Last name: Ramsay

Recorded in the spellings of Ramsay and Ramsey, this ancient and noble surname is of both pre 8th century a.d., Anglo-Saxon and Scottish origins. In all spellings it is locational either from places in Huntingdonshire and Essex or from the lands of Ramsey in the parish of Whithorn, in the former county of Wigtown, Scotland. There are also two possible meanings, the first being the island where garlick (harmsa) was grown or the fenced enclosure of the male sheep, rams. In both cases the origin is Olde English, Wigtown being part of the former English speaking kingdom of Strathclyde. The first bearer of the name in Scotland was Simundus de Ramsia. He was a Norman baron from Huntingdonshire in England, who was a retainer of David, Earl of Huntingdon, the brother of King Alexander 1 of Scotland (1107 - 1124). Another family of the same name have possessed lands in North East Scotland in the direct male line since the 13th Century. These lands, near Banff, were granted in 1232, to Neis de Ramsey, who was physician to King Alexander 11 of Scotland. Not so fortunate was Sir William Ramsay who was apparently starved to death in Hermitage Castle in 1342. Somewhat later in London, was the recording on February 19th 1567 of Anne Ramsay, the daughter of John Ramsay, christened at St. Leonard's church, in the city. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Aedelstanus de Ramesia, which was dated 1036, in register known as the "Olde English bynames list" for the county of Essex, in the reign of Harold Harefoot of England, 1035 - 1040.

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Stuart Ramsay

My Great Grandfather is Charles Stuart Ramsay. He's from New Zealand.

Murrin Ramsay

That is so good I'm a Ramsay

Debbie Sheffel (Ramsay)

Wow, it's so fascinating to think I may be related to all of the commenters. As I was reading it just made me want to send a shout out to all of you! I hope you all find what you're looking for, Peace my brothers and sisters :)

Christine Nikpalj

I am trying to get information on a Robert Ramsay born 1855 in Australia. He went to America in 1891 on the ship "City of Athens" bound for Portland Oregon. He may be the Robert Ramsay who was naturalised in Maryland in 1894. He was in Australia in 1885-6, but I have lost track of him after that.

Christine Nikpalj

Robert Ramsay from previous post worked as a machinist in a foundry and also had an interest in gold mining, so may have been employed in these areas in the US.


On've traced my mother's family, Ramsey, back to Scotland...od course, I am not sure how accurate it is....but if it is, it goes back to the house of Dalhousie.

Chris Ramsay

Hi y'all I'm Chris-Ella Ramsay and I have no idea where my ancestors originated from, I'm from Jamaica b.t.w.

Robert Ramsay

From Scotland,my grandfathers 2 brothers emigrated to America,early 1900's

Olive Irvine

Hi my grandfather is Charles Stuart Ramsay and his brother Bob came from England in 1982. They went to New Zealand but Bob did end up going to Hollywood and became an actor and singer. I now live in Australia but came from New Zealand

Kricket Ramsay
since all last names are the same are we related or what

Sean Douglas
I see my grandfather was named after Sir William Ramsay.

Shawn Ramsay
My dads family arrived in Nova Scotia in 1902 of Scotland and he moved to North Carolina when he was a small child.

Emily Ramsay
Isn't one of us Ramsay's in America next in line for being a duke or some such?

John Ramsay
Hi All, My name is John Edward Ramsay, born in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia Canada. I am just starting to investigate my heritage and would be interested in any information anyone has and wants to share. My e-mail is Thanks in advance, John

Kevin Ramsay
Hi John, I'm the grandson of Wilfred Earl Ramsay from Clementsport, I'm sure we are related. My email is Would love to hear from you Thanks Kevin

rocky ramsey
Rocky Ramsey I live in Oklahoma USA think my family has been here since 1700

mark ramsay
Gidday, I'm Mark Ramsay, in Australia. I believe my great grandfather; Robert Ramsay came here in the 1800's.

Christine Nikpalj

Hi Mark, What state are you looking at? I am in South Australia, have a Robert born 1799, who was here before 1850. He had a son Robert b1835 and at least two grandsons called Robert one born in 1855. I think they may be related to Ramsays in Townsville but haven't checked that out yet.

Joanne M. Ramsay
Hi, my name is Joanne Ramsay, and my family has an authenticated lineage going back to a "french knight" named Ramsia. Our clan hails from Virginia and most recently from Illinois, but of course now we are scattered all over the United States, some of us in California. I like the fact that I found several other Joanne Ramsays, including a singer in Scotland!

Joanne Elizabeth Fletcher
Regarding the Ramsay Clan: Some of us could actually be McGregors (Refer to links on Flora Fraser, 21st Baroness Saltoun, who married into the Ramsay Clan (Earls of Dalhausy?)

jennifer espinosa ramsey
Hi everyone I'm here in the Philippines and I recently found out i was a Ramsey. Well I knew I was a ramsey but I just recently found my bilogical father who is a Ramsey and I have been reading about the Ramsay clan and it just blows my mind i want to learn more about my past and and maybe find someone I looked like from my relatives that would be cool... I wish I could visit scotland one day...

am looking for the last name sterley

Chris Nikpalj

You have probably found them by now, but if you haven't try in the records section. Just put Sterley in the surname and flag "any" with a range of years. I found heaps between 1700 and 1800. Sterley is a municipality in Germany, and I noticed some of the Sterleys were born in Germany. (see Wikipaedia for location info). Hope this helps.

