they were born in jamaica.

Jeanette Pendergrass
Finding descendants is an amazing thing. Have linked that 1640 Phillip Pendergrast of Ireland is a direct descendant as well as Anne Boleyn, King Henry's second wife. That conceived a daughter Queen Elizabeth.

Jeremy Jenkins
Huh...I always thought Pendergast was of German origin. How I pronounce it anyway lol.

Louise Prendergast
I'm Scottish but am in Jamaica at the moment trying to trace my relatives. My father, Harold Prendergast, was born and bred in Jamaica. His mother was Jamaican and his father was an Irish soldier. If anyone has any info please contact me:

I wonder if Your Father Mr Prendergast was related to my great grandmother. i'm not a 100% sure if she is my great grandmother but i've been told she is. Her name was Mary Prendergast. Have no further information except that she might have been married to Mr James Richardson. He was a Scotsman. Their son was my granddad. Mr James Maria Richardson. Hope You'll find a lead!

Stephanie Prendergast
Hi Louise, My dad is Rudolph Ambrose Prendergast can you tell me if he's mention in your discovery of the Prendergast journey while your in Jamaica

Tanya Brooks

Hi Stephanie, My grandfather is George Prendergast and his brother was Ambrose Prendergast. To the best of my knowledge all the Prendergast in Jamaica are related. It was two brothers that left Ireland and came to the Caribbean . One went to Jamaica and the other went to Cuba. It would be interesting to see what Louise finds out.

Dorris Gay
Prendergast is a customised surname originating from Pederast, the person who was a homosexual during Middle Ages and was assigned this surname and he was burned at stake. His brother changed his family's surname to Prendergast in 1653 by adding extra r, n and g letters to make the surname more acceptable. The existance also of a surname Pendergast proves that family names exist that only added n and g letters to their formerly not so cool surname Pederast.

Judith Leder
Dorris, you are mistaken. The name Prendergast came into Ireland right along with Strongbow (1169). It is one of the oldest surnames in Ireland. The family originally came from the area around Ghent, then participated in the Norman Invasion and were given the area called Prendergast (from them) in Wales. While there clearly are homosexuals among the ranks of Prendergasts, the name was never Pederast. Additionally, it is incorrect to equate homosexuality with pederasty.

Dorris Gay
Prendergast is a customised surname originating from Pederast, the person who was a homosexual during Middle Ages and was assigned this surname and he was burned at stake. His brother changed his family's surname to Prendergast in 1653 by adding extra r, n and g letters to make the surname more acceptable.

Sandy Johnson - Dorris Gay you should get your facts straight before you post - so you can click on the link to get some info as to the origins of the Prendergast family name as well the history connected to it....
It may have its origins in Berwickshire, in the hamlet now called Prenderguest or in the hamlet of Prendergast in Pembrokeshire. The Prendergast name in Ireland derives from the 12th century Norman

Michael Prendergast
Afterthought: The name is also interchangeable with FITZMAURICE. Again it is aristocracy, chin up folks!. Check the history.

Michael Prendergast
Hello, I am another Michael Prendergast( no middle name,no time the war was on!) Father from C. Mayo/Castlebar area.Eire. Bristol U.K. was my home and now Ontario, Canada for 45 yrs. My cousin posted some history about the migration of Prendergast's and there is a village next to Haverford West in N/W Wales called Prendergast, The road sign states "Founded 900", It would appear that it pre-dates the 1066 Norman invasion as people had already migrated to the area from Europe. The rest of the movement into Eire is well documented. Here in N. America the city of Jamestown,New York State is named after James Prendergast the most prominent citizen from the pioneering days. For all those people with the name being made fun of, a word of advice, state that it is phonetic, if they do not understand you should not be associating with a waste of human genetic material.

