Last name: Quick

This interesting name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and has a number of possible interpretations. The first of these is from the Old English pre 7th Century word "cwic", Middle English "quik", alive, lively, given originally as a nickname to an agile or lively person. Secondly, the surname may be topographical in origin, given to someone who lived by a kind of vegetation named from the Old English "cwic", lively, such as couch grass, known as "cwice" in Old English; the aspen (tree), which has leaves that tremble as if they were alive, known as "cwictreow"; or the poplar tree, widely used to make quickset hedges, the "cwicbeam" in Old English. A third meaning from the modern surname found as Quick and Quicke, is also topographical, for someone who lived at an outlying dairy farm, from the Old English "cu", cow, and "wic", outlying settlement. Finally, the name may be Cornish in origin, a topographical for someone who lived in a wood, from the Cornish word "gwyk", wood. The marriage of John Quick and Martha Ware was recorded at Harefield, London, on September 23rd 1637. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Afwardus de Quike, which was dated 1179, The Yorkshire Pipe Rolls, during the reign of King Henry 11, "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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denise dupree

I have been looking for any ancestors that are the Quick's? My great great grandfather was William H Quick that married a Elizabeth Austin they lived in Michigan, can anyone help me?


My grandmothers maiden name was Quick. Her mothers name,( my great grandmother) was Elizabeth. Strange coincidence, they also lived in Capac/Mussey Michigan.My Grandma Agnes E. Quick married Arthur H. Dodge between 1905-1916

Sha.... Quick

My father is a quick and his family is from New York and in Georgia we met another family with the quick name.

Lucy and Kassady

My daughter has become interested in the origin of the Quick's and I must say it has been interesting to read all the posts, we just stumbled onto this site and now glad that we did. We are in Florida, I was born and raised here, my grandfather was Sim Quick who married Annie Marie Scruggs. Sim had 5 or 6 brothers and a sister and some years back I remember there being a Quick reunion in Thomasville, Georgia, I had NEVER seen so many kin folk at one time, I thought we were a same bunch!

Penelope barrow

Anybody know of a eugene k quick who was American and last lived in prescott arizona. He is dead now unfortunately He had a daughter marlene and a son james. Looking for long lost family!


We are supposedly descended from a Quick on the east coast who married a Cherokee woman? Does anyone know of anything like that?


I just came across your post, we live in Florida and my dad's (a quick) great-great-great grandmother was a full-blooded cherokee indian, not sure about the number of "greats" my sister knows the history better than I do.


Does anyone know of any Quicks in Poland, it was my great grandfather's (mid 18th century) name but we have no clue where he was from. The name has been since then written phonologically in Polish "KŁYK" /kwik/ according to the pronunciation.

Risto P
Quick is also a surname in Finland and Sweden. knowledge it is military name, given to a soldier to recognize him from others with same last name (type "Johansson').


My understanding is that the Quicks in northern Europe are descended from holdovers of Cornish regiments that were sent there during the Anglo-Spanish Wars.

Linda Stanley
If anyone knows of Billy Quick - England - Canada - served in WW1 he's my grandfather I am

Christina Richard
I have been researching my husband's Quick line. We are in Bullitt County, Kentucky. I found Charles Edward Quick who was married to Ada. I believe his parents were George Thomas and Laura A. If anyone can verify, I would appreciate it! I think this line goes back to Dennis from the 1700's. Does anyone know anything else about this line and who/where they came from/what they were like (oral history stories)? Thanks!

Parrish Quick
Bare with me! To find Dennis ancestors look into the Quicks from the Dutch reformed church from Milford Pennsylvania. Thomas Teunison Dematsaeler Quick and Bjelte Jacobson (sp?) Thomas and Jacob are common names the further back you go. They landed in New Amsterdam (manhattan Island NY) in 1640ish. Look up Tom Quick the legend of the delaware, great story. Look up Hwicce kingdom, Scottish Scrimgeour Clan. They left england during religous persecution (1500's) and fought for the scrimgeours in the netherlands during their war of independence form spain and then came to the americas.

Nathanael McCaleb-Quick
Some of us Quick's are chillin in Texas too! Father is Joseph Quick son of "Bop" Quick.

Paula Quick
Great granddaughter of Willie Quick and Mariah Harrington North Carolina

micah quick
Grandfather Thomas Quick, Oklahoma.

Stephen Kellon Quick
My original Quick ancestor was a prisoner/indenture from the Monmouth Rebellion. Completed servitude VA, moved onto Bertie Co NC, later to Marlboro Co.SC. Many still live there. My Dads line moved to NC in the 30s. Lineage is Thomas>Willis?>Thomas> Aquilla (died 1813)>Stephen>Tristam>Stephen( aConfederate veteran)>Whiteford>Norman>John Douglas ( one of 19) my dad William Kellon> me. Have a son Matthew Kellon.


