Last name: Purvis

This unusual and interesting name is of early medieval origin and is found particularly in the northern counties of England and in Scotland. It is a metonymic occupational name for the appointed official who was responsible for obtaining the supplies needed for a monastery or manor house, a 'purveyor'. The derivation is from the Middle English word 'purveys' meaning 'provisions', 'supplies', from the verb 'purvey(en)' in Olde French 'porveoir', to provide, supply. The ultimate derivation is from the Latin 'providence', to foresee, anticipate. The modern surname has a number of variant forms, Purvis, Purves, Purvess and Purvey. Ann Purvis and Cornelius Butler were married on the 20th July 1687 at St. Katherine's by the Tower, London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Purveys, which was dated circa 1214, The Book of St. Mary's, Melrose, during the reign of King William, The Lion of Scotland, 1165 - 1214. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jessica L. Purvis
I'm a Purvis, my father is LeRoy the 4th. Our family is spread throughout Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Patrick L Purvis
I'm a Purvis, I live in Texas, but most of my family is in Indiana and Kentucky

Elizabeth Purvis
My great-grandfather, Thomas M. Purvis, of Purvis, MS, died in 1918 during the Spanish Flu epidemic. My grandfather, Thomas M Purvis, moved back with his mother, Ora Elmo Wilson Purvis, to Guntown, MS, where he was raised. We know very little of my great-grandfather's family in Purvis, MS. Does anyone have any information on them?

terrica purvis
im a purvis and i live n texas

Marla T. Purvis
I am a Purvis through slavery

Julie M. Purvis
I was a Purvis until I married. My Grandfather was Marvin Douglas Purvis from Somerset KY. He passed away in 1975. As far as I know my line ends with me and my sister as our father had no sons. Interested in any information that I can get on my family name. My Grandmother passed away in 2001 and there is no information on this side of my family.

terrica purvis
i am a purvis and my family is from crockett texas but i live in cali now

Anna Rhodes
My mother was a Purvis from Newcastle, England.

My family of Purvis's originated inNorth East Yorkshire,where there are a few Purvis's,my brother David went to live in Australia,had three sons ,and they had sons,so the Purvis name in Oz is well and truly established,me? I have one son and no Grand kids yet,but his girlfriend is Japanese,so maybe one day Japan will have a few Purvis's,I always thought that Purvis meant " seller( purveyor) of fish,as my kin in Yorkshire were fishermen,hence Pur( fish) Purfish.:- PURVIS. Hail all you Purvis's out there!

terrica purvis
my family of Purvis's is in Texas and im in Cali

Kathryn purvis

My great grandfather came to Australia from Dublin Ireland where he had a cobbler shop. They came here somewhere around 1904-1908. I think his name was Joseph. The family then had trading stores and farms around Warwick, Allora, Grantham and I think also Killarney in Queensland. Wondering if anyone knows any other info I can look into..... Thx

jaliel purvis

i am a purvis i live in gibson

Dallas purvis

I'm a purvis from Lexington nc

Jesse P
Originally from west Texas and Louisiana I have traveled the world as a military brat exploring the world as where we all came from. I move every 5-6years leaving nothing but friendships and memories behind with the title to my name

Danielle Purvis
Me and my family live in Panama City FL (:

Todd P
I'm from Jackson, MS. There is a small town in southern MS, and I've done a little research on its origins. It was apparently founded by a Purves...thought that was interesting.

Shelby purvis
I'm a Purvis from South Dakota

im a purvis and im from north carliona

D. Purvis
I am a Purvis. My father James moved from Rocky Mountain, NC to Virginia. I don't know anyone else with this last name. Would love to know more about the history of the "Purvis".

S. Harris
my mother maiden name is purvis... my ancestors hail from Madagascar

mick purvis
Hi mick purvis from the UK the origin.

Kyle Purvis
Have no idea what ethnicity i am but i would be awesome to be scottish

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