Eileen Auckram
Hullo - my maiden name was Prendergast. I came from Hyde, Central OtAGO, N.Z. and my grandfather came from Ireland, (County Clare) as a child. His father was out here looking for gold after being in Australia first. He didn't find any but took up his trade of baking (very handy on the goldfields). He was married to Ellen Bourke from Ireland

John De Prendergast
Hi Eileen...had to reply to your post. I am originally from the Prendergast family in Limerick, but left Ireland back in 1984 and since then I have travelled far and wide As a kid I lived in Kilkee in County Clare. I remember hearing about the Kilkee Prendergasts who were ... Bakers !! sounds like your family :) As I remember there were 2 brothers who had a bakery together in Kilkee and one up and left for Australia

Catherine Crisp
HI Eileen, I too am a Prendergast from Hyde, central Otago, New Zealand. Who were your parents and where are you now?

Thomas Prendergast
Came across this Eilleen is my aunty her Parents were Thomas Bourke and Ruby Prendergast.

Thomas Prendergast
email me at and I will sent you a family tree.

Eileen (nee Prendergast) Auckram

I live in Auckland - sorry to be so long in replying. As Thomas said my parents were Thomas Bourke and Clara (aka Ruby) Prendergast. Have recently been given the Bourke family tree - Michael Prendergast, Snr. and Patrick Bourke Snr were brothers-in-law married in Kilrush. I have been to Kilkee (very good board there)

David Prendergast
to :George,29 sept 2011- My clan is from Clonmel(Knocknaree) area. Grandma was Ellen (Haney)(Wall) Prendergast. Granddad was John Prendergast(Rathgormack.

Dan Prendergast
Hi David, I would really like to talk to you about John and Ellen Prendergast, so I hope you get this!

robert seberry nugent
Hi David , in about 1849/50 a John Ormond from Ballymacarbry married a Mary Prendergast b 1822 in Glasha , 3 of their sons became priests and 2 daughters became nuns , does this ring a bell with you ? Bob,

Pat murphy
Please contact me;the My gran last pender in rathgormack,i still live in the homestead

Read your history. Irish slaves in Barbados. Name comes from Irish slaves.

only a descendant,but have traced my Grandmother back to Clonmel Tpperary.also found a lady + son from Jamaica,she was on a trip to U.S.A, AFTER BEING MANUMITTED,ex slave,her son was a worker on the Panama Canal during its consruction. you may also be proud of the fact that that there is also a medal of honour man in our history,we wont mention the Kansas City crime boss too often tho' will we!!!!

david prendergast
george,saw your post about clonmel people

The lady and son from Jamaica...could they be James Maria Richardson and Mary Prendergast? When i look up the Family Search Website i see an Aubrey James Richardson though and i wonder if this was my granddad. Sometimes they make mistakes with the names. Mary Prendergast was married to James Richardson. Hence my granddad J. richardson born in 1886....gosh i'm feeling old now lol.

George o'neal prendergast
My name is George o'neal Prendergast I born in Jamaica I am a black man now 37 year old live in Georgia people say that I look Irish so I just wanna find out more about my family tree .I also go by the name Roger

Dan Prendergast
George/Roger, there are many black Prendergasts scattered throughout the Caribean and America, descended from Irish indentured labourers, exiled rebels, economic migrants, adventurers, etc. Teddy Pendergrass is our most famous black kinsman.

Paddy Prendergast
Hi Im Paddy Prendergast from Limerick, Ireland

John De Prendergast
Hi PaddyP... long time no talk. Drop a line when you have the time

Annmarie Prendergast
I am Prendergast by marriage. Heard two brothers came from Ireland to Jamaica and each settled in two different parts of the country. I also understand that prior to that there was a slavemaster named Prendergast that may be responsible for some of us Prendergast in Jamaica. Cant answer much questions but thought this info may assist some people.

Richard Pendergast
Very interesting stuff

Be sure to checkout !

I followed the link hoping to meet up with Prendergasts - but got typically occurs when I try to navigate facebook. Can you be more specific?