Do you have documentation of the lineage from Thomas to Willis to Thomas? There was another Willis in the generation after the second Thomas and Aquilla. I believe he was descended from Annice Quick, a free woman of color on the 1800 census in Marlboro. I'm trying to ascertain Annice's relationship to the older Thomases and Willis.


I am a descendant of the Willis Quick b. ~1785. There was an older Willis alive in Bertie Co. in 1742, apparently a son of the original Thomas, the indentured servant from Cornwall.

Steve Quick

What documentation do u have on Willis, it has eluded us all. VERY interested

grant quick
my name is grant quick and my father is thomas E. quick

Lisa H. Polson
Searching for my heritage surname "Quick" I was told the my grandfather Monroe Quick was born in Redsprings Reservation in N.C. If anyone has any information please reply to this response.

Jessica Quick
There are a bunch of us in St. Louis Missouri.

John Gregory Frankin Quick
My name is Quick. I am a Multi-Millionaire. I am looking form my lost family. Please call this number if you are related. I am from Ashville N.C. 703 456 7890

howard quick

some how i think i was told we are all related ...i am a quick from the catskills of upstate ny..there are many of us here settled in mid 1600's ..from here down into pa.i was told the quicks where originally from scotland and went to fight spain in the 14th century in holland..

Crystal Quick
My name is Crystal Quick :) My father is damon quick we are from North Carolina.....

andrew quick
Quick is a name of British origin, most likely originating in Devon/Cornwall. See nationaltrustnames,

Kristi Quick
Hi. I am Kristi Quick daughter of Richard Vernon Quick the son of Richard Leon Quick. They originated from Georgia. No info on prior names.

Mary J. Weinberg
My maiden name was quick, Mary Jane, My father was Clifford Quick, his father was Michael quick they lived in southern Illinois. I have no other information, My father was one of 5 children, George, Mattie, Gertrude, the other I do not remember the name, I would appreciate any information.

Bob Quick
Hi Mary. I have some information on your family. It's been a long time since I worked on my family tree but without checking I believe Clifford's brother is George, who is my grandfather. The grew up in Nokomis Illinois. This line of Quicks goes back to at least 1750 in this country...descendants of Denis Quick. One of the days I want to get back and finish the tree.

My name is Fredia Quick and I am from Marlboro County as well my Grand father name was Joseph Octavius Quick, my Great Grandmother name was Georganna Quick and my father name was John Calvin Quick all of Wallace(Bennettsville area) if anyone know of these people please let me know.

Tom Barnett
My name is Tom Barnett and I live in Australia .. I've just discovered two connections to the Quicks of Zennor .. a second great aunt Alice Nekervis married Mathew Quick in Zennor in 1838; and a third great aunt, Jane Harry married the Zennor poet, Henry Quick. From the little I can find out to date life was pretty tough for those Quicks. Had a beer at the Tinners Arms this time last year, but didn't realise my close connection. Any help appreciated/ Tom b

Caroline king
Hi Tom , it's possible you could be linked to the quick that came over from Ireland in 1400s . That is a fascinating story . You will know maybe if you was in zennor the story. Best wishes caroline king.

Charlie Quick
my name is Charles William Henry Quick, brother of William Lorne Edward Quick and son of Michael Edward Quick and Rosmary Elisabeth Browning. My mother was a descendant of Sir Robert Browning (the poet). If anyone can help me with some information on my family tree it would be much appreciated as all my grandparents/family relatives i know of have died.

@ Deborah Carver. Quick surname is well documented. You will enjoy researching your father's family. Quicks in America are descended from Theunis Thomaszen (Teunis) from Holland. Start with your father's birth certificate and google his parents. You will be amazed at how easy it will be for you to find his ancestors.

Joseph Quick here. My line goes back to The 1600's New York. Dutch ancestry. Most all my relatives are on the west coast.Quick name has traced back to possible pilgrim times.

Deborah Carver
I have been trying to find information on my father and his family for quite some time. My maiden name is Quick, my father's name was Theodore Jennings Quick. I know nothing of that side of my family, my father and mother divorced when I was three. He passed away in the 70's I was told but I never knew much if anything of he or his parents. He died in Rockford, Illinois.

Phyllis Michaelsen
It is interesting to learn about all the Quicks in UK. But like Sally Wilson, I am descended from Theunis Thomaszen Quick who emmigrated from Naarden, Holland to Nieuw Amsterdam (New York),United States sometime around 1628. A publication exists titled A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America (1625-1942) with decendents of this Quick listed.

