Last name: Ramsay

Recorded in the spellings of Ramsay and Ramsey, this ancient and noble surname is of both pre 8th century a.d., Anglo-Saxon and Scottish origins. In all spellings it is locational either from places in Huntingdonshire and Essex or from the lands of Ramsey in the parish of Whithorn, in the former county of Wigtown, Scotland. There are also two possible meanings, the first being the island where garlick (harmsa) was grown or the fenced enclosure of the male sheep, rams. In both cases the origin is Olde English, Wigtown being part of the former English speaking kingdom of Strathclyde. The first bearer of the name in Scotland was Simundus de Ramsia. He was a Norman baron from Huntingdonshire in England, who was a retainer of David, Earl of Huntingdon, the brother of King Alexander 1 of Scotland (1107 - 1124). Another family of the same name have possessed lands in North East Scotland in the direct male line since the 13th Century. These lands, near Banff, were granted in 1232, to Neis de Ramsey, who was physician to King Alexander 11 of Scotland. Not so fortunate was Sir William Ramsay who was apparently starved to death in Hermitage Castle in 1342. Somewhat later in London, was the recording on February 19th 1567 of Anne Ramsay, the daughter of John Ramsay, christened at St. Leonard's church, in the city. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Aedelstanus de Ramesia, which was dated 1036, in register known as the "Olde English bynames list" for the county of Essex, in the reign of Harold Harefoot of England, 1035 - 1040.

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Emily Ramsay
Isn't one of us Ramsay's in America next in line for being a duke or some such?

Shawn Ramsay
My dads family arrived in Nova Scotia in 1902 of Scotland and he moved to North Carolina when he was a small child.

Sean Douglas
I see my grandfather was named after Sir William Ramsay.

Kricket Ramsay
since all last names are the same are we related or what

Robert Ramsay

From Scotland,my grandfathers 2 brothers emigrated to America,early 1900's

Chris Ramsay

Hi y'all I'm Chris-Ella Ramsay and I have no idea where my ancestors originated from, I'm from Jamaica b.t.w.


On've traced my mother's family, Ramsey, back to Scotland...od course, I am not sure how accurate it is....but if it is, it goes back to the house of Dalhousie.

Christine Nikpalj

I am trying to get information on a Robert Ramsay born 1855 in Australia. He went to America in 1891 on the ship "City of Athens" bound for Portland Oregon. He may be the Robert Ramsay who was naturalised in Maryland in 1894. He was in Australia in 1885-6, but I have lost track of him after that.

Debbie Sheffel (Ramsay)

Wow, it's so fascinating to think I may be related to all of the commenters. As I was reading it just made me want to send a shout out to all of you! I hope you all find what you're looking for, Peace my brothers and sisters :)

Murrin Ramsay

That is so good I'm a Ramsay

Stuart Ramsay

My Great Grandfather is Charles Stuart Ramsay. He's from New Zealand.

R. Malcolm Ramsay
The Ramsay name was likely of Norse origin, not English. It is also known to mean Raven's Isle. It was first known near Carrickshire, near Loch Goil around 1020. They were known as an early warrior clan, not stuffy English noblemen as is claimed, though that also may have it's own history. It is also been said The Norse Ramsay Clan were also 'for hire' often taking arms for honorable causes. I am of the Prince Edward Island Ramsay's who helped settle or establish PEI after the 1750's.

Mark Ramsey M.D.
It is quite frustrating. People will quickly explain way the Raven as a symbol of the English Ramsey clan, having no idea what the Raven symbolizes in Norse Mythology, and that the symbol of the Raven was present as a Rune before there was written language! Though Ramseys are now quite mixed, Norse and English Ramseys have very different histories separatd by thousands of years.

Jodi-ann ramsay from Jamaica

Lorraine ramsay
My family may live in dundee or elsewhere would love to know my heritage. My grand father was sebastian Ramsay from forfar

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