Last name: Price

This ancient surname has two possible origins, from totally different and (literally) opposing sources. Those 'Price' nameholders with a Welsh ancestry derive from a 14th century developed form of 'ap Rhys' with the prefix 'ap' meaning 'son of', plus the given name 'Rhys', meaning 'fiery warrior'. Perhaps not surprisingly 'Price' is one of Wales most popular surnames, and no doubt this popularity is, or was, also connected with the fact that 'Rhys' was the given name of the last ruler of a fully independent kingdom of Wales, Rhys ap Tewder. He was killed in 1093 whilst unsuccessfully opposing the advancing Norman army. William, The Conqueror. The second origin for Price is job descriptive, and directly connected with the 1066 Norman French invasion. The derivation is from the Old French "pris", meaning literally 'price', and as such the word describes an early Trading Standards Officer, one who set the local prices for goods. Early examples of the surname recordings taken from ancient rolls include Richard Prys, in the Feet of Fines of Essex in 1320, and Jorwerth ap Reys, in the London Pleas Records of 1393. He was a Welshman, who was appealing to the land tribunal over a disputed estate. Amongst the very earliest of the settlers to the Colonies of New England, was Mathew Price. He was aged 20 when he embarked from England bound for 'Virginia', aboard the ship 'George of London', on August 21st 1635. The coat of arms most associated with the surname has the very distinctive blazon of a red field, charged with a silver lion rampant. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Price, which was dated 1297, in the 'Minister's Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall', during the reign of King Edward 1, known as 'The Hammer of the Scots', 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I am also from the Price lines. I know very well that I am Irish and Welsh but my family, unfortunately, haven't kept any traces of our records. Do you think you could add more to this article?

Rylee Price
This made my day, I can't wait to show this to my grandpa, Ernest Price.

try house of

David Price
I am a Price of Welsh descent and can go back as far as the late 1700's with names and most pictures. Even know where they are buried. Would love to go to the old world for myself and see the beautiful counrty of my ancestry. WALES.

Tim Price
Im a Price in USA and i also suffer from dupuytrens contracture thats already been operated on twice at 45 years old. My fathers side of the family is solidly welsh/irish through records.

Jim Price
I had an aha moment when I saw the TV promo for the movie Rhys. I believe the name Rhys is a variation of the zodiac name Aries which came to Wales from the Roman invaders who stole it from the Greeks. Your reference to "fiery warrior" fits right in with the Greek god of war and the Roman god of war "Mars" and the fiery red planet Mars.

Thelda Price Sixsmith
I too am having an aha moment. I am 92 years old and a Price. I was never able to get beyond Joseph and his two brothers coming from Ireland. Never could find where in Ireland they came from. I am no longer doing any research, but I do have Dupuytrens contracture. It is supposed to be congenital but no one that I ever heard of had it. So it was with great pleasure that other Prices have it too.!


I'm a Australian price my ancestors are irish, Scottish and aboriginal

rhonda bly
My mother was a Price and her father was John and Uncle was Joseph. It is difficult to trace anything because of the number of John and Joseph Prices

Tammylee. Price
I'm a price and I have absolutely no clue about how far this goes back. Does this mean we're all bound by our last name?

My brothers were James, David and Joseph My Father was Thomas Joyce Price My uncles were Robert, Harold and Jimmie My Grandfather was William Oscar Price My Great Grandfather was David Edward Price-Born in England-left at age 5. Both his parents were Welsh. I have bilateral Dupuytren's.

My maternal great-grandmother was a Price, but I've been told she was adopted.

Mario Robaszek
Poland to Doddington camp England Cheshire 1940s.

Darren Robaszek
Grandparents originally

My 5x great grandmother was,Priscilla Price Ward. She was born in Ireland. She married Levin Ward, Sr. They came to America.

Jacqui Price
Great grandfather was Paxton Abraham Price from Elizabeth City, N C. Charlie, Willie, Wiley, Sarah and Magnolia Price are the children of Paxton

Eva Price
If you are interested in learning about a famous Price, from Welsh decent here is a lead.

Eva Price
Google General Sterling Price


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