Carol Quick
My husband, Scott Quick, and I were able to get a copy of that book about 10 years ago. It's a great resource since probably most of the Quicks in the U.S. can trace their lines back to Theunis Thomaszen Quick. My husband's great grandfather was the younger brother of Flora Quick, the outlaw who dressed as a man and went by the name "Tom King." Another colorful character along side the legendary Tom Quick of Milford, PA! Our branch is one of two in western Missouri that stemmed from Daniel Church Quick (who moved to MO from Ohio after the Civil War).

Elizabeth Hansen
I am also descended from Theunis Thomaszen Quick and own a copy of the genealogy book printed in the 1940's by Arthur Quick. My mother was a Quick, and we are from central Illinois. A copy of this same genealogy can be found online (search Google) and can be purchased as a CD-Rom for your perusal. It's all VERY interesting!

Erik Quick
My name is erik quick im from australia sydney, wondering if there is any connection to australia?

Sandy Corrado
Sandy again,Martin Quick b.1870 in N.Y. d.1870/1880 Potter Twp,Centre Co,Pa. Son Levi, b. 1818 Any Help befor 1870 Sandy Thank You

Malcolm Quick
My name is Malcolm Robert William Quick, my father was Leslie Abert William Quick, he moved to London from Taunton Somerset after the second world war, I have a brother David Leslie John Quick and a sister Marilyn Joy Brewster (nee Quick)

Susan Quick
I am the daughter of Arthur Quick of Taunton Somerset. He worked for The General post Office. I am not aware of Lesley. Do you have a family tree?

Laura quick
I am the daughter of Stewart Quick, son of Leonard John Quick he was a farmer in Lapford Devon. Any connections?

Hollis charles quick
My name is hollis charles quick . I'm from Bennettsville Sc in the three county's around there are hundreds of quicks The very large family grave yard s have graves over two hundred years old

Sandy Corrado
Hi My maiden name is Quick, Mainley from Centre County ,Pa. Moshannon,pa. Martin,Levi,Wiliam Homer, HELP Sandy

Matt Quick
There's A LOT of Quick's. My name is Matt Quick. I know nothing about where I'm from but I love my last name :) Also, I work for the Sheriff's Office so I'm known as Officer Quick

Malcolm Quick
I have a son Austin Quick and a son Matt Quick

Andrew Quick
I have been suggesting that people look at "" to trace surname origins for a while. It's completely free and run by part of the UK government. This gives very accurate info concerning the geographical incidence of British surnames and as such is by far the best place to start. Rather too much hopeful baloney on here otherwise.

Amber Quick
Hello. I'm a Quick. I found out that there are two different lines of Quick families in the UK. There's one in Cornwall area and then one that originally started in Rutland, in the north of England back around 1066. The northern Quick family originally came from France. I know this because I'm part of the Northern Quick family, but also from family stories that my grandfather told my grandmother, then told my parents, who then told me. But the two different families of Quick's move a lot so i've found it hard to find my line. My grandfather's name was Bernard Joseph Quick, who deceased in 1952

Will Quick
Most of my family is from N.E. Pennsylvania and S.E. N.Y. From what the family states (my grandfather) we are related to Tom Quick, the Indian Slayer, and to the gentleman who had Quicksburgh, Virginia named after him. I have not started mapping our family and can only trace our family back to my grandfather who died nearly 20 years ago.

Sharon Yager
My husband's family is from the same area. His family also seem to be related to Tom Quick. What was your grandfather;s name? Do you know his father's name?

Will Quick
Howard. I believe he was born in 1917 and died in 1992 (Nov. I believe). He had a couple brothers (2). One of the brothers lived in the Clark Summit, PA area, but we were never close to that side of the family.

Andy Martin
'Fraid not Lee. The excellent website "" has excellent info on the geographical spread of names in the UK. It is a very powerful tool for researching the geographical origin of surnames. From there you can see that the greatest concentration of this surname (even today) is in the far south west of England. This lends credence to the idea that it may be old Cornish in origin. Anglo-Saxon origin names should mainly originate more to the east/south-east as this would be the area that the Angles and Saxons first landed and colonised coming from North Germany.

Lee Quick
Well people most of you will find that the surname quick comes from ireland and scotland my name is lee quick my research points to the quickening the ritual of beheading an enemy taking their power strange old galeic ways so welcome to the clan if your north of the midlands if your from the south your not from a warrior clan you just like messing with cows oh well farming has its uses

Will Quick
Like Highlander? Great movie.

Ronica L.Mitchell
I m new to this and I'm sure this info is out there somewhere, but if it could help someone here it is. My Maternal Great Grandmother was Rose Quick (Meegan) Cruickshank. Her parents, I believe came from Ireland. Or could have been grand parents, although my Mother says she was sent pressed shamrocks in the mail from her Grandmother Meegan, sometimes spelled as Mehan. My Grandmother Evelyn Cruickshank Kreifels always claimed that we could belong to DAR although I thought the Quick in history was on the English side?

andrew quick
I meant southwest of England.