David Ramsay
Hi, My name is David Ramsay, I have been able to trace my Ramsay family back to the early 1600s. My ancestors are from Fife, Sterling and mainly Edinburgh. I have a tree on Ancestry that unfortunately have had to make private due to people taking birth, marriage and death images. Happy to share anything with any Ramsay's out there.

Ken Ramsay
Hi David, my name is Kenneth Burton Ramsay. I have traced my branch of the family back to Fruchie and Dysart, Scotland. I am looking for information on Henry Ramsay, (a weaver?) who had a son William about 1800.

David Ramsay
Hi ken, have you tried searching on it is the official site you need for your Scottish family history

Michelle Ramsay
Hi, my name is Michelle Ramsay, I live in Hertfordshire in England, although my family originate from Alnwick, Northumberland. :)

Tom Marmont-Ramsey
Hello, y name is Tom Marmont-Ramsey, I live in Oslo, Norway. My greate grand father arrive Oslo after leaving Manchester. I have no knowledge about the family name Ramsey before him.

Hi, my name is Karen. My maternal grandmother, from Jamaica, was May Violet Ramsey-Cole. We understand that her father was of Scottish decent. Great to find this website and also see other Jamaican Ramseys.

I knew a James Ramsay (Ramsey?) in University in Vancouver, Canada. He was from Maypen, Jamaica. Are you related?

Sean Douglas
My paternal grandfather was also Jamaican (William Ramsay). Settled in both Old Harbor Bay and Bartons, St. Catherine. I've heard he was also from Scottish decent. Probably born mid to late 1800s.

janine ramsey
hi there, my name is janine ramsey. my first American Ramsey name came from pennsylvania in 1778 Isaac W. Ramsey. I have been working at finding out more about where my line was from. Can anyone help ?? :)

Miss Joanne ElizaBeth Fletcher
Hi Mark, I am a 2nd Great Grand Daughter of James Ramsay and Isabella McCulloch of Ayrshire, Scotland. I have found my Ramsay heritage to 1700 courtesy of "Ramsay" cousins. Do you have any information on this branch of the Ramsay clan? I can link you into my website if you wish, as I have had to make it restricted due to hacking issues. (Fletcher Humaj Website)

Mark H Ramsey
Mark Henry Ramsey, born in Starbeck, North Yorkshire (England) my father and grandfather were/are from Knaresborough also in North Yorkshire. I have possible Scandinavian and Saxon heritage. Proud to be a Ramsey

Kenroy Ramsay
Hello to the Ramsay family, I am Kenroy Ramsay born and still living in Jamaica. I have always been interested to know more about the history behind the name Ramsay. I was seaching the net for some information and I am so happy to find this site. With such a unique name, there is no doubt that we are all retated. The big question is; When will we all meet?

Veronica Ramsay
Hi kenroy my name is veronica Ramsay i was born in Clarendon Jamaica would like to know if your ethnic origin is Indian as my Granfather was.

Sean Douglas
I'm from the Old Harbor Bay/Bartons Ramsays.

Daniel Ramsay
Hi guys in Daniel Ramsay born and still living in South Wales near Cardiff,my father was born in Newtown Wales and Grandfather was from Sterling in Scotland,interesting to see a few others from all over the world too.

junior ramsay
I am junior ramsay born in kingston jamaica i am trying to learn more about my ramsay roots

Cynthia Ramsay
I'm Cynthia Ramsay. My ancestors came across on the Annabella ship, which I believe was in 1770. It shipwrecked off The ship departed July, 1770, Capt. Dugald Stewart, Campbelltown, Scotland. In October, 1770, the barque Annabella was wrecked off Princetown, Prince Edward Island, with some sixty families and about two hundred people. If anyone has documentation regarding John Ramsay prior to his departing Campbelltown, I would love to know.

Alexx Ramsey
I'm Alexandra Ramsey in the US. My father's family came here sometime in the early 1900s.

Cesar Ramsey
Hi. Im Cesar Ramsey living in Panama. My Grandpa came to Panama for the construction of the Panama Canal.

Shannon Ramsay
I am named after a wild garlic-island, good to know.

Sean Douglas
Funny. I had a good laugh.

Stuart Alexander Ramsay

I like the idea of the name being derived from Ram's Island but this flies in the face of it being Norman - circa 1066 invasion - Battle of Hastings etc. then granted land in Scotland. Family seat is Dalhousie SE of Edinburgh. My family emigrated to Montreal in 1866 from Glasgow with some still there, myself in the Toronto area as is my sister with one brother in Winnipeg and one in Montreal. Ora et Labore!