Last name: Price

This ancient surname has two possible origins, from totally different and (literally) opposing sources. Those 'Price' nameholders with a Welsh ancestry derive from a 14th century developed form of 'ap Rhys' with the prefix 'ap' meaning 'son of', plus the given name 'Rhys', meaning 'fiery warrior'. Perhaps not surprisingly 'Price' is one of Wales most popular surnames, and no doubt this popularity is, or was, also connected with the fact that 'Rhys' was the given name of the last ruler of a fully independent kingdom of Wales, Rhys ap Tewder. He was killed in 1093 whilst unsuccessfully opposing the advancing Norman army. William, The Conqueror. The second origin for Price is job descriptive, and directly connected with the 1066 Norman French invasion. The derivation is from the Old French "pris", meaning literally 'price', and as such the word describes an early Trading Standards Officer, one who set the local prices for goods. Early examples of the surname recordings taken from ancient rolls include Richard Prys, in the Feet of Fines of Essex in 1320, and Jorwerth ap Reys, in the London Pleas Records of 1393. He was a Welshman, who was appealing to the land tribunal over a disputed estate. Amongst the very earliest of the settlers to the Colonies of New England, was Mathew Price. He was aged 20 when he embarked from England bound for 'Virginia', aboard the ship 'George of London', on August 21st 1635. The coat of arms most associated with the surname has the very distinctive blazon of a red field, charged with a silver lion rampant. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Price, which was dated 1297, in the 'Minister's Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall', during the reign of King Edward 1, known as 'The Hammer of the Scots', 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I'm a Australian price my ancestors are irish, Scottish and aboriginal

Thelda Price Sixsmith
I too am having an aha moment. I am 92 years old and a Price. I was never able to get beyond Joseph and his two brothers coming from Ireland. Never could find where in Ireland they came from. I am no longer doing any research, but I do have Dupuytrens contracture. It is supposed to be congenital but no one that I ever heard of had it. So it was with great pleasure that other Prices have it too.!

Susan Price Davis
My uncle, a direct line to Benjamin Price (1620-1712) has Dupuytrens contracture.

Jim Price
I had an aha moment when I saw the TV promo for the movie Rhys. I believe the name Rhys is a variation of the zodiac name Aries which came to Wales from the Roman invaders who stole it from the Greeks. Your reference to "fiery warrior" fits right in with the Greek god of war and the Roman god of war "Mars" and the fiery red planet Mars.

Tim Price
Im a Price in USA and i also suffer from dupuytrens contracture thats already been operated on twice at 45 years old. My fathers side of the family is solidly welsh/irish through records.

Susan Price Davis
My surname is Price. My uncle, also a Price, has dupuytrens. We go back to Benjamin Price, Elizabethtown, NJ.

David Price
I am a Price of Welsh descent and can go back as far as the late 1700's with names and most pictures. Even know where they are buried. Would love to go to the old world for myself and see the beautiful counrty of my ancestry. WALES.

try house of

Rylee Price
This made my day, I can't wait to show this to my grandpa, Ernest Price.

I am also from the Price lines. I know very well that I am Irish and Welsh but my family, unfortunately, haven't kept any traces of our records. Do you think you could add more to this article?

I too am from the Price lines. I believe from what I have found we r from welsh descent. also it is a very common surname that the native americans took. might check those roots too!

Hi, my name is Paula. I live in the UK. My mother a PRYCE was born in Jamaica to a Josiah PRYCE. He was also born in Jamaica to a John (known as Johnny) PRYCE. His father, was of mixed ethnicity being half Welsh or Scottish (I have recently learnt that he was more likely to be Welsh due to his s/name) and I'm told that his father was from the UK. As my grand father was born early 1900's, I've assumed that my great great grand father was born mid-early 1800 in Wales. If anyone has connections with the PRYCE family in the Clarendon area of Jamaica, or in the district of Manchester, JA, I would be pleased to hear from you as I'm trying to trace my family roots.

Rhys price
My name is Rhys price, reading this on more then one website has made my day

christine Mary Price
Hi my name is christine price from cleveland, my father was paul price and i recently learned his father is a paul price as well and his mother is dorthy. Im trying to learn anything about the family. I was in foster care and dont really know much of the fa,ily history. Im trying to find things like reliogion and such. Iv alwasy felt diffrent then othe rpeople I know and was hoping this might help me get some answers. Thanks so much for any input

I am an American Price that goes back 5 generations in this country, actually around the 1870's. My father's family is English but my grandfather used to tell me as a kid, that we had family in and around Wales and Western England. I am proud of my name and having roots to the U.K. regardless of where.