Andrew Quick
If you look on , partic the 1878 listing, you will see a great concentration of quick surnames in the Devon/Cornwall area. As it is only in recent times that people have become more mobile and moved around it would lend credence to the idea that the name originated in the southeast of England, perhaps origin "gwyk" from the old Cornish as suggested. This seems logical as if it was Anglo-Saxon in origin there should be a greater geographical spread. Also note that in Outer Hebrides between 1878 and 1998, one of our number has benn spreading the genes like wildfire!

Thomas Quick
My name is Thomas Quick "Tom" and my Dad and his family are from the Indiana and Kentucky area.

Dave Quick
My last name's Quick too, my grandpa and his family come from the Deven, England area and it goes back quite some time. (1700's+) The first name (except for me) has always been William for generations back and back. I'm the first to not be named William.

William Quick
My name is William Quick (William being also many generations in the family) My father is called David Quick as well. My grandfather was Bill Quick and my great grandfather was William Sydney Quick who participated in the olympics many years ago.

Martin Quick
I'm Martin Quick. My paternal grandfather, James "Jim" Quick was from the Liverpool area and I believe worked on the Ark Royal in the early 1900s. He married Theresa Geary from Clifden, Ireland (don't know date). My dad, Michael, was born in Lichfield in the 1950s and they subsequently moved to Chester. I'd be grateful for any more information, and hope this would help someone.

David Allen Quick
I am a Quick as well. David Allen Quick. My grandparents are from Midville, Georgia, and there names are Leonard and Betty if that helps anyone.

David a. Quick
Hi my name is David Alan Quick, I live in Erie,Pa. Most of my family still live down by Scranton.Pa. About 30 mile from where Tom Quick lived , yes that Tom Quick the indian slayer. i am pretty sure i am a direct a desendant of his.

G'day all, I am also a Quick, I live in Australia. My father was Donald (Don) Allen Quick. He passed away when I was young and never knew much about him or his side of th family...... I am hoping someone reads this and contacts me with so info. I dont think I'll have any luck but it worth ago. My father passed in June 1985, Toowoomba Queensland Aust... I'm not sure where he was born? What I understand his fathers name was Stanley Quick or maybe it was his brothers. its been hard to find any info because I dont have much to go on... but If anyone by chances knows anything about Don Quick email

Deborah Quick
im from a large Quick grandparents had around 13-1 6 brothers and sisters each...My parents though were only chldren..My Dads name was Quick and his mothers name was mothers maiden name is Hefner...both my mother and father were only children so i have tons of second and third cousins etc..but no first sister and her husband found out that a group of relatives of our were in her and her husbands church in Painseville,Ohio..but my family is mostly from Grafton, Charlston, wheelington if name is correct.. WVA....most of my family is in Texas now thru job tranfers through my Fathers company at the time..he is now deceased but has five children --four of who all have 2 or more if anyone thinks they may be related let me God bless you all DQ

Quick is also a Cornish name.

Jena Quick - Cleveland
Hi, my people were owned by the Quicks in the Carolinas - Can anyone tell me anything about Quicks that may have owned a slave plantation there? I'd like to see where I am really from

Edward Quick
Edward R. Quick is my name Jena: my family owned many slaves in the Cheraw/Bennettsville area of SC... When they were freed we gave them our name... Welcome to the family...

Lisa Quick Polson
I was told as a child that my great grandmother and grandfather lived in mt gilead , nc reservation. my great grandmother gave birth to my grandfather monroe quick in red springs nc reservation. does anyone know anything about my grandfather . Please reply !! I also was told that there was only one full blooded cherokee indian left that we could trace in rockingham, nc. When she was approached she denied her heritage. she looked full blooded!! but my mother explained why and how things use to be back then .

Lisa my great grandmother was from NC and she was 100% cherokee. Her name was Kathleen Quick madien name was Barfield.

Cecilia Benoy
My Quicks from Laurinburg probably had Lumbee Indian relatives

Hi, Melissa What part of NC was kathleen Quick from. The lady I spoke of was living in Rockingham NC back in the late 80's or early 90's. I don't even know if she is still living.

Althea Ericsson
Lisa, I have been told my great grandfather george quicks father was native American from Bennettsville, SC. Any connection? Look up Red Bones of Marlboro County, SC. see article.

Cecilia Benoy
My great grandfather Henry Quick was from That same area. His daughter Mary Jane Quick Benoy was my grandmother. She died in 1920 in Laurinburg NC. I am still trying to find out if the Quicks came from Devon