Laura Prendergast
Hey Guys! My name is Laura Prendergast I'm 20 and live in Devon. was born in london though :). Not gonna lie this is really quite strange. Im loving the Prendo love though lol. bit creepy to think that we could all be related in some way shape or form :S x

Simon Prendergast
Hi I'm Simon Prendergast, my father was born in the east end of London but his father and immediate family are all from Clonmel, Ireland. I've lived in the South of England for the last 30 years and have yet to meet another Prendergast.

Maurie Prendergast
Hi Simon, Hi Simon, Tried to contact you on face book, no luck. I am part of your Clonmel family. Please Email me at Maurie P.

David prendergast
Hi i'm David prendergast, i was born in kilkenny Ireland but currently live in south east uk . Good to see our clan still going strong all across the world.
Hi im Thomas Prendergast ,born in Kilkenny now lives in Carlow


Sian Prendergast
Hi, I´m Sian Barry Prendergast. I live in Sweden but I was born in London. My father John is an englishman but his father was irish. I love my name beacuse it´s only me and my two sons who has it here in Sweden. God bless you all!

Paul Prendergast
Hi -Paul Prendergast from Christchurch,New Zealand.Nickname "Prendo" also!Great Grandparents all from Ireland down south somewhere.Knew about the Normans-hard-arse bastards by the sounds of it!

Eileen Auckram
Paul, are you brother Des's son? If you are you should get a copy of the family tree which my first cousin, Kevin Thompson did many years ago. It is interesting to know your history

david prendergast
im dave prendergast from southampton, england. Nick name is prendy. Loving the prendy love. My dad was born in england but his dad was born in ireland and so forth as far back as the 15th century. I wonder if it goes back further.

Jeanie Ology
Hi David, my dad was called "Prendy" by his friends, too. He even had his car license plate with "Prendy" on it! Kathleen Prendergast

Steve prendergast
Yah I'm only like 13 but my cuz thinks I look like Vince Vaughn

Steve Prendergast
I'm Matt also a Prendergast my nickname is Prendo wat r some of you're nicknames

David K.Pendergraft
Good morning all...I'm David Pendergraft in central Florida in the USA. I'm interested in whether anyone has ever found a map showing the location of the town of Brontegeest in Flanders,the basis for the original name. All I've found is that it was near Ghent.

vince prendegast
hi my name is also prendegast, i too am a good person who fell foul of the law, at a young age, i am trying to get my life together but i am unlucky and keep getting caught, robbing and shoplifting i, i can not find work you see, but hey what the hell i did not realise us prendos were from famous stock rock on the normans hey does that make me a viking?

sean cathal prendergast
hello evereyone! im sean cathal prendergast, from harrogate, england! proud to be a member of this family!!!!

Lewis Prendergast
Omg I am also called Lewis Prendergast ... That is quite strange !!!

Colin Patrick Tarr
I am originally from Wales, I migrated to Canada in 1967, my Mother's maiden name was Prendergast, her family was from Waterford in Ireland and settled in Cardiff S. Wales, because of the potato famine or so I was led to believe. .

Stephanie Prendergast
Hi I am from Jamaica, I also heard my father grand father are one of the 2 brothers who came from Ireland and populated all our Jamaican Irish Prendergast . How can we find out more about these brothers, their names, where is Ireland are they from. How can we chase our heritage and know more. I would love to simplify this curiosity that allow me to stumble on the Prendergast forum. After all this name is unique and we all must be from one blood line and lineage. Please contact me at if you can share some information. Thanks and good luck to the Prendergast families who are destined to know more about us .

Christine Prendergast, Brisbane
Hey, I am Christine Prendergast, 4 brothers (Bernard, Norman,William, James & sister Melissa. We are having fun tracing our grandad . Wiilljam Ballard P. He came from New Zealand. Mum & dad were John and Mary P (but he is not listed as one of there 5 children) who travelled from Ireland to Wales then NZ. William married Mary Homan (in tenterfield, australia) who was 17, then promptly left. John may have been a magistrate in NZ. We have a grave site in Toowong cementary, but no other info. Appreciate any help . Christine.