Evelyn Price Hamlin
still looking for Thomas Trenton Price born May 23, 1888 or May 23,1886. He once lived in Iowa for sure. He might have settled in Missouri or Arkansas. If anyone has any knowledge of him, please contact me. Thank you

Collin Thompson
I am trying to trace my great grand father grandmother my grandmother was born in Wolverhampton her maiden name was Emily Violet PRICE her fathers first name don't know but he was a PRICE and my great grand mothers name was GOLBY

I have seen that it also means other things i am not sure which website to believe???? I can believe that the surname is welsh as my first name is welsh but if it is irish my first name is that as well. I don't think it could be french as I am definately not french as I am 100% english!!!!

I have neen researching our Prices, at the moment i've got as far back as 1700,s and they are not out of England yet?

Maz Price
I'm an Irish Price, and proud. My father traced our ancestry back to english settlers who came over with Queen Mary's 'plantation' in the 1500s, and even further that those settlers were of english descent. The Price surname in Ireland is still largely confined to 'The Pale' and quite popular there, but the further West, North or South you go, the less frequent it becomes. Prices outside of the Pale are generally protestant, but in Dublin and the surrounds can be both Catholic or protestant.

steve price
im just enthralled by all the Price's out there around the globe - my family tree trends back to east london and then around the 1800's back into the italy/france part of the world, so although i think the idea of a new Price from Wales holding back William the Conquerer is cool the climate is much better down in the Med!

John William Price
I also am researching the Price name in East London and my line goes back into Essex . I wonder how far you have got.

p price
well folks I too am an american price. My great grandfather was the first immigrant, from Germany, spoke only German and the family has maintained the information that the name was originally Von Price (or varient spelling) GGfather landed in PA,then on to Indiana, Iowa, some to NB then the rest off to CA. Many names were englished once people came through Ellis Island, no telling what G/grandfather's original name was..anyone heard of Price from German? or a Von Price? A suggestion above suggested a relationship to a Jewish connection? All options will be explored.

Neil Price
I have traced my ancestors to 1796 living in Cefn, Welshpool, Wales.I generally agree with the Ap Rhys explanation. However I suffer from Duypetrens contracture which is a genetic disease caused by a Scandinavian/Norse gene. Whether this points to my family's origin or was acquired along the way I dont know.

Captain John Price is a British SAS operative in Call of Duty. He is of Welsh, English, and German descent.

Andrew Price
I've done extensive research on my family history in the past couple of years. My great grandparents arrived in Charleston, SC in 1918. Some stayed in Charleston but my great grandfather moved north to Saluda, SC. There are tons of Prices in my area. My particular sect came from County Donegal, Ireland. The name Price has been in Ireland since the fourteenth century when it was brought to the country by settlers named Ap Rhys from Wales. Like stated above, when the Normans invaded lots of the Welsh scampered to Ireland and England. Price is not an Irish surname but it is found a lot in Ireland. The native Gaelic O'Muirgheasain Sept of Counties Donegal and Derry sometimes used Price as the anglicized version of their name instead of the more usual Bryson.

Evelyn Price Hamlin
My Mother always said my father was English. She said his ancestors were from England and Wales. I never knew my father because my parents divorced when I was only a year old. My father was never in my life. If anyone out there knows of any connection to Thomas Trenton Price born May 23,1888, please contact me. My neices and I are working on our family tree. We only know he left Iowa around 1944-1945. Thanks

Mr. Price
My ancestors are from Russia and Italy, going back to my great great grandparents so the name must have been changed.

mr price
oh yeah he said it mean desendent of pri think it must be a jewish tribe pri(name) ce(pronounces see) = is pri = is desendant of pri like how spanish put ez on end of names pri'ez


Linda (nee Price)
My surname is Price and I have traced my family tree back several generations and we are all Welsh from the South of the country, from the Swansea valleys to the Vale of Glamorgan. Our features are typically Welsh - a lot of dark and red hair in family members, pale skin, high foreheads and cheek bones. Our sad loss is the demise of the Welsh language which can be seen in the census information. Only one branch of our family speaks Welsh and they live in Carmarthen. Researching a family history is so interesting and finding out your roots is incredible.

mr price
welsh say price is not welsh its english, english says its welsh, scots and irish say its not theres. there are many different spellings of the name price, all across europe and are the same surname meaning or tribe. such as - price, pryce, priess' pries, pris, priez, priz, ect... romans and crusaders, during the holy roman empire used to change peoples surnames as well as making the same surname be spelt differently, depending on what region or state/country u were in. i was told from someone who works for m.i.5. that its a state secret and that it is a name that means something to do with jews and he told me that since the creation of the state of israel, there are now loads of price's and other written versions in the israeli phone book . i didnt beleive it untill i looked at the israeli phone book. link - below

