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This interesting name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and has a number of possible interpretations. The first of these is from the Old English pre 7th Century word "cwic", Middle English "quik", alive, lively, given originally as a nickname to an agile or lively person. Secondly, the surname may be topographical in origin, given to someone who lived by a kind of vegetation named from the Old English "cwic", lively, such as couch grass, known as "cwice" in Old English; the aspen (tree), which has leaves that tremble as if they were alive, known as "cwictreow"; or the poplar tree, widely used to make quickset hedges, the "cwicbeam" in Old English. A third meaning from the modern surname found as Quick and Quicke, is also topographical, for someone who lived at an outlying dairy farm, from the Old English "cu", cow, and "wic", outlying settlement. Finally, the name may be Cornish in origin, a topographical for someone who lived in a wood, from the Cornish word "gwyk", wood. The marriage of John Quick and Martha Ware was recorded at Harefield, London, on September 23rd 1637. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Afwardus de Quike, which was dated 1179, The Yorkshire Pipe Rolls, during the reign of King Henry 11, "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jessica Quick
There are a bunch of us in St. Louis Missouri.

Lisa H. Polson
Searching for my heritage surname "Quick" I was told the my grandfather Monroe Quick was born in Redsprings Reservation in N.C. If anyone has any information please reply to this response.

grant quick
my name is grant quick and my father is thomas E. quick

Stephen Kellon Quick
My original Quick ancestor was a prisoner/indenture from the Monmouth Rebellion. Completed servitude VA, moved onto Bertie Co NC, later to Marlboro Co.SC. Many still live there. My Dads line moved to NC in the 30s. Lineage is Thomas>Willis?>Thomas> Aquilla (died 1813)>Stephen>Tristam>Stephen( aConfederate veteran)>Whiteford>Norman>John Douglas ( one of 19) my dad William Kellon> me. Have a son Matthew Kellon.

micah quick
Grandfather Thomas Quick, Oklahoma.

Paula Quick
Great granddaughter of Willie Quick and Mariah Harrington North Carolina

Christina Richard
I have been researching my husband's Quick line. We are in Bullitt County, Kentucky. I found Charles Edward Quick who was married to Ada. I believe his parents were George Thomas and Laura A. If anyone can verify, I would appreciate it! I think this line goes back to Dennis from the 1700's. Does anyone know anything else about this line and who/where they came from/what they were like (oral history stories)? Thanks!

Linda Stanley
If anyone knows of Billy Quick - England - Canada - served in WW1 he's my grandfather I am

Risto P
Quick is also a surname in Finland and Sweden. knowledge it is military name, given to a soldier to recognize him from others with same last name (type "Johansson').


Does anyone know of any Quicks in Poland, it was my great grandfather's (mid 18th century) name but we have no clue where he was from. The name has been since then written phonologically in Polish "KŁYK" /kwik/ according to the pronunciation.


We are supposedly descended from a Quick on the east coast who married a Cherokee woman? Does anyone know of anything like that?

Penelope barrow

Anybody know of a eugene k quick who was American and last lived in prescott arizona. He is dead now unfortunately He had a daughter marlene and a son james. Looking for long lost family!

Lucy and Kassady

My daughter has become interested in the origin of the Quick's and I must say it has been interesting to read all the posts, we just stumbled onto this site and now glad that we did. We are in Florida, I was born and raised here, my grandfather was Sim Quick who married Annie Marie Scruggs. Sim had 5 or 6 brothers and a sister and some years back I remember there being a Quick reunion in Thomasville, Georgia, I had NEVER seen so many kin folk at one time, I thought we were a same bunch!

Sha.... Quick

My father is a quick and his family is from New York and in Georgia we met another family with the quick name.

denise dupree

I have been looking for any ancestors that are the Quick's? My great great grandfather was William H Quick that married a Elizabeth Austin they lived in Michigan, can anyone help me?

The Quicks in my family come from bennetsville sc. Marlboro county

Debra Jenkins
The Quicks in my family are from Marlboro County, South Carolina and are descendents of Choctaw, Cherokee and Per Dee tribes. I am trying to get any information I can to help document our lineage and to help our family reunite as one instead of having several family reunions. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Brenda Quick - Hudgin
Father James Thomas Quick born in Marlboro Co SC Bennettsville SC . He's retired Army first sergeant he served with the 101st ABN DIV, 82nd and 173rd Airborn Division he'll be 84 yrs 21 Sept.Father retired and resides in Clarksville TN. His mother Myrtle was a Driggers, Carletta and Lindo Driggers where her parents.

I am trying the parents of my gr-grandmother Margaret (Maggie) Quick, b 1858 in Sullivan Co. NY. Her birth certif says mother is Jewell ___ , father Josiah Quick also from Sullivan Co, NY.. We are suspicious that Josiah is not her biological father. We suspect she is part Native American because of comments on the back of pictures of my grandfather. She is in the 1861 census at age of 3 living with her grandparents (census says), the Cauthers, John Cauthers and Ann Elliott. At the time of her marriage to John L. Edwars she gives her name as Margaret Cauthers-Quick. One of their sons is my grandfather, Harvey Edwards. If anyone has any clues, please share.

peter quick
I have done the quick family history, from the 1400's and on was interesting...

The name Quick comes from Cornwall, which the English treat as part of England but it is Celtic nationality that is ethnically, linguistically, and legally distinct from England. Supposedly the last monolingual speaker of Cornish was an Annice Quick who lived near Penzance. I am also descended from the Quicks of Marlboro Co., SC. It's thought that our first "Quick" ancestor was an indentured servant who was shipped to the colonies from Plymouth as a teenager. He shows up in Bertie County, NC in 1742. Then his family, like many other white and Indian families after the Tuscarora wars, went to Marlboro County, SC. May of the residents of Robeson Co., NC across the state line, also came from Bertie Co. and were the ancestors of the Lumbee tribe. The Quicks in Marlboro Co were thought to have Cheraw ancestry, which is not related to either Cherokee or Choctaw.

my grandfather was hadley quick he was a reporter in london,ont if anyone has any info i would appreciate it ty

Susan (Quick) Weber
My records go back to my great-great grandfather was Michael Barnhart "Hart" Quick and he lived from 1840's-1890's. All known Quicks lived in Illinois, not North Carolina, but I know that there was an immigration from England at some point in time. Great grandfather was Willliam Larkin Quick, 1870's-1960's. Grandfather was Silas Larkin Quick, 1890's-1970's and father was Dyrle Larkin Quick, 1920's-2010's.

My mother is a quick in n c and i was wondering is there any indian connection

THOMAS Carrington
Looking for Margie wood Quick in Wayne Arkansas

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