Just a proud Price
Consuelo. I hate to break this to you but I don't think this is your ancestry if your adopted name is Price. Now if this is your original name then it's a different story. You don't make it clear either way.

consuelo price
I was born in america but im adopted and it's been difficult to track my ancestory through my father it's been such a long time anyway it's so nice to research the surname and find out a piece of history i am about to try using has anyone used that site with any success?

jon p robinson
To Tyler Price there is also a book published in 1912 titled the Welsh Settlers of Pennsylvania. It lists all the families and the property they owned. If your grandfather came from Wales during the late 1600's he was most probably a Quaker as was my people. The English were persecuting the Quakers and taking their land and enacting laws only meant for the Quaker people. They established the towns of Radnor and Merion, PA and several more as well. They named the towns after the homes they left behind in Wales. I have lots of info on ship manifests. My e mail is Contact me if you want and I will send you what I have.

Jules Price
jon i would like this info so i can search for my fam please send me this info to yhank-you for your help

tyler price
thanks i have made only guesses on my price side. Some records i found show my alleged ancestors from engand but thats only to about the mid 1800s. on i type in price and the welsh is the first to show up, and from reading the info i have a good feeling that im welsh. The problem is my grandfather is the only one who was welsh, his mother was german, and ofcourse his dad was welsh. From what i could get so far both his parents were born here in the us, my grandfather has a half sister on his dads side, but i dont know if she is alive or not. I have a gut feeling im welsh and went through with the price crest tattoo. thanks tyler

jon p robinson
to tyler price. check the census records for your grandparents and check ships manifest leaving Wales in the late 1600's. work backwards with the census,they are taken every ten years. there are a lot of prices out there but you can find him. jon, a price decendant

Kenneth Price
I to am curious of my heritage and was wondering how do i go about aquireing the census records. i am told that i came from welsh descendants and two relatives( quite young) got tattoos representing the welsh. i want one but still have not recieved the answers i need to confirm it.please help.

richard price
im an english price, parents from ireland and great great grandfather from wales so that ok for me as long as my ancestors come from the british isles, alot better from being from mainland europe

Tyler Price
I have been researching my family tree and of course my price line is the on of the two branches that I cant make any progress on. This is due to the fact that my grandfather James Fredrick Price Jr died about twenty years before I was born. My father said we are welsh since that was what my grandfather told him when he was alive. I remember seeing the price name on a banner of welsh surnames at a welsh festival, I also search the crest and found the welsh crest, but I also saw there are english versions. So far on my tree since my grandfather is dead and he was a only child I have had to make guesses on who were his grandparents, since I only know his father's name. I have found that my grandfather's grandfather was possibly Fredrick James Price and I have found that he may have been from england.( according to the records) I am hoping to get my grandfather's crest tattooed on my left leg with his name in his honor, but I want to make sure I get the correct family crest. My gut is telling me that I am welsh, but I want to be sure. If anyone can give me some answers I would greatly appreciate it. thanks

Jon P Robinson
As an American descended from Edward ap Rhys of Tyddyn Tyfodd who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1682 and helped in the founding of the Welsh colony at Merion,PA. I am very proud to be part Welsh.And "Fiery Warrior" accurately describes all the Prices I know.

dudette price
Ps..i am not related to Dude above (well, not that we know of anyways!)

dudette price
We are of Welsh descent. Our relatives have stated the original spelling was Pryce.

william floyd price III
im almost positive that our surname is welsh. my family has been on the east coast since they came here. virginia and georgia mostly. and i remember when i was younger my father used to tell me that his family had researched a little into it, and found that our name was pryce b4 price, and ryce b4 pryce.. anyone know if that would be accurate at all?!

Given that my first (known) Price ancestor in the US was "Rice Price"--seriously!!!--I think it is safe to assume he was Welsh!!! (Of course he could have been a WELSH trading standards officer--like my friend Geoff above lol!)

What about an African-American Price? What would that name mean?

Stan Price
We are the Prices in New Zealand we must be from the welsh back ground and are over at the west coast,

s price
australian price just not so sure!

Geoff Price
As a Price, from a Welsh background, who has been a Trading Standards Officer since 1965, where does this all leave me? Obviously I need to look a bit further into this before I or anyone else jumps to the wrong conclusion I speak Welsh & French equally badly

Laura Price
I'm an American Price from the South, & my English (language) aint much better! ;o)

Karyn MacKie
I'm an American Price. My great grandfather was born in Sheffield. I always assumed we had some Welsh ancestry because of our name, but maybe we're part French.